Thursday, December 31, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, January 1st first I would like to say Happy New Year to all those who get these astrological updates! In a pro active spirit, I want to make note that Mercury will go retrograde this week on the Tuesday the 5th. Mercury has started its journey in Capricorn which affects strategic plans and money. Know that most of this retrograde will be in good aspect with Jupiter the opportunist, until the 18th. So bear witness to situations that your communications initiate and speak only well of the future. Try to see the good luck in anything that may otherwise be disappointing. We are still in a phase of creating something better for ourselves, so why not promote the best? Use the silver lining argument for a while. Try not to sign any contracts right now. February may be better. Otherwise the other influences are romance will take a back seat to creating a comfortable feel to your surroundings. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, January 2nd. Today’s influence will have you instigating some very positive changes for health and healing (Sun & Pluto in Sagittarius sextile to Chiron in Aquarius). There is more focus on mental health and supporting philosophy, without the airy fairy denial vibe. Also this next week will find unusual support for bringing the spirit of life into your day to day expectations. The Saturn in Scorpio /Uranus in Pisces trine can present opportunities to inspire you with verses for everyday. I love using a method of bibliomancy where I have a book of short verses, or tarot cards and just flip until the book opens up. That is the inspiration for the day. It is always a good idea to let light into your morning while you are fresh and see how that can guide your day. Attitude is everything right now, as today, you will be particularly pressed to make attitude course corrections.  Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, January 3rd. the day starts out with a sense of a weak mind and no energy. Why fight it? Today the Moon conjuncts Mars in a weakened state in Libra, so sort out yesterdays choices and fine tune what you can. We are all works in progress; keep your sights on the high road. Yes there are attention getting stumbling blocks everywhere, but the test is to work around them. Moon in Libra.

Monday, January 4th there is a positive triad with the Sun/Pluto in Sagittarius as the focal point. Allow this day to usher in revelations of how well recent adjustments and decisions work out. There are times when learning to be receptive to events is more beneficial to trying to control every step. Today the universe does not respond well to short sighted or tightly held control. There is so much more out there and we are a part of the whole, not the king or queen. Moon in Libra.

Tuesday, January 5th. If you haven’t felt the shift yet, today it the day that areas around security, systems and money may start to be challenged. Mix-ups and foul ups are frequently to blame. For the next few weeks, double check bank statements, contracts and whatever relates to communications.  Maybe turn off your auto correct as new relationships may be strained over chaotic word choices. Moon in Scorpio by mid day.

Wednesday, January 6th for success, follow up on all memos etc from work and business. Heaviness is over a number of people and they are just not fully engaged in what they are doing. Maybe their new beau is not texting, maybe they lost an important tax document… who knows. Cover yourself and do a lot of follow up. There is some luck with new endeavors but be aware that some co creating will be necessary for success. Two heads are always better than one. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, January 7th today we will want what WE want! You just can’t force things to happen. Look for synchronicities to fill in the next line of exploration or endeavor. Those riding the wave of self discovery will find the most reward. Just bear in mind, not all of it is fun and easy. But growth is defiantly there! Much of this relates to your outlook, not your altruistic or fantastical dreams. Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 24, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, December 25th, for those who are so wound up in their own drama, the lips will engage before the brain does. If you are entering a known hassle zone, take a deep breath, and prepare mentally for what is likely to occur. There is something interesting that happens when you are prepared for those slights, slanders and other jabs from frustrated relatives. The sense of your preparation tends to slow down their mudslinging and muddle. Such angry actions are done only to get the better of another who is unprepared or open, especially you have managed a smile with feelings of good will. Smirk instead and see if the rhetoric tones down. Full Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, December 26th a lot of feel good moments if you can see love and growth in those around you. An astrological Yod is directed at the Moon in Gemini creating a focus on what the sides of a situation happen to be. If you can associate with the positive healing aspects of love and forgiveness, just about everything around you will flow together. Venus is in a lovely position for those who have intimate partners or spiritual cohorts to spend the afternoon. Go where you will be uplifted, find something inspirational to consume and see what magic the day holds. Also note that Mars has gone into sidereal Libra, weakening Mars’ harsh edges and stinging actions. Maybe a moment of seeing both sides of the situation will help guide new directions.  Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, December 27th a great day to allow the different forms of love into your life (Eros, agape, and plutonic). Warm and juicy connections with the right person could set off a great new year. Keep your eyes and heart open for what is around you. Electrified Uranus is involved also, so even the internet could manage some joy and happiness in those connections. This evening, a Grand Trine in Water involving Uranus in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and the Moon in Cancer bring deeper understanding of how our spirits connect and bringing into the world something that will bring happiness to you. indulge in some moon gazing tonight, if so inclined, make a wish. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, December 28th I love it that I can use this euphemism again, but if you go with the Force today, all paths lead to where you should be. Lots of wonderful synchronicities coming around today so keep sharp on the lookout and keep your heart in a joyous song. You will attract more of the same. Also lots of good news concerning things progressing towards power, prestige and overall goals. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, December 29th there is shift in the air concerning your desires and relationships. Struggles concerning advances and different spiritual perspectives can clash. This relates more to hitting trigger points rather than a real difference. Focus more on graciousness and foundational importance’s in any relationship conversations. Work related issues need attention as well. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, December 30th with a T Square effecting the day, expect someone saying the wrong thing at any time. Foot in mouth will run amok with those who are on the wrong side of either real public opinion or oblivious to the effects of brainwashing. Neptune in Aquarius is squared and opposed by the Moon bringing the wrong thing into the light. This could be a big political faux paus or social blunder. What really saves the day is to run any comments you may want to blurt out through your filters of compassion, practicality and what fits a more harmonious future. Many of us with perspective recognize how far things have gone. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, December 31st. if you have a special date tonight, be aware that illusions will abound. There is a caveat, as long as manipulation for self satisfaction is not the goal, but instead there is a positive trend setting for the next year. Remember that what is meant to happen, will, and the foundations of the future will start to take form with today’s actions. A certain level of weird and wacky can happen to bring out your true self. If that self is still is still in illusion, expect the evening to fall flat. Otherwise, good luck with your adventure into a Happy New Year! Moon goes into no nonsense but earthy Virgo this evening.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 17, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, December 18th any holiday parties attended today will be boisterous, and full of social faux pauxs. As long as you keep it sober, and watch the show, you will stay on track. There is a T Square to endure today that makes things you see, especially those in authority, will cause both humor and scandal. Its all is a matter of perspective. Listen carefully for secrets from the mouths of the guilty. If you are trying to keep damage control… good luck today as there will be towers falling everywhere.  Moon in Pisces. 

Saturday, December 19th the stress of the day will be on our deepest desires. While intense and destructive actions may happen, there is an immediate shift into where your heart says you will be safe. This sanctuary is in unusual places so be open minded. This is a great time to start something that heals the mind and feeds the soul. If it is reading some new philosophy or renewing your dedication to creating internal peace, you should find just what you need when you go searching. If you ask for advice, be aware that there are some factions out there that want to guide you the wrong way. Go for trusted opinions or keep it simple with something tried and true. My choice is to start back to more of an afternoon meditation and inspirational reading time. Soaking in the sun to break up a busy day will become my winter practice.  Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, December 20th issues about your future may come up in a big way. There have been two forces at work for a few days and by Wednesday, the choice needs to be made. If you focus on power and prestige, know that ego driven actions will be tested. Actions that bring conversation and greater understanding will bring progress forward. Your choice today, is to choose between possible temper tantrums and navigating the wisdom path. Everyone will have varying degrees of challenge. Moon in Aries.

Monday, December 21st the Sun has been in Sagittarius for the last few days. That holiday feeling has been blocked by power plays, lies and shenanigans. Buy Christmas Eve those will take a break and open up for the real deal. There is a lot of focus right now on the Pluto/Mercury conjunction (transformation and communication). We all have a certain level of internal work to make this world better. The Sagittarius gift of love, charity and happiness should start to flow into more of our lives, should you chose to allow it. Enough is challenged to give you reason to fear chaos, but only if you chose to not design that chaos into interesting adventures and opportunities to grow. A Kite formation is calling people to work towards what they want today and make a wish on this Winter Solstice! The right mix of action, compassion and get down to business will bring success through mid afternoon on Tuesday.  Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, December 22nd finish up your plans and wishes by mid afternoon. The flow of happy circumstance will bring cheer into your heart. Also, take a bit of time to put things into perspective today. Change is whirling around despite the commitment of the Grinch’s. Stay focused on the whole picture so that tomorrow’s glitches will be easily dealt with. Moon in Taurus.

Wednesday, December 23rd, you know you are on the right track if things are moving smoothly. Should you find resistance to plans or agendas, you know it is time to re-consider your actions and prospects. A greater flow of compassion is in the air as well. Don’t pick fights with those who have agendas. It would be better to leave them alone. Let karma deal with them. Gather those who you love in you circle and start to do some serious gratitude and find peace in your heart, even just for a few hours. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, December 24th, ask yourself two questions today. Who loves me and who understands me? That is the place to put your attentions. There will be continued conflicts of those who want to divide us so that we can be conquered by loneliness and fear. Give those sorts just what they are pushing on you, by staying with the healthy relationships only. Yes, I am saying to abandon those who want to cause strife and sorrow. And trust that if there is something salvageable, that the light of the time will shift them, if they will allow it to happen. Think Scrooge and his story. No need to let their bitterness bring you down. Right now we need a burst of love in this transforming world. Moon in Gemini later this afternoon.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 10, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, December 11th the morning is conflicted with trying to get something done and finding more roadblocks than expected. The forces at work just doubled down again for today. This will be tied to how we want to make changes, but yet, they just don’t seem to gel. The only positive action you can do is step back from what action you can and redesign, reconsider, trim and refit what you intended. Even if it is perfectly right, there will be forces to keep things stagnant. All you can do in that case is center yourself in peace, and bide your time. I like to consider times like this as a moment of pause, accepting there is a reason. We all know what is happening and find a way to distract ourselves from the commotion without becoming detached. The delay is not completely in our hands. Do only what you can. The New Moon is today creates a turning point. Could be a very good time to reach out into the darkness and be open to something bright in the future. Moon goes into Sagittarius.

Saturday, December 12th just for today, do things that will heal your mind. Mercury and the Moon will dance together in Sagittarius most of the day bringing interesting discussions hopefully without the fixation and anger. Some glimmers of hope seep in between the cloudy skies. If you can see them, some interesting unexpected joys come to view. I don’t know if there is actually something special energetically about this time or if it is just tradition saying take time for considering peace and family. It would be a very good day to find something uplifting to read or help you discover the mysteries of life. A different perspective may help. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, December 13th there could be some significant revelations for those who can step out of the mire. You just have to be emotionally prepared to see things differently. We are truly making up the way things are as we go. The future is in our hearts today. Try not to let the mind cling too tight to the past. Those who are having a very hard time now because their perspectives have become polluted and they now have to own up to it. Like any recovery, the first step is acknowledgement. In your own life you can see smaller versions of this change of heart and mind. Those pesky inconveniences could turn into opportunities to heal which is one of the tensions we need to collectively embrace with this set of T Squares. Moon goes into Capricorn this evening.

Monday, December 14th yesterday’s work will evolve into a great connection with how you love and what is around you. The struggle can open up some grounding moments. When you are unsure of your footing, you are very nervous about that transition. But with your wits and feelings fully engaged, there is a great sense of accomplishment. Even if it is just a small intimate detail that is resolved, there are far reaching changes in a new direction. Smile today at everyone and hope that your heart will allow it to stay. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, December 15th a steady flow of what can be interpreted as happiness is in the works for several days. You may still get a reminder of what the lesson was to be learned, but perspective rises above the fray of confusion. Healing in relationships and ideals have you working in the right direction. Even things that have been tied up for months will begin to unfold. We are all on a roll for a few days, so go with the punches and thrive. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, December 16th a palatable shift in tension can be felt. Lets hear a sigh of relief as all the T Squares are broken up and leaving just a positive change in those doing the work. I know, creating your own virtual reality would be easy, but do the work and see success. The reality is internal work and outside adjustments must be slogged though until completion. The lingering question now will be how do I feel about the place I am in right now? Victories in our souls will have greater value than those in the mundane world. There is momentum to more of what you want. Try to stay on your board and ride the wave. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, December 17th another day of things moving in a understandable direction. Do be aware that those that you love may call on you to bear more than you should. Maybe it borders on enabling or co dependency. Call it a test or just the world of give and take. These effects will just be for a few days. You will still know that what is happening is just what you needed. Tomorrow will be a bigger test of a power struggle. Maybe the only real struggle is nothing is perfect. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast December 4th through 10th 2015

Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, December 4th probably finds many people still in the grips of the heavy T Squares keeping many in a crisis. This is a crisis is either accepting things as they are or actually finding support and making a change. All of which is up hill. I don’t need to remind you that the news is filled with perplexing events. As the Sun passed Saturn in Scorpio, old issues came back into focus. Change of die aspect of Scorpio is seen with a lot of news. How to actually make a change with so much obsessive compulsiveness?  T-squares have solutions with cooperation and help from others. You can’t do it alone and in bigger issues we are not meant to have lone crusaders making a difference. In your immediate circle, include those who are of differing opinions and craft something better. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, December 5th In the chaos, there is a solution. There is an obsessive focus on the noisiest opinions. If any real order can be considered possible we need to change what we think is acceptable and make those changes. The tricky part is if there is rampant violence from the lost generations of un nurtured souls, a one fix will fit all is not possible. Turning back to when things were better can only provide insights to a solution. The T Square now has shifted to Pluto, the transformation of psyche, being at the apex. We must create a philosophy of honor and cohesiveness to bring this around. Lots of hard work is ahead of us before the daily sorrow abates. No amount of meditation will fix it. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, December 6th take a break from all the bad news and responsibilities around you. Venus and Neptune are going to happy dance together for a while. Over the next week create some love and passion for one another and those around you. Start a love wave that will be felt around the world. There is a huge wave of negativity in our midst, so let’s push back right now with a bit of balancing love for our good fellow human beings. There is a lot of support for those who act accordingly and counter balance what is pushing our buttons right now. Moon in Virgo, going into Libra later today.

Monday, December 7th the Moon will be exactly conjunct with Venus today accentuating  love and working things out. Mercury has also moved into Sagittarius bringing us to terms with the status quo and where it should be re-designed.  Sometimes it is hard to keep perspective of our “social experiments”. Things happen, rules and efforts are made to correct problems, people change and then the cycle begins again. What can you see as some core issues that don’t infringe on personal rights? Is it possible to create such a thing as free society without establishing rules of engagement? I would like to suggest that we focus on what creates a healthy sane individual in this new experiment. It is true that the surge of “evil” causes damage, but when we do it to ourselves, we have to take responsibility and there is the window for change. Where is that in your sphere of reality? What can you do to make a difference? Moon in Libra.

Tuesday, December 8th yesterdays work can be visible today. Healing should be available to those who have love in their hearts and a desire to bring balance into our reality. Today reminds me of the oldest wisdom of mankind, “as above, so below”. The bigger world is a reflection of our immediate and inner world. Through our desire to heal, we can find a solution to our problems. Tough times need tough changes. Time to get back to basics. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, December 9th much of the heaviness of the last week is starting to lift. Still it will be hard to find solace in the events unless we seek individual and collective forgiveness and new focus on something better. The change is the key to healing not holding onto failed or non productive perspective. We have to feel the change in our hearts. What we hear and meditation will not be conflicted. The future is hard to see because we have not focused on what it should look like and the path that must be taken to get there. This could be a time to allow trust and allowance for light to return and fill us. Time to curb your tendency to obsessive and compulsive reactions. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, December 10th the Moon will start the day in exact conjunction on Saturn in Scorpio, hard lessons or big chances to release fear. Look for unusual solutions to your day’s adversities. These are found in the sensitive healings and messages around us. Perhaps it is as simple as going outside and breath in the change in season. The world is slowing down and maybe you should too. Grounding work will be of great benefit to those who feel unstable. The intellectual and manmade world is still not communicating well, but they are in the process of trying. Nature is another larger picture that is rhythmic, interesting and comforting to those who will connect up with her changes. If need be, bundle up and go outside a while. Connect with a natural rhythm. Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast November 27th through December 3rd 2015

Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, November 27th this would be a great day to make practical changes. If you want to do some shopping, and as most of us know Black Friday is today, the unusual experiences may out weight the deals that are found. Be prepared for bah humbug stories and some shifty deals too. Watch prices, times, dates and dollars. The parking lot can be particularly dangerous too as hidden agendas abound out in the world of commerce. Don’t forget to lock your home up because that is vulnerable also. Stay focused, or eye on the prize while you are out. Expect others to be distracted. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, November 28th with two sets of T Squares going on today, expect the unexpected. Lots to talk about over dinner today. Try to stay focused, centered and at home if possible. It will be extra crazy. There is a sense of secret knowledge that can help transform a hectic day only as philosophical understanding can provide. Expect others to be distracted. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, November 29th there will be two kinds of people today, those who can’t get where they are going quickly enough and those who are still at home mentally. There is a lot that is constricting, difficult and confusing today. Keep it simple to reduce your mistakes. You will know you are in the right place at the right time if it feels good. Otherwise, honestly excuse yourself and go home. Especially if you walk in and feel a lot of tension, which could be frequent today. Not everyone manages stress in a positive way. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, November 30th from about 11ish Central time through the today and tomorrow, a grand Trine in Water will occur. For those who work well with water signs, the intuition and subtly will be in full force.  Among the conflicts, stresses and challenges, you should connect up with a transcendental understanding of the forces in play. Perhaps you will come to a deeper understanding of how secure you actually are. Of course, not everyone will have security, but they will have a better image of what it should look like thereby giving visualization a special power to form your future. Definitely take some time today or tomorrow forming a better life and circumstance for yourself. There is great trans formative energy to bring it closer to reality. You must feel it! Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, December 1st this is great day to start something new, especially something that takes you out of your comfort zone. You will not feel safe or settled though. This is where trust that you are on the right path has to unfold. You will soon know if you are off the mark, but most of you who are doing your regular spiritual work will glide into the next phase. Like taking a step, you know you are secure with both feet on the ground, but must lift one and balance on the other, until you can place that moving foot back on the ground. One step at a time… that is what gets you where you are going. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, December 2nd sit back at observe where things have gone. A lot happened yesterday, and much of it was unseen. Ask for help with a project if you are not an old hand in performing that skill. There is a deliberate obfuscation in the main drama, so know it must be revealed to go any further. I don’t know if this will work, but maybe if the pieces are not matching up, ask the universe or your higher guides and sources to pull the veil away. Something on the political front is not making sense.. that is more than usual. Call for all illusions to dissolve and reveal themselves without guile. Or you can just hide at home or in your work until the day is done. I plan of calling for revelation. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, December 3rd follow yesterday’s guide to either call out illusion or hide if you can. Unfortunately the hiding part may meet with obsessing on the weird details. Try and talk with others, if it is possible, about their perceptions as it may take more than one point of view to get the picture. Positive thinking about the future will be a winner also, but keep it real world, not ideals. Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 19, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, November 20th As our thoughts and outer expressions start to dwell on what has transpired and what we want in the future, the Sun and Mercury have moved into Scorpio a time of transformation. While all those harsh remarks seem to be ever flowing, they are making their mark. Much of our internal struggle will have volcanoes erupting underneath the surface. About the only one who will be doing you right will be yourself.  Don’t be too harsh because so many are also struggling with frustration and wanting things to settle down. Our vibe does not feel like the start of a holiday and nowhere close to a season of thankfulness. But if you try, you will see those points of gratitude. Please take the time to honor the moment; it is all we are sure of. Moon in Aquarius. I would also like to add a radical thought as a reflection of what Paris has demonstrated. After a period of rounding up villains, the Parisians return to what is truly life, connecting with that which makes up their lives. I am sure, they will have a different observation of those who walk by, but none the less, they will return to enjoying their life. Here is the radical thought, instead of sulking behind doors that further isolate us, continue to, or start, joining into mainstream life. For Americans, so many live at work or on their phones. Maybe it is time to look up, observe and communicate politely with those around you. It may just set a new tone of trust.

Saturday, November 21st to be sure, the future is occulted from view. Like some unseen vortex just stirred up a shield to keep our happiness out of reach. Or are these times simply in need of definition? Life is constantly co creating reality, and we have the power to design that right now. What will help is if you can open up to the intuitive mind and really see the expressions on someone’s face and read their body posture. How many remember to do that? The signs are everywhere, just look for yourself. Much of what is communicated from those around you is truthful. Maybe that will be the gift of this particular season, people owning up to insecurity. Relate your side and recognize humanity in front of you. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, November 22nd if you must engage in an intellectual conversation, do keep the intellect in the situation. Adding emotions or opinions can downgrade a situation in a moment’s notice. Probably a good plan would be to keep to your own business and try to read or listen to uplifting spiritual concepts. With the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, we can transform if the effort is made. What do you want that to look and feel like? If the weather is fair, take some time and sit or do some light work outside. The connection with the earth will open up centers of health which manufactured things cannot. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, November 23rd an obsessive streak can affect some important players around you. The drive will be to start out on a new path, but only to find that path is all full of travelers already. Nice to see many are headed in the same direction. If you can sit back and consider what you are seeing, a notion of solidarity for wanting to have some peace and security like everyone else. With nowhere to go other than to stay on this little rock, know it is up to us to make something better, even if it is only a tiny offering of good will or a cup of coffee to someone who is cold or upset. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, November 24th indulge in some sort of healing activity. The gates are open to connect up with the right things, including self nurturing. It will go a long way to allow that little bit of extra where you need it. A clue to where to find this moment of Zen, consider how your philosophy works with those around you. We are called upon today to live in integrity and know that some things will rise, and some things will fall. Only things that are being honest and sustainable will continue to move forward. We all know it because this has been happening for a few years now. Recognizing the system and solution is priceless. For those celebrating a feast, know that there will be a tension to do what is expected but it will be hard to find what needs to change. Neptune’s square to what is said and seen will keep a veil over the whole event. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, November 25th another day of confusion over where things seem to be going, get used to it for a while, because it will be the new norm. The future will look better if you can see an odd set of alliances creating new dialogue; now for some verification of actions. It will be a bit harder for those egotists and those who are stubborn to hold on to failed promises and ideas. We will see some transformation in front of us, but to them it may seem like the house of cards is tumbling. Chaos can turn into infinite potentiality. Know that today’s plans may stall out, so chose carefully or tie up loose ends. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, November 26th just for today, there is a “boxed in” effect. Most of us will not see where it is coming from, but it will be there! Go slow and don’t push things to hard or you may break. I have mixed feelings on what to say next. In all situations, when people are pushed to a breaking point, something has to happen. It can be embarrassing to show humanity and lash out but then if insensitive types push harder without understanding the cost, they need to be shown the cost of the demands. A few lucky people will be able to just hide from the fall out and wait out the day. Tomorrow will ease up considerably but understanding may still be missing.  Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 12, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, November 13th ,  brings a big chance for weird communications and solutions that can be deliberately hidden. The important thing today is not to take things at face value. Try to keep perspective today and know that balance is everything. We get very busy and want things to move along much faster than there is juice to motivate. Keeping a philosophical perspective means the truth is within. Do centering breaths when monkey mind starts to take over.  Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, November 14th , the obsessive pressure will be lighter today. There still will be people actively trying to hide from responsibility or the true situation. Just be aware of the guile and only commit to things that are well documented. Healing words are from those close to you. Even a good chance that some systemic or bureaucratic back ups will start to make progress. The whole issue is not worked out yet, but progress is evident. Keep at the details and then reward should reveal itself in about a week. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, November 15th, still waiting on that missing document or waiting on that phone call? Don’t wait and give them a follow up call. Rattle their cage a bit today. There is promise of a big payoff if things can get sorted out. Know that with the Moon is conjuncting Pluto today, meaning a needed change must be addressed. Most things can be managed, but there will be resistance. Use your best negotiation skills. Do the meditation to hold your center in a frustrating situation. Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, November 16th , yesterdays frustrations are today’s successes. There is lots of positive, bigger than life fulfillment in the works. What was released yesterday will bring revelation today. So much of the present pressures have related to communications, we all will feel a bit impatient for the outcome. Unfortunately things are very much in the “intellectual” phase and any real action and manifestation is challenged. Patience is a virtue… should be repeated when you want to “expedite” things. Moon in Sagittarius until evening when it goes into Capricorn.

Tuesday, November 17th , brings a shift in the underlying current of how things are done. This would be an excellent day to do a bit of visualizing that deep desire. I love using a Vedic chant of Shreem Breez to make things materialize. The ground work of making sure your motives are ethical should be priority. But if you are expecting something that has not yet been agreed upon, then by all means this is a day to give it an extra push into reality. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, November 18th , a T Square has set up making your mechanism to getting what you want become a struggle. What this is highlighted is spiritual release and pushing through bouts of laziness. We want to contemplate a wonderful virtual world, but as much as we try, there are still very visceral expectations before it happens. You know you are right, and there is something hindering you. Is it your own nature of not doing the work? All manner of internal negotiations will arise over the next week until the full moon. What is tricky right now is if you have not let go of egocentric expectations, the result will create a crisis. Right now be ever careful of right speech, right mind and right action. Moon in Capricorn until evening where it will go into Aquarius.

Thursday, November 19th , anything you need to do has unseen detractors. If it were me, I would try to finish up what is already to complete and not try anything else. Our minds are too esoteric and those high expectations will not only meet resistance, but will probably frustrate us into risky behavior. Step back from untamed forces and try to avoid setting up a negative cause and effect. Keep your to do list short and relax, socialize and otherwise remember we are all humans that need one another. Keep it low key and on the high road of ethical behavior. Also know that old habits will beckon you over the next couple of days. Some people will have a strong drive to brag and over inflate their egos. Find something else to do, like filing or cleaning off your desk before the holiday. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 5, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, November 6th over this week, both Mars and Venus have shifted into Virgo. These leave a weak spot for action in any form, probably a good time to evaluate the week and plan a course for the next 4 weeks with practicality in mind. Trying to do anything else will fall flat. Today will have an emotional pull to grandstand or state your case, but consider that few to listen. Save your words for just a few trusted souls or a journal. What you can expect from today is intellectual stimulation of what will heal you and others. Pieces for big plans are in motion right now and you should be able to perceive the nuances of those directions. Moon in Leo until evening then it goes into Virgo.

Saturday, November 7th  expect the next week to bring to light some important communications. Some of which will be bringing out less than beneficial behaviors. Watch the tendency to hide from what is happening. Remember that we create the future with our present sentiments and actions. Keep it thoughtful, compassionate and practical. There could be some strange and exaggerated posturing by someone who needs attention. Be gracious but ask intelligent questions. We all need to be noticed and appreciated. If you tend to take another close associate for granted, give them some dignity for their contribution… even if it hurts. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, November 8th the times … they are a changin’ … and those who are inflexible will be facing a harsh reality. Living in a static life may have some secure qualities, but it does not allow for forward growth. Many people who just can’t handle the questions and insecurities will have seek within themselves for release and grounding. If you know someone in your circle that is having a hard time, give them a call today. A friendly voice could be enough for them to know that the future does not have to be scary especially if there are those who actively want to make things better. They will understand paths to improvement. No one wants to live in a world of total chaos and fear. The guide for today is to know that you have the ability to use past experience and reason to take the next step. Moon in Virgo.

Monday, November 9th you could wake up with the tension of unresolved expectations vs. the desire to just stay in bed. Rather than calling in sick, get going as this conflict will pass well before noon. There is a focus on what is unseen. The news says part of the story trying to sugar coat just how scary it has become. The return of recent struggles must be met with conviction to make a better place by your presence. After all, our own experience shows us how things works. If you find that you are doing the required submissions, and not getting expected results, then you must consider what is false in your plan of action, even if it means releasing old habits. You can do it! Moon goes into Libra by noon.

Tuesday, November 10th get ready for an emotional break through. If you are waiting on that someone special to call or open up, this could be the day. Just be aware that things which will heal you the most will be revealed. To me this sounds like a great day for truth and epiphanies. Take a deep breath when each synchronicity passes by. You will be releasing a lot of junk in the process. Remember to breathe deeply today, it will really help. Regardless of what happens, even if you feel unsettled, this is what the face of then next situation needs to resemble. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, November 11th in a swarm of good, bad and ugly, today will bring some healing and heart felt changes of view. Not only will things make more sense, but your heart will beat smoother and quieter. Take some time throughout the day to meditate on just how good this feels. Get a strong sense of that feeling so that you can use that as a centering point when you need to rise above the mass hysteria. In general, a great day for those who have been moving towards a life that is worth living. Just remember that the material attachments may need to change as Saturn( our sense of stability) in Scorpio (the transformer) is still squared to Neptune the seat of illusion. No keeping up with the marketing ideals. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, November 12th on the heels of some self revelation and bliss, today could bring a counter reaction to your new found center. What needs to be understood is you are doing fine, but the counter reaction of false information and punitive control wants to be heard. Pay careful attention as tomorrows snafus will be set up today. If your intuition tells you that you are not getting the whole story, you are probably right. Try not to engage in a return to fear and riot. You need to breathe, and remember that calming center you discovered yesterday. Keep the faith that good supersedes the negative impacts of perilous times. Actually we have always lived in difficult times, it is just the trigger points that have changed. The games have not. Remember to breathe! Moon in Scorpio.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and you will understand more then. Just don’t fall for the crazy stuff. What matters most is how we treat friends, family and even strangers. They all have a story.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sidereal Astrology

Friday, October 30th brings a T square involving the moon and some major movers… which could mean productive outcomes is last on the list. Team work will help rather than being the lone star cowboy. Expect some stubborn behaviors, tantrums and general frustration in public. About all that will be working are some unexpected insights into the situation. This is definitely a time to play the observer and think twice before you speak. What you say will get around and have an impact. If you have too, bit your lip so that your character won’t be next on the chopping block. Also the odds of getting that last minute Halloween costume is not so good. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, October 31st what a difference a day makes. The airwaves will be full of important information concerning the general state of affairs. A Grand Trine in air gives us a lot of talking points for a while. We want to get out our message with just about everyone else. Your phones could be blasting off the charts so be sure to turn them off while driving. For that matter, even when you are simply walking you could be so shocked at a message that you walk into traffic. Better be safe rather than sorry. Lots of changes in the air today so don’t be surprised if some spooks come and visit you this evening… the trick or treaters and some passing ghosts, too. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, November 1st there has been a tendency to just be flaky with commitments instead get your act together. For those who can follow through on promises and commitments, there will be a reward. Not only does this relate to something particularly transformational, but healing can be found from following through on whatever you start out to do today. Expect the unexpected all through the day. This will not only be a test of fortitude, but one of understanding what it means to go the extra mile. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, November 2nd the pressure cooker we have all been functioning within will have a break in intensity. There still are a number of days that some opportunities will be challenged, but much of the Jupiter/Venus/Mars/North Node conjunction will be out of opposition meaning a sigh of relief. What did you learn about yourself in this last display of trial and error? I bet it was something significant. So take some time to recap the experience and put things into perspective. Fortunately life gives us breathing space between events. Get to bed early tonight. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, November 3rd still a few things to deal with in the wild and crazy events. What you can put off today, can be dealt with tomorrow. In fact what is an issue today may well disappear entirely by Thursday. What you will be doing is letting a new set of information infiltrate into the situation so that a wiser move can be determined. The solution may be on the way without further assistance. Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, November 4th the day will start out with a fresh perspective. Not only can you do it, but the road will be paved for the path. It will seem like the outside world is also moving in step with a more self reliant process. Give all changes careful review, but know that taking a leadership role when placed in that position is the right thing to do. It may only work for a few days, but your value will be measured by your efforts. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, November 5th most of this day is going to move well. We all need that wheel to be greased before it will let us get where we are going. By early evening the whole process may boondoggle, so cut out work while you are ahead and let the tension pass by you. Those who are working for positive change will see the best results. Those trying to hold on to the past will get left in the dust. Things will move fast, especially over the next couple of days.  Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 22, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology 

Friday, October 23rd for those who are hoping for some relief of the tension that tries to holding us hostage to another’s agenda, by November 2nd the tension between Neptune/Chiron and the conjunctions of Jupiter, Venus and Mars will diminish. There has been a positive aid with Pluto, that agent of change, as long as there is healing action. For those of you who have been able to hold positive space in the midst of this, thank you! There will be intensification this week as the present level of struggle make their well planned maneuvers. The T square on Pluto will last a few more days so stay engaged in working together in light. It does make a difference. The element of today has the Moon in Aquarius making us more sensitive to the ploys at work. Focus your meditations and daily thoughts on routing out the gimmicks and illusions so that the veil can be ripped apart. Stay vigilant my friends! Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, October 24th As the day progresses, we can see the effects of shenanigans. It is time to ask yourself just how practical elements in your life may be. Communications should be focused on how does it work, who does it really serve and pay attention to the oddball signs. Probably some shocking news today also, if you can still be sensitive to what is truly out of the ordinary. We have had a tremendous about of crazy to deal with. I think the marvelous lesson here is how people have not given into subversion and have maintained love and light though the process of change, even if some of it is tough love. Moon goes into Pisces this evening. 

Sunday, October 25th Nerves will be on edge for the next couple of days. Our sensitivities will be greater as well as fears of the shocking try to hold sway over us. Insist on holding both a pragmatic and empathetic presence. We dearly want to have some healing news saying that the battle is over and that the bullies will be crawling back into a hole. While we cannot eliminate such influence, we can demand that they only hold what space they deserve, which is small and obscure. What lessons are the lesson to be learned from the world situation, or the national situation? Meditate on a holistic perspective to pull us out of this downward spiral and be ready to adjust your opinion if there has been fear or hate. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, October 26th another day of crazy, inflammatory information. The news will be pressing hard to create just enough chaos to create doubt. Control over your thoughts bring questions of concern that equilibrium will never be seen again. Like all energetic flows, there has to be oscillation between and through the shift. Some cracked edges will continue to allow light to give us hope. The T Square has lessened, bringing just a touch of ease in our tensions. But today the Moon is conjucting Uranus which puts yet another psychic strain on those who are sensitive to undercurrents. Turn off the TV or don’t watch the news if you can help it. In the madness, we can draw some lines and create our inner peace, even if the world is anything but that. You are also not feeding the frenzy. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, October 27th brings some intensity of the full moon. While you may need to watch extra carefully for the lunatics that have been let out of the asylum, there is strength to move away from the fray and rely on your inner knowing of what is good and wholesome. Times like these we learn what it means to be connected to our higher self and the greater good. Lots of room for individuality but still an empathy for how it all works. We all experience ups and downs. It is time for the wheel of change to shift into positive ground. Sometime after lunch, 2:30 Tulsa time, a grand trine in fire will affect that shift in experience for us in a big way. This should be a big energetic push to take control of your emotional state and connect up with what the next level will be. Take some time out this afternoon or watch the moon rise to engage in a cosmic call to raise our daily existence into something greater and more fulfilling. This will be a very potent time today. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, October 28th, the day starts with announcements of changes in the night. While the day progresses, affects can be mounting. For those in observer mode, this could be a very enlivening and enlightening day. It still does not feel comfortable, but we can know that something is emerging that will give greater potential for us. Whatever space you want to exist in, give that energy full attention. Try to let go of doubt and fear, because those are the elements that stifle us and subject us to manipulation. There has been a lot of trauma lately, so allow some nurturing time. You have deserved it, even if the full plan is not settled. Moon goes into Taurus later today.

Thursday, October 29th be mindful of those who still hold on to the lie. They will be particularly protective of their delusion today. There have been two pressures over this seemingly endless struggle. One pressure is to hold onto what has sustained you but leaves you in fear. The other is to let go of the fear and create love and understanding but in a practical way. No room for airy fairy solutions. Start out your day by being mindful of the test of wills. We are dealing with unconscious matters that some refuse to negotiate. Tempers will flare and battle lines will be drawn. Let your act of rebellion be one of not engaging the destructive or petty. Good luck, you will need it. Moon in Taurus today.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sidereal  Western Astrology

Friday, October 16th will find a strong desire to make a big shift into the unknown. But truly you have had your eye on that future point for a while now. if you listen to the illusionary proponents of the press, you will have a hard time getting a handle on what it is you really want to happen. The job today will be to trust the transformation and hold fast to values that make sense for the greater good. Don’t be afraid of losing your individuality, that is always there. Just remember we were never meant to be lone ships in the night. The Moon is in Scorpio and conjunct with Saturn.

Saturday, October 17th perhaps the rebel in us will have a positive outlet to our subconscious. There can be a healthy perspective to knowing that you need to go against the sheep of the world. They are after all sheep who can’t and won’t think for themselves. If you pick out a costume for Halloween, I suspect that there will be a tendency to pirates and rebels for good causes. Who do you want to be remembered as? Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, October 18th The Sun will move into Sidereal Libra today changing the tone of summer. This is considered inhospitable to the individuality and personal drive which could be a good thing right now. We will be in this aspect for a month. I see this as a humbling series of events to let us know that power plays can meet resistance and for a good reason. What is leading in strength right now is Venus, Jupiter and Mars all tangled together in Leo. With the later degrees involved, consider that team work is more important than the one star player. This lesson will be evident for a few more weeks. I see this as a positive since usually an ego fest has predominated all summer . Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, October 19th the Moon has conjunct Pluto right now creating an intense episode of change and uplifting to those things we now hold dear. The crazy part of this is you will not be thinking of how this plot twist brings about the change we have been needed. The bottom line is this is good for the majority of beings out there being conscious of their impact. Again, this is a day that egotists take a cosmic two by four to the head. This could be interesting as you come into work today as events are happening behind the scenes. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, October 20th there could be some major scrambling as both heads and positions jockey to fill the voids. Think of it as someone just threw a bag of skittles on the table and there is a gathering of favorites for personal pleasure. There will be winners and losers but only if you chose opportunities that are the wrong flavor. There still is a tension about that special communication to pull things together.  Moon in Capricorn after noon.

Wednesday, October 21st could be a hard day to make good your next move. If your closest friends cannot help, you may just need to take a break from pressing forward and let the tensions subside. Your mood will be to get the work done, so if you can’t find active channels, then go further into observation and adjusting planning elements. No need to lose productivity because there is a glitch in the stream of progress. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, October 22nd another day of working harder at progress than you feel like doing. The good news here is that some mystery has been revealed and there is a way to intuit your position into something stable. It is all about keeping a level head and openness to what is the flow of the future. Not a time for attachment to the past or its worn out dogma. Those who are interested in their relationships, be particularly calm when weird messages or actions arise. If there is parting of ways, then so be it for the better. Other indications mean that right someone is right in front of you waiting to be noticed. Let the luck of this time be available by going with the flow today. Just don’t jump into whitewater and expect to come out well. Moon goes into Aquarius this afternoon.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 8, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, October 9th this week, and until November 3rd, has a set of oppositions that will make any transaction difficult to finalize, so go easy on yourself if there is more work or wait than anticipated. Something needs to be understood in the meantime to balance out the value of getting a head of the game and what is OK in the general consensus. Those who are either Leo or Aquarius will find it particularly important to stay with the plan to see what you want happen. This revolves around inheritance, buying that something special and trying to take advantage of opportunities.  The good thing is Mercury retrograde has ended and your communications will make more sense so you know how to proceed. There will be a slow acceleration for the next week. With the moon traversing the big money makers, our desire to spend what is not in hand may be intense. Take a step back into reality and don’t spend anything until you have it has digested into your bank account. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, October 10th very little is going to change this week. Stay on top of your responsibilities and then step back and work on personal goals. As the seasons start to show a shift, it would be easier on your mind if you just make time to connect with nature and feel the shift. There is more to life than money, work and possessions. These things are stagnant and restricted right now. But if you  can feel the temperature changes, survey the harvest from your garden and make small peace offerings to family and friends, a lot of enjoyment can be found. What can you release as a completed goal or lesson learned at this time? Moon in Leo.

Sunday, October 11th another day of pushing a piano up hill. Today’s personal question should be “why am I hung up on having things my way or a particular prize in hand”? If you can come to a clear answer, you will find some of the dynamic pulse and pain start to recede. You can use this question in meditation for divine clarification. Remember to get your rest because the next week will need your full attention.  Moon in Virgo.

Monday, October 12th if you have to work, the day will have you wanting to be lazy and just hide while others take your share of the work. It won’t work, but you will need to just pull together some focus and get it done yourself. For many, just getting started is all that is needed. Especially if you are wanting to do some fall cleaning. The rest can flow into a completed day. Don’t let boredom distract you either. Maybe try to take a deeper look at why something is done in a certain way and possibly learn more about a system. Good day for investigation if you can stay focused on something other than last weekend’s games. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, October 13th some of the pressure to release bad habits has abated. Now there needs to be a focus on what is sustainable, cost efficient and practical for the future. This week will continue those struggles to get what you want without alienating your conscience and family. A layer of that struggle will lift today and you can now focus on how it will look. Perhaps a communication will arrive to help you get to the next step. Have faith that any delays are there for a reason and you won’t lose the race. Things will simply shift into the new design during this time of emotional and practical matters. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, October 14th someone in your sphere will take a leadership position and you can feel like there is hope for the future. Different sides of a story are illuminated right now and you can find reason in the chaos. This is also a very good day to let your daily meditation subject be more objective. There is a lesson in cause and effect which can be perceived at this time. Even if someone fails to do what they promised, there can be clarity. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, October 15th this could be a great day to fine tune your health regiment. You will intuit some common thread of aches and pains that can be addressed in a better way. This can be in any area of life as well. Look for a way to come to closure with a situation and the people surrounding it. While you may not like the outcome, there can be a release of stress in the process. Reducing our daily stress should be a primary goal at this time. Moon goes into Scorpio later in the day.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 1, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

I want to apologize for any delays or confusions. My father was hospitalized, for the last time and passed on the eclipsing moon, which I am going to call the traditional Harvest Moon. It has been hard to focus on my routine responsibilities. 

Friday, October 2nd  will find the regular person dealing with some oppressive circumstances. The grace in all this will be that in the over inflated egos, there will be a spotlight of scrutiny. Where there is light there can then be change. Do your best under the circumstances and know that change is happening.  Moon in Taurus.
Saturday, October 3rd  the weekend can be designed however you wish. You can focus on the rough week, or you can focus on tender moments with your sweetie and what the future should look like for you. In all the chaos of the time, I think it is important to craft your own world with proactive thoughts and actions. As in all situations, there is a flow of both crumbling infrastructure and building for a new reality. Try to avoid falling back into bad habits which will keep you in decline rather than viewing for the future. Also remember that the future is more about sustainability and simplicity. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, October 4th  you will get the most out of this day if you can find some time to tinker with a personal project. In the time that you are working creatively, there will be a glimmer of a solution to a particular problem. Today will be best served by balancing out practical experience vs. just wanting it all to come easily. We need to know where we are in the flow of life, and our niches may be glimpsed today.  In the labor pains of birth, new life begins. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, October 5th when you arrive at work, there will be conflict of interests flying everywhere. The good news is that those who need to hash things out will be verbal. So no guessing who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. There is a certain level of being boxed into a situation. This is a good time to really address what you can diplomatically. And perhaps a word about interactions. We have to regain the approach of discussing an idea without vilifying ideas that do not reflect our impression. We are creating as we go, and no one has a full picture. A general influence experienced over last month and most of this month has been one of personal identifications in a changing world. There are still a number of people who are desperately holding on to past systems and are uncomfortable with the way things are moving. Moon goes into Cancer later in the day.

Tuesday, October 6th what will set today apart from other days is there will be a deeper understanding of what is happening and where we can contribute. Our personal dialogue will start to see a glimmer of light as to what we can do to be happier and be of service in our personal sphere. No grandiose plans and no lazy expectations without personal contributions. There is a triad directed to Mercury Retrograde and the North Node in Virgo creating a kinder gentler reality. Be thankful if you have already balanced out the inequalities and are content today. Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, October 7th in the mix of the day try to graciously lend a hand or give some random act of kindness. The world needs it, and the opportunities will be abundant. These will be especially significant in bringing a greater sense of humanity if you can help a stranger without expectations. There will be other instances where someone has been cruel or insensitive, so you may be re-balancing faith in human nature. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, October 8th there can be an oppressive vibe today. If you can sequester your energy in a safe environment, you will reduce your stress. At work, keep the nose to your notebooks or screens and think groovy vibes. The world will need your effort to hold positive space. This would be a great day to go home and have a meditation with some fire. Recharge your batteries for tomorrow. If you can’t have a fire, then light a candle and incense. Helping transformation is important today, even on a subtle level.  Here in middle earth, Tulsa area, it is cool and I love seeing the smoke of incense waft through the house and outside, like sending out gentle reminders of peace and love, especially inner peace. Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 25th there will be a lot of focus on self centered versions of how things need to be. Avoid emotional reactions. There will be lots of trigger points being activated and you need to keep a check on what is said. If you are on the receiving end of weird news or comments, consider certain aspects of the comment as a Freudian slip. It could be very illuminating. As will be the trend for several days, only subjects or decisions  that are sustainable for the future will maintain value. In the world of romance there can be some very interesting coincidences. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, September 26th hopefully you can muster a lighthearted view of the world around you. I want to say that humor will serve you well even though it seems out of place. Either it will defuse a tense situation or bring that mountain of a problem into more manageable perspective. There are times when humanity can laugh at the situation because everyone goes through something similar all the time. Keep perspective on who does what.

Sunday, September 27th For those who manage to keep a balance between work and relaxation, this will be an easy day. Don’t over schedule your life. You need time to reflect and just to hang out and be you. There is time and opportunity to smell the roses, please do so. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, September 28th some people may be experiencing an overactive personal crisis. They are meeting a clash of what they have projected and what is expected. Yes, those who have been telling white lies may have to prove they can do what they say. The big showdown will relate to making right what has to transform. If you can’t, well I feel an “ouchie” coming on. Romance may be still humming along for those who can adjust to erratic schedules. It will be hard to follow through in a timely manner for personal appointments. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, September 29th the world will link up better for those couples that want to find some fun and entertainment. The source of excitement may be more homegrown than expected. On the other front of life, questions about integrity and honesty need to be answered completely. Otherwise you will be exposed as a fake. I find it to be a period of time for a few weeks where false social indignity finds the willful culprits actually discredited. This can be in the news or in your sphere of drama. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, September 30th this can be a day of lucky breaks rolling out for those a planetary aspect in fire signs. The Grand Trine in fire will be bringing luck, intuition and positive change to those who have some energy to access an opportunity. Some people will be hindered by weird circumstances. If that is the case, don’t fret, there will be other opportunities. Sometimes those disturbances in the etheric are simply your fate being held back for the next wave of adventures. Know that you are safe and secure in you present placement. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, October 1st  Venus goes into Leo today but not without a challenge of arrogance. There may be a windfall come your way in that area of life which you have early degree Fire signs, but watch the bragging. Keep the comments to the facts and be sure to include those who helped along the way. No one is an island in this world of give and take. What is significant right now is that continuing opposition to the world of public consciousness verses delusions of what is good for us. As long as Neptune remains opposite to Mars, we can see this schism. You can never call the best option for anyone but yourself. So keep your comments as supportive rather than instructive. That is what keeps space for gifts and opportunity at a level of abundance rather than fighting over pieces of the prize. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie R. Hansen

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 18th  there is a strong focus on making future plans. The will is ready, but the body just does not follow. Then we get to add Mercury going retrograde until October 9th. Since others will be in the same rut, allow for time to develop and connect up with the cosmic consciousness while the pieces get ready to fall together.  The Sun will enter Virgo bringing a deeper need to clean, organize and prep for the coming season. For those who are early risers and star gazers, the eastern morning sky will feature the planets  Venus, Mars, and then just above the horizon, will be Jupiter. It is a brief window just before the sun is visible. This will continue for a while, so if you have a sleepless night, get up early and consider what the dream state has shown. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, September 19th only those acts of destiny will find their way into the constrictions around you. It is the unknown that holds a key, but is clouded by personal emotions over the outcome. Think outside of the box for an alternative view of the situation. There is a fair amount of luck in finding romance today. Demonstrate patience and observe the surround situation before making a decision. There is monkey business from the cosmos. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, September 20th brings some moments to articulate your situation. What you are missing are messages or facts. Unfortunately, while much is trying to work in harmony, decisions may have to be made by choosing a lesser evil. Those are tough times when you want your decisions to reflect your best effort. But guess what, evolving consciousness needs to experience some rough times or hard choices just to allow for certain growth. Reminds me of the Star Wars series where budding Jedi Knight Skywalker had to face failure.  If you can see down the road, which is probably occluded, you will understand the lesson or message. Do your best. Moon enters Sagittarius later today.

Monday, September 21st if you were looking for a day to celebrate, this could be it. There is a Grand Trine in Water connecting up Venus, the Moon and Uranus. The gift will revolve about how you feel about something and emotional cleansing or verification. The hard parts of this day revolve around wanting to set up something secure and the mechanism is just not easily accessible. The other difficulty is Jupiter and Neptune in retrograde and opposition for a while, mean that sorting out the truth will be difficult by concrete sources. But intuition will be there. So impressions will rule today. If you are starting something, watch for other’s reactions because that will set the tone for a while. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, September 22nd. Seeking truth will be the goal over the next couple of days. Big plays to keep the facts out of circulation are at work for a couple of days. Communications can become snarled so be very conscious of what you say and intuit what is going to be perceived. Mercury retrograde is making this day tough, but there is enough luck in the final spin to help bring out the conflict. Retrogrades can be very good for sorting out falsehoods or discovering problems and their solutions. The important connection here is to cycle out the unworkable and facilitate a better future. Legal issues will be uncomfortable with exposure and presentations that go awry.

Wednesday, September 23rd big plays to keep the facts out of circulation have been at work for a couple of days. A fatal error can start to create healing. Not everyone will be happy with the results. Expect various types of crazy and unexpected information to come out. What is happening is some internal confusion is bringing out flaws where internal control is weak. The bottom line is loss of wealth and property. While money is better to exchange instead of blood or flesh, only the gory stuff will satisfy the deluded. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, September 24th there is a strong opposition with Jupiter, Mars and Neptune creating a sense of creating your own imaginary world of power and glory. The only perspective that is supported with positive force is fair judgment and steady steps forward into a better world. You will know these people so be prepared or hide…your choice when to fight. There are no clear winners and losers today. Meaning that there will be a mixed bag or results, but those focused on transforming into something solid for the future without guile will benefit the most. Tomorrow can involve acting out a change without concern for the common good. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 11th , this week will be a bit tough to get the whole truth out of a situation. Guile and manipulation could have the better of some under the spell of love. Wait for commitment because late next week the illusion will be lifted enough for you to know if it is genuine love and adoration or just someone trying to get what they want. The defining moment will be if you are interested in something long standing or just for the moment. Lots of other areas in life are hard to discern what is propaganda and what is just a shady deal. Keep alert for the rest of the summer. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, September 12th this could be an especially difficult day to sort out what is going on. There is a major struggle revolving around leadership and posturing for attention. Look to Leos with integrity for some illumination of the path that leads to the most benefit will be possible to see. If it relates to old methods, that’s not the way. Connect up with something that is progressive and sustainable. Yes, we are creating as we go.

Sunday, September 13th Many will be on overload from events both at home and abroad. Be cautious of falling into bad habits over the weekend. Not only will it solve nothing, but will disorient you for future decisions. This would be a great day to take some time in meditation on things that are worthwhile. Set out a beacon of gratitude and peace. Hold that space whenever you can during your day also. The Sun will go into an eclipse initiating a period until the 28th where new developments and changes will be long term. Chose carefully as you want what is for the highest good. The Moon moves into Virgo by mid day.

Monday, September 14th there could be a strong fixation on what you want and how to get it. The times are trending to step away from unnecessary materialism and focusing on what is of true value. If you feed your soul with love and great times with friends and family, you will be richer. Do be aware of those who have a focused goal on values set in materialism. They may be a bit more frantic than usual. Step away from the vibe and seek calmer waters. Consider feeding your mental health instead. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, September 15th did you get a crazy text or call from your sweetie? Listen carefully to what is between the lines. Is it directed at you specifically or just a rant? Find common ground, if there is any, and consider your next move in that relationship. You may be pressed to let go of something from the past so that you can live more fully in the present. Moon goes into Libra in the evening.

Wednesday, September 16th yesterday and today set a trend of finding difficulty with making dreams and desires secure. Don’t fight the inertia. Find something else to prep or simply go inward for personal strength and guidance until the time is right. If you have to sign a contract, be sure you have done all your homework. It may turn out the signing never happens and you will revisit the situation in a couple of weeks. If the actions and gifts come your way, be receptive, but cautious. Don’t drain yourself when a situation has become stagnant or at a halt. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, September 17th relationships just got pumped up a notch with complexity. There will be the good, the bad and the ugly. What is important today is a glimmer of clarity into a situation. There are still many manipulations going on but you can find justice and balance making an emergence. Manipulation is not always a bad thing. Sometimes there is a need to sort out ghosts of the past and people are just working on taking that time out. Hold on to the truths and let go of the toxic. If the news is healing, then you know you are on the right track. Just a note in cosmic changes, Mars has moved into Leo and is not going to behave well for a while. That means that the lesser qualities of that regal archetype will be forceful, demanding, gaming the system and doing whatever needs to be done to gain favor.  Moon in Libra.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 4th will have the feel of a pressure cooker. There is something delicious about to emerge but the pressure is still doing its job. This may come across as resistance to change or concern for the feasibility of your desires. It also could be those who are about to lose something precious because they have been behaving badly. Expect strong emotions at this time. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, September 5th there will need to be a trust that what will be, will be. In life we go from setting up desires to just hoping for the best. This could be a day where the two will meet. The evidence is not there yet, but things are pushing hard to emerge. Just a lot of sorting, shifting and engagement involved.

Sunday, September 6th this is a day where luck may be working with a handicap. Don’t plan so much for today, and allow lots of time to get where you are going. There are great indicators that in the doldrums or ample time, there will be revelations about what has been hidden. There are clear indications that it is time to take a change in route so that you will meet your future with happier vibes. What will be particularly happy is Venus is now going direct. She will take a while to get back moving, but those unexpected situations, like having to wait too long at a Laundromat because your washer died, will guide you to just the right person or financial find. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, September 7th Communications could be on overload. That crucial bit of information is in that dog pile in your inbox. Forms and information will be scattered and a cleaver person will organize everything before they dive in to sorting what the day holds.

Tuesday, September 8th after all that juggling, a clear path or set of data will start to fill up the blanks. By midday you will be able to get more of an intuitive sense of what is needed to proceed. Also expect a communication from that someone special. As Venus relates to purchases and goods, be on the lookout for getting that special find. I personally love re-sale shops because there is a synergy in reuse and repurpose to save money and the environment. This could be a good day to find a bargain. Moon goes into Cancer by midday.

Wednesday, September 9th should be a day where what you are doing seems to be supported by the gods! Synchronicities are just where you need them. Just keep your heart and other senses open to the possibilities. By evening, the Moon will be aspect to Venus then Mars. That the charm of the moment and enjoy it. This will be a meeting and melding of souls if you have been able to keep up with the challenges of the week. Good luck to those who are looking for what makes the heart sing.

Thursday, September 10th you should be able to keep the ball rolling for several days. What does click into place is where you should be. Do be aware that tomorrow, when the Moon goes into Leo, there maybe a test your resolve to continue; but that tension will pass if you don’t get to arrogant. Otherwise, what you have been working so hard for will be taking form and starting to come together.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen



Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, August 28th For the next couple of weeks there will be some hidden agenda in the mainstream consciousness. While obscuration has been going on for a while, this is something new.  It will be hard to fathom just what is in play and why. With this in mind, know that whatever is agreed upon, must be confirmed. If you can delay signing contracts, you will be better off. On a personal level, chance connections with those who you have loved will come into the light. What is best to consider is there was a reason for all relationships and those lessons can be more easily understood at this time. But trust your own insights, as the other side may be up to the same crazy talk as before. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, August 29th there is a big test to finding the middle ground in what the outer world is trying to convey. We want integrity, but will be getting yet another power grab if we are not savvy to the game. There is a good chance that exposure to plots will just give a twist to the meaning. Stay vigilant to innuendos and keeping the faith that transformation will occur. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, August 30th this is a great day to set into motion some personal plans. These plans are for a new adventure rather than something well rehearsed. Games and manipulations on the outer world are still in effect and clouding the outcome. But some have waited too long to get going and there is a lot of momentum to push forward. The bottom line is what you launch today will have lots of challenges, but this time, there is success for those who stay engaged with the plan and navigate the pitfalls.

Monday, August 31st this could be a day to test your patience. Just know that developing a virtue can be very rewarding. You won’t be able to see very far ahead of the situation. Trust your better nature and continue the course. Things are literally being created as you go. Moon goes into Pisces today.

Tuesday, September 1st Do you remember the “Push me Pull you” of Dr. Doolittle? Guess what, you probably will have a conversation with all too often prevalent beast. This beast will be acting out a scenario in your love life and potential dating companions. Take heart and pay close attention to what is actually being demonstrated. This will be the guide to how to deal with those who don’t know what they want or are too shocked to be vulnerable and available.

Wednesday, September 2nd some real green lights will turn on for those who have taken that leap of faith that the future exists, even for those who are weary of the travails of love and romance. A Grand Trine is Fire has big changes on the horizon for the brave or simply still living with the rules of engagement. There is very much a happy dance in most instances, even if not everything is clear. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, September 3rd Whatever happened yesterday has just stirred a giant cauldron. You can either find that center point of observation or you can just give it your best and interact. Whatever your choice, things are going to be interesting. What got shook up yesterday will be setting the wheels of change in motion. But some treads on those wheels will be falling apart.  Know that what you do to benefit romance and setting a path or perspective will be keeping you busy for a while. Look at it as an adventure! Or you can hide under a rock until the next opportunity arises.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, August 20, 2015


Friday, August 21 much of this week will be faced with finding your way in a maze of schemes, rouses and gambits. Most are related to simply making it big… for the other person. Be careful with your investments or money. Today with the Moon in sidereal Libra square to Venus retrograde, the generally feeling towards intimacy will be guarded. What would be better is nurturing yourself and spending a bit of time getting the feeling of love back in your heart. There will be time later for the actual meeting. For those who have been doing their healing from the last affair, take note of special connections with potential partners. It will be like bumping into them while shopping or at a shared interest. Moon is in Libra.

Saturday, August 22nd with the Moon conjunct to Saturn today, a hard lesson could be in the works. The influence of big life lessons relate to how we see the world. Find that connection of where you belong in the next step, as things of the past will take one more retreat into the “done” file. Get ready for the “to do list” to start filling up with instructions. Seek advice where you can, just know that answers might be a bit hard to take. It is always better to be brave and face the future, then reorganization with an open mind and heart. Logic may not be of service today either. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, August 23rd there could be a truce of sorts that comes to your world of romance. Lots of adjustments still to settle out, but yet a good day to connect and see how things are going. Also still time to be wary of to good to be true deals. Illusion will be hard to separate from the truth. Leaving a decision for tomorrow may not be good either, as the obfuscation is still there to snag the unaware. Give it your best. Sometimes when there is no clear choice, the work is internal rather than external.

Monday, August 24th there is a strong desire to keep the world in perspective, but what will be hindering that action, will be a hard to deal with truth. Healing does not easily come our way when we hear of future plans that do not include us. These communications also talk of even more drudgery and work than initially agreed upon. Instead of fighting the reality of the situation, buckle down and do your best with the task at hand. There still are some good connections with the sweeter things in life. At the end of the day, settle in and reward yourself for a day well spent. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, August 25th  there  is good news for those who have peeled away yet another layer of old skin. While the general news will be a bit hard on the psyche, your individual world can have some fresh feelings of growth. Like getting a facial, there is a revelation of what is fresh and new under the worn out dermal layer. If you consider the solar calendar, with the Sun in Leo right now, we can feel great strides in personal achievement when we take the time to bring perspective into our life. News from the outside world is just a nuisance right now. Not only is the greater good being eclipsed by tenuous threads of control, there is a forcing to more conformity. The good news is, we were never meant to conform, just get along productively. Know the difference.

Wednesday, August 26th the morning will be a bit hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Try to organize and prioritize instead. By afternoon you will be producing more than you ever imagined. The next couple of days will see communications for money, promotions and rewards for hard work. Depending on the work environment (some rely on repressive policies) the gain will be according to the type of boss you have. Even stingy bosses will say something… even if it hurts them to do so. Take your kudos where you can and continue the good work. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, August 27th even if you have made a love connection, communication will be stressed or non-existent. If you know that you tend to be less than observant or diligent, try a bit harder today. The environment is such that if you snooze you will lose. There is lots of glamorous sparkles flying by also. If you are uncertain about whether you have a glittering fairy or a down home goddess, take some time to find out. While the fairy might be fun for a short time, we all get tired of the here now and gone tomorrow relationships. Fall is coming up soon and it is time to consider who will keep you warm over the winter.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen