Thursday, April 27, 2017



As a general trend this week, Mercury will go direct on May 5th. This week will prove to have challenges to getting all the info you need to move forward. You will just have to work with what you have and hope for the best. When Mercury gets going again, the wheels will be spinning so hard you will have to work to keep up.

Also, Mercury is closest to Uranus in Aries right now. It will stay there all week. On a bigger scale, news or unusual situations will be hard to get at. But they cannot be held back because when Mercury goes direct the logjam burst and will be flooding out in the most unexpected places. Keep your info as true as possible. This could be scary because one of the qualities of Uranus in Aries is having to do more for yourself than you can. Let’s hope that help is in the mix for the weakest. Otherwise, get ready for some back lash to abandonment.

Friday, April 28th brings a day that has you thinking things up but the emotions and body just won’t cooperate. Don’t beat yourself up, some of the onerous is how crazy things have gotten that you just don’t trust moving forward. Mercury Retrograde is exact with Uranus in Aries making chaotic and backwards movement to projects. Know that if you can’t do it, then the other people along the line probably can’t do much today either. Watch out for promises that can be kept! Some things will have to be redone.  Which could mean taking work home and doing it over the weekend. Start the weekend early! Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, April 29th, something happens in the hindsight of yesterday making this a rather productive day. Roll with it without many questions. You have the whole weekend to finish up something big. Make it count towards something that you can enjoy all summer. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, April 30th there is some positive news over the weekend dump of info. This will give you courage and initiative to work on a project. Just try not to get too scattered. Focus is really important today so you can finish up. Tomorrow is a Grand Square so what is done today, is all that gets done for a while. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, May 1st, I remember in grade school making May flower baskets and taking them to someone I liked. My first attempt went so bad that I never did it again. There is a continuation of that experience today. While the desire to celebrate the season change is in the air, it will be taken in all the wrong ways. Be very simple and straightforward in all communications today. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, May 2nd, Put your efforts into things that you feel like doing. Trying to force interest will prove a mistake. Connect with the needs of your home and family so that any short comings will be forgiven and still appreciated. Watch being too moody if things don’t work well. Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, May 3rd, you could have some surprising news about your home or family today. It could be hard to be of assistance because other work opportunities will be taking up your time. It is probably a good day to remember that taking time to think about a situation is going to benefit the overall situation at home. Discuss solutions and then get back to work life and its gifts.  This evening could be a great time to do some dream work. Ask for solutions to your situation and see what the dreams say. Perhaps a solution to your problem will follow soon after in the next several highly charged days. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, May 4th. The morning can start out with a rush of things to be done. Address them after you have taken time to prioritize. With all the information and opportunity flowing right now, especially with matters that relate to your future. Mercury is going station today and will be direct tomorrow!  Moon in Leo.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 20, 2017



Guidelines for romance and relationships is rather easy. Make sure you make the necessary adjustments to changing conditions. This does not mean allowing someone to use or hurt you… that is your queue to leave and make a new life. But it does mean if you have held onto impossible or difficult expectations you need to shift. All week will give you a feeling of insecurity. To deal with this, keep it friendly and aware of stress on the other side of the equation. The old adage, “hold on loosely” is well heeded this week.

The next couple of weeks will be not only filled with bad downloads but crazy information from who knows where. This is just a hunch, but there are some big players that want to cover their tracks on a big shady agenda. They will do anything to make themselves look right. Expect new twists on the propaganda machine, and it may have an origin that you don’t first expect. Ask yourself who does this benefit?

Friday, April 21st, brings a day where those who do the work and navigate the oceans of changes will be on top of the world. Some of the toughest parts of your day will revolve around how you balance community vs ego. Using the old games of the past will not make up for missing your mark. A lot of the world picture is reflected into our everyday life. Notice that the crumbling structure of abuse is being exposed, rooted out or self-implosion. Be wary of where you might be caught in the fall out! Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, April 22nd, as the world seems to tumble along its axis without your permission, please be aware that you need to check in with your intuition and the shared collective consciousness. When we get out of touch, that is when things start to go toxic. Try to curb the local hysteria by staying informed and having the fortitude to hear what others are thinking. Not only will you have insights to what else is being said, but you will probably feel more secure. Do watch out for those feaking out. The next few days will be ever more evident with Mercury conjuncting Uranus. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, April 23rd, today will be best spent on personal hygiene, including some spiritual hygiene. The day starts out with wondering how far things have gone and the only way to deal with it is to look inward and do something to make you energetically stronger. The Moon shifts into Pisces by noon, and the temptation for libations to flow is strong. Which is the last thing you want to do because you could fall into a deep depression. Treatments that ease the body, like massages or beauty treatments and things that restore the soul, like healthy meals, gentle walks and lots of hydration will serve your best interests. Your mission is to create a fully responsive physical vehicle. My favorite are hot tubs or hot springs… if you are that lucky to be close to one! Moon in Pisces.

Monday, April 24th, as the week starts out, your drive is to have wealth and prosperity shower down on you, but the security of any gains is doubtful. This is a better day to be aware of misguided attachments and strive more for finding the pulse of what is the next level. Could be a tough day if you don’t have your emotions in check. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, April 25th, we want what we want, but just can’t seem to get there. This is a better day to just focus on your inner self. There are periods where you need to just sit out from the action. Part of the situation is so much is happening on the larger scale, that the individual world is stuck in neutral due to overload or chaos. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, April 26th, as we emerge into the new day with a more self-reliant perspective, know that yesterdays’ emotional assaults can be a way to a new beginning. As long as your self-reliance is more of “what can I do for the country”, you will have momentum. Emotions at this time really are worn out and just need to see something happen. Just make the energy proactive rather than add to the fear porn. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, April 27th, for many, yesterday’s initiatives are becoming a value addition to both personal change and how the rest of us are operating. A great day to help another. Helping those who really need it, like the old lady next door who could use checking on and maybe fixing a light bulb. Not a good day to give to the indigent. They are in a very difficult place and may react against you because they are caught in the dysfunction of the past. Save that help for another day. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 13, 2017



A general trend for this week will be to focus more on your relationships, healing and health. Most anything else you do will be met with restrictions to getting it done, even if you handle it yourself. This is a lesson in not procrastinating until the last minute. There is a general uncertainty that makes higher ups delay actions. To further complicate the mixed messages, the Sun will also start its journey into Aries bringing new ideas and desire for new adventures. You will be best off doing the planning now rather than just taking off and winging it… unless you have all the time in the world and delays and surprises are fine.

On a bigger scale, Uranus has just broken aspect with Pluto. This set of squares has been creating the atmosphere of needed change, search of truth and inner struggle or understanding. Now that they are no longer squared, most of the elements of this next phase of upheaval are known. Some truths are barely illuminated, but they have all been exposed. Now it the interesting time of rectifying the injustice and setting a new course. So if you have been worn out by the struggle and delay, it is going to shift now.

Friday, April 14th brings a day that can be best experienced if you take time and energy to do things that make your heart and health improve. Otherwise, you could lose a really fantastic day. Don’t expect to naturally feel great. I know the older I get, the harder I have to work at staying productive. It is all worth it. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, April 15th, expect some obsessive-compulsive games to carry you through the day. Ultimately those will cause you insecurity… so why play them? It is more important today to keep reason and pro-active accomplishments in your agenda. Otherwise, tomorrow will be worse than what it has to be. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, April 16th, on the larger reality, the Moon is conjunct with Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing the rebel yell of the future. There is a Grand Trine in fire (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) continuing, so be sure to check the news outlets for “weekend data dumps”. If you decide to relax for the holiday, it will be there tomorrow for you to get the refined details. This is a day to avoid all efforts to do work or advance your agenda. Mostly because Mars is confounded with working on the future and everyone else will be in a laid back posture wanting to either relax or celebrate. Don’t make waves or waste your time doing work at home because of some future event. Things might shift anyway. This goes for those of you who still need to do your taxes. What you need will be missing and unavailable to complete the job. Instead, jump into the feel of gratitude and happiness as the day will be wired for that instead. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, April 17th, if you are waiting to hear back on a pet project, this could be your lucky day. Events that are part of the future will be full steam ahead. If you have missed your mark, then it will be back to the drawing board or a delay. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference. Like always, give it your best, and in the end you know you have done all you could. Sometimes life is about what your process was rather than the result. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, April 18th, this could be a day of rejections. But a savvy person would know that times like this really say that you need to finally let go of what did not work out. Never mind the obsessive tendency to never give up. With the Moon conjunct to Pluto, this is a time to be clear about not wasting your time on what is not meant to be. With that said, there is always something on the horizon that will be next. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, April 19th, so there are dual influences on how you spend your energy. Duties relating to the here and now will go far better than those for some undisclosed future date of need. Keep it real today and don’t waste your time on daydreaming or fruitless rambling about. The day will reward those who stick to the desk or work station and do what they do well. You will know in your heart where you should be focused. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, April 20th, Mercury, and the Sun are exactly conjunct today and combined in energy with a Grand Trine. There is momentum to get communications or news that will greatly benefit the future, just take care of what comes up today. Tomorrow, a new crisis, or complication will potentially add to the project. The theory here is you get your part done before the rules are changed on you. Yes, you may have to do it again, but there is no fault on you for the rewrite. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 6, 2017



This week the Sun in Pisces starts to conjunct Uranus. Normally this would illuminate the culprit of mischievousness, but instead it is going to leave most conscious people wondering why they feel so weird. Yes, something is up and it is being kept subterranean. Mercury goes retrograde later this week also so any information that comes to light get confirmation before you accept it as truth. The catch will be, that additional info will only bring up more questions. Start keeping track of each item and eventually the puzzle will be solved. This will go on for a couple of weeks, so any project you are working on or story you are following will have some unexpected twists. For those so inclined, consider this like a mystery, it is just real time.

Venus is still in retrograde in Pisces and she is connecting up with the wounded healer, Chiron. What is poorly aspected is the sense of security. What is well aspected is explorations into transformation. This is when relationships either split of evolve. I wish you all luck in evolving together.

All this week will be good for getting your mojo working on what is your next level of activity. Spring usually finds us ready to take on what has been waiting and gestating over the winter; but with the weirdness around us, that makes it hard to focus on taking a stand or burning bridge. Just ask yourself, is this something that is leaving the old worn out actions behind or are you rehashing past baggage?

Friday, April 7th, with the Moon and North Node in Leo today, there are some wondrous wind currents taking you to your future. Think leadership, reliability, and courage. If these work into your agenda today, you will be able to sail the winds of change like a pro. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, April 8th, the key words today are independence, courage and honor. What you started yesterday will need your same level of investment into the events of the day. A lot will happen today so stay alert and positive. Attitude is everything to ride with the currents of success. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, April 9th, today is like a glimpse into the future. Uranus goes into Aries just as Mercury goes Station. Station is when the little Hermes becomes still before he goes backwards. This shift means that new direction has happened, but getting strait information on it will be dicey. As Mercury starts to head back to Uranus, then the bits of truth will me macerated with the propaganda and mistakes. Some of the obscuring is intentional and some of it is because things are so shocking that confirmation needs to be made first. For me, I am still looking for disclosure over aliens …. Could be our week for that! Moon in Virgo.

Monday, April 10th, those falling out of love or redefining it, first consider how you will feel if what they fantasize about actually comes to fruition. I am a firm believer in trusting my instincts or gut feelings. The Moon is conjunct with retrograde Jupiter today, so be sure of your facts before you blow up something out of proportion. The pressure is to be uncomfortable enough yet compassionate enough to make evolutionary changes. Lots of obsessiveness in all areas. So, follow the lead of practicality of Moon in Virgo and think before you speak.

Tuesday, April 11th, an interesting situation is setting up today. Through mistakes, the right word goes to the right ear creating more understanding of something important in your life. Yes, there will be some garbage out there filling the air waves. So, analyze all that is said or printed. Think about puzzles or riddles being your only way to get to the truth. For those who like a mental challenge, could be an intriguing day. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, April 12th, watch your speech today. There will be an impulse to get something out, but the timing is all wrong. We all deal with impetuousness from time to time. Don’t get caught with misinformation. If you need to get something out, but are unsure, simple open up dialogue for discussion. That way the silly things that come out are not under “hard facts” but discussion of ideas. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, April 13th, by mid-day, just about every aspect happening will be under some really positive circumstances. Go with the flow if you don’t have any specific agenda and see just what is discovered. But beware, Mercury is in retrograde and info can be convoluted during its back track to Uranus. But there is a method and reason for the madness! Moon in Libra until evening when it goes into Scorpio.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen