Thursday, April 26, 2018



As a general trend this week, romance will seem to disconnect from overt actions and receptions. This should give you a good view of just how secure you are in your relationships. The solid ones will just hum along and catch up later.

Mars will pass Pluto this week and then by May 2nd start its journey into Capricorn. This will put a stern view on matters of money, rights and privilege. With that shift, culpability is a primary focus. Things that do not transform will pay a price for stubbornness or willful disregard to the order of life with expectations. And frankly, everything done has some expectation, for better or worse.

Most of this week a Grand Trine with the Sun in Aries, the Ascendant in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius will allow for some pivotal changes in how we do business with life and our responsibilities. With that much fire being ignited, people will either glow in charm and exuberance or spontaneously combust. With Mars past Pluto in this mix all you can do is hope for the best and stay clear of any flowing lava. This week will be the better of the next two.

Friday, April 27th, a great day to sit down with your significant other and discuss budgets, routines and expectations. Something interesting happens when simple things are agreed and then the flow of synergy just propels you into your next level. All systems rely on a certain level of order so that the machine will stay oiled and functioning while creativity is flowing. Find a system that will work for you. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, April 28th, appearances can be deceptive so consider the subliminal messaging. That subliminal messaging will have more of an impact on you. Don’t consume any info unless you are really ready to be fully engaged in what is being said. Consider a high chance of mixed messaging. Don’t be fooled and keep with data that can be supported. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, April 29th, taping into higher values will keep you on course. There could be some big news towards how we think collectively. Albeit, some will have to work with the hidden agendas they have accepted, and others will simply smile and move along knowing those that are being confused may start to get it. There is justice in the air, inhale deeply. Moon in Libra.

Monday, April 30th, yesterday’s epiphany’s will get an extra boost today. The larger impact will be evident. Neptune is involved here and tunes us into the higher consciousness and bigger picture. Many illusions should be starting to dissolve. Spend this evening with some time gazing at the moon and celebrate the warmth around you and the settled rejuvenation of spring all around you. If you dare, make some wishes too! Moon in Libra.

Tuesday, May 1st, life seems to be just about to fall into place, but there is just enough interference to make you wonder what is real and what is fiction. If you believe the mystics, and now scientists, it is all in our heads or a holographic experience. So, are they one in the same? Got you confused, well, that is what creation is all about. Shifting from one concept to the next and waiting for reality to just gel into a form. Your choice is what do you create? For me, it is love, peace compassion and a healthy earth. Moon in Scorpio.

Wednesday, May 2nd, there is a Grand Trine in water today. You should be feeling whatever you have been creating. If it doesn’t settle well with you, time to reconsider your intellectual diet. Or lack thereof. There are still those who fight the path of compassion and reason. Living in fear just will wear you out. Hold positive space today. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, May 3rd, Mars has started its journey in Capricorn. There are some strong supporting elements to those who have been shedding a toxic past and walking in a secure and functional future. Remember that for many to exist harmoniously, there has to be some rules of engagement. Otherwise we are back to decay and heartache. Don’t fall into thinking Liberty at all cost when you are setting up for “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” …. Janice Joplin. Moon in Sagittarius.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018



There are two significant shifts this week. The world of romance will start to get more solid. Venus moves out of Amazonian Aries and moves into Taurus for the next month. While not every day is going to be like a warm bubble bath with wine, there will be plenty of those moments. Just in time to give people in love a chance to think of something besides the reality show we call politics.

The other aspect is Mars is gaining momentum to conjunct Pluto. Like other approaches, there is a build up of background that crescendos on the exact conjunction of April 26th. At that point things will start to play out. So, whatever major need you have to work though, know there is a time limit on procrastination. I expect some applause when things start to roll as this is a drama that has needed to be resolved.

Friday, April 20th, this day can be summed up as quirky posturing with nothing definitive. The Gemini moon will take us every which way but to a conclusion. For many people it will be maddening. Especially if you really need information and just not getting it. Self-care is important today as it will be a roller coaster ride. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, April 21st, a better day for understanding as a head wind of transparency will start to flow. Both actions and desires will mesh today, but don’t expect those who are difficult to act right. The game is not lost as it takes other players to participate too. I expect a lot of facts and fictions will be thrown about, but it is time to start gleaning who has integrity and who does not. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, April 22nd, a lot of obsessiveness is being squeezed into our lives. But with Venus working well with how we find healing and finding some nurturing at home, most of us will find a way to rest up and recharge for the next week. Watch the waterworks, as there will be tantrums to cleansing crying sessions to finish out the day. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, April 23rd, good news about what the future will look like, but don’t expect it to feel comfortable. Sometimes just knowing that there is hope, can be enough to keep you focused on the present. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, April 24th, some interesting new things will present themselves for what ever your situation may be. There is a stabilizing aspect as well as calls for solid leadership. Just over all optimism in the form of gallows humor may creep into the most dire situation. Tomorrow will be better, so look forward to a small piece of your puzzle to slide together. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, April 25th, even as Mars is almost exact on Pluto, there is a Grand Trine in Fire creating a quirky situation that will amuse as well as give hope for the future. There is some stability in this revelation, so stay tuned to affairs large and small and take what gifts are presented. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, April 26th, again the effects of fire signs is being heard. Not that it will be soothing, what pride of lions is soothing? But the call for change, honor and integrity are in the forefront. Mars and Pluto are exact today in Sagittarius. This can also be a time of adventure or sharp shifts out of insisting on what is the right thing to do. Honor those who make hard decisions. Moon in Leo until after noon when the Moon will go into Virgo.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018



For those who live in fear and loathing of Mercury Retrograde, this next new moon on April 16th will find the little Hermes going forward again. Adding to this is Mars just out of touch with Saturn and Pluto through the weekend so expect a bit of a respite this weekend. Then Mars will be approaching Pluto (change or die energy) in earnest. That could be a breaking point for those who refuse to make necessary changes. Watch out for fire works during the work week.

Romance will have an extra boost on the 17th. As long as you are staying in touch with your truth, things could be very comfortable for many couples. Also, a good time to clear out old stuff and bring in new or better things to your abode. New beginnings are highlighted for desires of the heart.

Friday, April 13th, well this is one of those rare times where what you need is what you get. Jupiter is not cooperating with grandiose desires, so keep your wish list in sync with what is really important. Frivolousness will probably not be rewarded. Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, April 14th, most of the day expect to deal with difficult communications. Things that relate to psychic trauma will be highlighted. The only thing positive is you will have a chance to consider this a test of your development. Trauma will always be triggered, but our reactions soon turn into action when we realize how much we have healed and how the future looks very different from when you were hurt. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, April 15th, Motivation will be hard to muster today. So why fight it? Instead find something that feeds your soul and take a break from the routine and mundane trails? We have all be under a lot of tension with both the outer world and our inner world being tested. Heart break is not something that can be handled for long periods of time. Take a break and get a fresh start tomorrow when the real rubber hits the road. Moon in Aries early in the evening.

Monday, April 16th, this is a new moon which is a time of turning the tide. Do a quick check in with yourself and see where you are in the larger scheme of things. There are things happening for good reasons, so stay optimistic. Mars will just start to come into conjunction with Pluto, so actions taken for positive motivations will go far.   Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, April 17th, the moon will conjunct Venus today. But Jupiter in retrograde will be in opposition. Many of the conflicts are taking a break today also so you just have to struggle with your own dialogue. Simply, getting what we want has a price, so consider alternatives that share the wealth. The biggest gift of the day is the internal struggle can meet peace with compromise. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, April 18th, Watch out against the forces of stubbornness and self-inflation. Those around you are less tolerant of trouble makers or the inflexible. If you tend to push too hard against others, count to 10 before you get on a roll. Right now, the common good is more in line with the future than being the rugged individualist. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, April 19th, the tide has changed from insistence to obsessions. Your emotional needs are calling for attention right now. If your family seems neglectful, turn to them and see what they have been doing rather than focus on your needs being met. Some potent forces are messing with everyone’s emotions and their personal trigger points. Moon in Taurus.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018



A couple of shifts and events happening this week. The good news is romance will find some stable ground if you are working on what bugs you about another. If you still have unresolved issues at the end of this week, there will be round two of figuring out how to make internal adjustments for continuing. But for this week, keep the communication open about what your goals are and most will probably work out fine.

The other aspect, is a lingering one with the Saturn/Mars/Pluto in Sagittarius aspect developing. The Moon will intersect all of these late on the 6th through the 8th. Here again, where are you on the spectrum of needed attitude adjustment? Could be a crisis day for many who are behaving badly. Helpful aspects are Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in retrograde in Libra are working very well together now. This means that good news for the power of the group. And reflection for those in power. One has to work for the other for success. It is an invitation for improvement as well as a reprimand.

Friday, April 6th, this is a day where as my yogi guru used to say, contemplate your navel, as all comes from desire. While the currents of a fast-paced world are swirling around the individual, there is an obsessive tendency to look at what the future holds and who you are in that game of life. This will be a theme through the week. Take off this evening and find yourself. Get some quiet time where you can just hear your guides and higher self. The tempest is brewing and it is best to get to higher ground right now. Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, April 7th, this is going to be one of the toughest days of the Mercury Retrograde. Actions, stability and emotional security will be tested. The more insecure you are, the worse this weekend will be. On the larger view, it could be a tough day for news. Intuitively, many of us know what needs to happen. This will be more of a call for fixing what needs to happen. Try to keep it local either by how you can make things better with those around you, to contacting your representatives and voicing your concerns. Things are shifting, it is so intense that complacency is not an option. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, April 8th, some of the extremes have dissipated for today. Connect up with what is supportive and nurturing. You will need your energy for next week, so make sure you get some quality time with those you love. Rest, reconnect and grounding with what makes you whole. Moon in Capricorn by evening.

Monday, April 9th, a healthy attitude today will get you to the moon and back today. Your communications are essential for going forward. Give it your best. If you only know half the information, then say so. It is better to just stick with data rather than try to play expert. Things are being sorted right now, make the top cut rather than be a shaky source. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, April 10th, there could be a tendency to depression today. What you are experiencing is conflict with where you feel things are going. Counter this with deciding how you can improve something in your life. Personal empowerment will go much further than waiting for handouts. Could even be hard for your loved ones to help you out today, as they may be experiencing the same thing. Stay present and take care of yourself. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, April 11th, it will seem like some things have come to a standoff. And perhaps they have because we need to use the ability of the group to make good choices. If individuals are confused, then the group is confused. Re familiarize yourself with what civil choices work for the greatest security. Don’t sentimentalize your comparisons but look at the more difficult problems. Yes, each decade is an experiment of endless permutations of similar themes. But the subtilties are there for insights. You can do this! Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, April 12th, another day of the Grand Cross. Could be a roller coaster today. The morning starts out with difficulties, there is a break of luck by the mid day and then it rolls into doubt and obsession for the later afternoon. The strong point is how you are connected to your tribe and loved ones. Here is your strength so if you need to mend something, this is the time to do it. Moon in Aquarius.

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