Saturday, September 26, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 25th there will be a lot of focus on self centered versions of how things need to be. Avoid emotional reactions. There will be lots of trigger points being activated and you need to keep a check on what is said. If you are on the receiving end of weird news or comments, consider certain aspects of the comment as a Freudian slip. It could be very illuminating. As will be the trend for several days, only subjects or decisions  that are sustainable for the future will maintain value. In the world of romance there can be some very interesting coincidences. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, September 26th hopefully you can muster a lighthearted view of the world around you. I want to say that humor will serve you well even though it seems out of place. Either it will defuse a tense situation or bring that mountain of a problem into more manageable perspective. There are times when humanity can laugh at the situation because everyone goes through something similar all the time. Keep perspective on who does what.

Sunday, September 27th For those who manage to keep a balance between work and relaxation, this will be an easy day. Don’t over schedule your life. You need time to reflect and just to hang out and be you. There is time and opportunity to smell the roses, please do so. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, September 28th some people may be experiencing an overactive personal crisis. They are meeting a clash of what they have projected and what is expected. Yes, those who have been telling white lies may have to prove they can do what they say. The big showdown will relate to making right what has to transform. If you can’t, well I feel an “ouchie” coming on. Romance may be still humming along for those who can adjust to erratic schedules. It will be hard to follow through in a timely manner for personal appointments. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, September 29th the world will link up better for those couples that want to find some fun and entertainment. The source of excitement may be more homegrown than expected. On the other front of life, questions about integrity and honesty need to be answered completely. Otherwise you will be exposed as a fake. I find it to be a period of time for a few weeks where false social indignity finds the willful culprits actually discredited. This can be in the news or in your sphere of drama. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, September 30th this can be a day of lucky breaks rolling out for those a planetary aspect in fire signs. The Grand Trine in fire will be bringing luck, intuition and positive change to those who have some energy to access an opportunity. Some people will be hindered by weird circumstances. If that is the case, don’t fret, there will be other opportunities. Sometimes those disturbances in the etheric are simply your fate being held back for the next wave of adventures. Know that you are safe and secure in you present placement. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, October 1st  Venus goes into Leo today but not without a challenge of arrogance. There may be a windfall come your way in that area of life which you have early degree Fire signs, but watch the bragging. Keep the comments to the facts and be sure to include those who helped along the way. No one is an island in this world of give and take. What is significant right now is that continuing opposition to the world of public consciousness verses delusions of what is good for us. As long as Neptune remains opposite to Mars, we can see this schism. You can never call the best option for anyone but yourself. So keep your comments as supportive rather than instructive. That is what keeps space for gifts and opportunity at a level of abundance rather than fighting over pieces of the prize. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie R. Hansen

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 18th  there is a strong focus on making future plans. The will is ready, but the body just does not follow. Then we get to add Mercury going retrograde until October 9th. Since others will be in the same rut, allow for time to develop and connect up with the cosmic consciousness while the pieces get ready to fall together.  The Sun will enter Virgo bringing a deeper need to clean, organize and prep for the coming season. For those who are early risers and star gazers, the eastern morning sky will feature the planets  Venus, Mars, and then just above the horizon, will be Jupiter. It is a brief window just before the sun is visible. This will continue for a while, so if you have a sleepless night, get up early and consider what the dream state has shown. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, September 19th only those acts of destiny will find their way into the constrictions around you. It is the unknown that holds a key, but is clouded by personal emotions over the outcome. Think outside of the box for an alternative view of the situation. There is a fair amount of luck in finding romance today. Demonstrate patience and observe the surround situation before making a decision. There is monkey business from the cosmos. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, September 20th brings some moments to articulate your situation. What you are missing are messages or facts. Unfortunately, while much is trying to work in harmony, decisions may have to be made by choosing a lesser evil. Those are tough times when you want your decisions to reflect your best effort. But guess what, evolving consciousness needs to experience some rough times or hard choices just to allow for certain growth. Reminds me of the Star Wars series where budding Jedi Knight Skywalker had to face failure.  If you can see down the road, which is probably occluded, you will understand the lesson or message. Do your best. Moon enters Sagittarius later today.

Monday, September 21st if you were looking for a day to celebrate, this could be it. There is a Grand Trine in Water connecting up Venus, the Moon and Uranus. The gift will revolve about how you feel about something and emotional cleansing or verification. The hard parts of this day revolve around wanting to set up something secure and the mechanism is just not easily accessible. The other difficulty is Jupiter and Neptune in retrograde and opposition for a while, mean that sorting out the truth will be difficult by concrete sources. But intuition will be there. So impressions will rule today. If you are starting something, watch for other’s reactions because that will set the tone for a while. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, September 22nd. Seeking truth will be the goal over the next couple of days. Big plays to keep the facts out of circulation are at work for a couple of days. Communications can become snarled so be very conscious of what you say and intuit what is going to be perceived. Mercury retrograde is making this day tough, but there is enough luck in the final spin to help bring out the conflict. Retrogrades can be very good for sorting out falsehoods or discovering problems and their solutions. The important connection here is to cycle out the unworkable and facilitate a better future. Legal issues will be uncomfortable with exposure and presentations that go awry.

Wednesday, September 23rd big plays to keep the facts out of circulation have been at work for a couple of days. A fatal error can start to create healing. Not everyone will be happy with the results. Expect various types of crazy and unexpected information to come out. What is happening is some internal confusion is bringing out flaws where internal control is weak. The bottom line is loss of wealth and property. While money is better to exchange instead of blood or flesh, only the gory stuff will satisfy the deluded. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, September 24th there is a strong opposition with Jupiter, Mars and Neptune creating a sense of creating your own imaginary world of power and glory. The only perspective that is supported with positive force is fair judgment and steady steps forward into a better world. You will know these people so be prepared or hide…your choice when to fight. There are no clear winners and losers today. Meaning that there will be a mixed bag or results, but those focused on transforming into something solid for the future without guile will benefit the most. Tomorrow can involve acting out a change without concern for the common good. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 11th , this week will be a bit tough to get the whole truth out of a situation. Guile and manipulation could have the better of some under the spell of love. Wait for commitment because late next week the illusion will be lifted enough for you to know if it is genuine love and adoration or just someone trying to get what they want. The defining moment will be if you are interested in something long standing or just for the moment. Lots of other areas in life are hard to discern what is propaganda and what is just a shady deal. Keep alert for the rest of the summer. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, September 12th this could be an especially difficult day to sort out what is going on. There is a major struggle revolving around leadership and posturing for attention. Look to Leos with integrity for some illumination of the path that leads to the most benefit will be possible to see. If it relates to old methods, that’s not the way. Connect up with something that is progressive and sustainable. Yes, we are creating as we go.

Sunday, September 13th Many will be on overload from events both at home and abroad. Be cautious of falling into bad habits over the weekend. Not only will it solve nothing, but will disorient you for future decisions. This would be a great day to take some time in meditation on things that are worthwhile. Set out a beacon of gratitude and peace. Hold that space whenever you can during your day also. The Sun will go into an eclipse initiating a period until the 28th where new developments and changes will be long term. Chose carefully as you want what is for the highest good. The Moon moves into Virgo by mid day.

Monday, September 14th there could be a strong fixation on what you want and how to get it. The times are trending to step away from unnecessary materialism and focusing on what is of true value. If you feed your soul with love and great times with friends and family, you will be richer. Do be aware of those who have a focused goal on values set in materialism. They may be a bit more frantic than usual. Step away from the vibe and seek calmer waters. Consider feeding your mental health instead. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, September 15th did you get a crazy text or call from your sweetie? Listen carefully to what is between the lines. Is it directed at you specifically or just a rant? Find common ground, if there is any, and consider your next move in that relationship. You may be pressed to let go of something from the past so that you can live more fully in the present. Moon goes into Libra in the evening.

Wednesday, September 16th yesterday and today set a trend of finding difficulty with making dreams and desires secure. Don’t fight the inertia. Find something else to prep or simply go inward for personal strength and guidance until the time is right. If you have to sign a contract, be sure you have done all your homework. It may turn out the signing never happens and you will revisit the situation in a couple of weeks. If the actions and gifts come your way, be receptive, but cautious. Don’t drain yourself when a situation has become stagnant or at a halt. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, September 17th relationships just got pumped up a notch with complexity. There will be the good, the bad and the ugly. What is important today is a glimmer of clarity into a situation. There are still many manipulations going on but you can find justice and balance making an emergence. Manipulation is not always a bad thing. Sometimes there is a need to sort out ghosts of the past and people are just working on taking that time out. Hold on to the truths and let go of the toxic. If the news is healing, then you know you are on the right track. Just a note in cosmic changes, Mars has moved into Leo and is not going to behave well for a while. That means that the lesser qualities of that regal archetype will be forceful, demanding, gaming the system and doing whatever needs to be done to gain favor.  Moon in Libra.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen