Thursday, May 31, 2018



This week Mercury will be aspecting the Sun in Taurus. Those of you waiting for great news pay attention on June 2nd ,3rd and 4th as the Moon and Mars in Capricorn trine the Sun and Mercury. Job offers, money matters and contracts are all favored at this time. So, make sure you are at your best during these days so you can capture the golden ring on this pass by. Unfortunately, it may not be long lived, but then these days compiling many short-term things together is just as advantageous as one long term situation. Depending on if you are purchasing or waiting on the winds of fate, the 6th will be clearer as to what is actually negotiated.

For romance, the 6th could be significant for those who are coming to a higher understanding of their relationship. The Moon /Neptune in Aquarius will be Grand Trine to Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. It wouldn’t surprise me if some summer proposals were offered at this time. Otherwise other things that relate to what you want, i.e. items to buy may be on sale, or finishing up an art project gets recognition. Anyway you go, it could be a time to remember even with the other madness around us.

Just so that not everything is smooth going, Mars in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer will be in opposition for the rest of the month. This will give an impermanent to whatever you may be trying to do. Right now, the real message is just enjoying this time. Scale back personal demands and goals so that there is more time to be in the here and now. Anything else will have difficulty maintaining enough energy to come to completion. Mostly because of what is happening on the bigger field of vision. It is cold and hard, but so is the give and take right now. Not a good time for negotiating.

Friday, June 1st, lots of hot wind blowing about. Mental games are being played like a game of Ono. Not a lot of thought involved, but banter none the less. Don’t get to excited until you know there is fact and product behind those games. Sometimes people are bored with what they are doing and like to make their job a bit more interesting. In that case, play along. But when contracts come up, wait until Monday before you sign and after you have seen the goods. Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, June 2nd, that deal just wants to get sealed, but you know what? The uncertainty of a T Square pointing towards Uranus in Aries keeps putting ego, contingencies and uncertainties into the mix. While it seems like a too good to be true deal, and it might be, you need to insist on a clause to back out should there be shenanigans about. Let it muddle over the weekend to see what it looks like at that time, then decide on Monday. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, June 3rd, practice your ability to be “present” today. Important communications relating to money, property and contracts are well aspected. Some of the unknowns are now illuminated, but still more to come. Few things will be good for the long term, so if that is your goal, like buying a forever home, some compromises to what you need will be required. Moon in Capricorn.

Monday, June 4th, after all the negotiating over the weekend, your goal may not meet the acceptability test. How can you fix that? Time to consider what is culturally or socially acceptable before you go further. There is probably a cure but incorporate that in your expense calculation. An example is you want to buy that car, but know that the audio system will need to be replaced as well as tires etc.  Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, June 5th, stresses on wealth and stability are unforgiving. How much is perceived and how much is actual. Good time to find alternative resources for purchases. Check your budget carefully and take out here, so you can add there. Ideas are everywhere, and an exciting time should you be at your best. Make sure any adjustments meet with the law both written and unwritten. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, June 6th, the signal for stability and getting what you have dreamed of is clearly on the positive track. Still there may be a bitter sweet part of it all. But then when is something perfect? Here is a time when gambling on your skills and luck could pay off. A good time for romance and maybe even a proposal! Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, June 7th, many people will be mulling over the latest news, which could mean absentmindedness. Maybe it is another assault on our rights or ideals, it is hard to tell. With the Moon aspecting Chiron, the wounded healer, we find a way to understand the situation and adjust. Please take this as an opportunity to find your center and nurture yourself instead of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Life is too short for adding to the misery. Moon in Pisces.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018



This is the last week that Uranus, that crazy maker in the sky, will be in a T Square. So, internet problems could settle down for you, but after that there will still be a square with Mars, so go easy on what you say online.

From May 27th to June 5th Venus will be in a very good Grand Trine in Air which can be particularly inspirational. Time to crystalize a dream or do some art work. Creativity will be flowing as the ideas have a hard time slowing down. Keep a sketch book or note pad around so you can document any flashes of insights where ever they may occur. Then you can make better use of those notes at a later date. It will be like a download. Artists need to see if you can focus on your craft at that time! So what if the chores are not done, it is not often that this kind of opportunity happen like this.

As for things getting done otherwise, Mars will be in opposition to the North Node for this week, and after that it will slow down before going retrograde in late June. That will be a time when getting done with things will be hard. Although, the overall influence for those who are creative will give you more focus on a project for longer than you thought. So, consider this a week to get the bulk of something done then accessorize it! Refinements could be really fun too.

Friday, May 25th, there is more to slow you down than let you finish. Consider it a challenge of knowing when to press forward or just take a break and recharge your energy. Yes, somethings have to get done, but your health and personal energy need a boost too. Treat yourself well today. You could be fighting the impossible which is always a lost cause. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, May 26th, chatter about where we need to go is on overdrive. Turn some of that energy into learning about something new. While it is hard to actually do things, getting information about something is flowing just fine. We have gotten so charged about learning on the fly that it is time to learn first and then do the work. Good day for research. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, May 27th, this is that time the Grand Trine in Air is in full form. Artists, take yesterday’s lessons and put them to use. If you aren’t there yet, gather up supplies and work on sketches for variables. With responsibilities pressuring you, it is important to prioritize. The world is waiting for something amazing, we need it right now. Try being that beacon of inspiration amidst the anxiety. Moon in Libra.

Monday, May 28th, could be best to think about your personal brand. Who do people see when you come into a room? Time for a update on your personal style? Make sure it is easy to maintain and practical but lush. Consider the head to toe work over in the next day or two. And pull it together. Summer is definitely here so make it fun but yet smart. Yes guys, this means you too! Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, May 29th, with today’s full moon, bring your new look and game into the spotlight. Be sensitive to adjustments as criticisms can be small but seem harsh. Consider how much is right and then adjust the rest. There are other things to cause difficulty, so if you are light handed with those things and focus on where you have a lot of control, this time will be more effective. Moon in Scorpio.

Wednesday, May 30th, lots of things are going right today. You feel better with the refinements. Any setbacks are temporary. So, have some fun with what you are doing, and be serious when you need to. We can’t keep up this pressure without some relief. Check in with your mental health if you are not seeing things in a brighter perspective. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, May 31st, where did the month go? Is it right that things are moving faster and faster? There are some very lucky but unusual situations that help you solidify where you are right now. Don’t worry to much about the future as it is still falling into place. Why not try the esoteric perspective of gratitude and inner peace to be just one lighter soul that is cosmically voting for things to turn out for the best? Time to avoid the fear and focus on the cagey. Moon in Sagittarius.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018



This week has a circus of complications and opportunities. Watch for opportunities at the start of the work day and then again in the late afternoon. What happens in between is anyone’s guess. Those know how take information and synergize it into something new and revealing will do best this week. It will be a huge task, but it can be done by some. Opposites are forced points of focus. There is a way to work with both of those energies at the right time. Such as bringing understanding out of data. Balancing emotions, from strictness to knowing when to allow things to just happen. Rash actions find their way to justice. To mention a few.

The Sun is well into Taurus now. Bringing a month of enjoying the delights of life as well as forging ahead and creating what you want in life. All the study and preparation of the darker part of the year are now ready to be tested and explored. Be sure to take time to be grateful and enjoy milestones along the way.

With a few short-lived exceptions, the energy of Mars in Capricorn is flowing well. Good time to take what you have or what you do and make money out of it. Maybe even ask for a raise. But know that you will be asked to take on more tasks for any extra income. The stamina to do the work should be there for those in earth signs.

Friday, May 18th, there is a Grand Trine in Air today. It includes emotionally perceiving all the aspects of a situation, checking in with the collective consciousness of our neighbors and knowing there are opportunities to settle arguments. Keep calm and focused on the facts. Things will work out. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, May 19th, keep that observational attitude to things that come up in the day. Also, be aware that there are some new things that may come up and upset your process. Your problem-solving skills will be seriously tested today. But you can do it! Moon in Cancer by mid-day. 

Sunday, May 20th, it will be a hard day to get anything to come together. So instead of stressing on having all the details exactly as you outlined, step back and breath. What you want for the future will just not have the cohesive focus to accomplish what you want. This is a lesson of doing things by committee require everyone to be functioning well. Which is unlikely. What does work is considering what is happening around those who are having the most problems. You may not be able to help them, but you can emphasize. Also, a lucky time to catch up with your love interest and bond for the day. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, May 21st, the subtle world is on overtime. Bigger plans are in the works to fix big problems. There is a bit of a lull in the noise, but tensions can still be high. With so much going on, it is hard to feel calm when there is silence. Like a toddler that has not been heard from while you were folding laundry. They could be napping or being very naughty. Moon goes out of Cancer into Leo by midafternoon.

Tuesday, May 22nd, you will start to understand what opposites need to be harmonized. Issues will be flying everywhere. Pay attention what part of your life is being affected and give it your full attention. The next few days will require your full attention and there will be rewards for those who don’t give into fear. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, May 23rd, pay attention to what is really being said. It will give you clues as to where your next level up will take you. Change is in the air, and you will probably need to adjust in some fashion. For those who are always working on themselves, this will be rewarded with power and passion to achieve something that has held you back before. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, May 24th, communications keep flowing today and now you have a chance to get in alignment with a greater good. Still will be challenges, but work with what is flowing and then go back and deal with the other agendas when you have more time and energy. Prioritizing will get you successfully through the day. Romance will be scattered and watch your flirting. It can cause you trouble if you are already involved. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, May 10, 2018



This week the headlines will probably continue the crazy making, but this time the subject could be how you invest your money. Mars is well into Capricorn, and that can bring out the worst in people and how we pay for things. Watch all property and your temper as things can get possessive and dirty.

On top of that, Mercury goes into Aries and the posturing and anger management skills will be volatile. This week brings the worst of it (there is a square with Mars). While the next week could bring the voice of reason, pace yourself now before things get real next week. A lot of this is in the public arena as Neptune is in Aquarius is tied favorably with movers and shakers of the conscious community kind. Perhaps an attack on journalism? it is really out there doing its job, just turn off what is opinion or propaganda.  The basic news is still out there. Big changes are in the works and most of it will flow with public opinion. Also you can not rule out cyber attack with communication and the god of war at odds! Are we having fun yet?

Later in the week around the 15th Venus will go into Gemini. While this can be adventuresome and interesting, it could also be sensory overload for those who don’t do well with the rapid fire of ideas that Venus in Gemini can produce. Otherwise known as flirtatious and relieving stress with sexual distractions. Know it is a phase if it afflicts you, and maybe if your Venus is in air signs or other significant planet, then maybe some indoor recreation pertaining to reading or discovering a new study. Channel that energy productively. Take advantage of this aspect for the next month.

The Sun/Jupiter opposition will continue this week, so big changes are going on underneath the surface. Watch for conflicts of what someone is doing and what they are wanting to do. They may have trouble working in tandem. With the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, energy balancing is imperative right now. One day you could run a marathon, the next day hardly pull out of bed. By the 15th the Sun will shift into Taurus bringing a different feel to how we project ourselves.

Friday, May 11th, for the next couple of days the slow wheels of transformation will be coming to a head. With a triad connecting the Sun/Pluto and now Neptune in Aquarius, I suspect that what the future looks like is being formed. If you don’t like it, say something, politely of course. Hope for the best. Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, May 12th, there is an exact square on Mars in Capricorn and Uranus/Mercury in Aries. This could be rather brutal and violent a day. Watch your verbal manners and avoid less volatile situations. Like pick up a book or something for the warmer days of summer. Clubs and big parties can go out of control really fast this evening. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, May 13th, another day to keep a low and safe profile. The Moon shifts into that conjunction of Uranus/Mercury in Aries while it is squared to Mars. There are indications that any protests that are planned for a few days can go hostile fast. There are some soothing qualities to this time, but they revolve around what are now hot topics of who is doing the right thing. If you can look at your better life experiences, you will know if it feels right or not. If you don’t plan on such an event, you are probably best keeping the day quietly at home with friendly faces. Moon in Aries.

Monday, May 14th, the Sun goes into Taurus today and sets off some stable energy to the volatile weekend. Maybe it is because you have to get back to the realities of life, or maybe you just feel like needs were vented so your needs have been aired. The Moon will be conjuncting the Sun today, so expect emotions to find some stability in this mix also. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, May 15th, emotions can be a bit unreliable if you are feeling stuck or immovable. No one likes feeling stagnant or constrained. Focusing on either is not going to benefit you. So, chose what you know is stable, and pivot off of that. Remember that information or news is inflammatory right now, check sources and ask yourself is this opinion or a data point? There are some that are making efforts to good journalism. Propaganda is out there, turn it off. Know what is flapping loose lips wanting attention and what is real world actions. Moon in Taurus.

Wednesday, May 16th, internally life events are starting to pull together. Take this time to check the pulse of your life and make sure you connect with loved ones. They may be in crisis and need some perspective. Especially older stable family members need to check in on those who are overwhelmed. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, May 17th, the day starts out with the Moon and Venus conjuncting in Gemini. There could be a tendency to flirting and straying from the relationships you have been cultivating. There is such a back lash that will occur should you transfer your stresses to something unsanctioned. Hurt feelings will not heal. And the words will fly like bullets. Moon in Gemini.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018



To start out with, this week has some drama for those romantic relationships that are based on lofty ideals or trophy relationships. There can be some strong reality checks in the works for the week. Relationships that are based on working together for a better future, even if the romance is no longer flourishing, should do just fine.

Most of Friday and Saturday will have some pronounced conflicts to stability. This is more on the big picture issues and personas. Both unusual circumstances and blistering news will announce the situation. After the weekend, more drama through the week will occur with the crucial event of the moment. We all will experience something a bit different. With Mercury still in Pisces, the words or information could cause some real trauma. What is triggering this set of events is the Moon will traverse Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. In some ways, it could just be battles of philosophy in other ways it could be a duel to the death like used to be done in the days of offending honor. Remember men of honor? I hope you are cozily tucked into your weekend routine watching the events as they transpire rather than navigating it all.

Mars becomes very effective in Capricorn on Friday. It will still have a few more days aspecting with Pluto, but the Moon will bring in some moments to remember over the weekend. The next month, your efforts should have some attention on balancing your financial life and your possessions. Do things that clear up titles, wills or anything that is long term concerned with what you have. The wheels of progress will move smoother for you now and the later results will be fortuitous.

Mercury will be starting its journey in Aries for the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if people are speaking their mind, and maybe even picking a fight. Those with the most to lose will be taking a stand, most likely on their own. This is when the strength of your foundation means everything.

Friday, May 4th, there are very mixed winds today. While the Pluto/Saturn/Mars cluster is being opened up to emotional and rebellious Moon in Sagittarius, there is a presence standing clear of the assaults. In an unnerving way, the ghosts in the machine will start to creep out and communicate the hidden agendas. All energy is pointed to the future, and how we navigate the daily issues. Take care of our home camp and don’t pick sides in bigger arguments. There is much still to be revealed. Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, May 5th, big struggles hit the mainstream. Each area of the country has a weak point of trigger issue. The good and bad of the situation is all the information has to come out for clarity. It will all hurt until you grapple with your emotions and start to do the adult thing and deal with the situation. The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition for the next week. That is a sign of royal power struggles. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, May 6th, If I was going to title this day, it would be “the Good, Bad and the Ugly”. Enough dust has settled that some difficult information has had a chance to be debated. Use this day to get a bit of clarity on what is happening and connect up with others of different mind sets to see how collective vision is changing. Personally, I will be filing my various papers and looking at a complicated plan for the future. Or I will be communing with the earth and moving patios stones. Moon in Capricorn.

Monday, May 7th, spend this day fulfilling your responsibilities. There is a lot happening around us in the bigger world, but right now, all that will be productive if it is what you have committed to. Tonight, will be good for connecting with romance or making up after a fallout over the weekend, should you be at fault and needing a second chance. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, May 8th, most of this day will be spent doing what you are committed to. It is important to follow through because others may rely on you fulfilling your word. It shows so much in a time when many seem to care less about obligations or honor, and you stand out by doing the right thing. Take the high road if you are tested. Moon goes into Aquarius my mid-day.

Wednesday, May 9th, don’t expect any favors today. Any deals that have already collapsed will be in for a very rough time. The key today is don’t volunteer or commit to anything unless you are absolutely sure you can complete it. Which would be impossible to predict at this time because so much is unsettled. Just stay clear of questionable activities and broken promises. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, May 10th, the Moon traverses Neptune in Aquarius today. Any personal changes that you have successfully navigated will meet approval. It will be all out in the open today. So hopefully you will be rejoicing! There are lots of great aspects connecting up for a few hours at a time during the day. Stay at your best. Moon in Aquarius until late evening when it goes into Pisces.

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