Thursday, May 3, 2018



To start out with, this week has some drama for those romantic relationships that are based on lofty ideals or trophy relationships. There can be some strong reality checks in the works for the week. Relationships that are based on working together for a better future, even if the romance is no longer flourishing, should do just fine.

Most of Friday and Saturday will have some pronounced conflicts to stability. This is more on the big picture issues and personas. Both unusual circumstances and blistering news will announce the situation. After the weekend, more drama through the week will occur with the crucial event of the moment. We all will experience something a bit different. With Mercury still in Pisces, the words or information could cause some real trauma. What is triggering this set of events is the Moon will traverse Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. In some ways, it could just be battles of philosophy in other ways it could be a duel to the death like used to be done in the days of offending honor. Remember men of honor? I hope you are cozily tucked into your weekend routine watching the events as they transpire rather than navigating it all.

Mars becomes very effective in Capricorn on Friday. It will still have a few more days aspecting with Pluto, but the Moon will bring in some moments to remember over the weekend. The next month, your efforts should have some attention on balancing your financial life and your possessions. Do things that clear up titles, wills or anything that is long term concerned with what you have. The wheels of progress will move smoother for you now and the later results will be fortuitous.

Mercury will be starting its journey in Aries for the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if people are speaking their mind, and maybe even picking a fight. Those with the most to lose will be taking a stand, most likely on their own. This is when the strength of your foundation means everything.

Friday, May 4th, there are very mixed winds today. While the Pluto/Saturn/Mars cluster is being opened up to emotional and rebellious Moon in Sagittarius, there is a presence standing clear of the assaults. In an unnerving way, the ghosts in the machine will start to creep out and communicate the hidden agendas. All energy is pointed to the future, and how we navigate the daily issues. Take care of our home camp and don’t pick sides in bigger arguments. There is much still to be revealed. Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, May 5th, big struggles hit the mainstream. Each area of the country has a weak point of trigger issue. The good and bad of the situation is all the information has to come out for clarity. It will all hurt until you grapple with your emotions and start to do the adult thing and deal with the situation. The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition for the next week. That is a sign of royal power struggles. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, May 6th, If I was going to title this day, it would be “the Good, Bad and the Ugly”. Enough dust has settled that some difficult information has had a chance to be debated. Use this day to get a bit of clarity on what is happening and connect up with others of different mind sets to see how collective vision is changing. Personally, I will be filing my various papers and looking at a complicated plan for the future. Or I will be communing with the earth and moving patios stones. Moon in Capricorn.

Monday, May 7th, spend this day fulfilling your responsibilities. There is a lot happening around us in the bigger world, but right now, all that will be productive if it is what you have committed to. Tonight, will be good for connecting with romance or making up after a fallout over the weekend, should you be at fault and needing a second chance. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, May 8th, most of this day will be spent doing what you are committed to. It is important to follow through because others may rely on you fulfilling your word. It shows so much in a time when many seem to care less about obligations or honor, and you stand out by doing the right thing. Take the high road if you are tested. Moon goes into Aquarius my mid-day.

Wednesday, May 9th, don’t expect any favors today. Any deals that have already collapsed will be in for a very rough time. The key today is don’t volunteer or commit to anything unless you are absolutely sure you can complete it. Which would be impossible to predict at this time because so much is unsettled. Just stay clear of questionable activities and broken promises. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, May 10th, the Moon traverses Neptune in Aquarius today. Any personal changes that you have successfully navigated will meet approval. It will be all out in the open today. So hopefully you will be rejoicing! There are lots of great aspects connecting up for a few hours at a time during the day. Stay at your best. Moon in Aquarius until late evening when it goes into Pisces.

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