Thursday, December 28, 2017



Mars and Jupiter in Libra will be accentuating big bold moves in things that relate to the way we operate together. Some of that will be good and some will test our patience. Through January 17th, this action and abundance mode will be in full swing. Just remember that when it gets to mid-January, a new period of purging the old and embracing the new will begin, and that might not be so polite as the first part of the month. Build some good will while you can. This gradual conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Libra will culminate on midday January 1st through most of January 2nd. I would like to propose rather than staying up late to usher in the new year, to have open houses on the 1st by connecting with the people in your life that are important. The tone we set for the first day of the year, which is also timed with a full moon, can be earth shaking… in a good way! If that is not possible, then spending the day in gratitude and some austerity would be a wonderful counter to the excesses that have ended the year. Set the tone of sustainability.

Also, a short note on January being a double full moon event. The first day and mostly the last day of January will have a full moon. The one at the end of the month will also be a super moon and eclipse. Eclipses can be turning points in who you were and who you are becoming. Take the hints and opportunity to use the first full moon, January 1st, and create a wave of good deeds and gifts for the month and hopefully the rest of the year. Attitude and gratitude are everything right now.

Friday, December 29th, Risky behavior will case a backlash. Better to consider how actions will affect your health and how others look at you. In general, the news will say something inspiring and momentous, but we feel like we are going backwards and we are. Ask yourself if this is a history lesson being repeated and act accordingly. What is the best strategy on this edgy day is to make plans for the future that include your goals without the bad attitude. You are setting a tone, or shift in consciousness which can help tip the tide of depressive free fall. Those with heavy Aries influences, be very careful with your tendency for showing off or shock and awe. That behavior will really upset those you love. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, December 30th, present your best social face around noon, you know, smile and act polite. If practiced enough, then the pattern will be set as well as some of the bonuses of optimism. Others are watching and will judge you the rest of the day by your behavior. Give them a good impression! There are few difficulties today as people do their daily activities. But there is a heightened sense of anticipation as the new year and full moon approach. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, December 31st news is likely to act as daggers to the heart. Be careful with what you say and what you think as they can bring some unintended consequences. Watch your health also. If you need to make some life style changes, begin with them today. The next couple of days will be setting a tone for your next year, make it count. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, January 1st, Happy New Year to you all. We need to see something other than contentious and debilitating agendas. While it won’t last, do get used to the groove of feeling centered, grateful and content with what you have. With the full moon in Gemini we will be all over the place with our desires. Focus those thoughts and avoid monkey mind of losses or disappointments. An after effect of a world of wanting more, we could learn to appreciate just what we have and how much that really is. This is a great day to call upon those you care about and have an open house where you wish each other something special and just be happy. Lots of magic can occur if we set the new year in the right tone. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, January 2nd, we have one last day of testing our new perspective of good will towards man. Balancing out your thoughts with higher philosophical platitudes will go a long way. Make the best of the near conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Sagittarius with higher ideals and understanding. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, January 3rd, your need for crutches and indulgences will be strong. You have probably taken some steps to improve your lot in life. This could be a test for those without the full resolve to be successful. Be strong, and you can go with the flow you desire. You just need to show the powers that be you are engaged and mean what you say. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, January 4th, fortuitous news comes our way as a Grand Trine connects with lucky synchronicities and where we need to go in the future. Be on your best behavior, like you have been for a few days and lots of great things can come your way. These really could be very good things, and maybe more in the genre of offers from others, as your personal efforts have lots of blocks. Look at it as the universe letting you know you are on the right track. Moon in Cancer.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 21, 2017



My question of the day was what is the effect of this tax bill? Saturn is in sidereal early degree Sagittarius which is also part of the scorpions’ tail. There are twin stars that relate to “attacks that you recover” and now “attacks that weaken”. My question is, who is weakened?

I took a quick glimpse into the future today to find when Saturn will be in sidereal Capricorn. That date is in February 2020 and as it negatively aspects Uranus we could be in quite an upheaval. Also, Mars in sharp and decisive Scorpio challenges Neptune in Aquarius relating to difficult public opinion. Neptune is direct then which lends to transparency or revelations that are undeniable. These challenges mimic the initial birth pains of the bill in 2017.

In-between now and then, when Saturn moves into mid decans of Sagittarius, perspectives will shift to optimism, but then what else can we do besides make the best of it?  A huge question about what we will learn from this is can you trust the elites to really be wise enough to establish a system that benefits all. Are they now beyond greed and ego? Will pressure among the elite peers curtail the degenerates? My intuition says Congress will placate donors, create a problem with the bill, then go into savior mode to fix it. All hoping we don’t remember they are the ones who created the dysfunction. It is all an amoral gambit to them.

So, after that cheerful prospect, what is the general horary or imprint of the present? Creating a tax bill during a Mercury Retrograde can be hazardous. Both failure and unintended consequences will pervade. Perhaps they know that, perhaps they are so goal driven it is immaterial. All I want to buy right now would be something short term like a movie ticket, I hear the new Star Wars is great!

This week will be a tight conjunction with the Sun, Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius on the Scorpion’s tail. By the end of the week, the Sun will start to pull away from attacks that weaken setting the stage for a more optimistic period just at New Years the week after. The intensity will be unforgiving. With Uranus aspects maybe this is a week ethical questions about the internet. Can we learn how our technology has to be managed in a way that empowers us, rather than as overloads.

Mercury goes direct on December 24th and will be retracing footsteps in Scorpio as it moves towards the Stellum of Sun, Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius. This means old issues will come back into focus. Also expect uncomfortable situations as the Draconian point (North Node relating to the future) the Stellum of Saturn/Sun/Venus Stellum as well as squares to Jupiter blowing up into controversy. So, anything gained over the last few weeks will be challenged or simply have flaws exposed.

Friday, December 22nd starts out with a stagnant Mercury trying to get out of reverse and a T Square creating real pessimism about the future. Luck is going to be hard to find. What is favored is stepping away from immersion of the social drama. Get what info you need, but know that two arenas are playing out at the same time. One in the system of things, the other is the loves and joys that heal the heart. Remember the best things in life are free. And money cannot buy love. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, December 23rd, look at what touches your heart today. Instead of dwelling on past injuries, consider our common threads that bind us. There is a reprieve to the general tension as people start to gear up for a feast, fun and moments of solemnity for the shift of the sun. I for one have felt like the encroaching darkness is having its toll. Each culture has a story to demonstrate this shift out of darkness which brings more light or the light or the hero. I for one rouse later during the longer nights as dream work busies me longer than what I can do in the daylight. Release the stress of pushing yourself to work out of natural order and start enjoying this potentially uplifting time. I know we are going in the wrong direction with squares to the Stellum and the North node. So, it is better to ask why are we stuck here? Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, December 24th, the day starts out with news of changes for all the wrong reasons. Somehow, it is simply put aside and living takes over. Otherwise, some significant lashing out will occur. If you have that “weird uncle” which you have to engage over the weekend remember inebriants will loosen tongues creating a war of words. There is a fair chance they will make their mark. Isolate from those who don’t get it. Ultimately that is an age old method of social sanctions. Otherwise there is a good chance people will be in the spirit of the time wanting to be happy.  Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, December 25th, keep focused on your actions representing how you feel. Others will notice if you are acting out or getting along. Avoid co dependent situations as they accomplish nothing. If necessary, maintain your mental health and enjoy the comradery of like minded souls and loved ones. Emotions will be seething off the radar, so approach known mal contents with caution. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, December 26th, everything just got really weird. Chaos is stabbing at the heart of what we hold dear. Chose your company carefully. While it is not good to be around clones of yourself, constructive discussion can be painful but beneficial. Not everyone will be up to saying what they mean. See through that and call them out. Rough emotional seas for a couple of days with the Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, December 27th, this day brings an uneasy truce between what is easy and where you should go. The future demands some tough choices. Honor the truth today. No need to lament letting go, just do what needs to be done so the next door will open. Consider a real live situation where you have two doors. One represents necessary change and one represents what you want for your future. As you open the door to the future, the wind picks up and closes the door to the necessary change. No healthy remedy will keep both open. Honor it. Moon in Aries by late day.

Thursday, December 28th, a new day dawns and things are clearer today. Things have been set, for better or worse and time to carve out some personal space. The Sun has moved away from the tail of the scorpion and that just leaves Venus (our desires) and Saturn (foundations and life lessons) still it assault. A really good time to take the broad view of your situation and how you fit in the bigger picture too. Doing things to create wellbeing and open mindedness are imperative today. Some things will become very clear. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, December 14, 2017



With Venus aspecting the Sun this week, expect to meet someone special or something really cool to happen. Wishes can be made and a fair chance that Santa will deliver. With positive influences with the Draconian point of the future and Uranus still hovering in Aries, something new and significant will happen in record time. Yes, and that is among the random craziness happening around us!

The Sun also shifts into Sagittarius bringing some much-needed good cheer and time to reflect on what is best. Think carefully as any changes are going to be grounded for a while as the Sun also starts to co-join with Saturn. There are a lot of surprise shifts involved this week. Be on your best behavior and make sure you think about anything interesting that comes your way. It may be a chance in a lifetime.

The only hindrances this week will be as the Moon traverses the Stellum (Saturn/Sun/Venus/Mercury) your hidden agendas or fears may play havoc with your choices. I am not sure how to explain this, but there are two situations running simultaneously. Even being in public will bring out some major anxiety if you don’t use good sense to override the fears. I am not proposing recklessness, but gather your tribe and enjoy the adventures. There is safety in numbers.

Friday, December 15th, do a check in with your mental health today. Getting a balance on it now will help you access the bonanza of events that will happen this weekend and early next week. Good vibes around you can be felt but that will shift when another struggle occurs. Just make sure you are not struggling with yourself also! We are in exciting and challenging times. Keep the momentum of wisdom gained from past and refuse to repeat the mistakes. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, December 16th, this is a day to trust the process because you will feel like it just failed… but it really did not. This is a period of knowing there are excellent reasons for laws and structure to be in place, because when emotions get out of sync, they are not wise. This will be in the bigger world and in your own household. Tomorrow the fortunes of all will make more sense. Know when to allow and when to make things change. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, December 17th, confusing news and events mix with fun in your personal life. Give more attention to joys and just stay informed on the bigger picture. A lot will balance out over the next few days. The future just took a sour turn, but that will pass by late January. There are so many scenarios playing out right now, keep your private circle happy and grateful. Moon in Sagittarius by evening.

Monday, December 18th. This is a new moon, and an excellent time to do some pre-New Years housecleaning or emotional clearing. This evening will present some golden moments to let go of what seems to be stubbornly haunting you. I am not sure how to explain this, but there are two situations running simultaneously. One is our citizenship and levels of fear are challenged while strange and miraculous new discoveries are being unearthed. If you can contain the fear mongering, and look clearly at what is under that rock in your life, you may just beat the cosmic challenge and grasp that special something for your life. It is like night and day with the Sun and Saturn in the tail of the Scorpion. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, December 19th, as the dust settles from yesterday, there is an excellent opportunity to sort out things in a new light. I know most people reading this will do fine, but they probably know others who will not be. The pressure is significant to change your perspective. If you are in the right flow for you, you will be fine. Just think of all those that ignore abusive behavior because they somehow think the solution is tainted? Our choices in life rarely are clear. But what you chose is more significant to demonstrate who you are. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, December 20th, for better or worse, short term solutions will be the status quo for how people generally think. Luck will seem to have gone on vacation for a while. Keep up the struggle, as it is necessary for about a month. There is some positive movement today, but it needs lots of help to thrive. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, December 21st, today is like sword play. Cutting at precision points but yet not enough damage to call a winner. Lots of fixation on the goal but your personal efforts are just struggling to bring relief. At the end of the day, count your scores and wounds and decide what your next move will be. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, December 7, 2017



The general trend this week is Mercury in its retrograde motion will be moving out of Sagittarius and back into Scorpio and intersecting the Sun again. So the mood shift of honor and philosophy will revert back to letting go or sinking. What this says is a big issue that needed to be transformed back in mid October (around the 16th) will need more attention and conversation. Such as the Russian Trolls, death of special forces soldier, Muller, Weinstein and other important issues.  At that time Jupiter was also aspecting events in a different situation. Which is Jupiter and Mars in Libra. Justice is highly suggested or major deals and contracts. This will have a harsh aspect because Mars in Libra will be weakened and Jupiter is all about making things bigger than usual. Yes, contradictions of who is responsible will be very evident. December the 13th should be a pivotal day.

Through the week, and more challenges to ideals vs what is comfortable. At some point ideals need to adjust to where they are comfortable, not just a clash of ideology. Perhaps a chance for compromise. The news will be full of opinions, be sure to sort what is fact and what is an opinion.

Friday, December 8th, has a fortuitous Grand Trine with a focus on what the future will look like and how stable we will be. Lots of difficult aspects around it, so my best opinion is when it comes to things at home, or balancing out life, we have more power today to settle disagreements. In the bigger world, there is a great deal of discomfort which will work its way into our lives throughout the week. Lesson here is don’t overload on news, take time for your life, and make every minute count. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, December 9th, there is an uneasy balance between what we can do and what is going to happen. There is no guarantee positive change will occur. So, being a holistic thinker, meditation on correct human relations can be the result of the price being paid. In everyday life, this makes you stick to your word and show that truthfulness, as best as you can muster, is how you will interact. The outer world and the inner world will be very stressful. Take time to defuse. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, December 10th, don’t believe everything you hear, which is normally good advice but especially today. What is being said is trying to hit your trigger points. When you are re-acting you fall into a predictable pattern. Count to 10 before you react to a statement. You want to piece together what is happening rather than rely on an interpretation for you. Consider the last time you tried to read an insurance disclosure about what is covered. It may on the surface sound like you will be covered, but that legal ease really means you will not be covered. Moon in in Virgo by mid day.

Monday, December 11th, slowly but surely old issues will come back into the conversation. Unresolved contests of will, creates a pugilistic environment. We have been here before, it is an opportunity to think and respond in a better way. Still lots of resistance to where things are going. Pay attention to your own life because those areas can be addressed. Things in the bigger world are still out of your hands. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, December 12th, perhaps more of us are becoming spiritual warriors, but today savor the sweetness of knowing what we are hearing is important, but get the details. No more short sound bites. Get the full story. Our strength is in being able to hold reason as our guardian rather than hiding from how things are shifting. And there is still an uncertain outcome, thanks to Mercury being retrograde! Things that are not fully formed can collapse in a retrograde. Just make sure you are not acting out of old illusions which are being brought back into view. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, December 13th, among our greatest discomfort, the greatest surprises can happen. Jupiter, Mars and the Moon in Libra are loosely conjunct through the day. Especially in the late afternoon. Connecting with Neptune in Aquarius, something will awaken our collective vision of where we go next. Perhaps in less hysterical times, it would be the swoon of Christmas or Yuletide. But with so much focus on what the future will hold and what is going to be in our pockets, that realty will show its self today. There is favor in the unexpected, so look deeper into the news and events that happen today. But still there will be an uncomfortable feel to it all. Know who you can count on! Moon in Libra.

Thursday, December 14th, Venus is joining with a Stellum with Mercury, the Sun and Saturn. While the passage through the tail of the scorpion (actions of attacks that weaken), there is a certain grace to how things work out. This will continue for a couple of weeks as Venus transits these other celestial bodies. I suggest that how loss or defeat is handled says more about you than winning at any cost. Venus will help sweeten the shift from one phase to the next. For some people, lost lovers may show up in the next couple of days. Remember the lessons learned from the past and don’t repeat mistakes. This could be a new beginning for romances that were not timely. Moon in Libra.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 30, 2017



One of the big shifts this week is Mars goes into Libra. When it is afflicted, like opposite Uranus the chaos maker, it will make decisions extra difficult. The worst trait of Libra is “sitting on a fence”. So until the 10th of December, expect to struggle with anything electronic, yes that includes deciding or getting packages. If Libra or Aries is prominent in your chart, expect to find it hard to fight your way out of the doldrums. My suggestion is to feed the soul and charge up for when things release later next week. Also if you have a square to Libra or Aries, expect to work harder at getting yourself going.

Also, after a rather difficult week last week, Mercury goes Retrograde on December 4th. The Station starts a bit earlier, but the real “hindsight” starts on the 4th. A key to this week will be consider motivations and intent with what you do, and with what others are doing.

Friday, December 1st, after yesterday’s power though the inertia, I hope you can let it go and take a different perspective of “why do I want this” instead of “how do I get this”. There is better energetic flow if you discover you truly are motivated to spend energy on that big task or if it is someone else’s perspective? A bit of time spent on concern for humanity can lead to some interesting shifts in awareness. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, December 2nd, the difficulty of the day is obsessiveness. Most of that is stubbornness in critical areas of your life. Those obsessive ideations are a indicator of what you really growth areas. In other words, if you know you have to go on a diet, yes health is heavily indicated here, but the holidays are going into overdrive. That sounds like a no win situation unless you find a third path… such as stick to your diet and exercise and eat lightly when presented something at a party. The problem is when you stress eat, then stress at a party and then stress that you went off of your goal. This applies to what ever is important growth in your life right now. Find that third path. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, December 3rd, never underestimate the value of emotions. As today they will find every possible road block creating the gamut of frustration to gridlock. With Mars fully in Libra and opposed to Uranus, don’t expect much to get done or to stay done. What happens can be reversed. The only sane perspective is more of a mantra for this week which is your philosophy or ethics towards a situation. Intent is always as important as action. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, December 4th, today is the real start of backward motion of Mercury, yes it is Mercury Retrograde time again! It will be with us until just before Christmas. Could be a day of harsh realities clashing our core beliefs. There is room to move on all sides, but none of it is going to feel good. Hopefully that can be your test of needing to work harder at what needs to be changed. Should be an uphill climb for most agendas. The saving grace is there is a rectangle of opportunity that can happen. Know where you are on your spectrum of ethics and philosophy which is more of the important focus right now. Moon in Gemini.
Tuesday, December 5th, there is a Grand Trine today that can bring some real opportunities. Yes there is a stubbornness in having to make certain changes, but if you are open to the new situation, you can easily catch a wave for the day. Lots going on at once so keep up as the day flies by. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, December 6th, a T Square effecting the Moon in Cancer today will make you wonder how you got here. Again, in our process of dealing with our goals, we intersect with those who have their own agendas. What would make this day easier is more learn from each other rather than rant on their own individual soap box. Could be some emotional bleeding today. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, December 7th, something has to give today as there will be winners and losers in the continuing saga of life. The Moon intersects with the North Node in Cancer making a great connection with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. Could be great for romance, but other affairs of life, there is discord and angst. Mercury and Saturn will continue to dance together with some unusual situations being set up. It seems that the unorthodox is all that does work. Adjust accordingly. Moon in Cancer.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 23, 2017



A NOTE TO MY FOREIGN READERS, the grids and for some alignments may not reflect where you are. So for more precision, these forecasts are more for USA. 

The shifts this week will resemble a Mercury Retrograde, so when it actually happens next week, there will be little difference. Through the summer, the Grand Trine that has allowed us to weave through some of the snags, has dissipated with just a few harmonies to help us out. Those harmonies, or trines are fortunate surprises, lucky changes in the way people think and an openness that will start to show solidarity against what is dragging us down. We will just have to work harder or just simply continue what you are doing to help the common cause.

Venus will be shifting into Scorpio by the 26th, so get ready for the sheets to heat up, especially now that it is much cooler. This will carry us until December 18th when things can start to either become more playful or turn into a philosophical debate. Watch your words towards this time because you could wound your precious love.

A hint for those who are starting your Christmas shopping on line, I suggest that sensitive items are found more in the stores rather than on line. Delays, confusions, and mistakes could sabotage even the most careful shopper.

Friday, November 24th, if you try hard enough, you can start to feel your emotional center. The world is not cooperating with harmonies around you, but there is a certain stillness that can be had if you look at what comes from your healing heart. Yes, that is “code” for inner work that brings you into a reality check. Probably a level of harsh reality in that awareness, but we as a species, seem to need crisis to get motivated. Make the best of your situation. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, November 25th, as a contrast to yesterday’s epiphany, today has great promise to bring a better sense of where you are in the great mysteries of life. We all have a part in this production called life, and even in our imperfectness, there is perfection. What you cannot do, inspires another to fill in the blank. To add to the duality of the day, there can also be a glimmer of how to be more self-sufficient when news brings yet another safety net disappearing. Perhaps this means you need to speak up for what is important, just remember too much “me” is not going to help the situation. Frame discussions on you as part of a group.  Broad changes need some checks and balances to prevent too much destabilization. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, November 26th, today, Venus starts to go into Scorpio. While this could light your fire, it can also demand changes to bad habits. Yep, Scorpio is influencing the Sun too so there is need to transform into something greater.  Try not to fall into past traps or habits as today is the time to bring up the needed change, with compassion. If you try to sting your way to molding your significant other, the response will be an over correction. Words and news (Mercury) combined with expressions on the surface (Sun) are traveling in the tail of the scorpion. Communications can seem like attacks, which will go from resistance to wounding over the next several days. A tricky day at best! Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, November 27th, your health can be contingent on how well yesterday went. Dark secrets of the past, have a way of wiggling out of the corner. If you can be considerate of another’s foibles, then your exposures to the past will be better tolerated. Mars is almost opposite Uranus for the next week, so if you find an action is getting weird or there are unpredictable results, it is time to slow down on what you are doing. Mistakes can and will be made by even the most proficient. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, November 28th, for every difficulty, there is an alternative but satisfying solution. This is time to think out of the box whenever you can. There is significant stress to operate differently because of a conflict of outcome vs. expectation. Yes, traditions are significant but if they just don’t fit today, it is time to adjust. To coin a New Age term, this is growth. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, November 29th, this could be a day of having to trust in the right thing happening. There is a process to any event or system. In that, there are swings from one extreme to another until the happy medium is achieved. Believe in the “Goldie locks zone”. The trickster, Uranus, is actually behaving as a flow of information and availability. But yet for a few weeks is also opposite Mars. Forcing your actions on another will backfire. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, November 30th, another day not to force your agenda on another. In some ways this is a day where the self-absorbed, i.e. pushy people in your life, will meet with some comeuppance. Stand out of the way and let it happen! Your mission is to trust in love and show how you feel to those closest to you. If you are not in love, well, it will be bumpy. Truly a time for some new beginnings.  Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 16, 2017



The week starts out with the Sun moving into Scorpio the transformer. Depending on where you are in your process, this could be a rough month or one of settling comfortably into your grove. Some heavyweight planets are tracking with the Sun for a while creating just enough clarity to find your center. Neptune is still in good aspect with this train of planets (Venus, Jupiter) and on this Friday, the Moon all in Libra. Justice is on the road to discovery, but there is still a lot that is hidden with the squared action to Neptune. This square is with Mercury which is trying to mix words and divert attention. Don’t be fooled. Also expect some mixed situations when it comes to stability. An oxymoron if I ever heard one! This is a time to believe in come-uppance and karma. Those shocks will shake the corrosion from the foundation, up.

There is also a lingering Triad with Mars, North Node and Mercury this week. What this could bring is good news for those keeping track of details, correcting faulty situations and bringing it all home to be “enjoyed”. The perplexing part of this is with Saturn and Neptune at odds with other aspects, what that looks like is a smile that hides a living lie. The underlying push is letting go of the outdated or corrupt. Keep your fingers crossed that it is not subverted to nefarious games.

Friday, November 17th, in the world of romance, higher consciousness associations will flow like honey. Not only will things be tender, but even the mundane aspects of couples will bring deeper connections. I would call that becoming comfortable. This is a day to focus on your strengths and how you can be the best you can be. Leave some room for humanity seen as  human error. That can be the most endearing quality to explore. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, November 18th, as a New Moon, this is a great day to step out in your well-earned next phase. If you are launching an aspect or dream, there will be good response today. Expect things to be high energy also. There is a good match of intuitive connections with what you are doing. I get life as a work in progress, and this day will offer lots of pointers for improvement as well as bullseyes. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, November 19th, there could be some crazy good news today. Sources are unconventional. If you like to work with synchronicities, keep an eye out for signs from around you telling you if you are on track, or not. Make your adjustments accordingly. With the news, can come some good luck from your efforts. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, November 20th, we are on a roll for lucky situations. Some of the hidden agendas are now illuminated. While you may be too busy adjusting your personal life to changes and opportunities, the bigger realm of life is also making adjustments to news and foundations making a forward quantum leap. Hold positive space for the best for all possibilities. Technically this is a time that the Moon is moving into the Scorpion’s tail, so not everyone is going to be happy, but they have been needing a wakeup call. Moon in Sagittarius by mid day. 

Tuesday, November 21st, another great day. There will be unsettling news but it hits a chord of harmony for most. Stay on course with your own agendas and put in the work you need to succeed. Rewards are probably swirling all around you. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, November 22nd, there could be a fair amount of anxiety about the future today. This time will pass. What is important to not panic and consider any fears as potential points to make course corrections. The last few days may have been easy for many and when you hit a pot hole in the road of life, it can be perceived as a bigger issue than what it is. Adjust your methods, and refine today. Moon I Sagittarius.

Thursday, November 23rd, today has some difficult spots still to sort out. Fortunately, there are solutions and they come by surprise. Maybe hold off on too much action until you have had a chance to discuss issues with confidants, or your dad if he is an expert in the field. Keep concepts fluid and not specific. Better answers will evolve. So much is going well with that new foundation, you are just having to deal with a round of uneasy feelings. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 9, 2017



For those who are ready for reconnection with human kind, we are entering a pattern of greater togetherness and understanding. It won’t be without some bumps, but Venus, Jupiter and angles setting up with Neptune and Chiron for the next few weeks, will create some soothing moments. The truth will still need to be faced. Make this a time to point out where we all have been manipulated, rather than adding insults to injuries. All of last year and much of this year have been stymied by hidden agendas. Ask yourself, who benefits from this perspective? This is a time for reality checks and getting back on course.

For those interested in romance, this dance around Venus can bring some deeper understandings between lovers and friends. After such a long dry spell of Venus in freewheeling and independent signs, it is a relief to usher in the fall season with some real warmth. We have all been tested with a cold cruel world. It is time to savor the other side of the paradigm.

Friday, November 10th, the cult of personality is meeting with facing the reality of their situation. Truth is starting to force its way into the mainstream. Continue taking a “wait and see” attitude instead of wanting to suck in unfiltered information. Getting information too soon means you are open to subversive intentions that can upset you and paint a false image. This is a pattern for a few weeks, so avoid what equals gossip. With emotions high the next couple of days, discernment is the key word here. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, November 11th, the first part of the day focuses on the “can do” spirit in all of us. Yes, you could defer to someone else, but there is satisfaction in tackling a challenge and seeing how far you can go on your own efforts. Build some self-confidence by using your own ingenuity in personal needs and problems. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, November 12th, tough news overnight creates a fragile mind and heart. Don’t disconnect from your core humanity. This is meant to degrade you. Don’t let it. Look for better perspectives because projections from some news is meant to obscure what is really happening. There is just enough chaos to let the real picture emerge. Moon in Leo.

Monday, November 13th, conflicting facts greet us in the morning. It will be hard to drag out of bed and start your day, but you know you have to make it into work. Fight the urge to call in sick. Part of the lethargy is the deep desire to move ahead of the confusion. Trust me, many are tired of wandering in a fog. Be a “fog light” which can only be done by demanding authenticity in our sources and those we look up to. Destroying trust means ripping the moral fiber of our inner psyches. Resist the assault. Accomplish something today. Fortunately, some of the conflicts of the past few days have lessened. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, November 14th, later in the day the Moon will aspect Mars creating a tango of fighting both internal in external battles for value in personal rights and what information we are getting. The recent focus with Mercury makes me wonder if some interesting changes in media are on the horizon? Details matter. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, November 15th, this is a day where restrictions are being challenged. A sense of changing tide brings some careful optimism. Still some important matters revolving around how people in general are being sidetracked by nefarious agendas, will be in the news. Transformation seems to take so long, but it has to proceed in careful manner so unintended consequences are avoided. Moon in Virgo.

Thursday, November 16th, yesterday’s revelations, in both the big world and the one close at hand, will continue to flow. This is big, really big today. Some pivotal opening is being unveiled. With Libra being the primary influence, matters pertaining to the law, justice and harmony are all in focus. Romance can also see heightening of connections as the day progresses. The evening news should have some clearer vision of the big events if you are not busy with a romantic dinner with your loved one(s). Moon in Libra.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, November 2, 2017



Right now there is a happiness factor that many have not felt in a long time. Not everyone is enjoying the unusual experiences, opportunities and windfalls, but those who have been in the right groove will feel the joy. Count your blessings as they come!

Venus enters into Libra on Friday. She has been fickle, finicky and frustrating lately, but she is promising to behave herself for the next month…. Mostly. There is an opposition with Uranus for this week, so what is one person’s loss is another’s gain. Treat what is valuable like a jewel. More people will be coming to decisions to pair up, hopefully for the best. Again, Uranus makes this connection out of the ordinary with some difficulties. But remember the words of Shakespeare, “is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it picks like a thorn”.

Neptune is singing in harmony with the news, what is being seen and changes for the better. We all have to remember that the wheel of fortune can drag us up as well as down. Neptune is more about how the mass consciousness is perceiving reality. Right now, there is a huge chance to heal, so keep it open. There have been some serious nefarious undercurrents at play for years, and they are meeting their test of illumination.  The web is in many areas, not just one. Much of what comes out will not be pleasant for selfish and abusive souls. There is a lesson to be learned on both sides of the pendulum. Those who have been self-serving will have to transform or the truth will be brutal.

Friday, November 3rd, new beginnings will be hard to launch. Instead this full moon eve would be better spent tying into a collective consciousness rather than an internal dialogue. Monkey mind could be your downfall, so be with those you trust and discuss rather than proclaim. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, November 4th, deciphering the truth is far more important than seeing how all the pieces will fit together. This day is one of collecting information and trusting the process. Maybe what you find will not be actually what you need, but it could well be an important stepping stone to the discovery. Moon in Aries.

Sunday, November 5th, curb those obsessive tendencies. All the chess pieces are not in place at this time, and whatever you may be striving for is just out of reach. This is a day to sort out what is known and just rest otherwise. Pacing yourself in life is hard when you are not patient. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, November 6th, watch out for those who think they are right and will attack you for not doing as they say. Frustration is bubbling just under view and could erupt at any time. Stay safe and look up at faces to see what is going on around you. Especially the rest of the week. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, November 7th, look out for some truly magical times from just before noon Central time and until just before 4pm. This is a fire and air mix of two Grand Trines. Expect some amazing information, correspondence, anything Mercurial to set the wheels of creation into motion. While this will require grounding once it is initiated, if you are ready for something special, this is the time to be very present in your day. Hum, maybe I will slate that day for painting. A way of pulling something internal into the external. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, November 8th, all eyes are on the great transformer, Pluto as it gets a dose of rectifying fact with spin and how that shapes the future. As an individual, listen to a few points of view, but don’t overload on news. Get the summation rather than the blow by blow. Trust me, things will be more like quicksand than foundational. Oh, in the world of romance, you will have to work extra hard to make things gel as Uranus the trickster is teasing with Venus for one more day. She is moving quickly out of range so this weekend will be much better. Moon in Gemini.

Thursday, November 9th, emotions will be strong and unreliable. But if you can hold onto what is actually being said, without falling into flawed inner dialogue, you will find this day is rather exceptional. Most of us are working towards understanding our shifting landscape. So, this  revelation is likely to be more benefit than hinderance. Keep your sights high. Moon in Cancer.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 26, 2017



This week, Saturn goes into Sidereal Sagittarius. While later in its journey, an elevation is morals and philosophy should start to find its way into our daily routines. But this initial time until late January 2018, Saturn will be traversing the stars of the tail of the Scorpion. Those are Aculeus which is “attacks but success” and then Acumen which is “attacks that weaken”. If you have something in the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius, you could be in for a fight. Now to see if it is a fight in the streets or within the machine to self-correct. On the world view, morals will be under pressure to prove their worth. We have already seen a few Congressmen announce retirements from the GOP. Lets hope that Democracy is not being under pressure and better people get into office.

The Sun and Jupiter in Libra are creating a shift in consciousness as they trine Neptune. Equaling out the drama vs dharma will be very important for all of us. You have already been receiving messaging about what your next level is supposed to be. We should all press for more conversation rather than divide. Something I need to work on as well.

Friday, October 27th has a day of getting to work and making lists for the rest of the week. Work should go very well if you are organized and on time. Otherwise, your deficiencies will be glaring to the rest of the office. Put on a team player persona and get your life in order today. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, October 28th, a good day to check in with your romantic companions. They need some special tender loving care. Simple things will be best, like offering to get something for them or trade massages! They way to another’s heart is what is touchable, holdable and chewable. Actual communications may make the future hard to see. And those words may also light the way for transforming something for a better future. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, October 29th, there is a focus on higher ideals today. Just keep it within the realm of possibility rather than obsess on perfection. There is so much in positive alignment that the bumps in our lives may seem easier to forget for a while. Some good news that will heal the heart could well be in your future. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, October 30th, Sunday’s joys can be rolled over into today. You got so much done over the weekend, both chores and relaxation, that this day should greet you with an inner peace. There is a bigger lesson in keeping your life simple and manageable.  Hold on to that “peace and good will” as a baseline of how to get back to your feel-good center. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, October 31st, a fun day is for all to have unless you want to get obsessive. Save that for later in the week as this time of year offers a connection to ancestors and the thrill of childhood adventures. A little make believe is good for everyone! Movie suggestion for the evening, “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark”. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, November 1st, while the realty of your life is still in really good shape, your emotional world is going deep into questions of life and death. This is traditionally one of the day of the dead. Tonight, is the time to remember lost children. Try to seek solace that life is a cycle, and if someone passed too soon, they probably will get another chance soon to return. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, November 2nd, a day of unexpected or shocking messages or news. The Moon traverses Uranus later in the day bringing good news or news that will take you to a whole new dimension. Most of us need an electric shock to get out of a rut, albeit a comfortable rut. Take it as an adventure of inner mystery into new beingness! Moon in Pisces.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 19, 2017



A potent T Square with Saturn has just loosen up, but there are still has difficulties with communications and balancing out emotions. This will increase for a short time, until things even out. Hold on to staying centered as the crisis that holds your attention will still need resolution. The motion for that resolution is being discussed in local circles.

Neptune is in a heavy trine with the Stellum of Mercury and Jupiter. A counter punch is the opposition of Uranus on this Stellum. So, surprises mixed with revelations and attempts to sort out major issues is in the works. If you want relief, voice your opinions to those that need to hear it. Just do it with caution. The irritation factor is rather high right now.

Romance will have a hard time from the 23rd to the 31st. this is important to simplify our life so that the good things in life have a chance to fill in the extra space. Whether it is your issue or another’s,  know that you are doing your best and allowing true change to occur.

Friday, October 20th the Moon is passing by the end of that Stellum and activating Mercury. Which leads to information that is likely to be flying everywhere into the mass consciousness. Most likely it is true information, but still has strong shock value. I think everyone is tired of shocking, and would just like something to make sense. The next few days will show a gamut of plays leading to our new direction. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, October 21st, just a hint of something soothing to the psyche today. It is more a connection with a deeper meaning and illumination into how to move forward. This time it will be a bigger group moving in tandem rather than splinters everywhere. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, October 22nd, bigger questions about service to others without draining yourself. Sustainability is the key word here. Be careful about volunteering for something that is an ideology with no fixed boundaries. Hold an exit clause with that is promised. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, October 23rd, monitor your impulse for “change for the sake of change”. Also, it is a good time to check with what you are feeling before you jump into something time consuming or expensive. The Moon is conjunct with Saturn today, so the conflict of change, stability, and transformation into something beneficial is strong. Go carefully. Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, October 24th, face it, you are just not into doing much today. Could be better to simply sit back and summarize the day and what it really means. Avoid any big decisions.  Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, October 25th, another good day to look at your philosophical side and double check what you are getting for your efforts. There is a push and pull to the day and when you can sort out your motivations for a project, you can then find the way forward. In a few days you will have your understandings for the previous day’s mixed messages. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, October 26th, Pluto and the Moon conjunct today. By midday, spend some time in quiet reflection if you can. Focus on the big picture and how it could look. Keep it positive and inclusive. Then observe the sweet results as the day shifts. There will be a few bumps, but that is just booting out the extraneous to open up for the constructive. Moon in Sagittarius.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 12, 2017



This next week may be plagued with forgetting items or details. Double check everything you do so that you minimize Mercury/Sun opposed to Uranus, the trickster. I have already had episodes and I tend to have a focus on important details. Those with Virgo prominent in your charts need to be particularly diligent, I know you will! Also there is an assault on what makes things actually work smoothly. Don’t be surprised at some regressive rules coming our way. I hope what gets done, is easily undone.

A couple of sign shifts with Mercury and the Sun this week will give us a breather on how intense things seem. While there are some counter indications, finding some common ground in what is heard and what is real will allow those open to sorting out the subliminal twists. As the oppositions of Neptune (mass consciousness and veiled subversions) and Uranus (chaos and the trickster) will make those hiding the truth still effective, unless you are fact checking things. When I think of these changes in the works I have to fall back to a valuable lesson I learned in social work class. When programs are established, they are done with best intent. It is up to those doing them to prove the experiment is working. If not, then adjustments need to happen. It is the test of “good faith” efforts that has many of us bewildered. So are program changes because someone is malicious or are they just listening to feed back for better service?

Friday, October 13th, paradoxically a beneficial Kite formation on Jupiter/Mercury/Sun as the apex is also in strong opposition to Uranus for several days. Kites always mean you have to work through difficulties to be successful. The gambit is high with Jupiter involved. So, make sure you are getting your details and facts correctly. It will really matter right now. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, October 14th, could be a savvy and intuitive day for those wanting to do something constructive for the future. Most of us will be cleaning out claustrophobic space either in our heads or homes. If you work with higher energies any work will be rewarded. Moon in Cancer.

Sunday, October 15th, there is so little that wants to flow, it would be best to simply take some time out and do something that feeds the soul. Maybe some daydreaming about how to make better use of some space you just cleaned out. Anything that sets up some constructive time looking into the future will be beneficial. Sometimes simply seeing things from a different perspective is the most powerful thing we can do. Moon in Leo.

Monday, October 16th, the Moon and Pluto will be making playful spitballs at each other today. While levity in the wrong situation will not go over well, owning up to your personal trials of doing the right thing will be appreciated. Keep it on a human level where no one is perfect, but striving to do better. Not a time for grandiose egotism. Moon in Leo.

Tuesday, October 17th, today the Moon will activate an emotional connection with Venus and Mars in Virgo. Neither of these two are at their best in this sign unless they are being of service to another. This is a practical combination that can make homes run smoother, relationships settle into more comfortable territory or…. Nit picking and criticism will cut each other to the bone. Watch yourself as careless words will take time to heal. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, October 18th, ease any wounds that yesterday may have left. Pressures from the outside have created some obsessive reactions. Maybe the best thing you can ask yourself is, why did this affect me and how can I learn from it so this does not happen again? Spend some time alone and deal with any discomfort. Most will be fine, but still clear the decks of lingering projects as tomorrow will turn your head in another direction. Moon in Virgo.

Thursday, October 19th, news from the big picture will be front and center again. Remember the days when you could trust the right thing to occur? Well not so much anymore. If you are so inclined, speak to those who have the power to do something. At least don’t leave a vacuum of only one perspective is heard. The next couple of days will be more like purging. Make sure something positive replaces the evacuation. Moon in Libra.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, October 5, 2017



Believe it or not, many of the squares and oppositions in the heavens have started to ease. At this point they are a distillation of a T Square, an opposition, and a square. Unfortunately, they are with some really potent players in our comic soup of experience. The good news is that Grand Trine that brings some real change into the picture is still strong and the other aspects will be relatively short lived. While there is little we can do on a big scale, we still have the power to clean up the skeletons in our own closet and help those who can be helped. The drama for those who are not with the next phase of humanity, will have to go by the wayside.

For the next week and a half expect to hear of really tough news that shake up what we call honorable and sustainable. Is this a call for us to demand more or to do more? The level of passion will continue to be high and cruel. Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition until mid month which just adds to the heart break of good falling to the bad. What can you do? Defeat the tendency to insult with clich├ęs rather than facts. Remarks with generalities will only make things worse.  Those who continue to do so will further alienate themselves. It will take some creativity to ease their babble with facts. Act, don’t react, even if the vibes around you push you to return rhetoric with more of the same.

Friday, October 6th, there is an obsessiveness with the facts which somehow don’t seem to heal our wounds. What I have to say next will be hard to do. If it doesn’t work for you, just consider how others may be equally wounded. The level of chaos is accentuated to where it even invades our dreams tonight. Unless you are adept at sorting out with lucid dreaming, I suggest a sober night with uplifting fantasy, a period of meditation and a glass of warm milk before bedtime. Be good to yourself so you can be good to those around you. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, October 7th, the day will be moody, pushy, on edge and productive. If you wake up refreshed, what can be done will be done. By the end of the day, you will see some things pull together. Still much will not feel satisfying, but you have to see a bigger picture down the road. These times will shift. What we chose now, designs what that sift will look like. Moon in Aries.

Sunday, October 8th, there is a level of resistance today that makes plans fall flat. Rather than obsessing on failure, consider a plan B. Romance can be a wonderful experience if you don’t worry about missed agendas. Also, don’t pay for tickets as they may never be used. Keep it cheap, fun and loving. Moon in Taurus.
Monday, October 9th, odd happenings can ruin your sense of security. Instead of fixed plans, be flexible. Turn missed agendas into happy mistakes. If you chose to fight with ego and willfulness, you will learn a completely different lesson. Which could mean being alone with your thoughts, and maybe that is where you need to be anyway. Your choice. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, October 10th, keep an eye on the future rather than the overwhelming noise around you. There is a Grand Square overhead as well that boxes us into a situation. How do you look at a situation? I have been dealing with how to turn chaos into creativity. The hurricane damage in Puerto Rico is an example. In all the need to rebuild, why not rebuild in green infrastructure rather than 20th century infrastructure? The next storm may be less of a total disaster if there is more self-sufficiency in the countryside. It would be an interesting experiment, que no? Take the opportunities of today and do something similar with your perspective. Moon in Gemini in late afternoon.

Wednesday, October 11th, pull out the finer details in the news today and see what is working. Pull yourself away from the ill at ease feelings of what you want, how things seem to be done and what shock value may be trying to fry your heart and mind. Those damaging products of cruelty and anger will be in our face. Do we look away or do we stare it down and call out the disgusting behavior? All of this is dangerous, but necessary. Moon in Gemini.

Thursday, October 12th, while the finer points to what is happening are disturbing, know how to sort out what is a priority. Your inner emotional walls will be bouncing facts, mixed messages and falsehoods through the day. Tensions will be very high as well. Take life one breath at a time. Some of this will not be worked out until a crisis on the 17th. Take care of yourself during this cycle. Something you should be adept at after the last couple of years. Moon in Gemini.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, September 28, 2017



Pluto goes station now and will be in full forward movement on Saturday the 30th. It could be an illuminating October as the Sagittarius reality starts to surface after a long journey under everyone’s soul. Could this be the forward motion we have all been waiting for in our outer world and inner world? Time will tell as there are still very challenging aspects to everything in the skies and down here. I hope it is more like turbulence rather than a nosedive. Although some who have been behaving badly will dive into the dark recesses of their own psyches.

Friday, September 29th, well most communication will be challenged. Be it internet problems or just people so tongue tied that nothing comes out right. Some of it is also subversion of the truth. Most of us are watchful of that already. In the world of romance, it could be rough. Take any difficulties, which have been brewing, as a sign of change. Hopefully it is simply having to work harder at getting rid of the dead weight in our lives. Especially our finances. Like the leaves starting to change, so are bad habits. Be proactive! Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, September 30th, many people are starting to get a stronger sense about their finances. This is a great time to balance the checkbook and make a budget for upcoming expenditures. I hope this will leave people with better plans so that they can get through life without a go-fund-me account. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, October 1st, personal drive will be at low ebb unless it is regarding future goals. We do this to ourselves all the time. Set up personal or financial goals and then run into trouble as soon as we pronounce our intention. This time stick to the goal and don’t give into sabotage.  It is called restraint. This test will show you just how little you really need as long as you are safe and secure. Happiness can come from knowing debt is vanishing from your life, rather than rolling over. If you need a visual aid, consider what it will feel like when you can pay off you credit card every month! Maybe I should have called that maneuver a sleep aid! Moon in Aquarius by evening.

Monday, October 2nd, the day starts out with intuiting opportunity but will fade by evening. Take advantage of what you can when the time is right. It should be enough. This might be a good lesson on over planning or over intention. Neither works well in a world of shifting energies. Like I have said before, take it one step at a time right now. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, October 3rd, most of the day is filled with working fast and furious and then the whole agenda seems to be dropped due to non-interest. Don’t frustrate yourself with pushing through the fatigue or complications. Your personal insight will be off also, so keep it logical. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, October 4th, this could be a day when you can barely move out of bed. Lots of things cause fatigue, but this is just so much overwhelming our senses that nothing seems to want to complete. Don’t fight it. If you can’t call in sick then just go through the moves and make it a night at home. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, October 5th, while it will be easier to get out of bed today, getting things to flow to completion will remain elusive. It isn’t you, it is much more. You would be better off spending free time visualizing what would work for you. And hold some positive space for those who are to be encumbered to get into spiritual space. There is an undercurrent of shock and awe that is trying to work, but it is just not landing on safe ground. When Mars and Venus start to split apart next week, a little intensity will lessen. But for the next couple of days the feelings around you will be depressive. Be good to yourself! Moon in Pisces.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen