Thursday, February 22, 2018



A overall trend for this week is understanding how the Stellum (Venus, Neptune, Mercury and the Sun all in Aquarius) are interacting with us daily. Our desires for harmonious and ideal outcomes will be challenged. Keep up the fight, as we are forced to focus on what is important through the week. By next week, Venus will change into Pisces bringing either great depression or some empathy towards our common situation.

Another key element is Chiron and Jupiter are still well connected so if you are working on your health or any matter that relates to you general wellbeing, you will have opportunities to develop strength of mind and heart. This is important you take this time as by the beginning of spring, real test well get difficult to navigate. You want to be at your best and focused rather than just bumbling through life. Outcomes can be very different depending on which path you chose for yourself. Only personal actions that create a better future will be favored by the flow of future consciousness.

We are approaching a full moon on March 1st. leading up to this cyclic event we will see things go for stubbornness- too much information- to deep seated anxiety or emotional intelligence. Keep it higher minded as anything else will be very depressing.

Friday, February 23rd, just admit that some things are out of your control. You may want to do something to make a difference, but at this junction today, the mettle of those making the final decisions will be tested. You probably won’t like it either. The Moon is heavily challenged by the Stellum which means stubbornness and roughness can ooze out of the most forgiving soul when they see things unnecessarily going in a negative direction. Consider this a time that tests certain people, and judgement will follow soon after. Stay vigilant.  Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, February 24th, expect a shift in the fates today. Let the unusual synchronies help you understand what is happening. When you do, then action can be directed at the right agenda. Don’t fall into laziness or despair, as the past is done, and we need to move forward into the future with resolve. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, February 25th, you may hear some good news, but be wary that you aren’t being manipulated. Take in the information as a point of data. There may be several sub plots going on so just consider where each data point goes rather than try to make sense of it being one big story. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, February 26th, through most of the day, the latest news or communications will start to gel into a loose form. This is very different than what has been presented or shall we say projected on Plato’s cave wall of illusions. Are you starting to pick up the messages of what is actually going on? I sure hope so! Moon goes into Cancer by evening.

Tuesday, February 27th, there is a strong obsessive tendency to get things moving into the future. It is like we have been stuck in no man’s land for a long time. We pick up the nuances and data points, but not why they happened. Maybe we just don’t like being impolite and the “reason” is really despicable. If you can latch on to what is really the direction for us, then the flow will take you swiftly where you need to be. Little will be recognizable today, so a bit of faith you are doing your best, and this is all you can do has to present your inner center. Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, February 28th, get ready to do what you can that will benefit you in the future. Watch for synchronicities or unusual opportunities to present themselves. Consider you are on a carousel and if you are positioned well, the golden ring can be grabbed. Having that inner intuition is what will set things in motion. Tomorrow the intuition will be gone, but the opportunity remains. Moon in Cancer until this evening and then it is in Leo.

Thursday, March 1st, avoid aggression and only work on things that are sustainable. This is your day to move into actions of the highest order. If you are still fighting principled actions, the reverse exposure will occur. There is a level of success at all costs. But this is not sustainable. In our lives we have to realize that sometimes what we want is not meant to be. Either we are out of touch with reality or egocentric motivations are in control. Neither is good right now. But there is time in the future to understand what went wrong, and how to adjust. Life is like that; second chances can come to those who get the message. Moon in Leo.

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Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, February 15, 2018



The week starts out with the Moon in the middle of the Stellum (astrologer talk for a number of planets) in Aquarius. Humanitarian and social issues will be the focus for a number of weeks until it shifts from ideals to how does it feel. That shift will take from now until late March. There are two ways this will affect you. One is everything important will be closely tied to other considerations. The other is a loss of direction as general strengths are not able to shine on their own. In your own chart, heavy squares or oppositions to Aquarius will make life difficult for you in that area of life. If you flourish in air, you will be needing to consider all factors in actions because a domino effect will occur.

 I would like to give an early warning about the beginning of the Spring Equinox about March 23rd  until the first week of May. The key will be vulnerabilities in the unseen realms.  Mercury is going retrograde about that time, which everyone will be able to relate to difficulties with electronics and communications. But the bigger difficulty will be Mars (the old god of war will be up to flexing his muscles) approaching Saturn (life lessons and foundational systems) and then Pluto (agent of transformation and nuclear energy) in Sagittarius. Throw in Uranus being square with Pluto can signal a lot of trouble in our modern living. The Sagittarian influence creates demands for ethics and honor as well as freedom. Technology can be used for good and bad. At best we will learn to live a simpler life because depending on conveniences or devices will become unsettling. The conundrum is when things work, life is more productive too. Notice a trend of decoupling with technology on a temporary or noticeable scale in your life. As prep, have what you need to back up your files and use more cash instead of buying electronically because there could be a big cyber hacking attack in the works right now. We will know more later on as to how bad it is. At this point, I think most people are aware that enemies are within and without. But I suspect ideology is the root of the source.

Friday, February 16th. I like celebrating Chinese New Year as it corresponds more with changing weather and getting ready for new adventures. I always start out more organized so that when things start flying, I can sail through it all easily. As for influences of the day, the persona you demonstrate will be noticed by others. Such as if you are thinking of new ways to demonstrate a higher social consciousness, then many favors will come your way. A need for better leadership is being searched out, and you may be tagged as hero for the day, or month. Right now, we need to see strong and ethical standards in those we trust for bigger things. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, February 17th, there is a lot of pressure to see change, and someone will come to the forefront and accept the challenge. In general, this promotion or nomination is good for the future, but expect some detractors. Right now, we are in the midst of intended chaos. What we make of it, is up to us. This will affect us in our own households all the way up to leadership rolls. Moon in Aquarius until this evening when it goes into Pisces.

Sunday, February 18th, sometimes it seems like the world is spinning to fast. This is a day to pull back into your safe zone and find your center. Do things that personally heal you. If weather allows, venture into the outdoors and get a sense of the weather and wildlife. Mother Nature is a wonderful place to connect in a techy world. Take advantage of your family being together and do something like popcorn and a movie together. Connect with your tribe or clan to re- center who you are and how you got here. Maybe make plans for tomorrow morning to do some creative work from 8:30 to 10:30 am. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, February 19th, the day starts out with a Grand Trine in water, that element of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and creativity. The exact time is 8:30 to 10:30 am and will be connected all through the working day. Maybe a good prayer day for the health and happiness of the nation? Just a suggestion. The majority of outside help will be restricted today. So, what ever you can pull together from within or family/tribe will get the job done. A do it yourself attitude will get the job done and some self-fulfillment as a result. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, February 20th, there is an undercurrent of need for more compassion and nurturing. Changing times are tough on psyches, and right now people are needing to know where they can connect to find that. Mostly single people will notice this nagging desire. Have a bit of sympathy for your single friends as they navigate the unfriendly waters that are ahead of us. I do want to mention that there are factions working on stifling the destructive forces that are working overtime. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, February 21st, a wave of independence will waft over many who find a new sense of self-reliance. We are not defined by our situations, but by our ability to make the best of a situation. While logic tells us it is hopeless, our souls cry out to be heard. As long as the human outcry can so much as whisper a call for justice or reason, there is a chance. In your everyday life, say what is on your heart, without the drama of course, and there is a good chance that changes will occur. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, February 22nd, healthy routines are rewarded, just don’t over do it! Something has broken, like a flood dam, and we want to ram into whatever our goal is for the day. Bear in mind that many decisions are tied to multiple aspects of our life. The good side of this is you are breaking away from destructive habits or situations, you could be easing many difficulties at the same time. Just chose carefully knowing that consequences are real. Reshaping if favored at this time. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, February 8, 2018



Have you noticed that some people are doubling down on staying in the past or not facing the needed future? Well this week the messaging will remain stuck but the situation will start to move away from actual stagnation. Like walking away from a radio, the impact will shift to more important issues. The important thing for most people is to walk your talk. If someone isn’t, then call them out on it. Just after Valentine’s day, both the Sun and Mercury will be fully engaged in Aquarius. Unfortunately, there are lots of squares and oppositions; some of the opportunities will be in short supply to actually move into something more humanitarian. Key here is positive dialogue will come from the strangest places. Carefully choose the voices you hear.

The North Node or destiny point will be trine with the Ascendant and Mars. In simple speak this means that those acting authentically and spiritually will have an easier ride this next couple of weeks. While that is usually good advice at any time, it is particularly important right now. Curb the anger and speak plainly. This is also a time to depend on what you experience rather than what you are being lead to think. There are some competing worlds out there and you are their only strength. Don’t feed the beast.

For those lovers out there, this is a fantastic week to connect on higher ideals that bring security and honor. While Cupid is known for antics rather than true companionship, set your force fields on deflector to arrows and settle into what is genuine and lasting. Eros needs to take a back seat too. Messaging that is crude should be disconnected. They are on the wrong track.

Friday, February 9th, the Moon and Mars connect today in Scorpio. The conflicts are when the cold hard realities of money and misfortune seem to color our future. When focus needs to be on transforming into home, hearth and sanctuary. If you catch yourself in a bad spot, shift your focus where the heart is and the day will turn sweeter. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, February 10th, with all the conflicts affecting us, a new sense of security needs to be found. Sometimes we are better off than we are lead to believe. I do think that a glimmer of a simpler, more emotionally fulfilling change is in the works. There is no room for over indulgence today! Pick up something related to new philosophy and read this evening or gather with friends and discuss something different.  Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, February 11th, rather than fighting something complicated, take this time to recharge your batteries in all ways. There will be better days to fight though difficult projects. A lot of time should be spent in contemplation rather than doing. Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, February 12th, mid-morning your intuition should be activated. If you don’t function well under emotional intelligence, then ask someone else to decide on a problem that defies logic. Media will be confusing either due to deliberate actions or because not all the facts are out there and people still have to talk about something. Don’t believe everything you hear because the Jabberwocky is on a hot mike. Moon in Sagittarius until early evening when it goes into Capricorn.

Tuesday, February 13th, yesterday’s game is still at play today. Rather than try to figure it out, which is not possible, focus on your own practice and maintain positive space. When we reliably come from discernment, then mistakes and manipulations have less of a place in our lives. We are starting to make a shift into seeing life as a human rather than a cog in the wheel. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, February 14th, this Valentine’s day, which comes to you as either a bane of delight, depending on your personal situation. The Moon being in Capricorn says “show me how much you love me”. Fortunately, there will be so many concrete ways you can show devotion throughout the day that expensive gifts probably won’t be necessary. Definitely show up and I do suggest lots of great chocolate. Never forget the chocolate. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, February 15th, there is a Stellum in Aquarius today. So, make sure you are functioning in an awake manner. The Moon, our emotional nature, will touch on communications, how people present themselves, what you desire the most and how it fits with your companions and relationships. Don’t worry about having to be touchy feely, reason and discourse will be much better. Even keep your thoughts on a positive and authentic course. It all matters. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, February 1, 2018



 A question that has come up is when will we be experiencing some stability? Well, a quick consult of the astrology wheel I looked at when Saturn will be out of rebellious Sagittarius. That will be February 2020. In that situation Saturn will be crossing Pluto in 29* Sagittarius in January 2020.  Remember that when a planet is at 29* there is a culmination of all that has gone before into one messy moment. These are only easy if you have fully dealt with each issue as it came up. So, if we overcome folly and aim for the real core of our needs, we will pass the test.

For me, just those two together (Saturn and Pluto) will be very potent. Depending on what is done up until that time, our destiny will take a definite change. The spectrum relating to Saturn in Capricorn is foundations, money and structure. So, if we make imprudent steps up until this time, the cost will be really tough. If smart steps happen, then there will be a settling into some security. What we do, within our own lives, our community responsibilities and those things done by politicians in guiding our laws will be very important. Stay engaged in solutions that benefit the greatest number of people.

On a lighter subject, on the 6th, Venus goes from no nonsense Capricorn into a month of Universal light in Aquarius. Relationships of all kinds will find out some spectacular things about each other. Keep the communication flowing this month and all kinds of doorways will open. Most of this you will already know, but maybe never articulated.

An overall pattern to this week is our dreams lead us to possibilities for the day. Then the day struggles to meet the dreams and expectations. Keep the positive attitude and by mid-week things will start to flow more smoothly. Diligence to integrity is the watch word of the week.

Friday, February 2nd, the morning will start out with the usual confluences of real life and fantasy. Well, maybe I am being harsh, real life and wishful thinking. By later afternoon, the weekend will start to look like a lot of possibilities. Most plans will have problems until the evening. So, if it doesn’t work out a new set of activities will emerge later. Follow those! By 8ish it will be a great time to do some self-empowering work. What ever you need to do, use this time to make it happen. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, February 3rd, the morning will start out OK, but will soon degenerate into wondering where you are going and how did you get here. Since there is no answer your questions, then make the best of the day and do something that takes care of you. Return to healing modalities and just ride out the day. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, February 4th, today is a beginning of a short wave of pulling things together. Spend the day planning how to use this energy over the next week. One thing to consider is reliance on others is going to be hard to muster. As they are equally trying to simplify and maintain some independence. We all need times like this to build self esteem and know your own boundaries. While lessons learned on independence are valuable, you will also need to know who in your life is reliable. Keep the tribe close. Moon in Virgo.

Monday, February 5th, the outer world is of little assistance. And you will find it hard to motivate during the day. But if yesterdays plans were designed, you still will have a blueprint to get a lot done. Keep it small and keep it real. Moon in Libra by late evening.

Tuesday, February 6th, Venus shifts into Aquarius today. Expect more quirky surprises but this time they are endearing. Hard work will give you more of what you want. So, keep to the plan and move forward. Things will start to show more than promise. Tomorrow and the next day, luck will reward the diligent. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, February 6th, there is a T square affecting Jupiter (the bearer of opportunities) but it is more related to difficulties with points of destiny and the future. As long as you are working on the home front, you will be rewarded with some great revelations, and comradery with those around you. Something you have worked on, will show you where it is going. Or even find a completion in the next couple of days. Luck follows those who deserve it. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, February 7th, now is the day to put in that last push for something you have wanted. Yesterday, you needed to ride a wave, today you need to put in the footsteps to make it happen. Knowing when to act can make easy work of the seemingly impossible. If you feel it in your bones, you know it is right! Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen