Thursday, June 28, 2018



The week starts out with the conjunction of the Moon/Mars in Capricorn opposing Mercury/ North Node in Cancer. The implications of this is a struggle over money verses how we really feel about personal issues and our homes. With the T Square apex on Uranus in Aries, there could be a new issue of significant importance. It can come out of anywhere. Also, technical issues will raise their ugly head. While I doubt that we will give up on tech and head back to a plowshare, there may be those wanting to do that very thing. Our conflict with how complicated things are and how fast things are moving can spin out of control. The saving grace is this week a Grand Trine in Air will give us the ability to process information. And we will work hard on what is going on. Air signs will be at an advantage for a few weeks, despite the challenges.

A Grand Square will continue to box us into a situation. Trying to look at the bright side, there will be significant focus on what is hindering progress or happiness. It is time to deal with the reality of it all and call for justice. Including abuses of power and exposing fakes.
I don’t know about you, but the heat has many at their wits end. Yes, climate change is real and anyone who says differently has a nefarious agenda. Call them out on it. What is causing all this turmoil? Money is at the crux of it, so start digging there.

Next week takes this week of “discussion” and turns towards action. Another Grand Trine in Fire will work with the continuing Grand Trine in Air. That means actions and words will take us forward in the jumble of challenges, games and subversions. Could be rather uplifting in a moment of the tide turning.

While this is a minor point in the heavens, Chiron, the wounded healer, will go retrograde this week. perhaps this is a teachable moment about this orb. As I said, it is the wounded healer who represents our deepest wound. He comes to us from the Greeks as someone who heals and teaches. But ironically can not heal himself. Depending on your deepest wound and its state of health, consider that in general others will be dealing with something significant and offer your insights. Although not everything can be healed if it has gone too far.

Friday, June 29th, the afflicted Sagittarius Moon will create some pressure cooker moments for those who have avoided a change. Reason or expedience will only make the situation more uncomfortable. But here we are, facing our values and realities in a rather harsh light. Tomorrow will be a test of what actions were taken today. Be careful what you set in motion today. Most of us can’t afford to be too self-centered. The interesting thing is when you open up to the possibilities of expanded ideas and associations, then fumbling in the past seems like a waste of time.  Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, June 30th, this is a day where the rubber meets the road. Either you have tread on those tires or you don’t. Taking my traveling images, know that if there is something to trip you up, it will. A tendency to skid out of control will plague those who don’t think things through.  Come ready for contingencies to be met with a plan B. The Moon is aspecting that opposition with Mars and the Draconian points. For the next couple of days conflict and hurt emotions could dominate.  What is meant to happen, does. Also, a day to test your patience and flexibility. There certainly could be some fantastic discoveries today because of the chaos has turned out all manner of things. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, July 1st, as yesterday’s build up has set the stage for a power struggle, make sure you are not being a toad. If so, the light will shine very brightly on your warts. Interestingly enough it will be easier to see how things are turning towards healing and stability. Sometimes you just have to expose the dark side of things for change to happen. Unfortunately, this will be a day that someone will face their inner demons, maybe quite publicly. Moon in Capricorn.

Monday, July 2nd, expect a bit of clarity about recent events. There will still be lots of time to work out an issue, but if you can settle it now, then everyone will be better off. As most of the next month will force focus on trouble spots. Taking a fresh perspective will make your week go smoothly. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, July 3rd, a new glimmer of light into the undercurrent of events. Exposures, confessions, accusations, will dot our mental landscape but it all adds an element to processing how others think and where you are in that group. All of this is for the best so try to take something positive out of it instead of being forever aggravated. But then some people thrive on being forever offended. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, July 4th, with this being our time to celebrate the birth of not only a nation but a social/political experiment. Through the suffering and wandering immigrants came here for another chance. The stagnant system behind them had serious ingrained damage. Today Chiron goes station, or starts to go retrograde, in its erratic orbit. There are things about our experience that need healing, but can the lesson be learned? What would it take to heal ourselves and how would we do that? Consider this as you observe the day. Maybe some inspiration will appear. Moon in Pisces by afternoon.

Thursday, July 5th, do you find yourself delving into your deepest desires and disappointments? Go easy on yourself despite the rhetoric of individuality and independence. We are a product of our closest allies and associations. Try to sort through what was damaged and choose something to work on. It is worth a try especially if a path needs a fresh start. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, June 21, 2018



Romance will continue to have some friction until later this week. Then the home fires should start to even out. This is about money, what constitutes routine or normal. With Mars in opposition to this aspect, watch all your actions because they are meaningful. Things can certainly get blown out of proportion, so be mindful of what is say.

I missed it last week, but Neptune went Retrograde last week. It is slow moving so this will last until November 26th. Conscious people have been put through so much, but this retrograde means a second look at what motivates us. I also note Neptune’s Retrograde is after this year’s midterm elections. While I am passionate about consequences, just know that how we think together will be profoundly influenced this cycle. Perhaps it will be another permutation of our deepest insecurities facing the reality that fear was unnecessary. I am speaking of those who grovel at authoritarianism as a security that lets them be at the top of the heap. I hope by the end of this cycle there will be no heap, but a collective working together.

June 26th Mars starts to slow down and go Retrograde. This will be gumming up the works of most processes until August 28th. Interestingly enough it could also put the brakes on actions during this time. What is tricky about this is Mars will remain in aspect to the Dragon’s Tail all this time, before it starts it journey back though the opposition through the Dragon’s Tail until October 2nd, 2018. So as the weather really starts to change so will this aggravating point. This may be known energetically as one of the hottest periods we have experienced in a long time. The Dragon’s Tail simply responds to old habits being more comfortable than moving in a karmically positive direction. Old ways will struggle to remain dominate over the needed fresh start into our next “social experiment”.

Just as a heads up on next week, June 30th will have a very potent T Square with Moon/Mars, North Node/Mercury and Uranus… remember our old friend Uranus the trickster? I suspect some particularly difficult and shocking news will happen that day. Fortunately, there are a number of Trines to ease the pain so that everything does not fall apart. Just know that if you are signing a contract this day, don’t do it. With Mars in Capricorn, I have to wonder about financial markets as well. Don’t rule out cyber-attack.

A Grand Square through the 30th will force examination of where you are right now. Some people will be quite cozy because they have developed or transformed in step with the times. Those who are still stuck in an old paradigm will take a fair amount of heat. These times are pivotal to advancing consciously.

So, after that gloom and doom you may understand why I focus more on daily consciousness creating the future, vs where it could spiral out of control.

Friday, June 22nd, this day will be a mixed bag of things coming together then finding resistance. Midday and later afternoon prove that those who work through the difficulties will meet with success. The important focal point is the Grand Trine in Air bringing clarity and distillation from what is tumbling about. If you are one to find reorganization from chaos, you will benefit.  At the end of the day get ready to change gears for the weekend. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, June 23rd, to focus on what is working, there are some powerful shifts in consciousness happening today. They are new ways of looking at a situation. A better view of what we can be proud of, and where that is going. Even if it seems more like shock and awe. The Grand Square is keeping things stationary, so why not work with the unseen, such as a new meditation practice. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, June 24th, finds the Grand Trine in Air breaking up. So, our thinking may not be connecting all the dots. Seek deeper truths or simply find a way to recharge your energy. Working on your meditation practice or just finding some time to disconnect and wind down will make the most of your time today.  In stressful times all we have is the present moment. Moon in Libra until early evening when it goes into Scorpio.

Monday, June 25th, continue your new practice for a few more days. Seek out where the incongruencies meet with what is happening. It can be beneficial to adapt to this unseen world if taken from a humanitarian perspective. A Grand Trine in Water leads opportunities for transformation, healing, empathy, understanding and forgiveness. These days, more of that perspective is needed. Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, June 26th, beware of getting into power struggles today. Do observe where those struggles are around you so you can find a path that breaks the bonds of dominance. We are being manipulated and it is not for our best interest. So who benefits?  One of the good aspects of the Neptune Retrograde is the games of fear or illusion can be understood if we look hard enough. Especially if we know that something is not right. Don’t take the easy explanation right now. Look for more truth. Moon in Scorpio.

Wednesday, June 27th, for better or worse there will be a lock down on our perception of truth.  Unfortunately, not all the information is not available… by design. All you can be sure of is there is one way to look at a situation, and what is important is how does it work out in the future. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, June 28th, a power struggle, a midheaven T Square, and a Magic Rectangle, create a moment in time where you have to really work to be heard. It is a challenge of honor and philosophy. There is no clear winner at this point in time. Good vs evil doesn’t always turn out well. We will know more by the 30th. Just not a good time to get into contracts or negotiations. There will be winners and losers over the next few days. Sadly, the real power forward is consensus or agreement. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, June 14, 2018



This week starts out with the Sun entering Gemini. Every perspective and angle to a situation keeps many caught in thought without much being actually done. Always an exciting time on its own but there are other things that are just continuingly applying pressure for change and truth. The down side, other than the seemingly endless struggle is it may well be affecting your ability to cope. Watch out for unhealthy coping mechanisms this week.

Mars will be just passing an exact opposition to the North Node this week. The general theme of a transit is as it approaches the aspect, in this case an opposition, the key parts of a struggle line up. As it passes, the real issue is crystallized and then plays out when the movement pulls forward. 

Unfortunately, Mars will be shortly going retrograde bringing the attention to your present issues over and over again. Fortunately, Venus is just far enough away that personal relationship problems will be more manageable. That will pick back up in July when Venus rolls around to the North Node/Mars opposition. If you have handled your relationship problems, the test of how that will work out is up for review for a while. Stay engaged so that all parties know you are trying.

By the 18th be ready to launch something important but know that a window of a couple of days will then turn into dealing with what you actually got. It will be a test of perseverance to bring the project into fruition. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Friday, June 15th, amid the myriad of stressors, one glimmer of hope runs through the day. A Grand Trine in Air connecting our intuitive nature, big plans and opportunities and the general comraderies of like minded people helps you intellectually navigate this particularly difficult week. Call it fatigue, but the weekend never looked better. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, June 16th, odds are you will leave home angry. Weird things are all around and you are just being too emotional with everything. Time to carefully speak and act if you want to preserve your closest relationships. Annoying habits will be noticed and words will be spoken. We all need to work on certain things, and this day will make it very clear what you presently need to work on. Moon in Cancer.

Sunday, June 17th, if you can think before you speak, reason will return. A Grand Trine in Air brings communications, self-driven opportunities and connection to the whole. Expect it to help you through this week. Illusion will be ever present, but you can sort through the veils to find clarity. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, June 18th, if you can muster self-motivation and leaning into life with some optimism, the double Grand Trine in Air and Fire will get you going on that new project of finishing up one that got dropped before it was done. In the evening take some time to make a few wishes that will bring opportunities your way. Moon in Leo.

Tuesday, June 19th, this morning, put your best foot forward as luck will grace those who have the most drive or best ideas. It fizzles by midday, but there is still a lot of potential later in the day. You just may need to make the final connections in person. Romance is likely to be challenged right now, but instead of lingering over that, do something invigorating. Sometimes things just get boring and you need to find something interesting to share. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, June 20th, communication is still leading us down interesting venues. In the midst of a hot summer, it is good to channel that creativity. Think big, think twice and find your footing. At the same time a Grand Square with the Moon makes our emotional nature finicky, obsessive and overworked. What you have created up to now will get locked into place. Carefully sort what seems to be roadblocks into moments to make course corrections and perfections without burning out. Moon goes into Virgo by evening.

Thursday, June 21st, a ghost of the restrictions of yesterday will prevail for a while. It is because some of the creativity and gumption of the previous days has turned into details. Take a slower approach to your project so that it is refined during this period rather than debilitated with being nitpicky. Keep the mind rested for the restarts of the next few days. Even if you just want to go home and lick your wounds. Work through the difficulties. Moon in Virgo.

Thursday, June 7, 2018



The week the Sun will finish up it journey through Taurus. Most of that time will be spent squaring Neptune in Aquarius. I take this as meaning stubborn tendencies towards progressive or cultural shifts. What’s new there? Seems like that undercurrent has been prevalent forever. But this week that story will be even more noticeable. Consider those who aren’t instep with what we have learned from the past and fear the future? They will be making the most noise. Sort through what is whimpering and grandstanding and focus on why that ideology has been tested and now is failing. Learn from others this week. They are part of our own journey.

The Grand Trine in Air has dissolved and Venus spends her last days in Gemini. For those who need less ethereal faery kind and more seductive home cook, this week will unveil her in Venus’s journey into Cancer. Unfortunately, most of the week this transition will not be smooth with an opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius. The struggle will be real with conflicts of feminist visions and real home-based needs. Expect breakdowns, tears, over feeding and maybe a wonderful breakfast the next day with smiles. Living with the nitty gritty aspects of love and life can be easier in theory than in practice.

Mars in Capricorn will be moving past its exact opposition to the North Node of Dragon’s Head of our future. This also means the tail of the Dragon will be following Mars exactly. Expect some pivotal actions to happen this week. we will be picking up the pieces or sorting through the evidence for the rest of the month. Since the opposition basically works with home fires and finances and property, this could touch home to everyone. Hopefully you will have a manageable situation, like a home repair rather than something more significant. Unfortunately, things in the bigger world could set in motion harsh realities for all of us. Are we managing all we can? Act where you can even if you feel like you are just one candle in the dark.

With all the difficulties clicking into place, bear in mind your own self care is imperative. With out that you can not face the uncertainties. Keep your routine and enjoy what you have. Keep that one glimmer of positive feeling glowing. The world harmonics will need it!

Friday, June 8th, while general news will continue to sound more like excerpts from Alice in Wonderland. You can safely come home and ground with friends and family. Tune into higher aspirations of cohesive community and how you can help.  Anything that is seething and festering will want to pop this week, so get out of the range of that mess. Keep antiseptic close at hand too there may be some bumps and abrasions! Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, June 9th, the Moon conjoins with Uranus today in a Grand Square. Expect chaos, surprises, fiery tempers and blowouts. Those who do this, will be wrapped into their own mess. Stay out of that circle! This will be a day where gravitating to what uplifts you, grounds you or otherwise maintains a level of stability. We have been in a long pattern of passing out of favor and opening the way for the qualified but untried methods. It will be rocky. Of course, if you are in a good spot, it all will just seem like an ever-unfolding drama of good vs. evil. Pay attention as games are afoot.  Moon in Aries.

Sunday, June 10th, this is a day to review and develop your inner sanctum. Perhaps you are scheduled to clean the garage or the closets. Whatever will make the energy around you move smoothly. Remove any congestion. The Moon is Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which is the only strong positive influence today. If you don’t have that point of peace and perspective, I suggest you look to those who do. Something can be learned from them. Be open to being taught. Moon in Aries.

Monday, June 11th, if you have managed to keep your head and heart open over the weekend, today will bring a marvelous connection with a new perspective and feeling. It may be as simple as walking into your yard and seeing a fascinating natural event. We take our blessings as they come and try to know that all change has its time line. If things changed too quickly, one way or the other there would be too much shock to the system. I get it, this is taking a long time to return to stability. The same dark specters of the past have reemerged through out time and we just have to let them die out. They did not work back then, they will not work in the future. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, June 12th, actions and desires start to take form. It may only be for the short term but let this be a lesson in just being present at all times. Then there is no worry over past or future. You are doing your best so no regrets and probably a predictable outcome. In case you haven’t noticed, things are moving quickly in every direction. Catch the best and reform it into something marvelous. Moon in Taurus.

Wednesday, June 13th, today and tomorrow expect hard or critical news and crazy actions. Personally, I would just venture to work and back. This is a really harsh aspect especially for today. If the North Korea/ US summit actually occurs, it is anyone’s guess how this next day will work out. I suspect word plays will not translate well. Play it safe, go home and bond with those you love and know that something better must be in the works. Moon in Taurus until evening.

Thursday, June 14th, the details of yesterday playing out in full force. Certain things will be way out of proportion and instability will seem to be paramount. Clash of ideologies will be like the Fourth of July. Take a deep breath and just know if you have done all you can. Hold a light of hope. Moon in Gemini.