Thursday, June 7, 2018



The week the Sun will finish up it journey through Taurus. Most of that time will be spent squaring Neptune in Aquarius. I take this as meaning stubborn tendencies towards progressive or cultural shifts. What’s new there? Seems like that undercurrent has been prevalent forever. But this week that story will be even more noticeable. Consider those who aren’t instep with what we have learned from the past and fear the future? They will be making the most noise. Sort through what is whimpering and grandstanding and focus on why that ideology has been tested and now is failing. Learn from others this week. They are part of our own journey.

The Grand Trine in Air has dissolved and Venus spends her last days in Gemini. For those who need less ethereal faery kind and more seductive home cook, this week will unveil her in Venus’s journey into Cancer. Unfortunately, most of the week this transition will not be smooth with an opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius. The struggle will be real with conflicts of feminist visions and real home-based needs. Expect breakdowns, tears, over feeding and maybe a wonderful breakfast the next day with smiles. Living with the nitty gritty aspects of love and life can be easier in theory than in practice.

Mars in Capricorn will be moving past its exact opposition to the North Node of Dragon’s Head of our future. This also means the tail of the Dragon will be following Mars exactly. Expect some pivotal actions to happen this week. we will be picking up the pieces or sorting through the evidence for the rest of the month. Since the opposition basically works with home fires and finances and property, this could touch home to everyone. Hopefully you will have a manageable situation, like a home repair rather than something more significant. Unfortunately, things in the bigger world could set in motion harsh realities for all of us. Are we managing all we can? Act where you can even if you feel like you are just one candle in the dark.

With all the difficulties clicking into place, bear in mind your own self care is imperative. With out that you can not face the uncertainties. Keep your routine and enjoy what you have. Keep that one glimmer of positive feeling glowing. The world harmonics will need it!

Friday, June 8th, while general news will continue to sound more like excerpts from Alice in Wonderland. You can safely come home and ground with friends and family. Tune into higher aspirations of cohesive community and how you can help.  Anything that is seething and festering will want to pop this week, so get out of the range of that mess. Keep antiseptic close at hand too there may be some bumps and abrasions! Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, June 9th, the Moon conjoins with Uranus today in a Grand Square. Expect chaos, surprises, fiery tempers and blowouts. Those who do this, will be wrapped into their own mess. Stay out of that circle! This will be a day where gravitating to what uplifts you, grounds you or otherwise maintains a level of stability. We have been in a long pattern of passing out of favor and opening the way for the qualified but untried methods. It will be rocky. Of course, if you are in a good spot, it all will just seem like an ever-unfolding drama of good vs. evil. Pay attention as games are afoot.  Moon in Aries.

Sunday, June 10th, this is a day to review and develop your inner sanctum. Perhaps you are scheduled to clean the garage or the closets. Whatever will make the energy around you move smoothly. Remove any congestion. The Moon is Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which is the only strong positive influence today. If you don’t have that point of peace and perspective, I suggest you look to those who do. Something can be learned from them. Be open to being taught. Moon in Aries.

Monday, June 11th, if you have managed to keep your head and heart open over the weekend, today will bring a marvelous connection with a new perspective and feeling. It may be as simple as walking into your yard and seeing a fascinating natural event. We take our blessings as they come and try to know that all change has its time line. If things changed too quickly, one way or the other there would be too much shock to the system. I get it, this is taking a long time to return to stability. The same dark specters of the past have reemerged through out time and we just have to let them die out. They did not work back then, they will not work in the future. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, June 12th, actions and desires start to take form. It may only be for the short term but let this be a lesson in just being present at all times. Then there is no worry over past or future. You are doing your best so no regrets and probably a predictable outcome. In case you haven’t noticed, things are moving quickly in every direction. Catch the best and reform it into something marvelous. Moon in Taurus.

Wednesday, June 13th, today and tomorrow expect hard or critical news and crazy actions. Personally, I would just venture to work and back. This is a really harsh aspect especially for today. If the North Korea/ US summit actually occurs, it is anyone’s guess how this next day will work out. I suspect word plays will not translate well. Play it safe, go home and bond with those you love and know that something better must be in the works. Moon in Taurus until evening.

Thursday, June 14th, the details of yesterday playing out in full force. Certain things will be way out of proportion and instability will seem to be paramount. Clash of ideologies will be like the Fourth of July. Take a deep breath and just know if you have done all you can. Hold a light of hope. Moon in Gemini.

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