Thursday, July 27, 2017



Mars and the Sun in Cancer will be exact this week. Friday has a flurry of early announcements that just have no basis in reality. Especially for those holding onto an old line or expectation that is past its prime. Yep, so hard lessons of Pluto are at work here.  What surrounds this discord is congeniality or commiseration that brings people closer together. Especially those with the least in common. Expect the unexpected and keep the vibration in the light…. With well-grounded motivations.

Venus has moved into Gemini which brings lots of possibilities and connections. Just nothing solid or dependable. Keep it light with any new acquaintances because you need to just have a bit of fun and nothing heavy right now. There is also a strong chance for mixed signals or deliberate deceit in these encounters (there is a square to Chiron which can withhold what you need). Approaching any new acquaintance with caution and civility will lead to the best choices. It will take time to sort out who is worth your time.

Next week I will try to sort out the upcoming eclipse phases.

Friday, July 28th, will find many trying out big ideas that just don’t go anywhere. This is a time when you should be happy that there was resistance, because fighting an uphill battle could still bring results that disappoint. Today will be better for taking the path of least resistance and allowing time for love and laughter instead. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, July 29th, this is a great day for flirtation and exploration in the world of love. Rediscover those around you or entertain something or someone a bit quirky… but not dangerous. While this infatuation will not last, consider how you reacted and take stock of any internal healing that has occurred in your psyche. Today’s joys are fleeting, but let them uplift you with the right attitude. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, July 30th, romance will take a back seat today. Yesterday’s intrigue turns into today’s questions. Some higher learning is to be experienced today as the right information comes your way to keep you out of harm’s way. Also, some personal illumination about yourself and how you fit with others can be very beneficial. Definitely a time for self-development. Moon in Libra.

Monday, July 31st, lots of situations will unfold today. Your job is to consider human nature, what is best for the future and what past mistakes can be avoided. If you can avoid making ultimatums, the joys of the day will be yours. Avoid drama and embrace gratitude for what is around you. Moon in Libra until evening when it goes into Scorpio.

Tuesday, August 1st, some news of the bigger world will cause some healing and relief. This will relate to something that has to transform. With an opposition of Mercury and Neptune, expect compromise to struggle along. These oppositions are really opportunities for opposites that attracted to work out differences and create something harmoniously. We all know what these situations are in our everyday life, but this might just mean something from the politics of our time. I am hopeful… with the Moon in Scorpio that agent of transformation.

Wednesday, August 2nd, as the day progresses, more of the unexpected momentum in previously stagnant enterprises. This has to do with the outer world, things you are doing for the home and where you heart has taken a leap of faith into some new territory. Good luck to those trying to better themselves. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, August 3rd, the fates shift against the mismanagement of systems and structures. What does work well is moving into positive territory for the future. Use this as your hint when you come up to difficulties. If you are going the wrong way, doors will start to close. If you are fortunate enough to be in the flow of the future and rising tides then expected synchronicity. You will be pleasantly surprised by the end of the day. The key will be what is your motivation? Are you in integrity or neglect and denial? Moon goes into Sagittarius.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 20, 2017



There will be a shift in direction from what we see and what we hear. I prefer to believe my eyes because if evidence is not observable, then you have to take another’s authority as correct. In this case, much of what is heard will be valid but doubtful that it reflects the whole story. As the moon moves through a couple of conjunctions, this is when the shift will be known. Otherwise, there is a lot of business as usual for most of us. Which might be a good thing as most of us don’t have the energy for upsets, especially in the heat of summer.

Friday, July 21st, this could be another day of moody exchanges when things don’t go just as expected. The bigger you are the more you will benefit from understanding how to be humble. Expect an instant karmic kick back if you can’t keep things in perspective. Lots of paparazzi pushing with endless details that go nowhere. Mostly because it is drama and not substance. If you can, focus on what does have substance in your life because that way you will keep your feet grounded. Moon in Gemini

Saturday, July 22nd, especially in the morning, intuition should be on target. Then there is a shift. If you can’t control the onset of monkey mind, you will have a rough afternoon and evening. This is a great afternoon to spend in restorative endeavors. Dream time this evening could be equally chaotic so maybe skip the nightcap and late-night raid on the refrigerator. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, July 23rd, as the day progresses, your edginess will start to dwindle. Try to create a peaceful surrounding today as you shake off stress and ground your well-being with what is right with the world. As the day shifts, into late morning, try some meditation, an early walk or some time outside in the shade with something cold to drink. Soak in the summer and make it memorable with those you love. Get to sleep early tonight. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, July 24th, when you feel rejuvenated, you just do better. Today will allow you to accomplish a lot as well as sense nuanced changes in how to do things. Today, romance should be fine and outlook for the future should be encouraging. This evening is a time to touch base and then let everyone go on their adventure. You can catch up with stories at another time. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, July 25th, this morning opens with a roar. Lots of focus on the latest news and good ideas for the future. If you are having to lead others, then take it seriously and remember when you were in the ranks. Make the best of this energy as you build on a new idea for the future that will pay off down the line. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, July 26th, good things are happening, but bear in mind that synchronicity is hard to maintain for long periods of time. If you are lucky enough to get on the right energetic flow, stay with it until it starts to slow down. Then take that hint and slow down too. Working harder to maintain it will be fruitless. Enjoy the day! Moon in Leo.

Thursday, July 27th, today may feel like nothing is going right. Details just don’t want to add up. Romance falls flat and well you can’t relax either. Don’t worry about why someone not calling back. Instead focus on good news that seems to be flowing in. Since you don’t have distractions with relationships, consider how your attitude is being affected by the news. If you are angry, then a lesson with understanding Pluto’s insistence on honor and integrity will lead you into better head space. If you are still ruminating on unproductive expectations, then you need to settle back and ground in something realistic. Moon in Virgo.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 13, 2017



This week some fundamental shifts are occurring in what we see and how energy is used. Both Mars, and then a few days later, the Sun will shift into Cancer. This could be touchy feelLy, but not likely as there is a strong square to erratic Uranus in Aries. We also lose the benefit of the Grand Trine in Fire by July 16th. What that will mean is a push for creating a better future without the full flow of grounding events to follow. This could be the start of the hardest part of the year for all contained in the web of life. Compounded with the heat of summer, tempers will flair just about anywhere. Give people lots of extra time and space if they not handling things well. Also watch your back in places that relate to water or fluids. Especially flammable fluids.

In the world of romance, Venus is trine to Jupiter for the next week and a half. Big things are in store for those in love. With both in earth signs, expect this to be a solid time to connect and do things that are foundational. So, this is your bright spot in the next several days! I hope you can find the energy to participate, even if it means just getting the short story of world events so you can connect with what makes the world go around, love in all its forms.

Friday, July 14th, brings a day where you could intuitively know what to say and do for someone in a crisis. Sometimes it is just the little things that matter. Most of us have had both good and bad times so we do relate to another’s suffering. Use this as a point for compassion. For a few more days we can navigate through some dicey waters of life and arrive safely. Another lesson over the next few days is to not be insistent on a specific outcome if an alternative will work also. Stubbornness will cause repercussions. Messages will be frequent and with the subtle information you need. Read between the lines. Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, July 15th, as the weekend unfolds, you should start to feel an exaggerated sense of conflict of what you feel, what is presented and what is the truth. It all starts to sink in just how far the ruse has gone. Somehow, with our insistence, a push to deal with reality is present. This relates to the big players in life. Facing a dysfunctional relationship is always hard. Convenience and personal agendas have to be called out on deception and ignoring what is happening. For the next week, expect more pressure to do the right thing and speak your truth. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, July 16th, this is the last day of the Grand Trine in Fire. If there was motivation to get something pulled together, it is slipping away after today. On top of that the Moon is shifting into Aries and connecting with Uranus. With the Mars/Sun now in Cancer and tracking together, this could be an explosive day. Think fire and water. Let’s hope it is more like the volcano Pele oozing magma into the ocean and not something more explosive and damaging. Moon in Aries by mid-morning.

Monday, July 17th, as the day progresses, consider what is good in your life. The news could be heart wrenching, but if your immediate life is safe and secure, take that in with gratitude. I really think that yesterdays’ events, even if you are just hearing about them today, will be diminished by your immediate web of friends and family. Put your energy into where you can make a difference. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, July 18th, the day will start out with a “can-do” energy. Roll with that while you can. There is so much more that is positive in our lives, especially when we make the effort to create community. In the bigger picture, there will be some subverting vibes trying to wear you down. The key is to consider what is an ideology and what make sense for the home front. Ideals have their way of inspiring us, but when they steal your strength, it is time to stay engaged and insist on what serves the best interest for as many as possible . Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, July 18th, yesterday’s lessons will be re-played today. Since you have had a chance to sleep on the situations, you can be wiser in your approach. Healing is possible if we can keep common sense. Moon in Aries until late afternoon.

Thursday, July 19th, Mercury is approaching the Draconian point of the North Node. Positive news will grace us for several days as the messenger of the sky finds its way out of heart wrenching Cancer (just at this moment) and into Leo. Wanting leadership? Wanting to be heard? Be sure to speak from the heart and not the ego. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 6, 2017



Later this week, Mars will shift from Gemini to Cancer. Depending on the situation, actions can go from harsh realities to either moody (if it is afflicted in your chart) to taking your aggressions home. In a bigger picture, this could be those who are trying to push an agenda will get so moody that no one wants to deal with them. The tougher side of Mars in Cancer will be experienced until mid-week where things should settle down after a big blow up. Be careful not to vent on those who are not up to listening. Some will take it personally and you will have a lot of work to make up the damage.

As for those concerned about romance, Venus will be in sensitive negotiations laying ground work for the next phase. Playing house will no longer be enough. In other words, commitments could be made this week. With the exception of July 11th, when Venus will lose touch with the little Hermes, Mercury, and then will shift to a favorable trine with Jupiter in Virgo on the 12th. Be it out of practicality or health, the later part of the week will certainly look differently than the way the week started out.

The Grand Trine with North Node (draconian point of destiny and future), Saturn (the old taskmaster of lessons) and Uranus (of surprises and unusual situations), will continue another week. July 13th, 14th and 15th will have a lot of things pull together. What does not fit, needs to be set aside. If you don’t mind the occasional few closed doors to opportunity this could be a very magical week, but not on the actual full moon.

Friday, July 7th, the day starts out with a certain attitude. What you chose as that attitude, will make a great deal influence on your outcome. The Moon will move conjunct Saturn in Scorpio then into Moon in Sagittarius. If you are staying present, you could go from revelation that discards an untenable situation and then opens up to unscheduled possibilities. Remember that much of what is in this alinement is in retrograde. Which puts the work and affect back in your hands and heart. Choose carefully. This will mater a lot. Much healing from messages and self-improvement is favored today. Take some time and make some wishes on the Moon. Moon in Sagittarius by midday.

Saturday, July 8th is the full moon will intensify emotional responses especially in areas of honor, patriotism and seeking adventure. Another day of healing and transformation as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius later this day. Feel the force of what is happening and act accordingly. If your response sounds like tough love, maybe you should consult an etiquette book before you go forward. Your own insights will be missing important understandings thereby creating the wrong response to whatever is the problem. That will be hard to bring back into harmony. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, July 9th, another day where if you get it wrong, you will be stuck with the results a long time. Again, look at social norms and try to study the cause an effect of any action. Obsessiveness is pushing hard on those forced to make a change. Don’t hold onto the wrong concepts. Think honor, dignity, home and hearth. Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, July 10th, another day where emotions are tense. Be careful with your words as they will carry lots of harsh damage. Do you really want to do that just because you feel out of sorts? A showdown to making commitments and alliances is coming up. Fortunately, the unexpected twists will be ironed out somewhat by now and you have a better idea what you are dealing with. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, July 11th, is when Venus just drops communication and finds lovers and loved ones not knowing what is next. Give it a day, and examine carefully what you need so you are prepared for tomorrow. Mars goes into that 29* Gemini with a trine to Neptune. What this says, with other indicators, is how the group thinks will be very important. Every issue that has festered over the last month will come into review. It should be positively worked out, only if details are considered and function flows with workable form. That is a tough order for anyone in leadership. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, July 12th, communication and feelings are still very testy. As long as feelings and money are constructively discussed, then by tomorrow an agreement can get closer to fruition. This might be a hard time to adjust the budget, but family will benefit if they do so today. Make sure all details are considered. No fair leaving out important setbacks for repairs. this could be a day where you just want to toss any negotiations out the door. Instead, try to understand motivations rather than make a decision. The Moon has shifted into Aquarius which could mean people are holding on to ideals rather than workable ideas. Everyone needs to come down for a reality check. Perfect is for the divine, and man is allowed to step it down a bit. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, July 13th, many will be pouting in their corner insisting on their version of what should be done. Don’t try to negotiate all the details right now. Just set up a list and work on positive and negative columns to decide later. Let your heart into the works as Venus will be trying to incorporate commitments in the long picture. Delicate and obsessive situations can happen. Just tells you how high the stakes are to get this right the first time. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen