Thursday, September 29, 2016



An interesting concept has been floating around lately about honoring the value of a second new moon in a month. Friday will be such a day. The one that preceded it on the 1st of September was an eclipse. If you want to honor this time, I suggest that you make some special promises to yourself to let go of behaviors that cause you grief. Yep, letting go is done all the time as we outgrow one state of being for another. Also a good time to let go of people who don’t make good decisions which end up impacting you. Even if they are lifetime friends. It sends a strong signal to them to grow up or move on from something that holds them back. They can reunite when they have made the change.

Friday, September 30th, this could be a day that you will get bogged down in details and little movement forward. Instead of trying to finish up a complex project before the weekend, your time would be better utilized by filing, sorting, prioritizing your project so when you come in Monday morning and easily find data for that report. You may surprise yourself at the sheer volume of stuff you have for this job. You will have the weekend to mentally break down the major parts and then later they will be at your fingertips to pull together. What is working well is a bit of cosmic love heading our way today with a set of trines with Venus, Mid heaven and Neptune. We are all part of a whole, and contribute individually to that overall quality of life. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, October 1st, today will be easier to pull together that Three Musketeers chant, “all for one, and one of all”. Allow some healing into your life knowing that we are all coping as well as we know how. Simply respect someone for their path and reactions. After all, the lofty goal of everyone having what they need can still be met. But elements of greed will have to take a back seat to the process. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, October 2nd, still a great day to put a bit of love into your life. There is enough of a lull today for you to notice a hidden obsession trying to sabotage your weekend. Much of that difficulty has to do with what we are hearing and how it does not set well with us. My suggestion is instead of reading the short story, just hear the actual source or statement and see how that sits with you. This is a time to remember that we are taught critical thinking for times like these. Moon in Libra.

Monday, October 3rd, the moon is directly on Venus today bringing some lovely moments to those in love. Could also be just a great time to find you center in the chaos. Balanced moments are so valuable to calibrate your center so you can call upon that feeling when the going gets tough. Overall a really great day to be alive. Moon in Libra.

Tuesday, October 4th, another day of keeping a positive attitude. Listen for interesting inspirations and synchronies to help you stay on point. Today it is your choice which attitude you want to embrace. This time of year can drag you into the dark or it can simply give you pause for gratitude. Chose the more life affirming aspect unless you have to discover why you have not been getting along well with others. Then dive deep to find the source and then heal. Moon in Scorpio later on this afternoon.

Wednesday, October 5th, this could be the change that moves you into events that test your patience. With the Mid Heaven continuing to be involved, I suspect that some of you will simply be getting tired the “system” failing. We all have a point where we just have to say, “no more” or “fix it now”. Like drawing a line in the sand. Negotiation is possible, but the tricks have to stop. A good time to make a point also. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, October 6th, another great day to demand reality checks around you. This still involves the Mid Heaven and those things that bring us prosperity and cohesiveness. Tread carefully here as sometimes we expect too much or go too far for a goal. Life tends to give us mini tests when we face the difference between a need and a want. Have you evaluated that lately? Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, September 22, 2016



For the next couple of weeks expect the conflict with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter and the Sun to bring revelations about the high and mighty. Of course it will be a test of character and ethics in your own world, too. Those who are faking it, will find lots of pressure to own up and walk their talk. While this will be hard for followers to accept, it is necessary for understanding our dark sides such as denial. Those elements relating to destiny and the changes in the future depend on this scrutiny of conflict of interests. Looking with empathy to those in crisis, I remember that those who are insecure tend to be more accepting of bad behavior because they see themselves having been in compromised positions. Just goes to show that life is really difficult without some harsh lessons on the road to self-discovery. But there is a time a place for forgiveness vs. discernment.

Last week Venus went into Libra which will bring proposals, affirmations and all around good news for those in love. Last week there has been a delay because of pressures to keep it hidden for a while longer. Like some test had to be passed before it was time to commit. Friday will be a day that many will be remembering for a long time to come.

Friday, September 23rd, the world is buzzing with innuendo and those living in a house of cards. Shifts are likely with changes in public opinion. Expect public opinion to be very fickle for a while. Later this year, things will settle down. Add to that a strong day for getting back in touch with love and desires. Be sure that those who are not acting ethically, will be facing more resistance.  Today is when that special someone will say the magic words or make an offer you can’t refuse. Things shift again tomorrow, so pay close attention to your loved one. Of course things go underground tomorrow, but you will know more of how things are going today. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, September 24th, with a triad to the mid heaven, expect some positive news about how the world is moving. We all need a moment of rest from hard work and transformation that engages us all. There is agreement is all about moving into a new bold experiment with the promise of having the right stuff for the future. Also for the rest of the week, fortuitous actions and opportunities will move us forward on our personal fronts. Let your heart relax and just bask in some good vibes today. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, September 25th, we go from the Mercurial to the watery as realities seem to shift today. There is the effort spent to find a workable plan for stability, and then there is the letting in of good news, accomplishments and shall I say it, gratitude for what we have made it through. Off and on during this week lots of opportunities for some really special and happy things will arise out of the garble of “grounding” realities. Part of our job as humans is to lighten up and let go. When we have done all we can in a situation, then take a break and breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the change of seasons. Fall is upon many of us after a long, hot summer. For those of you who are precise, the actual equal day and night are today and tomorrow with 12 hours plus or minus a minute of each day. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, September 26th, it will be hard to find fault in your life today. The harmonies will outweigh the one bit of insecurity. So much of life is being present with what is here and now. That is how the next phase is made. So keep it positive so there will be that foundation for tomorrow. Allow a few days like that and see how it affects our mood and outcomes. Also expect some big announcements in your immediate world when it comes to getting something special or about love. This will be a factor for the next few days also. Are people wanting to start to create their nest before the chilling winds of winter? Who knows. Just get into it and love it! Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, September 27th, for those who have a passion, give your energy to it today. Luck favors those who work hard or pluck up their courage and take a chance on their gift. So if you have been waiting for the right moment to follow your heart, this is the day. It will be fleeting, so don’t procrastinate to long. Do remember that because there is little to count on in the future, your steps may be more representative of momentum. It all is a matter of what you are doing.  So much is on hold right now, but you can still make some inroads towards your goal. Moon in Leon.

Wednesday, September 28th, by today, so many hearts may be healed or on their way to fullness. After such a long period of shock and awe, times like this are extra special. Still a bit of resistance to hearing all the good news. As there is a bit of a power struggle between heart and mind. But hearts are making music. Try dancing to encourage the joy. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, September 29th, obsessive elements today revolve around what others are expecting and just what you actually want. Sometimes it is easy to forget, especially when hopes and dreams are coming together, that there is always an extended orb of friends and family that will eventually weigh in on your decisions. Try to follow your heart but realize that others have invested a great deal of energy as well. They will be heard. Some of the verbal banter will be a reality check, for others this stress will be learning to set your own foundations and develop your individual style. Fully expecting respect for your choices. Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, September 15, 2016



As I take a look at that T Square for another week, I just have to say “ugh”. For most, there are lots of life events that are just fine. The place where there is stress is where change is insisting on execution. It is our choice what to support. Minutia or sensational spin needs to give way to substance. Either we embrace what has to move or we die holding onto the untenable. None of this transformation will be easy with the Sun going into its yearly position in Virgo. Which brings more attention to detail and being aware of how we are seen. Couple that with Saturn in Scorpio which influence makes an intensity that is frightening to most of us.

Taking a lead from the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius, Friday and Saturday will bring a challenge to how we view our compatriots in this country. Instead of calling for a more loving and understanding emoting, why don’t we simply dig at what the real problem is, rather than hoping those who struggle will get over it. They won’t without change in their lives. Being engaged in that trauma makes our lives seem unstable, but remember, being under real stress is way more intense than telling another about what is going on. Stay tuned in, but demand that the core issues be worked on, not unproductive angry words.

There are some shifts this week in the planets and stars. The Sun will join Jupiter in Virgo. While this is a time when those who tend to be ill can be reminded of their vulnerabilities, a smart person would simply take this next month to get back into a healthy routine and get their check-ups. Getting down to the details of changes in routine and beliefs can be a focus this month also. Make the most of it.

Also Mars will move into Sagittarius on Sunday the 18th. It is still stressed by a T Square so the end result will your very perspective or philosophy will be tested for truth and viability. So much of our life is what we believe. Expect a test this week. There is a time for holding onto immutable truths, but they are hard to sort from the manipulated perceptions that try to control us.

And some good news that the Mercury Retrograde completely goes out by September 23rd. By then most of the internal work for now has been brought into light and you can then start to see the pieces come into form. This has been tough for those struggling with the T Square connections of actions and stability. For the rest of us, the time of fine tuning has brought up enough work for now. Do be aware that Friday is a Full Moon and an eclipse. This is not a time to wishful thinking. Keep it real, and practical. Otherwise the outcomes will be unpredictable and possibly unsatisfactory.

Friday, September 16th, there is no hurrying the process of what ails us as a nation. There is significant help when we simply focus on our perspective and how we treat another. The full moon and eclipse are marking a significant time for changes in those areas of your life.  If you fall into emotional words, don’t beat yourself up. The pressures are out there to bring us to the brink of changing how we get along. Remember Neptune is still hiding the truth with manipulations and propaganda. If you have some unexpected lucky situations come up, use that moment to realize that in chaos there is possibility. Because the status quo has been shaken into pieces, it is time to gather and sort into new situations. The next week or so will bring some bright promises, just don’t get stuck in the mud that surrounds you. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, September 17th, this will be a great day to connect up with your internal dialogue and intuition. Our gut feelings will be more reliable, that is if you have developed a trust and radar for what is really happening. I suspect that a sweet breeze of happiness will waft over those who are getting the flow of this new brave world ahead of us. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, September 18th, yesterday’s intuitions will be met with synchronicities today. Your actions will bring the desired results to your life. If they don’t then you need to re-examine what are your goals. They need to be in sync with the new paradigm ahead of us. Stay connected to your health routines. There will be plenty to overwhelm you and make you lose momentum. Try to not obsess on the world affairs today. Most of that is out of your hands anyway. Work on you and help where you can. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, September 19th, with a Grand Trine in Fire that is close to the mid heaven, there will be some breaking news about leadership and other types of world events. Yes, the state of the union and our fellow humans has a existential connection to our own wellbeing. I suspect that many will be happy over this news whether it supports what they hold dear or not. The sheer relief of certainty or new direction means a lot. Now couple that with your own stability, some sense of security can be achieved. Be grown up enough to know that a future that supports more of us, will produce a more stable reality. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, September 20th, another day of good news but at this point we have had a chance to sleep on it and feel like we know where we fit into the future. Sort of primal to feel like we can know what today is but feel more stable when we know what the future holds. Something that has been fleeting for a number of years. The work is still there, but knowing the direction is golden! Moon in Taurus later today.

Wednesday, September 21st, yesterday’s aha moments will now find whether you are in the right place or not. There is a Grand Square or Grand Cross today that will find many boxed into a situation. Here is where you know you need to work on your outlook more. If you are comfortable, then this is a day of settling into a new vibe. Enjoy that feeling, as the near future has more challenges. If you are living, then there is stuff to deal with. Be glad you can find times like this because there is a stretching of your soul when you see a situation, make a plan, and observe as it works out. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, September 22nd, Mercury is moving out of Retrograde and it’s “station”. Which means later today the world of hopes and dreams will start to show more movement. The hard part is actions will be short of success. Remember the messages that are sent, but delay actions until movement is possible. In other words, this could be a day of testing your patience. Amuse yourself with something philosophical rather than trying to ram your way forward. Moon in Taurus until late this evening.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen