Thursday, July 28, 2016



Friday, July 29th, there is an undercurrent of understanding the aspects of “for better or worse” in the general feel to how the world is moving. Ideals are clashing with leadership pulling together factions. And deep needs for transformation in a worldwide patterns. Yes, this did not happen overnight and will not change with wishful thinking. We are at a crossroads and must find a way to navigate, just not in a violent way. The good aspects have us in a better situation than we want to acknowledge. The next few days of obsessiveness will try to drag down any harmony or benefit we actually have. Don’t give into the hype. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, July 30th,  what was overwhelming yesterday, seems more negotiable today. The issues are still there, but communication about what is actually needed is up for real debate. Not everyone can really debate without falling into fixed positions. Try to stay out of vitriol. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, July 31st, another frustrating day. The key pieces of moving forward are there, so just keep level headed. So much is still unknown. All the pieces are not fitting which makes for many just simmering below the boiling point. A new piece to the puzzle will be revealed today. Maybe the bigger challenge of the day is understanding that manipulation has been woven into our lives and we are just seeing another veil lift relating to the web. We can figure this out if you can step back from the monkey mind and let the pieces fall together. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, August 1st, I challenge you to find the silver lining and healing in the situation. There is one to be found if we just allow ourselves to step away from the entrenched positions. There are some really lucky situations if you can keep your emotional antennae open to what there is to grasp. The morning will be luckier than the afternoon.  Moon goes into Cancer by afternoon.

Tuesday, August 2nd, I can’t help but want to hum the Rolling Stones song, “you can’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need”. This should be your mantra today. In a world of egotism, individualism and stubbornness, we forget that there is a greater synergy that must be recognized. We have been unable to compromise in the affairs around us, which has lead to some super hard edges which have cut us into many pieces. Take a breath, find a bit of grace in having your daily needs, and count your blessings today. That may be the only way to find a smile. Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, August 3rd, where the heart is, is where happiness will reside. Our life lessons both in the intimate and external are being forced to re-evaluate what is acceptable. The outer world has been formed by bigger forces than we like to acknowledge. Our place is only a small segment of that. Fortunately, while wheeling and dealing goes on around us, we are allowed moments of intimacy and happiness if we realize we are powerful in our own sphere. It could be a day where you decide what is real power vs. imagined. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, August 4th, a stellum, or cluster of planets in the same sign, has fully formed in Leo. It will be part of a spoke to a T Square with the old taskmaster, Saturn. This is a tense time of deciding leadership and what that will look like. Just when you thought it could not get worse, expect the political rhetoric to heighten for a few weeks. What does America really want? Have we become so isolated and desensitized to the traumas of life that we don’t care about our neighbor or that desperate person without a face? One of our life lessons is to know that luck have more to do with prosperity than ever before. It is not a level playing field and those wrangling the odds could care less about others. We need to hold accountable those who are really pulling the strings, and they are just out of view. Despite all this futility of the desire for change not all the luck resides with the chosen few. Take your moments when you can. Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 21, 2016



I wanted to review about the T Square in the “get it together” interpersonal aspects of Neptune (group consciousness), the North Node (destiny) and Saturn (learn your lessons). As the next weeks go by there will be some positive movement concerning this cosmic life lesson we are enduring. In general, the element of Neptune (mass consciousness and subliminal impulses) is contrary to the North  Node (of the future) all squared to Saturn (the tough task master). Right now, you know that we are wrestling with what the right path looks like. What we have been dwelling on is what we dislike the most about the actual situation. Get used to it, because there are still many who just are struggling with the changing times. The challenge is to include the needs that stabilize us, not just ranting. What is good this week is that there will be some heartfelt talks about what you want in life. Getting clarity of what is really right for you is the big question. Are you asking for more or less than your share?  Many are already making that shift from consumerism to living a simpler life and enjoying it. Remember your impressions because in a few weeks when Mars powers up those internal conflicts, you will want to have a baseline set with a level head.

Also that Grand Trine in Water will release on Monday, but it will be hard to tell. Because other great heartfelt connections will continue and amp up on slightly different levels. Uranus has been mostly harsh, but will turn benefit for a while. This Includes some extra unusual and fortuitous opportunities later this week. Still a lot to slog through in the daily heartbeat, but count your blessings that some area of life is boring. Could get very interesting for a number of people through the next week.

Friday, July 22nd, there is an undercurrent of either being unlucky or just out of luck. Don’t despair as events will shift starting Saturday for those in the new direction. I prefer the second version of luck as I believe that an individual creates a lot of their luck. Sometimes, the past efforts just run low on momentum and need a boost. The same can be said for the state of affairs around us. How do you want to view the situation? If you want to feel unlucky, then throw up your hands and vegge out on the couch. Just simmer in your own fear porn until you decide that really doesn’t feel good. If you want to add a personal push to the collective momentum, then find some way to help the situation. Defusing, helping, and reminding others that it is all a big lesson, so how long do you want to keep taking those tests? I prefer learn it thoroughly, take the test and then move on to the next transpersonal event. And we are in a transpersonal event. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, July 23rd, until the first week of August, Uranus, that old trickster, will be in a good mood. Stay alert for good news about your big wishes coming true. The energy will be more in line with new deals, gifts of destiny, wonderful new feathers for your nest and just better things to hear. Today will start that momentum of feeling better about your world. Breathe deeply and smell the sweetness of things to come. I know that the opposition of some big players is making you question why I say this, but it is all part of the realization. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, July 24th, please take this day to find your center. Many irritants are in the background and there is a moment to heal and take in the perspective of events to this point. You want to be unloaded enough to sense and take advantage of the great events coming up soon. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, July 25th, the day should start out with gentle intuitive reminders that no matter what happens it will be for the best. There is a good reason why we don’t have all the info before any endeavor. This is where creativity and openness to luck can shift even the most modest of fortunes. The Moon traverses Uranus, especially later in the day, bringing something fascinating to close enough to touch. The next couple of days will be particularly great for messages concerning your deepest desires. But it is anyone’s guess where that detail will poke out. My guess is news from home. Moon in Aries later today.

Tuesday, July 26th, with an undercurrent of some fantastic mojo, just to remind us, appearances can be deceiving. Take a closer look at what is in front of you or being presented. Don’t let an opportunist take advantage of your good mood. A day to be both savvy and optimistic, so take stock of past lessons learned as they need be remembered or they will be repeated, especially the hard lessons. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, July 27th, yeah for a short lived Grand Trine in Fire today. There is a significant connection with the right next step. If it is transformative and looking towards a better future, then you will be on target. Anything that reeks from stubbornness to isolationism will be the wrong way to go. But then, if you need to learn that lesson, again, then go right ahead. You will be reminded by the closed door and lack of success. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, July 28th, in the morning, there will be a solid link to something better. It could be a special notice that lets your work shine above others or a raise at work. Whatever it is, there should be a good feeling today about whatever you are doing right. Takes some time this afternoon, to make sure you understand just which situation lead to the applause. That way you can build on that momentum for the future, which is a moving target. So stay alert. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 14, 2016



For the lovers and dreamers out there, Friday starts a shift in the Grand Trine into all water signs. Depending on how stable you and your intended are, this could be a hallmark of closer ties and promises. What is interesting is all the players in this are at 0* (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer). Traditionally the actual first degree or so of a shift is stressful. With all this emotional focus, I suggest that the three phases of Water can be fully explored for healing. The story goes that Pisces is mutable, expressed as an oscillation of all that can be watery or emotional in nature. Cancer then takes that information and synthesizes the information for a direction of use. Then Scorpio creates the transformation into the full embodiment of the emotional nature. I suggest that many will be going into new territories of greater understanding and lasting emotional connection.  This will occur until July 23rd, 2016. So pay attention and stay engaged if you are interested in that connection of a lifetime. If there is much emotional baggage involved, patience and understanding will be necessary!

On the world front, there is still a lot that is not visible or knowable. Stay vigilant to the subtext and demand better if it is foul. That Square with Neptune and Saturn will break up about November 3rd, 2016. The good thing is the political world is starting to respond to the very souls they represent, although the filter of each varies in ethics and outcomes. Yep, it is a moving target, but then the voice of the people has been complacent for so long, the adaption will take time. Stay hopeful but aware.

Friday, July 15th, expect communications with that special someone will connect up in all the right places. It might be a bit tough to get things going but when they do, allow the flow of connection to heal what is deep inside of you. Venus (love and desires), Moon (emotion and intuition), Saturn (lessons and stability) and Mars (power and action) are all connecting together to create a special moment. In the outer world, some type of alliance or truce will emerge with the parts being constructed for the next week. While it may come as a relief to many, not all the players or secrets are in the open yet. Take philosophy of “show me”. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, July 16th, a pressure point to our personal stability is seen in an ongoing T Square with Saturn in Scorpio dead center to the activity. This is a time of fine tuning your spiritual antennae to what is the new message. Strangely, the return message of love and respect is as old as written history, but we need reminding regularly as we tend to slightly change the story to suit our daily needs. With the moon on this pressure point today, know that the unstable will make it out of their dark spaces and want to talk about “it”. Not necessarily a hazardous time, but definitely one of staying empathetic, and attentive. Still a good connection for romance and some confessions with pillow talk. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, July 17th, our hearts and minds are expressing peace and love today. Expect some random acts of kindness this weekend and today. If not, then sprinkle in some here and there where you can. After yesterday, so many people are feeling what is right in the world and just want to express the better side of human nature. Let’s all participate in this day and give a little, and accept a little love. Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, July 18th, while today will be a reflection of the weekend, just a bit watered down, I see that getting through the day will go well if the right attitude is accessed. Yes, the things that test our patience will still be there testing us. But hey, you are alive, functioning and probably doing something with your life. Tomorrow is the full moon, which can be a great time for wishes. But instead I suggest that you do those wishes on the moon tonight instead. The harmonies are there to take flight. This is a bit of a lark, but perhaps take a toy bow and arrow and send a wish to the moon? Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, July 19th, the full moon is tonight and with all indications things relating to money and earning should be abundant. This would be a great time to create some sort of savings account or trust for the future. Anything that has to do with the earth, material items or wealth are well indicated today. I would like to make a request of my readers. The country needs some common sense grounding in thoughts, words and communication. This would be a good time to call for grounding in as many as possible. The future is ours to create, so why not jump in on the right day to co-create with our highest good and personal stability? We all are being pushed to lose ground in communication, so why not take this time to turn that around? Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, July 20th, you should get an intuitive flash as to what will pull together your direction. This will be done in an indirect way. Such as a special news report that gives you hope for a direction you have embarked upon. There will be unusual clues everywhere if you can connect and remember them. Also, if you miss a chance to an opportunity, realize that it was not meant to be. We learn by trial and error. The quicker you understand that, the less attached to feeling failure. Growth can sting, but make it more a mosquito than a cosmic two by four.  Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, July 21st, another day of staying on your toes as to what is a real opportunity and what is a false start. Lots of mixed signals today. Also a lot of questions about motivations to your actions and desires. All for the best! By evening the shift will be higher understanding of the cause and effect of things. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 7, 2016



Just a quick update on the shifts in the heavens, which bring Venus and Mercury into Cancer for a while. Venus will be there for a month and Mercury will be there a couple of weeks. What this will do is bring some warm moments to those needing to step up the romance game. But watch out for emotional out bursts if things get to sticky. It could be going really well one moment and then get your fingers singed the next. One of the irate aspect is that Uranus is bringing  up confusion in the big picture and affecting others perspectives. So when someone gets to an emotional threshold, they remember what that meant at that time and then react like they are there again. Number two is Neptune is still hiding something. Sometimes it is not a big deal, just a trigger point that is hard to manage. Sometimes that hidden and chaotic issue is just not ready to be shared. Keep it honest, take regular reality checks and hope for the best.

Friday, July 8th,  could be a tricky evening for those wanting to strike up a new relationship with some witty remark. It is likely to remind your intended of something completely different. Stick to a respectful discourse and things may work out much better. This advice will work well in the world in general as it would be best to just keep it honest and considerate when doing anything. Although the tendency will be to be bold, showy and pushy. So if you find yourself strutting like a peacock… tone it down a few notches. There are no new “games” so try something refreshing like being who you are. Let the growth begin! Moon in Leo.

Saturday, July 9th, any headwinds made yesterday will definitely be pulling together today. Venus is in Cancer now, which means that nest making is all the rage.  If you don’t want to be part of this sort of thing, keep out of the mainstream. Otherwise, luck is in the stars for those who are tired of talking and want to step up the game. Could be a very healing time. Just remember that Neptune will slap you silly unless you tell the truth. Any attempt to cover over the bad spots will create the wrong impression. This day is also good for going for the goods and desires of life. Keep an eye out for sales and bargains. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, July 10th, may be a day where the miscommunications and the errant flows of chaos may be more evident. This will be going on for a while, so just double check things and do regular reality checks. Otherwise it could be a very nice day for most people. We need to start seeing things through the discord. Nothing is simple, and the days of things just working flawlessly are gone. Complications are met with success if you just ask questions and keep a level head. Moon in Virgo.

Monday, July 11th, double check the details and know that you can’t be right all the time. When the Moon is in Virgo under these circumstances then outward signs of being sick can crop up at the least expected times. Weaknesses in the immune system may be giving you hints of things to come. Take a double check of how you are handling summer and make changes. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, July 12th, those who are doing the actual work are the ones to consult. “Experts” or managers may not be up on what is really happening. If you need to get information take a different route and speak to the source such as your worker bees. You will be glad you did. While things are progressing forward as they should, it will be a challenge to get your report out. Leave yourself some wiggle room for coming missing pieces to the puzzle. Expect emotional responses from some people. With the heat of the summer in full bloom, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear a shouting match in the streets. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, July 13th, Mercury is well into Cancer right now and the elements of shock and deception are not playing nice either. Mercury will be this way until August 1st when things will get either pushier or more playful. Until then, know that answers will be emotional, self referenced and muddling about in the murkiness of internal dialogue and partial information. Tough time for decent politicians, and hopefully impossible for subversive ones. Watch for trips of the tongue. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, July 14th, with the Moon conjuncting Mars, this could be a great time to make a wish for success on that plan of action. If you are initiating a new project, add some flair and do it with a bit of ceremony. In life, it is very symbolic to make specific points in a progression of a project. Sometimes we get too focused on the outcome and forget to make notes of each stage and success or failure along the way. We learn from all aspects of a process. Don’t forget to watch for obsessive behavior such as hissy fits (an Okie term that is so descriptive), emotional outbursts… well you get the idea. Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen