Thursday, June 30, 2016



There is an unusual Grand Trine holding up this week until July 24th. It is unusual in that it is in both air and water. So many will be pulling together how they actually feel and think about their lot in life and what is going to be more beneficial. This is a time for reflection on what will heal the most of us and visualize how that will look. Of course, individual needs are very important, but there has to be some tolerance. We all  have had to let go of preconceived notions and this period is when we can do it in way that is more proactive and encompassing of more people. This is a rare chance to view others foibles in a way that we can correct our own.

Friday, July 1st, there are some significant synchronicities in the heavens today bringing both good vibrations and communications through the sorted media waves. People are prepping for a long weekend, well I hope everyone is getting some time off, as this is a great day to make those plans for fun. There will be a leap of faith that the convolutions left behind at work will still be there when you get back… trust me it can wait until Tuesday. Keep your actions moderate and even of service to others and this can be a great time. You know like when going to a gathering offer to bring something, and do so. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, July 2nd, despite the tensions, things can move along well if you participate and make good your promises. We need to feel “Tribe” which offers differences and tolerance. This could be a wonderful weekend and today will show the most potential. Do be aware that the crazy stuff is everywhere, so try and be sensible in your plans and courteous to those around you. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, July 3rd, as some of the restrictions pull away, what is left is a nagging sense that you are unhappy with how big things are going. Not necessarily the cookout, but the bigger picture. It seems that when the stakes just can’t be higher, they bump up a notch. The best approach for today is to be sensitive to what you say and what you do. Those who are confused and meeting frustrations to their worldview will just want to take it out on others. There is a chance to defuse a “situation” if you play fair and maybe keep your opinions to yourself. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, July 4th, another day of general good will and happiness. If you can let go of the fluidity of the moment, and just enjoy it, then what comes tomorrow will the next present reality. This is a day to remember that living for the present or being in the present is really all we can actually control. It also shapes the future and can heal the past. Be positive in your outlook and maybe get out and mix it up with others in bigger gatherings. Try to gain some perspective. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, July 5th, its back to work, so be glad you have it to go too. Over the weekend you probably saw many who don’t have much to look forward to, and gaining perspective should lighten your load some. Take some time to share stories with friends or coworkers and then get back into the short week at work. I know it will be hard to focus as you probably need a day to rest, so just blame it on the heat and do the best you can.  Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, July 6th, today you will probably pick up some news that will give you a glimmer of a positive future. Anytime you can start to see the light at the end of a tunnel of chaos, that is a good day. We are not meant to know it all, that is why we can co create out of the shifting energies around us. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, July 7th, probably some good news today. Cherish it, as these times seem to be short of those kinds of talking points. Of course, life is always what we make of it, but today we need concrete information or to be shown that there is a way to work things out so that more of us are going to thrive. Our gut feelings from yesterday aren’t very helpful today. So stick with the facts. Romance will be taking a back seat today, so focus on what you can do and maybe your health routine. Internal calm and center is worth so much more than a bonus that will be spent to pay a bill. Moon in Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, June 23, 2016



There is a T square creating friction for a while. You may feel like the new deal is just out of reach, and you would be right. That is because the last holdouts to the old paradigm have to force their heads around that new deal. They are the last holdouts and not happy about the shift. Keep your head in the higher expectations and leave the sins of your fathers behind. Let’s not go there again, please! Saturn, Neptune and the North Node make up this T Square. They are also involved in other ways with the solution to our dilemmas. This is what makes a clear path so hard to get onto. Neptune is creating that last glamour or illusion to our sense of security. If we can find a way that heals the most people, then real stability can occur. Also major days for those romantically inclined will be Saturday the 25th and Thursday the 30th.

Friday, June 24th, starts out with a break in the log jam. Step back and keep the facts in mind while the flow begins. Don’t make any decisions until things have cleared out and you have a better idea what is happening. Many will need to contingency clauses for unforeseen situations so that they can move forward but not be totally committed. Yes, that sounds like no progress, but so much is awakening and getting settled, that you just have to be extra careful. Even in romance which is going well today and tomorrow. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, June 25th, today is a lesson in not holding on to tightly, which will make many uncomfortable especially when they have found that golden goose. Remember that geese mate for life, so they can be cranky until convinced. Keep it intellectual, keep it open and don’t participate in hate speech or reacting to past hurts. This is a new day, treat it as such. Some lucky words will waft past your ears today. Follow up on the hints and hot tips. Just don’t bet the farm.  Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, June 26th, you should feel good today if you did not blow it yesterday. We are all tired of no ground rules or those who ignore them. Making it up as you go is tiring to most of us. Know that what needs to happen, will, and let go of what cannot be accessed. Like a set of stairways in Hogwarts, they are shifting in seemingly random hook ups but you will be where you need to be when they settle down. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, June 27th, those in relationships should have enough mist move away from your intended to be able to see them for what and who they are. Illusions are lifted for a while. So pay close attention. Venus is still in Gemini, so interference should be at a maximum. Could be an interesting lesson for some to realize that they are part of the interference because they want to see things a certain way instead of how they actually are. I have said it before, but the Buddhist lesson of non attachment, says you put designs and expectations on your intended. When you can just let go of that attachment to outcome, you will start to find greater happiness and peace. Everyone is doing all they can. Some do it better than others. Give those fussy ones some space to breath and what is meant to happen, will. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, June 28th, you can hook up with some lucky stars today if you just try. Fresh views, with understandings of what needs to happen and  then openness is at your command. Listen carefully and speak plainly. Trust your feelings today. Magic will happen! Yes, yes, there is still a lot that does not lock down at this point, but what is your hurry? If you want to get possessive, here is a Zen exercise. Go out after dark and try to catch a few fire flies. Are they more magical in the garden or in your jar? Then do the catch and release into the wild. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, June 29th, ok, there will be conflicts of interest at every corner. So what is new? Keep it healthy and you will slide by any big problems. That luck you had yesterday is still here today; just the gut feeling will not be so trustworthy. Use logic or wait for another time to make assumptions. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, June 30th, step into a brave new world today. The soul says let’s play like rams on a mountain side! As long as you keep moving, you will stay balanced. That is a bit different than most days, but that is how it works today. Be aware that among the exhilaration there will be bittersweet.  For those of you who are tired of plodding along, this is a day to expend that pent up energy. The source of this new reality is there is a Kite formation with Venus at the apex. What you truly desire can be yours with some work and luck. If you have been keeping care of yourself, you will have what you need to access this fantastic day. Just nothing freaky that is heavily squared, like control and status quo! Moon in Aries.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, June 16, 2016



Friday, June 17th, the day is going to start with some acting out which is all for getting attention. The old adage of sometimes even negative attention is worth the effort. Instead of ignoring the outburst,  really listen to what they are trying to say. There is a skill which you view what is said by three categories, is this creative expression for a fact, opinion or manipulation for taking control of your emotions. If someone latches into your emotions, you know you have just lost sovereignty. Some deep healing is needed today, and only paradigm shifts will sooth that pain. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, June 18th, No matter how a point is made, the meaning seems to be lost in a slog of goo. If you are found lost for words and start to mumble, no one will really remember what you said. There is a very good chance that the real change in paradigm is simmering under the radar. Hope for some luck today. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, June 19th, a Grand Square is back in the picture until next Friday. This time expect internet and communications errors, illusions, and just plain bottle necks to be in the works. If you can, think out of the box to fix the problem. Whatever you do, don’t press anything that can wait. Even simple things that we have wanted will have a problem getting to us. Try to find solace in something extra dependable, like a favorite movie after dinner. De stress now in prep for a rough start of a work week. Moon in Sagittarius this evening.
Monday, June 20th, is it vacation time yet? Our hearts are off in some distant locale taking in the sights while getting sensations of the heat and grind of our day to day. It will be a hard day to sort between flights of fancy and getting any work done. Stay extra vigilant for mistakes! It doesn’t help to be having a full moon and the Summer Solstice today. Everything feels intense. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, June 21st, Indulge in some Utopian daydreams. Yes they can happen, even in dystopia. The strongest positive connections today rely on you changing your game, adjusting your point of view, especially if it has a first response of healing and a smile…or smirk. Summer time tends to lead to other flights of fancy as well. Moon In Sagittarius.

Wednesday, June 22nd, for the romantic at heart, we have until the end of the month to catch the wave of some good vibrations. Then it will be all about how you maintain expectations. Yes, words may be fumbled for today, but then sometimes being awe struck will do that to the greatest communicators. Be real and apologize if you trip on your words. Tomorrow will end the Grand Square with Mercury and things will pick up. Wear a smile today, it will cause people to wonder what your secret is or what you are up too. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, June 23rd, messages connect, someone lets you into their confidence and other amazing things happen today. While there is still no concrete security in anything, there is hope or whimsy. It is too hot for strong attachments. Let some fun into your life, but keep it platonic for now or experience some brotherly love. We can still do that… just need to be a bit safer now days in a charged climate. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, June 9, 2016



Well, the primary season is over, and I am bracing myself for the expected banter and barter of this election cycle. Some of the vitriol is already primed against Hillary, which makes me wonder why. Normally you wait for the candidate to start saying things before the “critiques” occur. In Hillary’s case this has been set up since the Obama administration got going. For some clarity, I put my question to the “oracle” and this scenario vision occurred to me. It was at the old boys club with whining patrons drinking their fears and tears away. Then someone mentioned  “what could be worse than a black man in the Whitehouse?” Someone quipped, “a woman like Hillary”.

Knowing something about human nature, when there is a threat perceived for the future, early mitigation occurs. The old boys and the old school of power are threatened. Never mind if it really reflects the changes that are ripe. At the risk of sounding like a feminista, could these threatened, aging men conspire with so much innuendo and blatant misrepresentation into the mass consciousness that it becomes a faux truth? The stars are saying there is a veil of illusion and a deep undercurrent that has to force its way up into the everyday. If it doesn’t this cycle, it will re-emerge next cycle in greater emergency.

I did the election predictions and as I dug around into psyches and motivations, I just could not find such diabolical inclinations in Hillary’s chart. She is a seasoned politician and activist and that has its trauma. Without getting into the nature vs. nature argument; I will concede that circumstances can indeed change a person beyond their pattern. That is a bit past the bounds of astrology to show. But what I did notice is that during her previous campaign and her stent as Secretary of State, she was hit by the stars of the scorpion’s tail Acumen (attacks but success) and Aculeus (attacks that weaken). President Obama was experiencing a similar set of aspects in a different area. These stars are lessons of destiny and many of us know we learn the hard way which usually engages failure. For Hillary, that can bring plenty of hen picking on a person’s career even though great wisdom is earned.  But my real concern about these jibes and jabs on possibly the first woman president is a shift to the sacred feminine which conflicts with the existing patriarchy. Or it relates to “mommy” issues. And not all moms are like me.

Friday, June 10th, be open for a few days of quirky love connections. Could also be a great day for garage sales; I just love those! But be aware that there may not be a lot of satisfaction in the connections. Too much is still being processed or up for grabs. The tendency this evening will be to gather with the clan and commiserate, but that might not be so easy either. Better to keep it simple tonight and just enjoy something that is free, like sunset that turns into star watching. The quieter and more calming the better. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, June 11th, a lot of people are feeling ready for a change that just doesn’t seem to move fast enough. Delay gratification until later this week and the stagnancy will start to shift. Then lots of options will be flying around. That may not make it easier. There is still a lot that is hidden from common view so try not to over analyze. Take a breath, find something physical to do instead. At least you can show something for the energy expended. Take time to consider lessons learned from recent events. We always have the option to not make the same mistake twice. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, June 12th, don’t let oversensitivity make you ill. There is a common tendency to load up on the latest fad cure, and hope for the best. It would be better to find a DIY distress routine. Talk therapy or my favorite, a chat over tea and cookies with a friend, will do way more for you than anything else. Something like lemon balm is a great change of pace in the heat of summer. If what you have done in the past is not working, then mix it up with something different today. You want to be ready for the events of the work week, so build up your strength and immunity now. Moon in Virgo.

Monday, June 13th, some of you may start to get used to the feeling of uncertainty. It has bombarded us for so long that as you add intensity of the weather, just to cope cool off and disconnect for a while. Nothing is going to happen in a flash. Retrospection will benefit you the next time you engage. Give yourself until the end of the month to see results from healthier practices. None the less, keep vigilant on mental health. There will be a strong impulse to do SOMETHING or SETTLE SOMETHING, but know that the time is not right. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, June 14th, if you can relax enough to feel it, there is a break in the tension of life today. Find solace in taking care of yourself and being open to something freaky, funny or desired. Venus has started her journey into Gemini by now. If you are not too impatient, you can enjoy the camaraderie and variety without getting too personal. This is hard for many people who want to lock down romance when the discovery period has not fully unfolded. For some people this is a time to put aside the “intimate” side of relationships and just focus on thoughts, curiosities etc that keep a relationship healthy over the long run. Moon in Virgo most of the day.

Wednesday, June 15th, the general tension seems less complex right now. Enjoy the lull. Recognize it, honor it, commune with it. You will need hold that sense in your body, because tomorrow, communications will get tougher. I find it easier to have a default visceral re-set point of my last level of calm when a crisis starts to fly around me. Find yours today so you can draw on it later on. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, June 16th, Until the 24th, there will be some tough news coming to us. It relates to foundational experiences, such as loses of items, stuff wearing out, warranties going bad, etc. So don’t spend on frivolous stuff because you probably will need the cash for something important. Don’t let that “gotcha” moment ruin your cool. The Sun has now moved into Gemini alongside Venus. Some people find this time overwhelming because there is too much info or there is an unsettling over stimulation around you. The mind can play tricks on you, so be aware of what the inner bell says as well as the info that is flying everywhere. Moon in Libra.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Feel free to share this prediction.

I used data from Astrotheme. I also used sidereal calculations and applied western astrology concepts to the readings. As you would expect there are strong personalities running for President of the United States and this year is no different. The population is gravitating towards rejection of the establishment but yet both candidates have very established experiences, just in different arenas. To decide what the outcomes could be, since both are very strong for election, I looked at the natal chart, the progressed chart, ancient stars and the transits for the evening of the election. Motivation can play a better indicator than personal drive.

For those Bernie supporters, I am sorry, I did not finish writing up his results because of a couple of factors. He is a final phase of Zuben Elchemali, “negative social change” on his Ascendant. Something is going to transform in him in another year or two bringing in a grander quality for public service. If he sets his mark on election day, there will be swift changes coming his way that are unforeseeable at the election time. His role is definitely that of transformation and his message can still be heard in the hearts and agendas of politics from this day forward. If anything he has resonated with the generally silent youth of this nation who need to stay engaged. It matters to them too! He does have a destiny marker on election day at the Midheaven, but with the star Regulus so far from his Zenith, I am afraid the other two candidates have a stronger Regulus influence on election day. I love his ethic, message and the movement I think he will continue to develop within a Democratic presidency. If Donald Trump wins, he will not have any influence.

June 14th,
1946 at 10:54 am,
Jamaica, Queens, New York.

The general lessons for Donald Trump are in integrating with society and using a savvy in business for personal gain. A business man who can indeed, master “the art of the deal” with cunning and persuasion. He is empowered by this action. The area being highlighted with progressions at election time is strong conflict emotionally with his home space and business/public persona. He has come from an emotional disadvantage and will suffer losses in that area for several years because of a progression into the tail of the scorpion. So he does not truly know what he will be experiencing until in office.

Also he has a natal sidereal moon in Scorpio and emotionally he does not take well to being crossed especially double crossed. Most of us are like that, so this creates a personal connection to the voters. But that is the status quo of political life. For him there is a natural reaction to get back at offenders which can stir up hostility in his cabinet and party ranks. On Election Day, he has Venus punctuating his vulnerability. He loses either way. He gets what he wants in politics and loses in his inner sanctum, or he gains his inner sanctum and loses the election. Just how he makes that choice is his life lesson. With his progressed Jupiter in this configuration, he could stand to lose in a big way the momentum, opportunities and finances in this coming period of his life. Will he chose to take his attention from his business and let someone else run it? Will he cast off family to stay in the hot seat of the Whitehouse?

The star Alhena, which relates to “having a mission”, is exact on his natal Mercury which is his communications and how his mind works. He needs to have a mission, a plan or project to keep deeper insecurities from surfacing. This is a common strategy for many men. He ties his personal wealth to his general success and mental health. Truly a symbol of today’s entrepreneur. This is all well and good, but should he start to lose a controlling grip on a plan, he could find some serious personal demons come to call. But then, what president doesn’t? He has had a lifetime to learn to self manage. Will it be enough?

A look at Trump’s Ascendant, shows the star Regulus, which relates to “Success if Revenge is avoided”. He has had a big opinion of himself all of his life. Like a gambler who forgets any losses and just remembers his big wins. And in a family of all or nothing, this could be a healthy way to survive in that home environment. His Progressed Sun and Ascendant are exact to Regulus right now. The Ascendant is the personality projection. So there is no doubt he is pushing towards the highest position possible. As well as the doors are opening for him, ready or not. Since he has created so much in his monetary life, why not go for promoting his style and ego in politics? Totally understandable that this is where he is heading. The difficulty in this is he is pulling both actions, natal and progressed, from hidden enemies and karmic influences. Playing out unfinished business or poorly performed business from the past. I find it concerning that Donald Trump is involved in numerous legal battles… equating to frequent reactions of vengeance. What will that personality do in a world crisis? Probably seek revenge. Are we ready for another war? As the emotional toll increases, will a belligerent personality in the Whitehouse cause stresses in world markets? Trumps methods work well on American psyches, but not necessarily on other cultural perspectives.

On the Descendent is his progressed moon in Aquarius, directly opposite a bundle of orbs such as his Natal Mars, progressed sun, and the star Regulus. Aspecting his progressed moon is the star Fomalhaut, which relates to “Success through Nobel deeds”. This opposition, should he win the election, will be at odds with himself to not enact revenge at failed policies. Against his known style he will be forced to do only deeds of integrity or end up in court. People are already so tired of the Supreme Court making laws stand or fall, won’t his personality just make it worse? So far the three branches of government have been seriously obstructed. Adding dysfunction to the court system might be a big problem for all of us. So the promises he makes in his campaign could be considered betrayal by his voters if he does not find a way to do them. His popularity could plummet very quickly.

Now all of this is falling on the shoulders of someone who has had a lifetime to battle his demons and make a final drive to do it his way. That sounds like the experience of so many Americans that his popularity is no surprise. But with his progressed ascendant (public persona and personality expression) and Mars (actions and power) in opposition to the star Hamal, “to follow one’s path”, he will have difficulty controlling his outcomes. This is an exact aspect and will affect him for many years. Considering how he is used to managing others, he will find a different dynamic when in the political system controls him. He is riding a wave of new kingdom, which has the feel of feudalism, but he may end up being reigned in or worse as emperor with no clothes. At that point, campaign promises that are broken will be remembered. He will lose trust really quickly.

I doubt he has started to calculate the personal cost of a presidency as he tends to work more like a successful checkers player than a chess player. Congress and the world leaders are more like chess players. Ultimately, I think that by the time of the election he will have decided if he wants to vest his energy in being president. Watch for him doing things out of character or self sabotage before the election. People may have already tuned out debate and he could be president. But there will be a sharp fall from grace. I hope people stay engaged in the process, as that apathy is what created this set of choices.

Hillary Rhodham Clinton
October 26th, 1947
8:02 AM
Chicago, Illinois
Birth data from Astrotheme

The source of Hillary’s power is highlighted 12th house of karma. She has a progressed Midheaven and the Transiting Sun focused on her core drives. These drives are all in Libra which is equality, truth, justice and similar positive social perspectives. She also has the Zuben stars affecting how she operates. At the moment of the election she will have Zuben Elgenubi exactly on her Progressed Midheaven which is the star of “Positive Social Change”. Now with the balancing of what is good and what is bad, about 5 years later, she will have her Midheaven on her natal Ascendant stellum. She is healed by doing the right thing, but what is right may become very difficult to navigate in a second term. She will have lots of really bad news of big changes which have to happen. Part of this can be avoided if she is wary of going too far too fast. I also suspect a similar set of obstructionist behavior affecting her in a second term. Will the people want that to happen?

As an observation, there are bigger dualities at play right now. At the risk of sounding like a feminista, I think we will start to see a pull to honor to the power of the divine feminine. She is the focal point of which those old line expectations and new explorations that can be played out.  If people are smart, they will expect both aspects of human kind (masculine and feminine) to play nice together. There is no reason to expect a pole shift in policy. We are stronger working strengths balancing out weaknesses. Remember your ancient Greek stories about Aphrodite, who was a warrior by day and a love goddess at night. That is why she and Mars got along so well. Hillary can play hard ball and that is what frightens some men.

Hillary’s vision is clear, experienced by trial and error and a mother’s desire to do what is best. Much of her motivation is willingness to undergo a lot of self sacrifice for the common good. Just how that translates to what we will experience is something she has to meter out carefully. Even too much of a good thing can make you sick. I do want to note, that during her tenure as Secretary of State both she and President Obama had key elements in their natal or progressed charts going through the Tail of the Scorpion stars. Those influences were “attacks but success” which turn to “attacks that weaken”. She is still paying dearly for mistakes in impossible situations.

So looking at her as a person, if she has been through so much, can she handle what is ahead? Her Natal Moon is in Aquarius, probably why she chose Bill Clinton, which is very favorably aspected in keeping her ideals high and with the facts. I find it interesting that the Signing of the Declaration of Independence had a moon in Aquarius. It is also interesting a shared lunar sign in both Hillary and Donald Trump (his progressed Moon is in Aquarius) but under very different auspices.

Great intellectual capacity can come with the set of trines to Hillary’s natal destiny point and her view of the positive social change. Because of the star Alcone on her Natal destiny point there is a level of “Mystical But Judgmental” qualities. That does not settle well with many people. As she was growing up and trying to fit into society, she was always a step above others, in preparation of this moment in time. Her motives come from a higher good. Looking at her surrounding friends, she has long time friends that understand what she is trying to do and this will always give her support on a very practical level. When she mentors something or someone, you know she has your back. This is something that women in general find attractive.

A weakness and strength is the challenge to status quo, particularly for women (a heavy Cancer influence) that are moving into a whole new realm. No wonder many men of the old guard are frightened. This is from a conjunction of three heavy planets in the 9th house of an education from tough lessons in life. As a point of commonality she does things as solutions present themselves. In real life, decisions are made with the best available information. If that is incomplete, then you just have to get good at guessing the best move. In this approach, social experiments occur, and they do not always work. I think she has more than experimented with ideas, and is ready to move into actions through experience rather than theory. Maybe we are ready for that? Certainly the influence and pulse that Bernie Sanders has demonstrated will create something completely different in the direction of our country. They do share the Star Diadem “To Sacrifice One’s Self” in the house of friendship. She would do well to keep him close and in confidence.

A look at the Midheaven is a better indicator of leadership and as important is career path and life event. On Election Day Hillary has the most significant aspects on this point. She has Regulus (the king maker) on her Uranus (surprising changes) and the Transiting North Node (destiny point) on her Midheaven. The transiting North Node is a destiny marker and it is in her career house. Just a bit before that is the Star Regulus on her Natal Midheaven or increase. She is a culmination of all her hard lessons and work to meet this day as well as possible.

In summary, to compare Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, a closer look at the auspices of Regulus is a defining point. Donald Trump has Regulus on his Ascendant which is all about ego development. The Presidency is all about making him feel like a king with subjects. For Hillary Clinton it is about unusual perspectives (Uranian qualities) creating a new destiny or direction for a nation. Perhaps this will signal a first flag of the sacred feminine in our national leadership? The Uranian influences in her chart, the present times and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence (considered the birth of the United States) gives many people an odd mixture of hope, shock and awe, and fear of change all rolled into one, Thus creating a complicated nation of contrasts.

A final note of what direction we go as a nation is Hillary that has the Star Betelgeuse which is “Success Which Is Not Blocked” on her Natal Uranus in the 8th house. 8th house correspondences connect her with the signing and birth of our nation. This is the house of legacies and I suspect she will be the ultimate winner in this election. Simply because as a society, there is a big movement towards enlightenment and Uranus usually will be well aspected in such an ascent. It won’t be an easy administration, (nothing Uranian is) as she may need to deal with some of the same things that our first black president had to endure. Which was backlash from the jaded, corrupt and ego driven politic. Maybe this is more of an election of the Congressional shift that will make a world of difference as to efficacy of her administration. Maybe this election is saying more about us than the candidates? How democratic. Do we want to really put up with the necessary birthing pains to get the new one here? When it is time to give birth you put up with the pain that is something only a woman understands.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, June 2, 2016



With so much going on, I am just now noticing that the long lived Uranus square Pluto aspect is no longer happening. What this tells me is much of what transition or changes have formed will be with us for several years. Now is a good time to work out these problems in our general society. It cannot wait or will be painful if we do. This disconnect will continue until, interestingly enough, November 11th 2016. And will last until May 4th 2017. This tells me that whoever is in the Oval Office will have more than the usual amount of power to form the state of the union. After that, we will see the proof of that work, for better or worse.

With that bit of cheery news, I want to look at the short term affects of the Grand Square. I must have gotten lucky and wedged myself into a comfortable situation. Perhaps I was lucky, or I like to think that my daily work has set me up this way. This does not mean that there will be no work, just something comfortable to delegate your energy productively. The Grand Square will start to scramble but still be a barrier several days after this week. The biggest focus will be a T Square creating discomfort with stability, sustainability and what you really want to do, in stoic terms, a time to be patient and diligent.

Also, by the end of the week, that Grand Trine in Fire will dissipate. I hope you were able to use it in a positive way. I forced my way into the more physical activities, and now can look at the increasing mercury from the comfort of AC and clean windows instead of sweating it up trying to finish spring cleaning.  

Friday, June 3rd brings a new dialogue with yourself and maybe someone who is important in your life. Designing a future that holds the most opportunities and fun can be developed today. Consider doing a brainstorming with others as to hopes for the future. It is never too late to start the ground work or down load the inspiration for something better. Just keep positive ethics involved in your discourse. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, June 4th, there could be some pouting over getting what you want today. Just check your ego and stubbornness at home when you go out into the world. There will be a lot of tension built up with personal conflicts and reality checks. That spells a lot of frustration. It might not be a bad idea to set aside a few dollars to give to homeless folks. I don’t know if that is OK in all areas, but who knows what you might defuse with a small act of generosity. Life will be like a loaded gun today. Hope you stay cool and collected. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, June 5th, when you settle into relax for afternoon programming or general leisure, you could be all over the place gathering information. This could be a day of very mixed feelings as well. Know that unless you are tying up details, leave emotional rhetoric for another time. There will certainly be those trying to latch into your gut so they can wrench you just one more time. We are all best served with cool reason rather than reaction. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, June 6th, another day to not trust your emotions. Stick to the plan or known realities. There probably has been a data dump over the weekend that has you fuming. And that is part of the cosmic master plan to test your ability to rise out of reaction and flow into fulfilling action. Know the difference. Those who can channel their thoughts towards a better reality will do the best. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, June 7th, if you really push it, just after lunch you could manage to get something major done. The key element is healing and soothing drama out of the situation. Yes, getting upset about something said is adding drama. It may not go further than those close to you, but it does add to the collective consciousness. How do you want to contribute today? Moon goes into Cancer mid afternoon.

Wednesday, June 8th, today, could be very moody for many. If you can manage to stay in a homey environment or have someone at your back, you will weather this day in a positive way. Part of the lesson of today is we are not islands but enjoy some support from those who are friends and family. Stay close to home if you can. Some priorities will shift for you today. Keep it forward thinking and sustainable. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, June 9th, the Grand Trine in Fire has shifted into the past. The power signal is what surprise insight have we received about ourselves and the world at large. So many motivations come from the pivot point of fear. We are really very predictable creatures after all. The Grand Square has also dislocated from the boxed in feeling. But there are a series of T Squares involving similar known qualities that have us still feeling the pinch. Just remember to breath deeply if something weird happens, and consider the source of conflict or surprise. A very mixed bag today! Moon in Cancer until late afternoon when it goes into Leo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen