Thursday, May 26, 2016



The general trends for this week and the next relate to Mar’s very close approach to the earth. It will be retrograde for a few weeks and have some special afflictions with other planets. It will also be involved in the Grand Square which starts today. For those of you who were able to pull things together, great! Just let things evolve as they will. With little traction for progress, it would be better to touch on things you have been meaning to get to. Finish a clean up or garden works. Anything that keeps the body active and a result can be immediately seen. Especially focus on tasks that may be thankless or boring. The fun stuff would not get going anyway. But you will have utilized some pent up energy in a positive way. Most of you will be lucky to make it off the couch, and that is OK also.

Part of this week be very careful what you do with who and what  you love. Grating  nerves are hard to sooth. Next week be careful of communications, and double check instructions for how to do things. We tend to look inward in these sort of times which means a significant amount of depression over this period of Mars Retrograde. Some days will be better than others.

The general affects of this Grand Square relates to opportunities for the future which has a hard time connecting up with right human relations and manipulation. Also your desires, especially those you have been working towards will have to undergo a philosophical or spiritual test of fire to be worthy of production. In general, take a break if it gets to tense. Tension means there is interference or conflict which cannot be clearly fought or negotiated. None of which will result in something you want in the long run. Take more of an openness approach to the flow of creation. See how the pieces come together, then put them together. The Grand Trine in fire is still robust, so the creativity is there! But these will be some very tough weeks.

Friday, May 27th, this is the first day of the Grand Square with Mars in retrograde (our actions and motivations will be stifled). The only venue that has support for all the physical energy is in health related endeavors. While meditation for keeping your cool is advised right now, yoga included could help you give a physical outlet to all the pent up energy. I plan on pulling weeds and moving wood as that will wear me out enough to sit and relax. The next couple of days could be hard on those having emotional breakthroughs. Check in with those who are struggling. If there is no way to talk through the emotional conflict, then try to claim space that is safe and free of fear or anger. Lots of people may explode this weekend, even with help. It will be a judgment call just what to do. But most depressed people don’t take it out on people they love. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, May 28th, another day of watching out for emotional out cries. Abusive situations may arise as well. Travel lightly in the world today. Still a good day to take care of health issues or start something that works off extra steam and produces results, like clean the garage or closet. Then keep cheerful entertainment in your surroundings. Appreciate what you do have. Moon in Aquarius.
Sunday, May 29th , it is going to be hard to sort out manipulation and illusion from the limited and obscured facts of the day. If there is no clear set of data for a decision, try to put it off for another time. There will be an emotional need for constant compliments. Could be a very tough day if you try to push. Just don’t participate if you feel defensive. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, May 30th, There is a good chance if you try to make adjustments to your deeper emotional attachments and transform them into something next generation, you will have better day. But for many, certain types changing  beliefs are very hard. Could be another difficult day for how we feel, but probably not as explosive as the previous days of this week. A day to honor those lost in war could turn into review of all you have lost. It is a tough call when key people in your life are missing from this weekend’s fun activity. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, May 31st, could be a day for a short opportunity to relax and enjoy things as they are. Enjoy having a routine. Enjoy having important things in your life. Enjoy important people in your life. Rather than gratitude today, it is more about loving the small things in life that make up the many worthwhile minutes of the day. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, June 1st, there could be some strange false starts during the day. Don’t get to worked up about what seems to be too good to be true, it probably is not worthwhile. Also a lot of trickery today. Put off big impulse purchases. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, June 2nd, what a difference a day can make. The Moon joins in with Mercury in the Grand Trine in fire bringing some new opportunities and outlooks to our lives. Take plenty of time to enjoy this day, although it will seem to move way too fast for as good as it feels. There is also a small glimmer of clarity in this foggy world. It is for just today, enjoy if you can. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, May 19, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

A quick look on the horizon which will start on next Friday, May 27th, is a Grand Square in all the elements. What this means is this week you need to get your affairs in order concerning your projects. Now, like most projects, one person does their part and then the next person works on their part. In the work environment, have your stuff done before this date so you maintain an image of productivity. For those who have to work in that Grand Square, be careful because of all the missing pieces. This will be a time where not much can get done because not all the facts are available. For goodness sake, don’t make up data either.

Unfortunately, during this time we have political conventions. I would pay special attention to whom does what because of hidden parties working to get positions of control. In your everyday life, consider that things you want (Venus in Taurus), power over the situation (Jupiter in Leo), transformation in the status quo (Saturn in Scorpio) and appeal to the masses (Neptune in Aquarius) all have a struggle to make it right. Knowing this, you can stay on top of real information and press for honest answers, although those answers will be hard to pull out of special agendas.

On another front, Venus moves into Taurus today, May 20th. Only when the moon connects up favorably will you find much result towards your desires. Thursday, may be a good garage sale day, but other than that, you will have to do a fair amount of personal work to make something happen. Keep the dream alive because when Venus is in Taurus, things can manifest even in difficult situations. This can be more grounding .The benefit is to dwell on the middle than on the ideal. Overall this will be a game changing pass through Taurus for our desires.

Friday, May 20th, this is the week to pull together your part of a deal. Today will give you a window to make orders, set up guidelines, and otherwise organize your projects or life for the time being. Use the Moon in Libra qualities of seeing all the sides of a situation or project to investigate. Work as much of the day as you can so that there is plenty of time for bits and pieces of your projects to start making their way towards you so you can get it together by next Thursday. Also, be sure to double check all the details right now. There will be quick changes or deletions which need to be mitigated. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, May 21st, this is the last day of Mercury retrograde. I for one have had stagnant energy and focus. Expect a bit more of that today and tomorrow, as the little Hermes gets his act in gear. One good thing to be said about this retrograde session is it is still part of that Grand Trine in Fire which can give power and light into the unknown parts of our lives. I for one have discovered the source of some energy drains, and hence dispelled them. For the next three days, many mysteries will be illuminated. Stay alert and adaptive. Also there is a full moon that will be exact on Mars. Mars is in opposition to Venus and the Sun, so try not to push your agenda, because it can backfire.  Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, May 22nd, the Moon will be crossing the path of Saturn today. It is the apex of a T Square that has been affecting us for a while. We can find some deeper mystery to how things are shaping up if you take the time to listen, and perceive all types of information. This could be a great day for meditating on problem situations. To do so, find a quiet place, set the intention of your dilemma, if necessary review your perspective and then just listen. Many people do better at night and then let their dream state reveal the symbols to your mystery. Take notes the next day. Mercury will be in station today meaning that transfer of information will be hard by regular means.  Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, May 23rd, sometime after noon there will be an opening or shift into higher understanding of personal questions. Communications should flow again too. Pay special attention to synchronicities in the afternoon. Listen to some sage advice or philosophy and there will be a resonating shift in your consciousness.  Take notes and more will fall into place tomorrow. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, May 24th, a fair amount of clutter will pull away today. You will be asked to make a decision of transforming to a different perspective. If you can do that, and meet with ease and flow, you know you are in the right place. Ask yourself, how does this feel? If it is good and things start to move for you, then you are in the right direction. If you are still stuck, then dig deeper. Remember that this is a time of splitting realities. Those in the past or unproductive enterprises, will be stifled. This close to Friday’s couple of week Grand Square, means you need to adjust fast, if you can. Otherwise get ready for another cycle of details and lessons. itss all good as most of us have second chances. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, May 25th, the Moon is still aspecting Pluto in that wonderful  Grand Trine in Fire and the new flow of things. Another day to consider, redesign things that are not working, and make adjustments. When I first looked at today’s chart I felt and heard a high vibrating tone. Like a big bell ringing in the cosmos. Something significant is happening today, so stay tuned. If you are feeling well, smile and let others know all is not lost. Be sure to let them know what you have discovered if asked. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, May 26th, be sure to pull in and sort all your project data today. Get the info rolling on down to the next person so your part is done. For other work you have been doing on yourself, create a credo or affirmation about where you want to be and how far you have come. We do a lot of these in our life, but this one should be part of a movement in our society. This is also a positive day that the moon will connect with Venus and something you have wished for will happen. Just remember, you will be living with this reality for a few weeks. Try it on, delve into it, see how it fits. There will be time for adjustments later in June. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, May 12, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Recently a prognosticator was beaming gloom and doom about the recent Mercury crossing in front of the Sun. I looked at some of his statements which were just a bit short of true astrology. He was obviously concerned, and only someone asleep would not be aware of the intensity of the times. The prognosticator, while needing to express his observations, only alarmed those who read his report. After reviewing what he said, I thought that may be it would be a good idea to talk a bit more about the heavy influences happening. There are two forces at odds, those of power and control and those of braking into a new eon. 

There is no harm in listening to what is being said. I have done a fair amount of dream work (which is where this guy is probably coming from) and have learned something about omens, dreams etc. We tend to get gentle messages at first, but as we ignore or forget those gentle images when the images turn stronger, more attention getting until we wake up in a sweat. The initial meaning does not have to mean that the message got scarier, just it took more to get our attention. Then go back and understand what the initial message was. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done for all of us. To simplify, this is in a time where we go inside ourselves either collectively or personally and fight with our demons, fears etc and hopefully make the "transformation" and come out on the side as light or something similar. For those comfortable in the darkness, this is scary indeed.

So on this alone, I would not fret "change" as positive change is met with help and success. Ask yourself, who or what is afraid of being destroyed? This is a time that even though it may be shocking, news and communications are going to be for the best. Also the Grand Trine is in the element of fire or high intensity change. Fire of the mind, the soul, the spirit... 

In reality, humankind is mixed into a soup of various tones and flavors. So not everyone will be on board with the "new" direction, but those who are not, will become so dilute they just fade away, like a weak broth. 

No doubt that we are in challenging times, but many are doing the work of self discovery and genuinely care and hold sacred space and light in their daily routines that support what is sacred... and with or without a "god" involved there are many points of light out there wanting all those things you hold dear. We have been under a very dark force and now light is the only defense. Let’s screw in as many light bulbs as possible and set this time straight.  

Here is the Astrology. The attachment is today's astrology alignments. For a layman to look at them know that the blue lines are positive aspects and the red lines are stresses of various flavors. Jupiter and the North Node of destiny is indeed in good aspect considering the Grand Trine or the blue equilateral  triangle concerning leadership, opportunities and the future or destiny are also in stressed angles with the "T Square of an isosceles triangle with actions and lessons and structure and mass consciousness and illusion. So the influences on how we work together and are governed make it part of the problem and part of the solution. We have to sort out what is wrong with our choices and expectations.
So here is what the T Square means. Jupiter and the North Node stressors relates to kingship and world affairs and the path to the future. Neptune relates to stresses in mass consciousness and illusions when in a red aspect. And the third stressor of the isosceles is Mars and Saturn which are actions and life lessons or our stability. In practicality, even nefarious dealings don't kill the subjects because they provide energy or goods. The conflict is the mass consciousness trying to break free of obsessive and controlling elements, but it is hard to tell just what and who that is because of Neptune being in illusion right now. So pay attention, take notes and ask questions. 
In this prognosticators observations were connections to constellations and stars. Now for what the ancient stars say about each of these planetary positions.
Jupiter and the North Node are on the star Denebola, or "To Go Against Society". Recently the regression has ended but still bringing those who are not developing for a better human condition are in turmoil about the future which they want to rebel. In other words a lot of loose cannons and lost faith in the “establishment”. But yet this crux is “establishment” needing to be redefined for progress into the future.

Mars and Saturn both in retrograde diverting focus to internal affairs. They are between the star Antares and the belt of Orion. Antares is "Success That Can Be Obsessive". Antares is the eye of the Scorpion, which will transform or die...sometimes by its own actions. So those are the stars in constellations that are affecting the isosceles triangle or the one in red. Also between Saturn and Mars in the stressed T Square is the star  Aldebaran, which is "Success through Integrity". Anything less than integrity will meet with failure.

To sum up the T Square, on the end of a successful mastering of the "shadow" we no longer fall into its failures. With the meanings of retrograde, the elements of Mars (our actions), Mercury (our thoughts). Saturn(the lessons of life and foundations), Pluto (transformation or death), Jupiter, now direct, (kingship and power)  are in a time where we go inside ourselves either collectively or personally and fight with our demons, fears etc and hopefully make the "transformation" and come out on the side of light or something similar.

Now saving the best for last, the Grand Trine in Fire in the blue lines.

Now part of the tricky part is the equilateral blue triangle happening right now is connected with Pluto, the gateway to transformation, Jupiter and Mercury/Sun/Venus. With the Sun and Venus together for a while there is no clear power. But they have to work together. Since they are positively matched, this is the direction things can move forward. So the old way things are done, or the vices of humanity have to move into a different vibration, action, philosophy etc for us to continue... and there is a lot of help to get us there. 

Pluto is very close to Rikubat, which is "Steadiness and Strength". that is the transformation aspect of the Grand Trine or positive aspects which we need to focus our future direction. Also with Pluto in Sagittarius, our philosophy, sense of honor and freedom or freewill is the topic of debate. 

Now he tried to put together some meaning to the stars in the Constellation Orion which Mercury just raced through. And communications or information can be quite shocking during this brief time around the 9th of May. But hold on as the Sun and Venus will go through this constellation over the next month or so. In that constellation is the Sun and Venus will be crossing the star Betelgeuse which is "Success Which is Not Blocked". And just around that is Bellatrix which is "Success Through Shadow". In the old metaphysical treaties, the shadow is the side of us we do not wish to recognize. It is a sign of dealing with our personal demons, such as racism, prejudice, power mongering, greed, etc.

Then the kingpin piece which is Jupiter and the North Node of leadership and opportunity with material gain and the future is Jupiter and the North Node are on the star Denebola, or "To Go Against Society". So that position is both what ails us and will save us.

So on this alone, I would not fret "change" as positive change is met with help and success (the Grand Trine in Fire). Ask yourself, who or what is afraid of being destroyed? This is a time that even though it may be shocking, news and communications are going to be for the best. Also the Grand Trine is in the element of fire or high intensity change. Fire of the mind, the soul, the spirit... 

In reality, humankind is mixed into a soup of various tones and flavors. So not everyone will be on board with the "new" direction, but those who are not, will become so dilute they just fade away, like a weak broth. 

No doubt that we are in challenging times, but many are doing the work of self discovery and genuinely care and want something better than what has been going on. We have been under a very dark force, which we created, and now light is the only defense. Lets screw in as many light bulbs as possible and set this time straight.  


Sidereal Western Astrology
 Friday, May 13th, Allow yourself to sense the synchronicities. The images that others are presenting may not truly demonstrate what is really going on. Dig deeper and ask questions. Trust that in a few days things will open up to something more workable. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, May 14th, later today expect some wonderful new situations to open up. Also if you have been passed up for something, or things go wrong, there is a reason you should not be going in that direction. Trust it and relax. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, May 15th, turn off the TV. Go out and get some fresh air. Socialize with friends and family but do not talk politics. All that is right with the world is also traveling with all that is wrong. There could be heightened emotions about who is right. Don’t get pulled into that situation because there is so much not known, even the brightest will fall into the mass illusion. Keep it un debatable, like who makes the best pie and serves the best coffee and what you like about it. The Moon is conjoining that powerful crux of the T Square and Grand Trine of Neptune opposition with Jupiter/ North Node right now and emotions are on high alert. And no one knows what is really going on. My guess is aliens did it… Moon in Leo.

Monday, May 16th, another day to stay focused on your work rather than the rhetoric you hear at the water cooler. We are all being played by our emotions right now and that is not a place where we want to be remembered. Stick to the program of work, and go home. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, May 17th, there can be a tendency to fret about what to believe. A day where logic is challenged and many are just worn out by the sheer multitude of opinions. And that should be your clue, figure out what is someone’s opinion or, someone’s agenda, and you will find some clarity, maybe. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, May 18th, this is a day where it will be hard to tell which end is up. So don’t even try. Remember, there is not enough clear honest information out there for anyone to make sense of it. It might be better to take time to just clear out emotional baggage and then see what is left. If you can do that, then start to ask logical questions and find answers. In the end, we need to start asking very different questions and understanding motivations to get a clear picture. Moon in Libra later today.

Thursday, May 19th, Remember some of those epiphanies you had yesterday? Try giving them some form today with either day dreams or wishful thinking. We do create what is around us, and the key is that rising water floats all sea worthy boats. Don’t worry too much about those that are not viable. Moon in Libra.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Here is the video link for this week's forecast:  May 6th to 12th 2016

A fortunate aspect with Venus will be coming up this week. There are two phases which will happen until June 28th. The first phase starts this Wednesday when Venus tracks with a point on the Grand Trine in Fire. Good news communications will start to flow until around May 17th. Then  Venus will continue to track with the Sun until June 28th. What this later period means a very lucky period for acquiring things you want, especially for those who want to take a vacation or long weekend. Lots of fun should be in store for many at this time.

I know it is summer, but something really magical will seem to happen at this time. Enjoy it. Of course, there will still be a group of you working on deeper transformational needs too and if you not letting go of bad situations or habits, you will still struggle. So take that option for fun and let the world slip away for a while. It will be there when you get back to paying attention.

The overall energy of both the Sun (your outgoing opportunities or personality) and Venus (desires and love) will go through a few energetic shifts in this time. First in Aries with enterprising and adventuresome inclinations will give way to mostly hedonistic or loving life aspects of Taurus and then end in more mercurial and potentially scattering aspects of Gemini. There will be a few periods of challenges, but the overall trend is really great. Keep it light, keep it fun and most of all get out there and experience life to its fullest.

Friday, May 6th, has signs that many will be getting their proverbial act together. The Moon will be transiting both the Sun and Mercury which are at an apex of the Grand Trine in Fire. If the opportunity arises, call it a go situation. Expect communications to open up with good news too. The Moon is also new tonight, so if you have clear skies go out and do some star gazing. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, May 7th, will bring more of an opposite situation from yesterday. Your actions can lead you down a rough road if you allow stubbornness or laziness to take over. Monitor your words as well, because you may feel quick witted and on fire. Just tame your wild horses so that the unexpected doesn’t happen. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, May 8th, there will be a Grand Square today, so don’t make any ambitious plans. It would really be best to just sit back and be entertained. Indulge the need to be a bit lazy or to go out and enjoy the back yard cookout. Just don’t over schedule this day and frustration will be kept at a minimum. Don’t overdo the libations or you will pay for it tomorrow. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, May 9th, there will be a tendency to feel scattered or unwell today. Hopefully you didn’t over do the libations yesterday. Could also be a day that you slip away from those health changes you made last week. Be strong and you will make it through this highly charged day. I expect a distinct level of interference in your life also. Double check everything before signing. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, May 10th, a day of synchronicities. Just remember if it doesn’t fall into your lap today, it was not meant to be. There is a rare Cradle formation creating a powerful opportunity for those in leadership positions. Risks taken at this time will have a higher success rate than usual. The outer world of how things are run and managed will be where the real action is. Catch up on the news and expect something juicy to be announced. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, May 11th, this is a day where a lot can trip you up, especially your emotional state. Keep sober and grounded in your healthiest routines. Anything else will be problematic. Venus has joined into the merriment of that Grand Trine so stay in touch with your love interests or follow up on that special item you wanted. Desires can see a boost over the next month. Especially with great news coming your way until May 17th. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, May 12th, try to keep your moodiness in check today. You want to take advantage of all the luscious energy emoting right now. Life is good, and even the simplest things can satisfy your needs. And that is where much of our present transformation is moving into, a simpler and more fulfilling life. This is a great day to take a moment to realize how your actions have created more stability for your future. Sometimes unloading “stuff” can be the most liberating thing you can do. Could be a great day for de cluttering the house, also. Moon in Cancer.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen