Thursday, March 31, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

One of the shifts for this week is Friday, April 1st , Venus will move into more favorable Pisces. Although it won’t be until April 6th before any benefit will be noticed. So until April 27 to 28th love and desires will flow as long as your actions aim at creating stability. After that, she moves into Aries creating either a new beginning as a couple of single. Anyway to look at it, by the end of the month you will be on a new adventure.  Week of April 1st to 7th with comments

Also through mid week expect some freaky happenings around you. Knowing there is a hidden agenda, watch as it comes out in the least expected ways. It is all for the best, but it will seem very shocking. The zodiac signs involved are Pisces and Leo. Hopefully it will be more soap opera rather than scary.
The Sun in Pisces will be approaching a conjunction with Uranus this week creating some interesting headlines. Fortunately there is a trine with Saturn in Scorpio creating deep secrets revealed as transformations occur. On April 7th when the Moon is between the Sun and Uranus, don’t trust even your computer. Do back- ups early to save data. Another week of fun and games is afoot.

The T Square is still in happening which relates to our world in general. This pushes what we expect to know verses low visibility of the truth. This will continue through July 2016 when stresses will jumble and re orient to another subject. This is a bit cryptic but consider things that relate to our public stability being subverted and manipulated for another’s gain. Those most vulnerable need to stay aware and vocal. More on that later. 

As an extra, I would like to suggest a meditation when you take time for a cup of tea. Use real tea leaves, and brew your cup of tea. As you sip the hot sweet liquid, take in the good things in life. As you get to the bottom of the cup, carefully avoid the left over leaves. Consider those as the things you do not want in your life. When at the bottom of the cup, throw away what is left and leave behind those things you don’t want. Feel free to use this meditation whenever you need to sort things out, especially when in public.

Friday, April 1st, the weekend begins with drama and scandal. This will evolve over the week, so stay posted to details. Depending on where Leo or Pisces appears in our chart, be assured that something interesting is going to happen. Of course, depending on how you personally live, there will be varying influences. The less dependent, the better off you will be. Of course we cannot completely be self sufficient but our level of consumption vs. money will be challenged. This will carry on into the public world also as important stories will mold our minds into something unexpected. So don’t jump to conclusions. Know that most of the mystery is still hidden and you may only get clues at this time. If you love a good detective story, then get out your tablets and keep track of the details. Moon in Capricorn.  Friday April 1st

Saturday, April 2nd, a better day for getting money news. I hope yesterday you were able to keep on your toes and have a better vantage point today. Otherwise, just balance your check book and see if you can shave off some fat on your personal budget. Sometimes just taking an accounting of things can make blind spots pop right into the light. Moon in Capricorn.  Saturday April 2nd

Sunday, April 3rd, great day to follow up on communications and find out just how things stand. The tricks are better understood today, but still there is much hidden. Don’t expect to find more than what others want you to find. Just take a lesson of being present today and things will unfold as they are meant to. I know it is easy to get in a hurry and want to know it all, but sometimes that “all” is just not fully formed yet. Moon in Aquarius.  Sunday April 3rd

Monday, April 4th, there will be resistance today to getting your work day started. Once you preserver, you will find your flow in all your tasks. The internal battle is questioning what you are doing and why you are doing it. Classic awakened conflict in a modern world. But sometimes even when we feel least appreciated; there are moments that you understand why you hold on to personal truths. Either you will be helping another, or someone’s experience will suddenly open up a new perspective to why you have done things a certain way. We learn from each other today. This is something you will need to feel your way through. Moon in Aquarius.  Monday April 4th

Tuesday, April 5th, any clarity you had yesterday, is now muddled again. Give it a rest and let the details settle out later. We are creating a future as we trudge along our daily routines. Much of it is being decided right now, so be mentally and emotionally present and let things move at their own pace. Later this evening connect up with your humanity and call your sweetheart for some magic this evening. Moon in Pisces by noon today.  Tuesday April 5th

Wednesday, April 6th, this is a great day to feel your humanity. Messy as it might be, let your intuition direct your energies. I know if you punch a clock, that distraction is not permitted, but those who you work with will be affected by the Pisces moon too. So take some time to share and cover for each other in key times. If you need to do some visioning work, try taking some time on break or at noon to solve some lingering questions. Also as the Moon crosses the Sun and Uranus, there could be some erratic events around you. Watch your back especially this evening. As an extra, I would like to suggest a meditation when you take time for a cup of tea. Use real tea leaves, and brew your cup of tea. As you sip the hot sweet liquid, take in the good things in life. As you get to the bottom of the cup, carefully avoid the left over leaves. Consider those as the things you do not want in your life. When at the bottom of the cup, throw away what is left and leave behind those things you don’t want. Moon in Pisces.  Wednesday April 6th

Thursday, April 7th, lots of actions towards love today. Expect to hear from those you love. Venus and Mars will be doing a tango until the 16th of April. If you have been holding back an introduction or special question, this would be a great time to do so. No matter what happens some great adventures are ahead of you in a few more weeks. Also, if you wake up shaky today, know that will pass by mid morning. Moon in Aries later this morning.  Thursday April 7th

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, March 24, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Last week had a variety of events and contingencies happening. This week will be more directed and less convoluted. This is a time to take hold of something intriguing and see where it can lead. But question yourself, is this a turn in my path to a goal or a endless rabbit hole?  full week report

Friday, March 25th, this is a day where you may feel the deck is stacked against you having what you want, but if you play it cool, you will get what you need! This could well be a great day to take a moment and figure out just are your needs. Is it the old world of materialism or is it what satisfies the soul? Like most people, somewhere in the middle is a safe bet. We can imagine a lot, but what is attainable can be a different story, strive for contentment! Moon in Libra.   Friday March 25th

Saturday, March 26th, the tide has shifted and so have many expectations. In that change, the links to your heart and desires will be fitting into place. None of this is solid, so make sure you stay on your toes so that when adjustments occur you are alert. Many will find out that what they wanted was right in front of them! Moon in Libra.  Saturday March 26th

Sunday, March 27th, the signs point to a great day for lovers to connect up and feel the flow within them. Connections on all levels will be evident. Just keep the crass words to a minimum. Sometimes you feel too comfortable and start being a bit rude. That can take the conversation to an uncomfortable place.  Consider this a day to build up extra points in your relationships. Moon in Scorpio.  Sunday, March 27th

Monday, March 28th, time to put the weekend behind you and get focused on your work. There will be a tendency towards distraction, so find whatever head game you rely on for getting with the program so you move ahead with full focus. As the day progresses, opportunities will come to those who are the most diligent. Remembering the romance of the weekend will need to continue after hours so you are not distracted during the day. Also, It is unlikely that your sweetie will be available after hours. Moon in Scorpio.  Monday March 28th

Tuesday, March 29th, try to visualize your path of future security into view. If your career path has taken a more philosophical or leadership roll; you will be rewarded and challenged at the same time. Everyone needs a challenge that is within reach. So go for it and keep your wits about you. The reward will be worth it. Moon in Scorpio most of the day then into Sagittarius by evening.  Tuesday, March 29th

Wednesday, March 30th, continue on with what is expected of you at work. But there will be times, when day dreaming or processing what has just happened, will interrupt your work flow. When you get home tonight, settle into some quiet time for visioning and receptive meditation. The rest of the story will make more sense. Moon in Sagittarius.  Wednesday March 30th

Thursday, March 31st, there will be practical glimpses or results from your latest challenge. Your romantic future is developing into something both proud  and delightful. In work, nothing is more rewarding than to see efforts recognized both ceremoniously and monetarily. Make the necessary transformations, and you will find your future looking brighter. Life is all about growth and development of your abilities, especially when you have to stretch to get there. Moon in Sagittarius.  Thursday March 31st

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, March 17, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Just a few moments to talk about the general trends this week. I hate to say it, but romance will be tested. That test will look like, “what have you done for me lately”? Is it time to gift someone with either special something or special moments? Avoid the friction by preparing something for each other. Those in relationships may not notice much until later this week when both the spring fever and cabin fever awaken fatigue from the daily grind. Start early and head off this blow up coming later this weekend. The little things go a long way.

Friday, March 18th, to start the day, it could be a very moody morning for many. Try to honor your feelings and not lash out at others. For the rest of us, step aside or just nod your head in recognition of another’s inner struggle. The people who are taking the high road and considering what are the important lessons in human affairs, will be in a better mood than those who are facing ugly truths about being played a fool. The next couple of days will have this turmoil roiling though people’s minds and hearts. For those of you who are on the moral support level, your work will increase. Just don’t overdo the interaction, because the hardest lessons in life are those we have to face ourselves. Moon in Cancer. Friday March 18th

Saturday, March 19th, the emotional and intuitive shift will be finding a light at the end of the tunnel for those who were challenged yesterday. Some of the hardest lessons we face are those of wishful thinking verses common sense. It is like a gambler’s syndrome. Even though you lose time and time again, you forget all that when some feel good moment, like a win, eliminates that previous reality. The problem is still there. The Grand Trine in Water shocks  our emotional state, as our harsh lessons in life and stability are pitted against the bigger picture. There can be a smooth exchange into a brighter reality, if epiphanies are allowed to work. This can be felt by all, as shocks to both big and small aspects of our life will be highlighted. Do take some time to meditate on clearing out any debris from your heart and know that forgiveness is also a very human trait. Moon in Cancer.   Saturday March 19th

Sunday, March 20th, this is a day where it matters where your head is. Those still in the throes of self flagellation will continue to face their demons. Those who are seeing a wider view that has positive future will just hum along today. Use this as a gauge to test where you are on personal work. If still in a tail spin, take more time to meditate on how to make things better. Most of the time, starting with yourself is a huge step. If you are doing fine, elevate the experience by engaging in gratitude of the simplest form… embrace spring. This is a great equalizing day being the Vernal Equinox. May the robins in your life magically turn into bunnies with Cadbury eggs in the nest. Moon in Leo.   Sunday March 20th

Monday, March 21st, yesterday’s crisis will be intensified today. Over the next few days , the Moon in Leo crosses a vital retrograde relating to big changes in the future and destiny. Add to that a continuing T Square with Mars (action and violence) and Neptune (in illusion right now). These are major stress points creating anger needing to be vented. No one can do the work for those people, and any lasing out to their actions will only back fire. One of my teachers said that when a person is acting irrationally, and they tell you what they are experiencing, their stress levels are way beyond your observation. In other words they are completely aware of how they feel and they are holding back their full fury. Perhaps, if confronted with an explosion of frustration, would be to recognize they are indeed freaked out. They are maintaining as much equilibrium as they possibly can. And thank them for holding that boiling point. Simple acknowledgement of the situation may help any reaction. Moon in Leo.  Monday March 21st

Tuesday, March 22nd, Hopefully you were able to smooth the ruffled feathers at home earlier this week.   If you forgot, do some quick damage control! For many, so much is highly charged that even good relationships will have a tense day. A wise lesson taught to me early on is, “the violence of a word to a loved one, can take years to repair”. Close those lips if you want to say something mean, just for the hurt value. Think of this as a matter of emotional economics. Moon in Leo.  Tuesday March 22nd

Wednesday, March 23rd, this is a good day to clear out any misconceptions about those around you. I know it is a complicated balancing public image, integrity, and personal worth. But remember that forgiveness, compassion and understanding go a long way. The road to understanding usually involves a very bumpy path, but it is well worth walking. If you come from the heart, a lot can be accomplished today. Now kiss and make up until the next growing pains. The Lunar eclipse will intensify many situations. But taking the time to clear the misunderstandings can bridge a wonderful new era. Moon in Virgo.   Wednesday March 23rd

Thursday, March 24th, the very things needed to heal us will meet with restriction or challenge. The clue for today is with inertia, there comes a need for patience. Don’t push! Only actions that are cooperative will create a solution. There is another T Square added to the most violent one in recent history which is occurring right now. It will pass, if you just let it without making things worse. The future is not clear at this moment. No one wants to be wrong, especially when everything else in their life degrades them. Civility is imperative today. Moon is in Virgo.   Thursday March 24th

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Some general observations for this week and Spring cycle. The elephant in the room is the stellum in Aquarius in opposition to Jupiter and the North Node (destiny point) and a T Square with Saturn or set of lessons and stability. There is a strong tendency to over idealize situations, instead of rationally working something out. Because of such strong resistance many cannot see that all we need is in front of us and ready to access. The cosmic direction right now has us thinking more holistically not restrictively. This election cycle we are seeing the shift from old guard to new guard. May the wisdom of the past prevail and the new wave  go in integrity! We have many months of this T Square and Opposition so handle each personal conflict carefully and thoroughly. Let’s not skip important developments with how you perceive your place in the world.
Also Venus is well entrenched in Aquarius in this Stellum. For those looking for love right now, watch out for over idealization and think more in terms of exploring intellectual pursuits right now. Fortunately passions are less impressed with performance than sustainability. This may put the fire out of some relationships before they get a chance to get going, but then, that relationship might have evaporated in steam anyway. Also, some who are to fussy may be unable to see the value in front of them. A lesson in relationships is what are the false attachments to outcomes and what is the real deal?  Each must be allowed to unfold in uniqueness.

Friday, March 11th, quirky views of the future will be ever present. The challenge is to see them clearly and adjust from less materialism to more humanism. Consider this as a collective puzzle. Once enough of the pieces are in place, the picture emerges.  There is a cultural shift in the works, and it is for the better. Do take some time out for love and connect with those who give you all forms of love. In fact, the next few weeks will be a perfect time to understand the different types of love, which are Eros, yes that can be lots of fun, agape and plutonic. It is the later ones that we forget as being important too. If we can’t love each other, how can be find respect for the diversity around us?  Also a heads up, to get all your chores and business in place before Monday. A Grand Square is going to make things stagnant for the first of next week and you want to have your stuff done so you meet your deadlines. Moon in Aries.  

Saturday, March 12th, the key for today is things will flow well for those who can open their hearts to the concerns of another. See that person as having the same struggles to do the right thing as you do. The other day I went into a store that promotes a narrow philosophical perspective. I had boycotted this business because of an action against women’s rights. They were defeated in court later, so I felt like seeing what it was like to walk among a Christian dominant store. I kept my perspectives to myself and just observed people who were so normal and actually just acting like I do. So where did the disconnect come from pressures to force an opinion and the gentle souls who work at that place?  Self examinations of Projections and transference is an area of review today. Again, smile. The world needs it. Moon in Aries.

Sunday, March 13th, don’t let your emotional state control you today. Think before you speak! Not only can you damage your reputation, but you could get a punch in the nose, too. Those of earth signs may be particularly pressured to be accountable for their reactions. They are having a particularly difficult day. There is a “boxing in” of perceptions which could light a fast fuse. Give your earthy friends lots of room until the winds of change settle in the next couple of days. Moon in Taurus.  

Monday, March 14th, If you can, stay home. Not much is going to work anyway. There is a fair chance that even your technology is going to rebel today. Communications may be flowing, so stay in touch, but you will be “boxed in” for the for a few days. Instead of fighting the stagnation, This would be a great time to clean your desk, sort your filing, contemplate your navel… etc. Personally, I have closets to clean. If you are still productive, the stress of this boxing in effect of the Grand Square will be easier to endure. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, March 15th, the Ides of March is upon us. The forces of the day remind me of the end of Cesar in history. Some harsh realities may come to view so consider how polarity works in your life. Ups and downs that actually even out eventually. Things that you hear about will cause you to make shifts in your perceptions. Try to keep it positive. You will know if you are on the right track when you see things fitting together for a future view. This time is all about individual reconciliation with others. The transformation from the world of “me” to the world of us is long overdue. But all the events of the recent pass are leading up to just such a transformation. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, March 16th, the “boxing in” is done for now. Take a break and connect up with those who you love and enjoy. This would be a great day to end the day with friends over a drink … of course just what is your choice. There will be a surprise communication that can bring clarity to how people are starting to move towards a new perspective. With Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius, our real focus right now is how do we want the future to look? Things that restrict others will never fit into this new direction the group is taking. Openness, charity, values and humanity and free flow of expression will make this next path forward closer to our next social experiment together. Moon in Gemini.

Thursday, March 17th, the Sun, our general view of others, has moved firmly into Pisces. Our intuitive states and loving compassion should be encouraged today. I suspect that many St. Patrick day celebrations will bring some fluid camaraderie among the most unlikely folks. This is a day where many will be tired of polarity and friction and just want to toast humanity’s ability to relax and just be who you are. No politics today!. We are a strange mix of fight and camaraderie, very Irish, don’t you think? Maybe tomorrow the quality of the fight will be different? Moon goes into Cancer this afternoon.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, March 3, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

After the first Super Tuesday, I wanted to make an astrological political observation. There is a T Square concerning how we deal with change and spiritual values. It will be tested and refined until the 1st of November. Our choices are restricted until June and the real change is seen in our hearts and minds as to how we fit into the greater good (heavy Aquarian influence) and get along with our fellow Americans. By June, Jupiter will go direct and start to move away from this T Square bringing direction and real opportunity to move forward. With the squares to Neptune, be sure there will be lots of hidden agendas and dirty tricks. August and September will be a time where the mold is created and then interesting information will come out to muddy the waters or turn people off entirely. By November, I think people will go about their business and leave the political process to its own devices for a while. So the struggle has been huge and exhausting, but worth it.

Friday, March 4th over the course of this week, Mercury has shifted into Aquarius. It is headed into a month long churning of what are core values held by the mixed masses of people in this country. On a practical perspective, communication will be tested for civility and compassion. If you are not up to trying to see another perspective and sort out the truths and fears, give yourself a break and not engage. There is serious chance of an un-civil war breaking out. With every criticism, find a positive aspect to an opposing view. If necessary revert back to how you feel about a challenging perspective rather than imply wrong or malice to someone else’s view. An example would be, you are presented with favor for a candidate that is extreme on religious views, respond with how there are many paths to spiritual enlightenment and that you feel that you should be able to continue to practice without loss of your rights. Remember the more exhausted a person, the less articulate they are. Moon in Sagittarius. March 4th 2016

Saturday, March 5th, yesterday through next Monday will complicate your life with desires unmet. We can’t help but fixate on what we want. That includes romance, possessions and actions. Being stuck in the mud is a hard place to be.  This is a time to not push so much and wait until the momentum is better to engage in what is not budging. Working yourself up into a frenzy of frustration never helps the end game. Things that will be beneficial are cleaning up your home and car. Consider how much you do have and how to reinvent, repurpose or spruce up your home so that it takes on a luster of joy. Sometimes the outer world is fine, but you need to work on the inner world or gratitude. Get a bit of advice or help if that inner world needs attention. Moon in Capricorn.  March 5th

Sunday, March 6th, another day of trying to find gratitude and stability. Prepare yourself for an evening of entertainment and good company. If you want to have a family meal, make it pot luck so that no one is overworked. Moderate libation could find everyone in a great mood to recharge and reconnect. Make a toast to the favorite character of your companions. Everyone loves appreciation and recognition. Also take some time to finish up that house cleaning or adjusting to your home. Evening should allow you to enjoy your handiwork. Moon in Capricorn.  March 6th

Monday, March 7th, there has been a shift in feeling a sense of cohesion with others. Unfortunately, those who are more fringe or exclusive in community values will only hear what they want to hear. It is uncomfortable reaching out to different opinions, but that is how we keep in touch with others. The last thing you want is more division between those at work and around home. At least, make a heartfelt hello or good morning to everyone. That signal will bring less fear and loathing. All these challenges are moving towards a new perspective between who we are and how your neighbor or fellow employee may be. Mars is going to be in Scorpio for almost a month and that will bring shorter tempers. So be sure to use your radar and search for clues to just how stressed a person may be. This is an excellent month to give a friendly smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Moon in Aquarius. March 7th

Tuesday, March 8th, there are so many orbs in Aquarius right now that it will be hard not to feel your deepest ideals being challenged, today is going to be worse than most. Try to stay out of conflict with yourself. If someone presses your buttons, take a reflective view into yourself and try to understand why. An example would be, are you very concerned about that oppositional person being shattered due to hard line expectations? Are you afraid of retaliation if you differ? Are you afraid that your basic rights will be refused? Are you afraid of having to give more than you feel comfortable? Remember that polarization is damaging when it goes too far away from center. The few cannot set the stride of the many… unless you are taking a walk with your granny and she is walking as fast as she can and you are holding back a lot. Let her set the pace. Moon in Aquarius.  March 8th

Wednesday, March 9th, your moods and actions will set the pace of the day. If you feel the urge to complete a task, give it priority. If you need to give yourself a day of nurturing and meditation, do it. Yesterday’s events and trials have exhausted many people who try to stay aware. Let it process and ask for contact with your divine counterpart for clarity and guidance. This is a good time to take that vision and turn it into a blast of hope and love into the outside world. Hold positive space sometime today. Moon in Pisces.  March 9th

Thursday, March 10th, with the Moon conjunct to Uranus in Pisces, let the freak flag fly where you can, especially when you are at home. What makes the world interesting is how variations can create opportunity and insight to how things work together. Before you leave the house, shift up your wardrobe or make up just to say, I am not a clone! While some agreements to actions have to be upheld, there is still plenty of room to express yourself as different yet contributing to a greater good. No one wants to disappear into a crowd on a day like this. Good time to celebrate our differences rather than demand conformity. Moon in Pisces.  March 10th

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen