Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 4th will have the feel of a pressure cooker. There is something delicious about to emerge but the pressure is still doing its job. This may come across as resistance to change or concern for the feasibility of your desires. It also could be those who are about to lose something precious because they have been behaving badly. Expect strong emotions at this time. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, September 5th there will need to be a trust that what will be, will be. In life we go from setting up desires to just hoping for the best. This could be a day where the two will meet. The evidence is not there yet, but things are pushing hard to emerge. Just a lot of sorting, shifting and engagement involved.

Sunday, September 6th this is a day where luck may be working with a handicap. Don’t plan so much for today, and allow lots of time to get where you are going. There are great indicators that in the doldrums or ample time, there will be revelations about what has been hidden. There are clear indications that it is time to take a change in route so that you will meet your future with happier vibes. What will be particularly happy is Venus is now going direct. She will take a while to get back moving, but those unexpected situations, like having to wait too long at a Laundromat because your washer died, will guide you to just the right person or financial find. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, September 7th Communications could be on overload. That crucial bit of information is in that dog pile in your inbox. Forms and information will be scattered and a cleaver person will organize everything before they dive in to sorting what the day holds.

Tuesday, September 8th after all that juggling, a clear path or set of data will start to fill up the blanks. By midday you will be able to get more of an intuitive sense of what is needed to proceed. Also expect a communication from that someone special. As Venus relates to purchases and goods, be on the lookout for getting that special find. I personally love re-sale shops because there is a synergy in reuse and repurpose to save money and the environment. This could be a good day to find a bargain. Moon goes into Cancer by midday.

Wednesday, September 9th should be a day where what you are doing seems to be supported by the gods! Synchronicities are just where you need them. Just keep your heart and other senses open to the possibilities. By evening, the Moon will be aspect to Venus then Mars. That the charm of the moment and enjoy it. This will be a meeting and melding of souls if you have been able to keep up with the challenges of the week. Good luck to those who are looking for what makes the heart sing.

Thursday, September 10th you should be able to keep the ball rolling for several days. What does click into place is where you should be. Do be aware that tomorrow, when the Moon goes into Leo, there maybe a test your resolve to continue; but that tension will pass if you don’t get to arrogant. Otherwise, what you have been working so hard for will be taking form and starting to come together.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen



Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, August 28th For the next couple of weeks there will be some hidden agenda in the mainstream consciousness. While obscuration has been going on for a while, this is something new.  It will be hard to fathom just what is in play and why. With this in mind, know that whatever is agreed upon, must be confirmed. If you can delay signing contracts, you will be better off. On a personal level, chance connections with those who you have loved will come into the light. What is best to consider is there was a reason for all relationships and those lessons can be more easily understood at this time. But trust your own insights, as the other side may be up to the same crazy talk as before. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, August 29th there is a big test to finding the middle ground in what the outer world is trying to convey. We want integrity, but will be getting yet another power grab if we are not savvy to the game. There is a good chance that exposure to plots will just give a twist to the meaning. Stay vigilant to innuendos and keeping the faith that transformation will occur. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, August 30th this is a great day to set into motion some personal plans. These plans are for a new adventure rather than something well rehearsed. Games and manipulations on the outer world are still in effect and clouding the outcome. But some have waited too long to get going and there is a lot of momentum to push forward. The bottom line is what you launch today will have lots of challenges, but this time, there is success for those who stay engaged with the plan and navigate the pitfalls.

Monday, August 31st this could be a day to test your patience. Just know that developing a virtue can be very rewarding. You won’t be able to see very far ahead of the situation. Trust your better nature and continue the course. Things are literally being created as you go. Moon goes into Pisces today.

Tuesday, September 1st Do you remember the “Push me Pull you” of Dr. Doolittle? Guess what, you probably will have a conversation with all too often prevalent beast. This beast will be acting out a scenario in your love life and potential dating companions. Take heart and pay close attention to what is actually being demonstrated. This will be the guide to how to deal with those who don’t know what they want or are too shocked to be vulnerable and available.

Wednesday, September 2nd some real green lights will turn on for those who have taken that leap of faith that the future exists, even for those who are weary of the travails of love and romance. A Grand Trine is Fire has big changes on the horizon for the brave or simply still living with the rules of engagement. There is very much a happy dance in most instances, even if not everything is clear. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, September 3rd Whatever happened yesterday has just stirred a giant cauldron. You can either find that center point of observation or you can just give it your best and interact. Whatever your choice, things are going to be interesting. What got shook up yesterday will be setting the wheels of change in motion. But some treads on those wheels will be falling apart.  Know that what you do to benefit romance and setting a path or perspective will be keeping you busy for a while. Look at it as an adventure! Or you can hide under a rock until the next opportunity arises.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, August 20, 2015


Friday, August 21 much of this week will be faced with finding your way in a maze of schemes, rouses and gambits. Most are related to simply making it big… for the other person. Be careful with your investments or money. Today with the Moon in sidereal Libra square to Venus retrograde, the generally feeling towards intimacy will be guarded. What would be better is nurturing yourself and spending a bit of time getting the feeling of love back in your heart. There will be time later for the actual meeting. For those who have been doing their healing from the last affair, take note of special connections with potential partners. It will be like bumping into them while shopping or at a shared interest. Moon is in Libra.

Saturday, August 22nd with the Moon conjunct to Saturn today, a hard lesson could be in the works. The influence of big life lessons relate to how we see the world. Find that connection of where you belong in the next step, as things of the past will take one more retreat into the “done” file. Get ready for the “to do list” to start filling up with instructions. Seek advice where you can, just know that answers might be a bit hard to take. It is always better to be brave and face the future, then reorganization with an open mind and heart. Logic may not be of service today either. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, August 23rd there could be a truce of sorts that comes to your world of romance. Lots of adjustments still to settle out, but yet a good day to connect and see how things are going. Also still time to be wary of to good to be true deals. Illusion will be hard to separate from the truth. Leaving a decision for tomorrow may not be good either, as the obfuscation is still there to snag the unaware. Give it your best. Sometimes when there is no clear choice, the work is internal rather than external.

Monday, August 24th there is a strong desire to keep the world in perspective, but what will be hindering that action, will be a hard to deal with truth. Healing does not easily come our way when we hear of future plans that do not include us. These communications also talk of even more drudgery and work than initially agreed upon. Instead of fighting the reality of the situation, buckle down and do your best with the task at hand. There still are some good connections with the sweeter things in life. At the end of the day, settle in and reward yourself for a day well spent. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, August 25th  there  is good news for those who have peeled away yet another layer of old skin. While the general news will be a bit hard on the psyche, your individual world can have some fresh feelings of growth. Like getting a facial, there is a revelation of what is fresh and new under the worn out dermal layer. If you consider the solar calendar, with the Sun in Leo right now, we can feel great strides in personal achievement when we take the time to bring perspective into our life. News from the outside world is just a nuisance right now. Not only is the greater good being eclipsed by tenuous threads of control, there is a forcing to more conformity. The good news is, we were never meant to conform, just get along productively. Know the difference.

Wednesday, August 26th the morning will be a bit hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Try to organize and prioritize instead. By afternoon you will be producing more than you ever imagined. The next couple of days will see communications for money, promotions and rewards for hard work. Depending on the work environment (some rely on repressive policies) the gain will be according to the type of boss you have. Even stingy bosses will say something… even if it hurts them to do so. Take your kudos where you can and continue the good work. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, August 27th even if you have made a love connection, communication will be stressed or non-existent. If you know that you tend to be less than observant or diligent, try a bit harder today. The environment is such that if you snooze you will lose. There is lots of glamorous sparkles flying by also. If you are uncertain about whether you have a glittering fairy or a down home goddess, take some time to find out. While the fairy might be fun for a short time, we all get tired of the here now and gone tomorrow relationships. Fall is coming up soon and it is time to consider who will keep you warm over the winter.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, August 13, 2015


Friday, August 14th will be a passable day to work through your needs and desires. Solutions will arise in the dream world or those fleeting waking moment impressions. Most of us are getting tired of sifting through the murky waters for tidbits of substance. Later this week the Sun will return into its full force when it moves into sidereal Leo. I suspect others are starting to feel like I do. Of course, individual triggers will vary. I am at the point where another mention of repair or sit on my hands and wait are now met with tears and fatigue. Perhaps some of you relate? The Moon will end its journey in Cancer today so tomorrow will bring a bit of momentum. Remember to test of whether something is sustainable before you commit to it. This is the new moon, so do take some time to let go of what has to go. I for one will be smudging my house to help release some of the pesky bad vibes around.

Saturday, August 15th quirky romantic encounters will send some people into a foam of bliss. And maybe that is the direction that will have the most satisfaction. What lies outside of those hallowed spheres of relationships, is tense and in your face. Bold lies and false hopes bombard those already weary souls trying to just make it another day. This weekend, only encounter situations as long as you can process what is happening. When it starts to trigger your aggression, then retire to a safe place. With anything said, check your facts and take nothing for face value. Perhaps taking off from interaction by late afternoon will be best. Center and nest until you feel whole again.

Sunday, August 16th another day to just retreat and cuddle. The Moon will cross an afflicted Mercury in Leo, so don’t be surprised that there are a lot of sweet nothings whispered into your ear. Sometimes that is alright if you know you are just being reassured by a well meaning partner. If single, smile when you hear these praises, but don’t accept them as the truth. For those in unstable relationships, this could be a day of domestic fighting if you can’t handle the shifts in your relationship. There is likely to be some nit picking by those who are frustrated and unable to cope.

Monday, August 17th the Moon goes into sidereal Virgo today. While your diet will probably go out the door with the first wave of pressure, your inner struggle will be to just get the job done. Work will be complete with bad habits peeking out from under the desk calling you to think of vacation excitement rather than boredom at work. The Sun goes into Leo today so a shift into gaining some personal power will draw you to finish your to do list and then start to feel like events and situations are now more above the water line. Yes, logic, leadership and joviality will start to impart better attitudes.

Tuesday, August 18th Haven’t had that call back from the wonderful weekend? Feeling a bit lost as to what your future will develop? Are your workmates or family asking hard personal questions? You are not alone. The vibe will be for everyone’s business being fair game rather than taking care of their own. It is easier to focus on someone else’s mistakes of actions than to take personal responsibility. Times like these it is best to just be happy that you have others paying attention rather than pointing out their faults. Take a deep breath and know where comments are well intentioned. Those who are just bullies, well, consider why they are not doing their own thing. It could be they are so confused or frustrated that they can only focus outside of themselves.

Wednesday, August 19th the Moon is finishing up its trip through Virgo. And the general feeling is there is a sticky web just waiting for a fly to be trapped so watch out for being tangled. Still impatient waiting will turn a day into an OCD event. Whatever does not want to untangle, you will just have to look away and wait it out. No quick solutions to where things are going. This is a practice day for finding your center so that you keep your cool.

Thursday, August 20th lost messages and communications are stuck just out of sight. This morning check your spam folder or actually check your mailbox for letters of importance mixed in with the junk mail. Who knows what gems you will find? The Moon is in Libra and the king maker stars and planets are roaring today. The Sun and Jupiter is in Leo conjunct the star Regulus. If action is taken, be sure that it is not retaliatory. That will backfire on you. Instead of making a statement, there will be dishonor. Then again, if someone in the office needs an attitude adjustment, let them take center stage. Carefully sort out higher ups messages because either by nature or design not all the truth is in the light. Yes, this could be a big day for lots of hot air to pass… you be the judge if it needs mouth wash or a match. Try to see some humor in what is blasting out on the air waves.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, August 6, 2015


Friday, August 7th, this will be a rather tough week for most of us. The biggest test will be for those in co-dependent and enabling relationships. As for today it will be hard to get much of anything done today. Those who push the hardest will possibly blow up in the frustration. You know who those people are, so keep your eyes open to the clues there may be some “venting” or an “eruption” about to occur. Of course this could also be seen on the bigger panorama of life, so stay away from risky places. Also this could imply an earth disaster which comes to light by tomorrow morning. The situation will be most intense about 10pm Mountain time. This would be a great time to do an evening meditation holding positive peaceful intentions. With the Moon moving into sidereal Taurus later this evening, remember to avoid stubbornness and consider the value of earth grounding.

Saturday, August 8th the results of yesterday will be affecting the general psyche of those around you. Leadership out of the fray will be helpful, but insufficient. Reach out to those around you with compassion and listen if they are particularly disturbed. This is a time to guide intentions towards solutions rather than more anger. The cycle will be hard to break today, so stay centered if you can. And take a lot of deep breaths before you say something to make things worse. Find a place in nature, like a park or your own back yard to re-connect with what does operate well.

Sunday, August 9th with a smoothing of rattled nerves comes some positive considerations for what will make the future look brighter. This is rather weakly available, but if you look for the help, it can be found. This is another day to just give your fears and anxiety a rest with positive grounding behaviors. The goal is to not add to a tsunami of angst. What is happening is necessary, but remember every difficulty is an opportunity to make better choices and move into mature solutions. Things will seem to lift into brighter light tomorrow.

Monday, August 10th we will wake up to a Moon in Gemini presenting lots of ways around a problem. Gather up information and pull together resources to take this moment of advancing opportunities. There should be outside resources to your advantage, so open up to the help and be part of the solution rather than fall into being part of a problem.

Tuesday, August 11th, the gifts of the Moon in Gemini will be challenging to those who are still lost in illusion. There are more opportunities to wake up to a day that will present more fun, friendship and movement towards more common goals. Be aware that those who wish to maintain flawed perceptions will meet a lot of resistance. If you are getting shut out or shut down, re-consider your position. This is a time to let the unsustainable become part of history rather than future plans. This would be a great day to consider what you want to release. I know there has been a lot of letting go, which is for the best of all. But consider that it is the layers of release that are revealing more about us than we realized. We can let the bad things we have done, simply be life lessons. Others will be busy doing this, too. So there should be forgiveness and a fresh start available. If you are around those who hold you back with them, distance yourself from their process. So you can do yours.

Wednesday, August 12th the flow of synchronicities will get us up and moving today. The Moon will go into Sidereal Cancer today and also conjoin Mars. This is a time to find healing and act like you want to be known. There will be resistance to this new approach from those in either co-dependent or enabling relationships. Good luck in sorting out what is a manipulation and what needs to be abandoned. Ask yourself if there is stability in what the change invokes. If not, then get ready for posturing, blaming and   an old fashioned hissy fit. Stay focused on empowering yourself and your partner. You will be called to describe alternatives to how things have been done. There is a good chance the advice or observation will be heard. Stay in the flow and you will know you are doing the right thing.

Thursday, August 13th today will be an obsessive focus on what others think about the recent changes and just how you are going to live with what has happened. If you can keep your wits about you, the opportunities will lead you to where you want to be. There is a lot of support from unexpected places when you are on the right path. What looks good for releasing bad habits or situations will be rewarded with a better outlook towards the future. Be strong with the challenge to improve your life and others around you. Also the retrograde motion of Venus puts her back into Cancer. This is a good time for self nurturing and being around those who will give as well as receive love and concern. What gets us into trouble is when we give with expectations of return, but just get drained in the process. You will have a better idea of where your relationships actually are.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen