Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, August 28th For the next couple of weeks there will be some hidden agenda in the mainstream consciousness. While obscuration has been going on for a while, this is something new.  It will be hard to fathom just what is in play and why. With this in mind, know that whatever is agreed upon, must be confirmed. If you can delay signing contracts, you will be better off. On a personal level, chance connections with those who you have loved will come into the light. What is best to consider is there was a reason for all relationships and those lessons can be more easily understood at this time. But trust your own insights, as the other side may be up to the same crazy talk as before. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, August 29th there is a big test to finding the middle ground in what the outer world is trying to convey. We want integrity, but will be getting yet another power grab if we are not savvy to the game. There is a good chance that exposure to plots will just give a twist to the meaning. Stay vigilant to innuendos and keeping the faith that transformation will occur. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, August 30th this is a great day to set into motion some personal plans. These plans are for a new adventure rather than something well rehearsed. Games and manipulations on the outer world are still in effect and clouding the outcome. But some have waited too long to get going and there is a lot of momentum to push forward. The bottom line is what you launch today will have lots of challenges, but this time, there is success for those who stay engaged with the plan and navigate the pitfalls.

Monday, August 31st this could be a day to test your patience. Just know that developing a virtue can be very rewarding. You won’t be able to see very far ahead of the situation. Trust your better nature and continue the course. Things are literally being created as you go. Moon goes into Pisces today.

Tuesday, September 1st Do you remember the “Push me Pull you” of Dr. Doolittle? Guess what, you probably will have a conversation with all too often prevalent beast. This beast will be acting out a scenario in your love life and potential dating companions. Take heart and pay close attention to what is actually being demonstrated. This will be the guide to how to deal with those who don’t know what they want or are too shocked to be vulnerable and available.

Wednesday, September 2nd some real green lights will turn on for those who have taken that leap of faith that the future exists, even for those who are weary of the travails of love and romance. A Grand Trine is Fire has big changes on the horizon for the brave or simply still living with the rules of engagement. There is very much a happy dance in most instances, even if not everything is clear. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, September 3rd Whatever happened yesterday has just stirred a giant cauldron. You can either find that center point of observation or you can just give it your best and interact. Whatever your choice, things are going to be interesting. What got shook up yesterday will be setting the wheels of change in motion. But some treads on those wheels will be falling apart.  Know that what you do to benefit romance and setting a path or perspective will be keeping you busy for a while. Look at it as an adventure! Or you can hide under a rock until the next opportunity arises.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen