Thursday, August 6, 2015


Friday, August 7th, this will be a rather tough week for most of us. The biggest test will be for those in co-dependent and enabling relationships. As for today it will be hard to get much of anything done today. Those who push the hardest will possibly blow up in the frustration. You know who those people are, so keep your eyes open to the clues there may be some “venting” or an “eruption” about to occur. Of course this could also be seen on the bigger panorama of life, so stay away from risky places. Also this could imply an earth disaster which comes to light by tomorrow morning. The situation will be most intense about 10pm Mountain time. This would be a great time to do an evening meditation holding positive peaceful intentions. With the Moon moving into sidereal Taurus later this evening, remember to avoid stubbornness and consider the value of earth grounding.

Saturday, August 8th the results of yesterday will be affecting the general psyche of those around you. Leadership out of the fray will be helpful, but insufficient. Reach out to those around you with compassion and listen if they are particularly disturbed. This is a time to guide intentions towards solutions rather than more anger. The cycle will be hard to break today, so stay centered if you can. And take a lot of deep breaths before you say something to make things worse. Find a place in nature, like a park or your own back yard to re-connect with what does operate well.

Sunday, August 9th with a smoothing of rattled nerves comes some positive considerations for what will make the future look brighter. This is rather weakly available, but if you look for the help, it can be found. This is another day to just give your fears and anxiety a rest with positive grounding behaviors. The goal is to not add to a tsunami of angst. What is happening is necessary, but remember every difficulty is an opportunity to make better choices and move into mature solutions. Things will seem to lift into brighter light tomorrow.

Monday, August 10th we will wake up to a Moon in Gemini presenting lots of ways around a problem. Gather up information and pull together resources to take this moment of advancing opportunities. There should be outside resources to your advantage, so open up to the help and be part of the solution rather than fall into being part of a problem.

Tuesday, August 11th, the gifts of the Moon in Gemini will be challenging to those who are still lost in illusion. There are more opportunities to wake up to a day that will present more fun, friendship and movement towards more common goals. Be aware that those who wish to maintain flawed perceptions will meet a lot of resistance. If you are getting shut out or shut down, re-consider your position. This is a time to let the unsustainable become part of history rather than future plans. This would be a great day to consider what you want to release. I know there has been a lot of letting go, which is for the best of all. But consider that it is the layers of release that are revealing more about us than we realized. We can let the bad things we have done, simply be life lessons. Others will be busy doing this, too. So there should be forgiveness and a fresh start available. If you are around those who hold you back with them, distance yourself from their process. So you can do yours.

Wednesday, August 12th the flow of synchronicities will get us up and moving today. The Moon will go into Sidereal Cancer today and also conjoin Mars. This is a time to find healing and act like you want to be known. There will be resistance to this new approach from those in either co-dependent or enabling relationships. Good luck in sorting out what is a manipulation and what needs to be abandoned. Ask yourself if there is stability in what the change invokes. If not, then get ready for posturing, blaming and   an old fashioned hissy fit. Stay focused on empowering yourself and your partner. You will be called to describe alternatives to how things have been done. There is a good chance the advice or observation will be heard. Stay in the flow and you will know you are doing the right thing.

Thursday, August 13th today will be an obsessive focus on what others think about the recent changes and just how you are going to live with what has happened. If you can keep your wits about you, the opportunities will lead you to where you want to be. There is a lot of support from unexpected places when you are on the right path. What looks good for releasing bad habits or situations will be rewarded with a better outlook towards the future. Be strong with the challenge to improve your life and others around you. Also the retrograde motion of Venus puts her back into Cancer. This is a good time for self nurturing and being around those who will give as well as receive love and concern. What gets us into trouble is when we give with expectations of return, but just get drained in the process. You will have a better idea of where your relationships actually are.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen