Thursday, July 30, 2015


Friday, July 31st As the day starts out, with the Moon in sidereal Capricorn, the vibe will be looking hard at how to make money. Since there are no positive connections to other important indicators at this time, just hold on to that thought for a few more days. The other thing to consider is so many planets are in retrograde; we are on overload as to how our efforts can make any difference in the big picture. Many of us just want to do something, just don’t get caught doing “anything” just to prove a point. The full moon will be intensifying everyone’s frustration for the next couple of days. Stay close to friends and out of unknown territories during this time. Just two more days and you will feel like taking a deep breath again. Like a bubble of tension will burst.

Saturday, August 1st many people will wake up wanting love, security and all hidden knowledge at their fingertips. Sorry, that won’t happen today, so please take some time out to ask questions from those who may be able to observe your entire situation. The moon goes into Aquarius today and is not happy with the state of the human condition. As we sludge through our weekend chores, there will be enough sheer willpower to make it through the list, but you won’t be happy about it. No one will blame you if you decide to just kick back and rest after a very tense week at work. Tomorrow is better.

Sunday, August 2nd whether you see it or not, a switch has just turned back on as Saturn has started to move forward again. This retrograde has forced us to dig deep into our psyche and find peace within ourselves. If you have successfully wrestled your recent demons, the next few days will show great revelation and elation. Later in the day, the Moon will later be in aspect to Neptune and then Chiron in Aquarius. Then combined with the positive change of Mars no longer squared to Uranus, there is a slowdown of the harsh, weird brutalities around us and in the news. I for one will breathe a sigh of relief that this aspect is done. I am amazed that it has taken such huge levels of brutality to capture the attention of our consciousness. With the positive connections this day, take some time for meditating on what will bring joy into as many people as possible. We need to send out a wave of “love” to heal those around us.

Monday, August 3rd there is a Grand Trine in Water today bringing some fabulous healing to how we live and work. Most of this will be felt at home, possibly as comfort in our daily surrounds. Now Uranus is  wearing a halo. For those who are looking for luck and love things should start to improve.  Through the end of September chance encounters with that special romantic person will be coming our way. Even internet searches can be useful. With the Moon moving into Pisces today, expect some internal changes that will make the whole process move smoothly. Just stay on the positive side of change, and all will be well…for now. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 4th good luck will be there for those who seize the day. If you can’t then don’t worry about it. You could well be a beneficiary of another’s good fortune. It is best to just consider the here and now, because some of opportunities are very short lived. Also not a good day to over analyze what is said or projected.

Wednesday, August 5th today has some fabulous opportunities for luck. But this time, it is not through your quest to gain an object, but by what comes your way as a gift. This is a great time for Paybacks, recognition's and raises.  There is a strong aspect of gifts from the feminine or goddess.  Remember that mothers love to give to make others happy. Be happy with whatever is gifted to you at this time. It should be easy to put a smile on your face with gratitude and acceptance.

Thursday, August 6th today the Moon changes everything with its movement into Aries. There is a refreshing feeling that hard work has paid off. Now look at which road you want to try next. You probably will see the rewards of your conscious changes in opening up to the greater good. There should even be a few more positive stories in the news, just because some of the tide is turning from dark to light. Unlike yesterday, this is the time to do your own wheeling and dealing.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 23, 2015


Sidereal Astrology

Friday, July 24th The heat of summer is upon us, and with a Libra Moon, everyone is trying to make it through. Now add internal changes people are going to face. The questions of love and romance will be next on this summer’s list of growth moments. Those who have cruised on flamboyance and flattery will find it particularly difficult to get the message through. Starting today, focus more on what is beneficial over the long term rather than a summer romance. With that said, what the world is messaging out to us is starting to make more sense. The illusion of guile is wavering. Perhaps not fun, but the pieces are starting to pull together. By August 2nd, a square with Mars and Uranus will end and some of the crazy violent stuff will start to fade away.

Saturday, July 25th take a different perspective to the multitudes of harsh actions in the world. The answer to most of these situations can be summed up as following what is healing to most people rather than more tangents on force. Our thinking will be in high gear with a Grand Trine in Air today. This will be good considering that Venus will go into retrograde motion today and until September 6th. Where to focus is inside to what heals you. Take some time to nourish yourself and let go of things that have failed. Remember in all failure there is a lesson of how not to do something. Remember any epiphanies  over this next 6 weeks.

Sunday, July 26th the Moon has moved into sidereal Scorpio and is in aspect to Saturn. If you thought things were intense before, here comes another notch up the spiral. At this point, you should be starting to question “crisis, what crisis?” as they have seemed to steam roll into yet another level of events. What is particularly positive about this is there is a connection to what the future will look like. Focus your meditations on what would rectify what ails us. So there is yet another example of someone using excessive force…. Good… another opportunity to stand up and not take it anymore. … peacefully and lawfully of course! Over the rest of the summer you can read the sub text of how people are standing up and getting justice back into their streets.

Monday, July 27th try not to over think any romantic ideations you may have. There is a strong sense to take out some frustration on someone, but instead consciousness may intervene and create just the opposite effect of lashing out at another. If you have a friend who is having a hard time rectifying a failed relationship(s), give them a call and check in on them. You may be interrupting at the right time. For yourself, remember that “monkey mind” from earlier in the month? Consider now all those endless possibilities and infinite permutations of how things have been and let go of anything that does not leave you centered and on the path to healing. For some, the work place will be very hard to stay in tune, so work on things that may be voluminous but not difficult.

Tuesday, July 28th the conflict zones of earlier this week will seem to ease. The Moon will go into sidereal Sagittarius and create a moment of philosophical clarity when it comes to how you view love in the world. If you can, expend some time helping a total stranger or donate to something worthwhile. It won’t ease any kind of guilt for past mistakes, but it will let you know that it is one step in the right direction to offer a helping hand without any expectation in return. Remember the three forms of love, agape, platonic and Eros. We have other options to feel love.

Wednesday, July 29th as we look for leadership into a brighter future, there is only a weak glimmer in the distance. What is highly focused is our own actions in a world of special agendas and “pay to play” The Moon in Sagittarius is in aspect to Pluto today bringing a strong need to chose wisely when a path starts create a fork in the road. Our choices today are especially significant. Consider what spiritual shift and synchronicity with our fellow players in this game of life has to look like for improvement. Include what has worked well also. With Saturn in Scorpio, there is an extremist tendency which needs to be tempered into something more holistic.

Thursday, July 30th there is a definite shift today. Mars goes into sidereal Cancer bringing a calming effect on the most shocking and cruel actions around us. For those who tend to use overpowering in your world, there will be frustration in efforts for the next month. This is time to look inward and see the whole picture of the mechanisms of work. On the economic front, work will be more of a focus at this time with the moon drifting into Capricorn. As with any well balanced cycle, shift into the practical world. Today will give you a better sense of what work will be like in the future. Take careful note of the nuances around you and plan accordingly.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 16, 2015


Friday, July 17th This week will have a few shifts in the heavens. One of them is today the Sun will move into sidereal Cancer which will have a tendency to debilitate our ability to handle decisions. Instead of fighting the lack of leadership or gusto in life, embrace feminine activities. If you looked at it from a Kabalistic view, instead of action being the first response, try reception. Until the 25th, take a side step to aggression or new starts; rely on invitation and graciousness instead. Next week, after the 25th , Venus will go retrograde and you will probably need to add the element of asking yourself  what part of a decision was your responsibility. This internal look will continue all summer, but until August 17th, it will still be best to delay action until you are invited. What this is showing is starting today, we all must learn a special lesson of balance of power between God and Goddess. When the God form is indisposed, like in Cancer, it needs to rely on an able counterpart the Goddess power. You may find this is a month of gracious nurturing, if you can accept maternal guidance.

Saturday, July 18th Don’t let a exaggerated influence of the Moon in Leo highlight behaviors and engagements that neither brings security or transformation into a better you. Some will be dragged into ideological conflicts that just can’t continue. There will be something in the larger venue that will set off frustration and anger. The important point to consider today is if you don’t come to grips with what is no longer viable, you will miss an interesting and exciting opportunity. Think out of the box and you will be happier on your quest today. The sign posts are everywhere if you are willing to listen to the gentle instruction towards compassion and joy.

Sunday, July 19th take some time out today to consider what will heal your soul or over active mind. So much has been flowing out of every news orifice and we need to digest all this information. Are we being played as puppets? Today will be the last day that Mercury is in Sidereal Gemini. Write down concepts and pro and con lists of what is happening in your life and the bigger scene around you. Tomorrow will put Mercury into a less than logical frame for information.

Monday, July 20th fortunately with Mercury shifting between the Sun and Mars there has been a logical moment before rash action has occurred. Today, and for a lot of this month, you will need to use an intuition for guidance instead. The pieces may not add up, but if a solution leads to healing and can be continued in the future, that is the way to lean. Much of the planetary influence over the course of the summer will have us turning inward for our personal transformations. Don’t fight it. Consider asking for higher feminine guidance in your journey.

Tuesday, July 21st much of the conflict of yesterday has lessened. What will start to emerge is our loss of relationship or intimate connections. The moon is in sidereal Virgo today. The message for today is best fit by the Tarot card Strength. We have learned much about what demonstrates strength. In the 1500’s strength was measured in clubbing to death the beast of our weaknesses. That card demonstrated a man with a club bludgeoning a lion which was the representation of our animal nature. By the late 1900’s this image was changed to a virgin or evolved conscious woman (divine feminine) taming the lion with reason, compassion and understanding. This was to demonstrate that we can become aware of our animal nature, do what is called shadow work to understand why we behaved in a less than conscious way, and then understand and tame the animal within us. This creates a master level of development. The lesson of this card should help you through your day. How are you addressing behaviors both yours and others? What is your approach, Medieval or modern thinking response?

Wednesday, July 22nd it will be hard to get going today. Seems like your emotions want to deal with the details, but the insight and opportunity is just not there. Spend some time meditating and co create what you need. Be aware that you need to go through the challenges of cause and effect to any enterprise. If you are honest with yourself, meditation can bring forth some amazing answers. Just remember that this is a time for qualities of the feminine to guide us. Some of those answers will come from those who care about us the most.

Thursday, July 23rd the Moon is in Sidereal Libra today creating a magic moment where you can finally sense relationships moving into positive territory. The last week has had us preoccupied with bigger questions and situations. But today, remember to connect up with that someone special and do something that heals you both. Most of our answers this week were not from direct facts. Through the year we need to remember that something’s that are true are not necessarily spelled out. What pulled together is a connection with the future and home, what is healing and what is stable. If you are entertaining something other than that, there will be disappointment. This could also be a good day to do some online match making. Good luck!

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 9, 2015


Friday, July 10th over the last few weeks a forceful and harsh element has tried to keep us at a status quo. Every trick in the book has been used to scare us into compliance. While the messages are now being reverberated again, the impact is diminished. But the message will keep blasting at us for another week. We are presently at a time when the lifting of the veils of illusion has opened up. What heals us has started to come forward and will continue for the rest of the month. As we wind down for the week, our optimism, helped with the Moon in sidereal Aries, will give us cause to seek a new and better reality. Those seeking love will start to connect up in unusual ways with that special person. With Uranus in the mix of this positive light, even the internet, may prove a resource to happiness.

Saturday, July 11th There is a bump in the road for those seeking healing for the heart. With a T Square connecting up your emotional state, Moon in Sidereal Taurus, and other big players, expect some stubbornness towards brighter views of the future. The test today will be to not let laziness or sour grapes hinder you progress. This will be really hard for those still tethered to the past. Life has lots of lessons and this one today will probably revolve around learning to look at the situation with observance rather than judgment. Everyone is a work in progress, and they deserve enough attention and time to prove they are not their past. This is a better time to ask questions, and listen to carefully stated responses. Then ask more questions.

Sunday, July 12th there has been an opposition of Pluto for several weeks. Today it will seem like we feel a strong push to improve ourselves and discard what is harmful. If you can sort through the disappointments in others and yourself, there is a link within you that can see into a new paradigm. This vision will be obscured by other physical needs, but needs a bit of your full attention today. Times like this imply time for either consulting the oracle or deep meditation and silence in the day. Don’t try to visualize anything, just ask questions, wait for answers and see how they feel in your heart.

Monday, July 13th take what balance you found from yesterday’s meditation and focus on making reality fit the vision. There is a strong relationship with creating a stable and sustainable reality that will make you happy even when not everything is just right. You will need to do the work and walk the talk. Make sure you are not just blowing hot air to make yourself feel good. This needs to be real. A method to consider is to verbally be thankful for what goes well. Don’t mention the not so fun stuff. Over time this expression of the positive starts to expand and the negative starts to wane. The goal is to know there is always work and things out of your control. Even blessings your food or drink every time you partake has profound changes.  Add that to the list of gratitude. Simplistically stated, the flow of energy is like a learning child. They like to hear what they did well, and then make positive suggestions to what will change what is not working. Such as if you work is chaotic, ask for illumination as to what the real situation is. If a loved one is moody, ask how you can help, even if the answer is just allow centering time.

Tuesday, July 14th a couple of interesting aspects happen today. The Moon goes into sidereal Gemini and connects with the Sun, Mars and Mercury for the next few days. While there are strong stresses to make plans for your future, this lunar connection may give you so much information that you just don’t know which way to go. Looking a bit ahead, consider this a time to gather information and weigh differences. By Friday, the Sun will move into Cancer creating a fully new dynamic for the next 30 days. This time of conflict should be used as a time to reflect not act. The other aspect happening which will be counter intuitive to how you want to act, is Jupiter changing into Leo. While this is great for Jupiter, which will be tracking with Venus a while longer, the things you want will just be a bit hard to grasp. So why try? You try because this is turning into a receptive time rather than action time. Force could happen if you try too hard. And we all know that only causes breakage and loss. In short, this day will herald a time when all matters become delicate and negotiation is much wiser than insistence.

Wednesday, July 15th while we have been focused on our lives, the outer world needs some attention. There will be a lot of information, posturing and action that has been in the works for awhile. All this relates to a future that holds more commonly held truths. So there will be winners and losers in the revelations today and for the next few weeks. There will be a visceral reaction to what evolves. With so much focused on the loose grouping of Sun, Mars, Mercury and transiting Moon, there are some very harsh realities brought to light. The better aspects relate to illusions being dissolved and healing occurring. Consider a closed basement that is given the light of day. There will be some nasty stuff hanging around. Just be careful in public right now. Who know what explosion could happen.  

Thursday, July 16th there should be a really good feel for what is coming up. The Moon has shifted into sidereal Cancer today. While there can be individual aspects that conflict, the general feel around you will be compassion towards one another. This will be setting the stage for a 30 day traverse of the Sun going into Cancer tomorrow. Tomorrow there is a lot to discuss about this shift, so spend today in gratitude with times to meditate and appreciate nature in her fullest. While being neutral is not the goal, getting in touch with what is nurturing is. If you try to force an issue, it will backfire on you. Not only will those in reception reject the ploy, they will demand something in return that you cannot do. This could harm everyone’s plans. Timing is everything when it comes to personal matters.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, July 2, 2015


Friday, July 3rd has some struggles and surprises. Where the struggle will be how you truly connect up with what you love. Falling back into bad habits can overpower some people. Watch out for this tendency if you have just met someone. Perhaps the last person you were interested in may try to make a replay. Just hold on to your principles because Venus will be moving into Leo soon and you will have a more gregarious attitude towards being seen and heard. Otherwise the communications will be flowing and sometimes in the unexpected places. Like a sunset, a set of squawking blue jays to affirm a new venture or even answers in bill boards. Keep an eye out for interesting synchronicities. Let’s not leave out the Moon will be in Capricorn for the next couple of days creating logical thinking and acuity towards finances.

Saturday, July 4th you will be able to get your act together and tell another just what they did wrong and where they can go. The words could be harsh, but they will be heard. Try to take the high road and say what is for their highest good so that improvement can be considered. Fortunately the cards will all be on the table, so if real change is going to occur, there is a chance for advancement. Same ideas can be translated at work, if you have to go into the office or shop. Everyone is going to have an opinion. You may be a bystander to others touchy topics. I do think the real situation will be visible. Just be sure you stay out of harms way with the Sun and Mars so close together right now, especially with this heat. The bottom line is even with a country with so many divergent opinions; we still are allowed to voice them. Just say their opinion is duly noted.

Sunday, July 5th  subliminal fireworks spark for another day.The Aquarian moon will be bringing some good vibes about what our society does have. Perhaps those who have felt left out of the decision process will feel a release of fear. Of course most of the morning there is an opposition to Venus and Jupiter which could spark more disappointments towards how the tides are turning. Perhaps you and a friend will find conflict in opinions. If the relationship is valuable, keep any disagreements in perspective to what is your responsibility and what lies outside of your control. Also Venus has moved into Leo today. While it will take a few days to get rolling, those who need that extra courage to get back into the “game” will find some extra fire for a month or so.

Monday, July 6th there is a significant set of trines occurring concerning the public trust. These are plans and actions creating a better life for all of us. What is tricky is not all the information will be known and some are going to fall off their “rockers” in agitation. It will be around the 10th when all the pieces are visible. So no rash decisions for the next few days. Some of the stresses to romance will subside today. Communications will flow so take advantage of the time and try your luck again or make some extra special gestures of adoration to those in your life. They will go over exceptionally well.

Tuesday, July 7th to get through this day, your intuition will need to guide you to stability. Pose a question to yourself and trust your gut feeling as an answer. Other communications will not be forthcoming at this time. This could also be a time when logic will fail to give you all the answers. Maybe give yourself until the 10th to make a final decision. The Moon  is in sidereal Pisces will highlight  personal battles with where hard work and frugality have seemed to fail to produce a desired outcome. This is an internal situation that all of us have to learn to navigate. Today will be another lesson about when to trust verses doing the normal thing. By afternoon, you could totally close down to solutions, so defer to another day.

Wednesday, July 8th there will be a morning of stress which will probably end about the time you get settled into work. What happens after that is taking a chance on love or an acquisition. This will be short term, so jump on the opportunity now. There may look like a promising person on a date sight or a special buy (Venus relates to romance, money and material things). The energy right now, otherwise the opportunity will be snatched up very quickly if you procrastinate. Things are happening fast right now, keep up with the pace.

Thursday, July 9th even with the stresses of stepping outside your comfort zone, with the Moon going into Aries, there is a strong internal push to make something happen. Who knows if the outcome will be as desired, just know it is time to make a move…so get with it. Sometimes you just have to start the journey and then follow the road signs. In a few days you may ask too many questions and talk yourself out of what might be a good deal. A lot of positive aspects will bring real excitement. Of course, stay true to your values, as those are more of who you are. Try not to fall back on past faults or disappointments. Life is good!

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen