Thursday, July 9, 2015


Friday, July 10th over the last few weeks a forceful and harsh element has tried to keep us at a status quo. Every trick in the book has been used to scare us into compliance. While the messages are now being reverberated again, the impact is diminished. But the message will keep blasting at us for another week. We are presently at a time when the lifting of the veils of illusion has opened up. What heals us has started to come forward and will continue for the rest of the month. As we wind down for the week, our optimism, helped with the Moon in sidereal Aries, will give us cause to seek a new and better reality. Those seeking love will start to connect up in unusual ways with that special person. With Uranus in the mix of this positive light, even the internet, may prove a resource to happiness.

Saturday, July 11th There is a bump in the road for those seeking healing for the heart. With a T Square connecting up your emotional state, Moon in Sidereal Taurus, and other big players, expect some stubbornness towards brighter views of the future. The test today will be to not let laziness or sour grapes hinder you progress. This will be really hard for those still tethered to the past. Life has lots of lessons and this one today will probably revolve around learning to look at the situation with observance rather than judgment. Everyone is a work in progress, and they deserve enough attention and time to prove they are not their past. This is a better time to ask questions, and listen to carefully stated responses. Then ask more questions.

Sunday, July 12th there has been an opposition of Pluto for several weeks. Today it will seem like we feel a strong push to improve ourselves and discard what is harmful. If you can sort through the disappointments in others and yourself, there is a link within you that can see into a new paradigm. This vision will be obscured by other physical needs, but needs a bit of your full attention today. Times like this imply time for either consulting the oracle or deep meditation and silence in the day. Don’t try to visualize anything, just ask questions, wait for answers and see how they feel in your heart.

Monday, July 13th take what balance you found from yesterday’s meditation and focus on making reality fit the vision. There is a strong relationship with creating a stable and sustainable reality that will make you happy even when not everything is just right. You will need to do the work and walk the talk. Make sure you are not just blowing hot air to make yourself feel good. This needs to be real. A method to consider is to verbally be thankful for what goes well. Don’t mention the not so fun stuff. Over time this expression of the positive starts to expand and the negative starts to wane. The goal is to know there is always work and things out of your control. Even blessings your food or drink every time you partake has profound changes.  Add that to the list of gratitude. Simplistically stated, the flow of energy is like a learning child. They like to hear what they did well, and then make positive suggestions to what will change what is not working. Such as if you work is chaotic, ask for illumination as to what the real situation is. If a loved one is moody, ask how you can help, even if the answer is just allow centering time.

Tuesday, July 14th a couple of interesting aspects happen today. The Moon goes into sidereal Gemini and connects with the Sun, Mars and Mercury for the next few days. While there are strong stresses to make plans for your future, this lunar connection may give you so much information that you just don’t know which way to go. Looking a bit ahead, consider this a time to gather information and weigh differences. By Friday, the Sun will move into Cancer creating a fully new dynamic for the next 30 days. This time of conflict should be used as a time to reflect not act. The other aspect happening which will be counter intuitive to how you want to act, is Jupiter changing into Leo. While this is great for Jupiter, which will be tracking with Venus a while longer, the things you want will just be a bit hard to grasp. So why try? You try because this is turning into a receptive time rather than action time. Force could happen if you try too hard. And we all know that only causes breakage and loss. In short, this day will herald a time when all matters become delicate and negotiation is much wiser than insistence.

Wednesday, July 15th while we have been focused on our lives, the outer world needs some attention. There will be a lot of information, posturing and action that has been in the works for awhile. All this relates to a future that holds more commonly held truths. So there will be winners and losers in the revelations today and for the next few weeks. There will be a visceral reaction to what evolves. With so much focused on the loose grouping of Sun, Mars, Mercury and transiting Moon, there are some very harsh realities brought to light. The better aspects relate to illusions being dissolved and healing occurring. Consider a closed basement that is given the light of day. There will be some nasty stuff hanging around. Just be careful in public right now. Who know what explosion could happen.  

Thursday, July 16th there should be a really good feel for what is coming up. The Moon has shifted into sidereal Cancer today. While there can be individual aspects that conflict, the general feel around you will be compassion towards one another. This will be setting the stage for a 30 day traverse of the Sun going into Cancer tomorrow. Tomorrow there is a lot to discuss about this shift, so spend today in gratitude with times to meditate and appreciate nature in her fullest. While being neutral is not the goal, getting in touch with what is nurturing is. If you try to force an issue, it will backfire on you. Not only will those in reception reject the ploy, they will demand something in return that you cannot do. This could harm everyone’s plans. Timing is everything when it comes to personal matters.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen