Thursday, July 23, 2015


Sidereal Astrology

Friday, July 24th The heat of summer is upon us, and with a Libra Moon, everyone is trying to make it through. Now add internal changes people are going to face. The questions of love and romance will be next on this summer’s list of growth moments. Those who have cruised on flamboyance and flattery will find it particularly difficult to get the message through. Starting today, focus more on what is beneficial over the long term rather than a summer romance. With that said, what the world is messaging out to us is starting to make more sense. The illusion of guile is wavering. Perhaps not fun, but the pieces are starting to pull together. By August 2nd, a square with Mars and Uranus will end and some of the crazy violent stuff will start to fade away.

Saturday, July 25th take a different perspective to the multitudes of harsh actions in the world. The answer to most of these situations can be summed up as following what is healing to most people rather than more tangents on force. Our thinking will be in high gear with a Grand Trine in Air today. This will be good considering that Venus will go into retrograde motion today and until September 6th. Where to focus is inside to what heals you. Take some time to nourish yourself and let go of things that have failed. Remember in all failure there is a lesson of how not to do something. Remember any epiphanies  over this next 6 weeks.

Sunday, July 26th the Moon has moved into sidereal Scorpio and is in aspect to Saturn. If you thought things were intense before, here comes another notch up the spiral. At this point, you should be starting to question “crisis, what crisis?” as they have seemed to steam roll into yet another level of events. What is particularly positive about this is there is a connection to what the future will look like. Focus your meditations on what would rectify what ails us. So there is yet another example of someone using excessive force…. Good… another opportunity to stand up and not take it anymore. … peacefully and lawfully of course! Over the rest of the summer you can read the sub text of how people are standing up and getting justice back into their streets.

Monday, July 27th try not to over think any romantic ideations you may have. There is a strong sense to take out some frustration on someone, but instead consciousness may intervene and create just the opposite effect of lashing out at another. If you have a friend who is having a hard time rectifying a failed relationship(s), give them a call and check in on them. You may be interrupting at the right time. For yourself, remember that “monkey mind” from earlier in the month? Consider now all those endless possibilities and infinite permutations of how things have been and let go of anything that does not leave you centered and on the path to healing. For some, the work place will be very hard to stay in tune, so work on things that may be voluminous but not difficult.

Tuesday, July 28th the conflict zones of earlier this week will seem to ease. The Moon will go into sidereal Sagittarius and create a moment of philosophical clarity when it comes to how you view love in the world. If you can, expend some time helping a total stranger or donate to something worthwhile. It won’t ease any kind of guilt for past mistakes, but it will let you know that it is one step in the right direction to offer a helping hand without any expectation in return. Remember the three forms of love, agape, platonic and Eros. We have other options to feel love.

Wednesday, July 29th as we look for leadership into a brighter future, there is only a weak glimmer in the distance. What is highly focused is our own actions in a world of special agendas and “pay to play” The Moon in Sagittarius is in aspect to Pluto today bringing a strong need to chose wisely when a path starts create a fork in the road. Our choices today are especially significant. Consider what spiritual shift and synchronicity with our fellow players in this game of life has to look like for improvement. Include what has worked well also. With Saturn in Scorpio, there is an extremist tendency which needs to be tempered into something more holistic.

Thursday, July 30th there is a definite shift today. Mars goes into sidereal Cancer bringing a calming effect on the most shocking and cruel actions around us. For those who tend to use overpowering in your world, there will be frustration in efforts for the next month. This is time to look inward and see the whole picture of the mechanisms of work. On the economic front, work will be more of a focus at this time with the moon drifting into Capricorn. As with any well balanced cycle, shift into the practical world. Today will give you a better sense of what work will be like in the future. Take careful note of the nuances around you and plan accordingly.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen