Thursday, September 27, 2018



As for general shifts this week, Pluto will go Station on October 1st. While this is a slow moving and distant planet, don’t expect immediate changes in ideology or philosophy of those needing a wake-up call. But know it is in the works through October.

Also, romance will get a boost this next 10 days or so. You may have to dig a bit deeper to see that is happening, but it is there and you can tap into some really higher understanding and comradery. Consider this a time to open up to a soul connection with your mate, such as Zen moments watching the sun set.  In about 2 weeks these understandings will be blossom into  clear and endearing connections. Should be a good way to start your fall.

Friday, September 28th has the Moon in Aries playing hard wall with Jupiter in Libra. Legal issues and setting the record straight are potentially explosive late morning. News cycle should be interesting. What happens says a lot about who we are. This is on a big scale so expect it to both upfront and personal. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, September 29th, as the day develops some down to earth actions will bring important news that hits the heart like a cosmic two by four. There is a Grand Trine in earth this day so it will be fleeting and beneficial. Not everyone will be excited. We are in a trend to learn some big lessons about how things have changed and how they will be moving forward. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, September 30th, this is a good day to phone home and connect with those you know. Also, a good day to eat well and get some things done around the house. And by the way, take a nap in the afternoon. Anything that feels good and builds up your emotional and spiritual strength should be on the agenda today! Moon in Taurus.

Monday, October 1st, another layer in the Retrograde Year is starting to release. Pluto in Sagittarius goes Station today and a new day will dawn. Although the general feel of the day is going to be positive, you should start preparing for what is next. Some are going to feel very scattered, but if you focus more on starting a new catalogue of information, you will start to see a pattern develop. It if it healing it is where you need to go. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, October 2nd, get up early and start your day knowing that big things are here. There will be lucky changes or redirections. Now you may not perceive them as lucky, but they defiantly get you where you should be going next. Projects may end up in your lap or flirting may bring someone to start a conversation. Be prudent, as so much for all directions will be flying about, that your free will must be acknowledged. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, October 3rd, foster what makes you feel at peace or in good mental health.  There are a couple of Grand Trines bringing a lot of stray pieces together. You will know it is right if you find the synchronicities among the odd events. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, October 4th, another day to roll in delight over the set of circumstances that have arisen. Perhaps a celebration is in order, but do wait until after work. Partying at work or making light of some situations in the work place could backfire. Smile instead and keep them guessing where the mirth flows. Some people are going to be moody and will take offense at someone enjoying themselves or worse think you are up to something. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Method: I use classic Western astrology wheels and associations to the planets and orbs, with the exception of my calculations are in Sidereal Time. I am defining Retrograde Years as years where seven planets and/or orbs are in retrograde most of the year. Most noted is Chiron is involved in all of my presented Retrograde years. I did not specifically figure in Mercury Retrogrades as they are a common occurrence through out the year. As I tried to use software to find similar alignments, to no avail. My next method was to go to similar events that are being repeated. Today just about every negative social problem has been square in our face. My first choices were not fruitful until I stumbled on something provenly so pervasive, it was my later search.

Invitation: to openly discuss “what ails us” and compare the differences and or similarities of the two traditions of Tropical vs Sidereal. Clearly the signs will probably be different bringing some differences in focus. Also, after stumbling on a connection point to these Retrograde year events, I have cross-referenced those years with specific events. I have also only considered what is in our recent history (1866, 1877, 1915) to compare with events happening this year (2018). To follow up with other intense events in our civilization, I have found they had at least 4 major planets in Retrograde at any specific event.

Observance: in astrology you can see pressure points, much like acupuncture on the energetic body of mankind. Planets and zodiac signs give further guidance as to the meaning of each set of Retrograde years. While there is only guidance rather than fated outcomes from these trigger points, we still want to understand.
It is human nature to avoid pain, but at what level of avoidance does it continue “samsara” or pain itself? These Retrogrades are more of return to a serious flaw in rising consciousness. They by nature have pulled our awareness back to the center of our heart, and ask the simple question, do I “do unto others as they do unto me”? The “pain” is when that answer is who is asking the question. If others are feeling pain and fear, can the rest of us continue to be above it? Or do we have to bring them along our rise so that we can enjoy those merits and then face yet another aspect of human development? In simpler terms I am getting at trauma and its healing. Coming from a personal belief that we are all connected and what we do to another, we end up doing to our self. Or rather if you marginalize another, there is a reaction that can end up hurting me also, such as trauma, disenfranchisement, reactions of rebellion and then destabilization to the whole through crime, addictions and violence.

During this year, I think of myself as someone who has done a lot of personal work via associations, discussions, lectures and most importantly my own time spent contemplating my aging navel and what has been me and who I am now. So, in short connection and facing the ugly and yet deep shadow of my soul. Many others are doing the same thing, but there is a stubborn cluster of souls who for what ever reason still follow another’s lead and don’t rise above the karmic cross of influence by others. What I have observed is each time these Retrogrades visit us, more and more rise above our deepest fears and restrictions. It is a known psychological lesson that we will endure great pain because we know the situation, instead of facing the unknown and what it may provide. We don’t exchange one fear for another. That act of looking at the unknown is more painful than the known.

One of my teachers, was gracious enough to explain that as things return on the cosmic circle of time we learn more and more. At some point we master the lesson and it no longer drags us into the failings of the past. That is the upside to this year of Retrogrades. Each era has its own deep flaws to negotiate, so the value of this year’s series presents as something different than maybe early civilized man may have endured. Circumstances and specific situations are just different from today. Our choices determine what we gain by seeing the returning situation.

Now to get to the observation. I need to present this delicately so forgive the disclaimer babble. I am also going to focus on the United States as similar events were happening worldwide. As I started to look at events, I gravitated to the time of the Civil War as we are feeling that divide right now. The actual Civil War didn’t have much in the way of major retrogrades and I look as those times as positive or progressive despite the loss of life and expectations. This was a time of rising above an age-old concept that one life may be more valuable than another, i.e. slavery as a means of building personal wealth. The negativity happened afterwards as if some dark minion tried to raise from the ashes to reinstall its venom. As after all, it had resided in a large part of our collective consciousness. The three years I am going to look at is the founding of the KKK (1866), the Start of Jim Crow (1877) and the start of WWI and what was happening here in 1915. Some alternative events that pressed for facing trauma and opening up a chance for healing.

So here is what seems to be the symptom, racism, nationalism, security via economic supremacy and fear of the other. All due to difficulties in tapping into collective consciousness and increased self-separation or isolation. It is seen as a White Supremacy through many forms. Some of those forms are altruistically paternal, but human kind does not do well if it is kept in perpetual childhood. Since today’s science says, there is no real difference between any of us, and race is a social construct, we have to look deeper at why this has occurred. Each time we addressed a facet of this tribalism or fascism, it went from full bloom to now a de je vous of cries from a not so distant past.

As for economic security, each period has shown that there are a few people who are so tied to money as security, that they subvert everyone else for their own needs. It takes generations to move past these cultural and cultish fervors. Because that is what they are a fervor that does not allow thinking outside of the paradigm. Looking at these things in the present, we see that there is indeed something else outside of that perspective, so choice is possible and, in this case, preferable. Compassion is a key here. This is not soft and emotional, it is straightforward, with real levers to rising even the weakest into healthy realities. But some of the old ideas of what that looks like must be tempered with real social science of how we all work together.

I know that an alternative view is that these things have been with us since humans started living together, and yes that is true. And the development and implementation of what came out of these Retrograde years extends for years. Consider the concept of “harmony through conflict”. We don’t deal with anything until it causes conflict. Trauma scars us internally, genetically and socially. When something is broken, you need to mend it. For what it is worth, humans seem to find the oddest ways to operate while that healing process has time to occur. The next stage of development is “concrete knowledge or science”. This is a time to start bettering ourselves through intellect rather than power manipulations that have fallen into fragments, i.e. we need healing through intellect. After we master that and find the flaws of our nature, yet another lesson of development will present. Some of us are slow learners, so ages will pass as we test every conceivable variation.

Questions: So what impact will this year of Retrogrades mean for us? Where do we want to take it, how do we want to heal this aberration of reason and personality that we have created in life? What would life look like if we cured this throwback in collective consciousness? I propose the we would start to work with everyone doing what they are best designed to do, and no factions would be held back due to convenience, insecurity, paternal authority or fear?

Charts and Associations with Events

The creation of the KKK (1866) and the Jim Crow Laws (1877) all came out of Reconstruction period after the Civil War. I wonder how differently things might have turned out if Lincoln had finished out his term instead of Andrew Johnson commandeering the radical reconstruction of the south and final incorporation of the blacks into citizenship. It is noteworthy that Johnson was impeached due to his ineptitude. Clearly, sensitivity and a sense of human justice was Lincoln’s manifesto, but not Johnson’s perspective.

Each of these periods had counterbalances of social concepts of equality and unity. While the reaction to losses due to the Civil War, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments which freed and constructed a reality for enslaved blacks, the negative reaction was to double down with the past repressive behaviors and subtle enslavements of the very people who were federally liberated. Chiron is involved in these two years. with Chiron retrograde in Aquarius in 1866 a true clash of ideals comes to the forefront. Financial restrictions created the tensions in the south as reparations had to be made as well as not having an economic system that was functioning.

Our lesson of this time is that after trauma, you can’t create more hardship and expect people to accept the oppression. They will fall back on old ideas that reminded them of having more personal power. This recognition that blacks were indeed humans, but equal while creating financial hardship simply made little room for healing. Buy the time of the end of Reconstruction, the Jim Crow Laws filled in creating another way to enslave blacks to boost the failing economic situation in the South. This was social restriction as well as economic restriction.

To carry this forward, tariffs were unfair to the Southern farmer trade practices which brought much loss and instability to the south. Much of which started to wane by 1913, which leads to just before the first World War. The south was very much unable to get on its feet. Interestingly enough, the advent of the NAACP rose about 1915 which shows how quickly the Blacks were able to pull together and organize so that they could maintain their new standard of autonomy. At a peak at 1909 statues to the Southern Confederate generals and leaders were being punctuated throughout the south to remind both whites of their once prosperous times, and the subservience of the blacks. So, arises 1915 and the KKK creates a new insurgency but is very much “invisible”.  Like the ghost of past glories making yet one more rise into consciousness. I want to get back to the original premise of our challenge which is as humans there is not difference between us. We are all collectively tied together. The more you struggle against the notion, the greater the boomerang back to facing the reality. The healing has to occur with both economic equalities, but social collective consciousness also.

There are more parallels to that time, which include women’s rights and their struggle to be full citizens and recognized as something more than chatmates. But that is yet another set of dates. What we are seeing is a full review of how the ability to value everyone has been a winning battle as long as we don’t regress. Shifting those perspectives of those still lagging behind will be hard. We can do it.

Thursday, September 20, 2018



After a fun adventure with family through the mountains of the west, I will try to get back into the swing of keeping everyone advised as to the movements of the orbs. Looking at today’s changes, the Sun and Mercury have turned into the constellation Virgo. An excellent month to pull together details, do some yard chores and prep the home for changing weather. The Grand Square that has kept our focus on the task at hand, will be breaking up by Saturday and Sunday. That should relieve some pressure on most people to just take the rest of the week to deal with the immediate and maybe breathe a bit easier, for now.

There may be more a sense of the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” this week as Mars will be triggering the Draconian points. The unthinking person will fall back on old ways or habits which will burn them to the core. Health issues will be worse right now, so take extra care of your personal physical weaknesses. We all have them, and they will be acting up this week. if you find yourself caught between having a health episode and taking the easy way out, don’t! If you aren’t well, let it be known and let another fill in rather than make a mistake. We all need to move forward right now, so don’t fall to your passions or weaknesses.

I am still fine tuning the comments on Retrograde years. The more I search the deeper the correspondences I find. So, hope to have that finally pulled together over the weekend. I will need to write a short version and then the long version for those who want to delve into it more.

Friday, September 21st, this is a day to take a look at your end of year finances and what needs to be done to your property. Resist taking short cuts or hedging your bets on things as this week, Mars will be in the crosshairs of the Draconian points. Shifty actions will cause serious problems later down the road. Watch out for power plays and nefarious actions. Call them out on their stuff! Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, September 22nd, pay attention to those subtle calls off love and devotion. Reward those who have stuck it through the hard times, and be ready to reciprocate. There is a sense of fatigue when it comes to what we need to thrive, so go easy on those that are struggling while the fighting the good fight. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, September 23rd, connect up with those who are close to home. Big benefits come from simple gestures. It is times like this that you know who has your back should you need some help. While it is not a good idea to be too independent, knowing your strengths means you know when you can help others, especially loved ones. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, September 24th, fortune smiles on those who keep up with the work load. There is a test in the wings so to pass it, keep it all business, and stay in your lane. Even if it hurts. You can rest when you get home. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, September 25th, avoid indulgences as they will show up for all to see. No one want’s their weaknesses exposed, and this could be another day that they will cause you troubles. With Mars in Capricorn and tangled in the web of Draconian points, you could be facing financial difficulties or job loss if you can’t keep it together. You know what you need to do or pay a price. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, September 26th, being honest today will keep you out of trouble. I say this because of a T Square involving security and the unexpected is not only the single focus of this time, but also is protected if you are doing civil and intelligent things. Don’t get caught off guard. I know it sounds repetitious, but this could be events moving really fast because of pent up energy that has things happening like the release of a loaded spring. Some people will be walking out the door for the last time. Moon in Pisces until early evening when it goes into Aries.

Thursday, September 27th, this morning may be a surprise that you are not working with a full crew. We all can get playful when we become comfortable in a situation, but if it leads to carelessness at work, you might not like the results. Expect the shocking, and play friendly. Moon in Aries.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018



It is getting time for my sabbatical to recharge. This report will cover two weeks so please refer back to it as needed during this time. I hope to return refreshed and offering some tantalizing insights to this period of Retrogrades. What I have discovered is both hideous and fascinating all worked into one.

So, to get on with the present, one of the major conditions of the next two weeks revolves around the Grand Square which will end September 23rd. Remember that this creates a boxing in of your energy and focus. I hope you are in a place of your choosing! During these two weeks we will start to see Saturn in its direct motion forward. It will be slow at first but that which has not been working will have opportunities to gradually mill solutions to hidden problems. More will be revealed through this fall as a unfolding of agendas and goals will start to be revealed as other major planets start to go direct.

Friday, September 7th, this is a day to watch out for emotional reactions. Catch yourself before you go off on depressive territory because the real situation is much better than it feels. Lots of hidden agendas, but we are all getting wiser to those games that people play. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, September 8th, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday’s despair turns to renewed vigor and self-awareness. Some particularly good news could be coming our way as the bigger scene has found a positive venue marked on a stable star. There is a balancing quality to what we want and what can heal us if we listen carefully. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, September 9th, look for legal victories or determinations that cut back on the repressive and vile. This will be a battle that has been seen before, and is ongoing. Look carefully at the details that are available as more is exposed today in a big way. Moon in Leo.

Monday, September 10th, today is more of a day to show who you are and what you are worth. There is a cloud on what others think, simply because they are not getting the whole story. Stand firm in your integrity and wait for vindication. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, September 11th, today, Venus in Libra is exactly opposite Uranus in Aries. Star-crossed lovers may cross paths again. Reminders of the quirks and whims that have caused difficulties in your relationships. They will need your full attention for a couple of weeks. What might be a out of the blue connection from the past, is needing more healing. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, September 12th day two of balancing your desires vs the harsh reality of a situation. Like all oppositions, there can be a essence of opposites attracting, which unless it is just the perfect set of balance/counterbalance, you will understand more why something did not work out. Try to take this as a learning experience rather than another stab to the heart. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, September 13th, if you can shift to more altruistic visions of the future, you will gain greatly. The Moon taps Jupiter in Libra today amplifying what you are feeling and how things have worked out. Messaging will be on the point, so listen very carefully to the whole message. Moon in Libra.

Friday, September 14th, there can be a great sense of renewal today if you can let the past go and edge into the limitless future of relationships. This is a time I like to think of the three faces of love. Eros, Agape and Plutonic. Sometimes we try to push everything into one form when they are rarely coexisting at the same time. Also consider that while Eros is fantastic for those strong bonds meant for procreation, the other forms are subtler and more lasting. Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, September 15th, this is a day to make plans for the future. Something that gives you joy and allows for that special place you are at right now. Healing is really highlighted today, so take time to rest, rejuvenate and recreate. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, September 16th, a time to consolidate the latest changes in your life. Turn off the phone and spend some time getting a good feel of the present. This weekend has been intense for some and tomorrow will show you some new stability. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, September 17th, the Moon is going to activate some sore spots over the next three days. It starts out with conjoining the now direct Saturn in Sagittarius. A test of if you are taking the high road or the low road to personal worth and integrity. If you are feeling extra stable, then you are on the mend. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, September 18th, today the Moon will conjoin Pluto in retrograde in Sagittarius. The work is still going on internally, but be content that is where you have the most power. We cannot change others but we can change ourselves. The influence of Sagittarius is very important right now to carving away the disdainful and leaving the framework of the functional and philosophical. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, September 19th, time to get back to basics. The Moon conjoins Mars in Capricorn. matters of money, property and status are calling for your attention. They are in opposition to the North Node and thereby conjoined with the South Node of losses if you are not careful and falling into old habits. This whole recent cycle has been about our relationship mistakes and successes. Now consider what is luxury or extraneous to happiness and make the appropriate adjustments. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, September 20th, If you are not careful, the lessons of old man Saturn will cause you some grief. This is not a time to do things alone if you are struggling. Call on trusted friends and confidants to help you sort out the muddle you are starting to recreate. Consider that you have “been there and done that” so why repeat past mistakes? Moon in Capricorn.