Thursday, April 30, 2015


For another week, Jupiter and Uranus will be happily connected bringing quirky and interesting happenings into your life. The trend is while it seems like the world is coming apart at the seams, you have a distraction that helps you maintain hope for the future.

This week, Venus moves into Gemini. For those who want to understand a situation, this cycle for Venus will provide that, if you are willing to listen and heed the lesson. For many, this will be mixed signals, lies, slips of the tongue, and various other unexpected revelations. This is a time to pull back your feelings and be a bit more analytical about what you hear and what is done. With this timing in the full fledged spring, it could just mean lots of angles to explore and investigate. Try to have some fun by keeping your gossip buddies close. Just know that it is not for everyone’s ears, although some stuff will slip out and you might be embarrassed.

Friday, May 1st has traditionally been known as May Day and a day to celebrate the coming of real spring. Things look like the weather has really settled into something more hospitable for most places. Of all the years I lived in Santa Fe, there was only one time that it seemed like spring. This being said, you may only get times like this to feel good about how things are going. Anything that is not esoteric will have some uncomfortable situation influencing it. So go out and enjoy the change in the weather and breath in some fresh air instead of the news.  With the Moon in Virgo today, remember things that are healthy both physically and psychically. A special note to remind people of the difference between the actual timing and the traditional one. The actual calculation puts the timing at 15* Taurus which in sidereal time does not happen until May 30th. Something to ponder if you want to observe the difference it makes.

Saturday, May 2nd things are less tangled today and with the Moon in Libra, a time to take stock and re-set your momentum. If you can, make a pledge today to find the good in a situation. Say things that are helpful and broaden your domain of healing words. It will be hard since so much anger and vileness has been heard. A better perspective would be to see the root cause of a situation and work in positive avenues towards a higher goal. The one bright spot is for the next couple of weeks, there will be some interesting news concerning the future in people’s lives. The way I see it, what is shaking apart will find another path to explore.

Sunday, May 3rd some illumination as to what is actually happening in the human condition will start to come forth. While actions and words are hard pressed to find fertile ground, there is an opportunity to make a difference. You just have to have your priorities straight. Tonight is the full moon in Libra. The Vedics have this as a special day to work with your higher self and settle any karmic mistakes. Consider this as a kind of re-boot to a higher level of understanding and being-ness. This will also be a good time to work for any kind of balance of inner and outer beauty. If you have been on an esoteric journey and let the exterior go a bit shabby, take today to do a makeover so the two beauties shine.

Monday, May 4th most of the day will maintain a status quo, but by evening and into tomorrow the Moon goes into Scorpio and connects with Saturn and some very harsh realities will be in our face. These harsh realities will be in your immediate world and that of everyone’s mind. If you don’t like what you see, examine the situation and adjust your course. In the news we see one crisis after another and they are not just somewhere else. If inequality or overbearing activities are the cause, then promote equality and fairness. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy, if you are in survival mode, then anything uplifting is secondary and we get more defensive from frustration. It would be nice that real social theory would be more mainstream, which is very different than socialism. One is science the other is politics and power.

Tuesday, May 5th the late night news will be bringing in a new day with questions, questionable actions and chaos. The key to chaos is to pick out the dysfunctional traits and adapt with something better. Start talking to friends and family about opinions. This is a time for real communication rather than just staying in a coveted loop of self gratification. What everyone does on an individual level can completely change things.

Wednesday, May 6th news may be getting old. This is a time to consider with the Grand Trine in water and fire, what is best for the future. Pluto is involved here so know that this is a big deal. Look to lessons of the past and bring the functional into the future. This is another good time to re-boot the system.  It is just the details that have to be worked out. That will take real discussion. Are we up to it?

Thursday, May 7th  the Moon goes into Sagittarius today bringing some harsh realities about your personal desires. Always good to stop and reflect why something you dearly want is not going so well. Do you need a reality check on the concept? Tomorrow will provide the right stuff to settle things out, but there will be some break ups over the next day or so. Hold your courage close to your heart, you will need it.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast April 24th through 30th 2015

All this week, Mars and Mercury will be in conjunct. What does that mean to the real world, frustration, rage, words that cannot be unspoken…you get the idea. Think before you say, type, text or even read. We will have a hard time holding our emotional state in check especially Saturday and Sunday. Most people have a method of restraint, and beware you may be using it a lot this week.
By mid week, Mercury will move into Taurus bringing a mix of attitudes.  Conflict, between those who refuse to change and those who say it is their way or the highway, will make some noisy news. For those who are more delicate, toughen up your skin for the next few weeks because it is going to be like a rolling tumble weed and it is very stickery. 

Friday, April 24th brings some interesting connections for love and romance. Much of this is exciting, but there is an underlying current of this is what you want, rather than what you need. Be careful about commitments. Should you find that you having to evaluate that dichotomy, examine why you want someone or some aspect of them. A time to learn what is superficial and what is enduring and healthy. The moon will be ending its journey in Gemini and the moon’s associations in the heavens bring out the trickster.

Saturday, April 25th commitment communications should be good to go, but there is a strong element creating some unusual situations. Take the commitments and recognize that adjustments for the unknown need to be allowed. If there is no wiggle room, don’t do it. There is a lot of obsessive behavior this day which can add a huge frustration factor to many lives. Learn to take a breath, and trust the Cancer Moon for intuition and insights about what is viable in the long term.

Sunday, April 26th lots of lucky synergy today. What one person releases, another benefits. It would be a great day to go to a swap meet and find some treasures. The Moon will conjunct Jupiter today also. This can bring lots of opportunity to create more creature comfort in your life and that of others. I know people have gotten away from a family meal on Sunday, but this would be a great day to do that check in with some real home cooking. Maybe even a backyard barbecue. There could be some tensions as to who is doing what, but that is why family gatherings are important. Isolation leaves you too much of your own muse playing in your head. Family time together creates a perfect time to do reality checks or explain your perspective. Nothing is better than understanding through communication.

Monday, April 27th getting organized will be hard most of today. The Moon goes into sidereal Leo and is not communicating very well with the rest of the outside energies. What is probably happening is a little bit of power goes to a newbie’s head and they won’t compromise a vision or responsibility. What lesson needs to be learned today is to listen first, then give directions. Things can and do change with just one piece of elusive information.

Tuesday, April 28th could be a paradigm shift for some situations as a Grand Trine in fire invokes the rights of change and destiny to be heard. Unfortunately what is communicated is not very stable or good for the future. Consider the source and its reliability before doing anything significant. All communications will become one sided especially for the next couple of weeks. Mercury has moved into Taurus and bull headed statements will abound. Like in all situations, glean the truth and productive elements and negotiate the rest. Conflict of interests will be flying everywhere, so keep to the facts and insist on the truth.

Wednesday, April 29th today will look a lot like yesterday. So if you did not finish a negotiation, you will have the same rules applying today. The moon will still be in Leo today but it is causing a T Square with Venus bringing some personal dramas up to the surface. Additionally today is probable fights about money and romance today. Again, keep your mouth shut until you know what is happening. Not all the information is there and some of it is deliberately being obscured just to manipulate an outcome in favor of the most “cunning”.

Thursday, April 30th the Moon moves into Virgo today and there will be a series of apologies for yesterday’s unrestrained words. It will be hard to make up for indiscretions as there is a strong impulse to consider the viability of a relationship and how well it is really working. If you have been difficult all along, you will be left to discover another victim. If you just popped a cork over the day’s woes, you will be forgiven. The bottom line is does the relationship create stability and reliability or is it more work than it is worth?

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 16, 2015


For the next three months Jupiter will be direct and aspecting some opportunities. Even though there is an ebb and flow to navigate, this should be a good time to find your heart’s desire. That desire will be best if centered in how the home and livelihood affect you. Going bigger is not necessarily better. Quality is more important.

Friday, April 17th brings a wave of lucky happenstance. While there is still a mist of illusion over some situations, you can find the discernment to understand what is up and coming,. Mars will be well aspected to Pluto, if that can be said of Pluto, all week long. The hard part will be letting go of bad habits and replace them with something more life affirming. The Moon is in Pisces today and tying in with some powerful players. Expect some intense situations.

Saturday, April 18th today’s energies would be best suited to asking big questions, and then researching potential solutions. While there is a fire to move into something that feels better, getting some insights first will be well rewarded for tomorrow’s events. I would suggest that many of you take some time this evening for meditation concerning discoveries and desires. The moon moves into sidereal Aries today bringing some self confidence and make the flow of moving forward easier.

Sunday, April 19th if this is your day to decide what new venue to take, be aware that there will be distractions from your plans. If you want to give up drinking, expect some friends to call you out for a barbeque featuring your favorite cocktail. If you are serious, ask for a virgin and observe how silly people can get. You may not miss it at all. The idea is not to avoid, but to learn how to sidestep trouble and still be connected with the action. For some, this may mean getting a new set of friends… that being said, do try to enjoy the day. For those seeking romance, there is a window of time (April 19th through 24th) to find a connection. In your meditation this evening, consider what would work for you. On the 21st will be the day to send that vibe out.  

Monday, April 20th  for the next few days expect missed communications. If important things are happening, stay on top of messages that are left. You may need to follow up as mischief is in the delivery system. Important changes for the future are in play, but be aware that internal work is just as important as the physical action. And action will also be questionable for those who are just barely functioning otherwise. Continue your meditation for romance and relationships and give it some form. Be extra careful about self delusion. What you need and want may not come in the package you expect. Look at core qualities that warm the heart and ease the mind. The moon will move into sidereal Taurus today so expect a bit of lethargy or stubbornness to pervade the flowing ethers.

Tuesday, April 21st for those who want to launch their carefully crafted desire to meet that someone special, this is the day to send it out. Take some time this evening, just after the sun sets and like an archer cast your image and desire on that growing moon. With any luck, things will start happening soon. Do be aware that illusion is everywhere. Be careful you are not deluding yourself, and also there could be some misrepresentation out there also. Tread lightly and carefully. In the regular part of your world, consider the small actions that can allow your personal improvement course. Big overtures may be a signal of too much flash.

Wednesday, April 22nd there may be some deflation in your expectations today. This is processing time, so review your core beliefs and personal commitments and tomorrow will be a new day.

Thursday, April 23rd brings the pieces to your efforts into formation. Still present is the element of illusion and deceit, but other forces are in play creating a quick resolution to any uncertainty. No hasty decisions right now, and things will work out just fine. Most of the problems relate to communications. Make sure someone is walking their talk and that will help you discern what is really happening. Also, keep up with communications as there are disturbances in the regular sphere of contacts. The moon will move into sidereal Gemini and will oppose Pluto most of the work day. This could make some people so scattered that they have nothing to hold onto. Give them a break and follow up the next day.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast April 10th through 16th 2015

After a phase of Jupiter being retrograde in its exalted sign of Cancer, the wheels that were in your head and creative centers are now going to get a green light to start rolling. Also for the next few weeks Jupiter will be well aspected to the movements of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Just be aware that what opportunities occur, they will probably be well communicated and not all the details will be available. Give yourself some wiggle room should the final version turn into someone else’s game for riches.

This week on April 14th the Sun moves into Aries. This is spring astrologically. By now most of you will be feeling more like getting out and doing things with the energy of Aries on the rise. Meaning that those who have been lethargic will be out and about; so opportunities and solutions are going to start showing up everywhere because more people are engaged.

Friday, April 10th brings around a few interesting aspects. Do you find yourself feeling like Nero fiddling while Rome burned? Then you are psyched with a sense of illumination that has nothing to do with the chaos around you. The Moon slipped into Sagittarius today bringing a nice connection with Mars in Aries. Out of the wreckage you are probably seeing rebuilding foundations. Many doors are going to open for those who have the desire to reach out.

Saturday, April 11th yesterday’s optimism could turn into sour grapes. Rather than do the “should have could have” mind monkey game, consider this, the competition is stiff and all the negatives were not known. There are more opportunities out there, so just let disappointment go and pay attention to everything. The element of feeling your way to success is more valuable than actual coup’s. This is not  an episode of Mad Men and know that manner is in the realm of lessons’ learned.

Sunday, April 12th could be a good day to acquire something special. The Moon has moved into Capricorn and is well aspected to Venus just for today. Perhaps check out furniture advertisements or find that something special at a garage sale. Who knows, there may be a hidden value in what you find. While there are some harsh realities about personal relationships underscoring your thoughts, don’t let that restrict your fun today.

Monday, April 13th brings interesting situations that could bring just the right set of information and opportunity to move forward with a project. New opportunities are more auspicious than old ones. Still a lot of ambiguity about what is happening because; frankly not all the details are thought out. Consider any offers as works in progress and start brainstorming or asking questions.

Tuesday, April 14th this is not a day to let ideals form too much of the future. Nothing is perfect, but there is a lot of room for good enough to fly. The Moon has moved into Aquarius bringing some miss communications with reality. What is working well is new personal relationships. Perhaps there is a positive movement to getting something going?

Wednesday, April 15th there is a fair amount of smoke and mirrors today. If promises are made, don’t accept them unless you can see real movement and action. Be sure of actual follows through as well. Pay close attention to how it is done and ask questions if things don’t fit the cause and effect model.

Thursday, April 16th with today’s movement of the Moon into Sidereal Pisces, there will be a brief link up with what you want and stability. Romance is still well aspected by opportunities to new engagements and situations to discover that right person for you. Don’t expect it to be by normal venues either. Get out, and participate!

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast April 3rd through 9th 2015

One of the planets shifting this week is Venus that guardian of love, life and acquisitions. She slips into Taurus on the 6th bringing a feeling of lust, liberty and spring. While there is an opposition with that old taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio, take heart that things will start to warm up. The key here will be to carefully section out things that are out dated… about your dating or personal relationship style… and be attentive to the possibilities. What can happen for many is they will get stubborn and finicky because they are impatient and restless. Be aware they are out there trying to deal with their drama and getting back in the saddle again. My hope is the good hearts out there will meet up and those still in their process will continue to work on that process. 

Friday, April 3rd brings a day with strong reactions to what is said and presented. Be careful that you consider what benefits the most people before you charge off changing the world. Significant losses today happen when you don’t incorporate an intuitive spiritual element to your agenda. The moon will be in Virgo interacting with the draconian points of fate and destiny. While oppositions are not necessarily bad, they do present a level of difficulty that must be considered important in personal development.

Saturday, April 4th much of the stress of yesterday will progress onto today. Part of the tension is we wake up to an eclipsed moon in Virgo that is also full. While in tarot an example would be the Strength card, there is a level of rising above the animal nature and becoming more cosmically connected. What will this mean for you? Consider there is a T square today also bringing the action of Pluto in Sagittarius into play. What can you live without and what needs to change? Find your ground and get a feel for something different.

Sunday, April 5th  brings a big shift today which is just in time for Easter. This is a time of renewal for many, and with many of the “do it now” stresses on hold, perhaps you should just consider enjoying the day. The moon has moved into Libra but is opposing Mars making actions hard to muster. So why fight it?

Monday, April 6th much of the obsession of the day will revolve around security and what your future looks like. Communications may not be helpful, but you can still work out things internally before actual commitments have to be made. Also the moon will be positively aspecting Neptune in Aquarius today so be ready for feeling some good will and creating some interesting ideas. I bet this would be a good day to brainstorm with your co conspirators on your next adventure.

Tuesday, April 7th now that Venus has shifted into Taurus, she will be struggling with a difficult aspect of Saturn. To the rest of us, this means that de je vous will be plaguing us. Time to learn how to manage your baggage and find someone to help you unload rather than add weight to your situation. Later in the afternoon, the moon will shift into Scorpio and cross Saturn bringing feeling of discontent and frustration. Rather than indulge this feeling, try looking more philosophically about what you have learned and what you actually have. This is another day to remember gratitude.

Wednesday, April 8th another day of struggle but if you are paying attention to synchronicities there could be a wonderful insight to how to handle a difficult situation. Be mindful of dream work as that is where some of your best ideas can inspire. Also be aware that there is a strong set of mixed signals today that could lead to abusive situations. Stay alert and avoid or leave bad situations.

Thursday, April 9th while there still is a strong need to deal with personal issues of your and other’s making, there is a silver lining to day. A Grand Trine in Water can bring lots of insights and opportunities to those who have opened their hearts and desires to things that feed the soul. Be sure to treat yourself good during the day and take some time to meditate this evening. Much can be opened up to you with just the smallest of gestures.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen