Thursday, April 30, 2015


For another week, Jupiter and Uranus will be happily connected bringing quirky and interesting happenings into your life. The trend is while it seems like the world is coming apart at the seams, you have a distraction that helps you maintain hope for the future.

This week, Venus moves into Gemini. For those who want to understand a situation, this cycle for Venus will provide that, if you are willing to listen and heed the lesson. For many, this will be mixed signals, lies, slips of the tongue, and various other unexpected revelations. This is a time to pull back your feelings and be a bit more analytical about what you hear and what is done. With this timing in the full fledged spring, it could just mean lots of angles to explore and investigate. Try to have some fun by keeping your gossip buddies close. Just know that it is not for everyone’s ears, although some stuff will slip out and you might be embarrassed.

Friday, May 1st has traditionally been known as May Day and a day to celebrate the coming of real spring. Things look like the weather has really settled into something more hospitable for most places. Of all the years I lived in Santa Fe, there was only one time that it seemed like spring. This being said, you may only get times like this to feel good about how things are going. Anything that is not esoteric will have some uncomfortable situation influencing it. So go out and enjoy the change in the weather and breath in some fresh air instead of the news.  With the Moon in Virgo today, remember things that are healthy both physically and psychically. A special note to remind people of the difference between the actual timing and the traditional one. The actual calculation puts the timing at 15* Taurus which in sidereal time does not happen until May 30th. Something to ponder if you want to observe the difference it makes.

Saturday, May 2nd things are less tangled today and with the Moon in Libra, a time to take stock and re-set your momentum. If you can, make a pledge today to find the good in a situation. Say things that are helpful and broaden your domain of healing words. It will be hard since so much anger and vileness has been heard. A better perspective would be to see the root cause of a situation and work in positive avenues towards a higher goal. The one bright spot is for the next couple of weeks, there will be some interesting news concerning the future in people’s lives. The way I see it, what is shaking apart will find another path to explore.

Sunday, May 3rd some illumination as to what is actually happening in the human condition will start to come forth. While actions and words are hard pressed to find fertile ground, there is an opportunity to make a difference. You just have to have your priorities straight. Tonight is the full moon in Libra. The Vedics have this as a special day to work with your higher self and settle any karmic mistakes. Consider this as a kind of re-boot to a higher level of understanding and being-ness. This will also be a good time to work for any kind of balance of inner and outer beauty. If you have been on an esoteric journey and let the exterior go a bit shabby, take today to do a makeover so the two beauties shine.

Monday, May 4th most of the day will maintain a status quo, but by evening and into tomorrow the Moon goes into Scorpio and connects with Saturn and some very harsh realities will be in our face. These harsh realities will be in your immediate world and that of everyone’s mind. If you don’t like what you see, examine the situation and adjust your course. In the news we see one crisis after another and they are not just somewhere else. If inequality or overbearing activities are the cause, then promote equality and fairness. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy, if you are in survival mode, then anything uplifting is secondary and we get more defensive from frustration. It would be nice that real social theory would be more mainstream, which is very different than socialism. One is science the other is politics and power.

Tuesday, May 5th the late night news will be bringing in a new day with questions, questionable actions and chaos. The key to chaos is to pick out the dysfunctional traits and adapt with something better. Start talking to friends and family about opinions. This is a time for real communication rather than just staying in a coveted loop of self gratification. What everyone does on an individual level can completely change things.

Wednesday, May 6th news may be getting old. This is a time to consider with the Grand Trine in water and fire, what is best for the future. Pluto is involved here so know that this is a big deal. Look to lessons of the past and bring the functional into the future. This is another good time to re-boot the system.  It is just the details that have to be worked out. That will take real discussion. Are we up to it?

Thursday, May 7th  the Moon goes into Sagittarius today bringing some harsh realities about your personal desires. Always good to stop and reflect why something you dearly want is not going so well. Do you need a reality check on the concept? Tomorrow will provide the right stuff to settle things out, but there will be some break ups over the next day or so. Hold your courage close to your heart, you will need it.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen