Thursday, April 16, 2015


For the next three months Jupiter will be direct and aspecting some opportunities. Even though there is an ebb and flow to navigate, this should be a good time to find your heart’s desire. That desire will be best if centered in how the home and livelihood affect you. Going bigger is not necessarily better. Quality is more important.

Friday, April 17th brings a wave of lucky happenstance. While there is still a mist of illusion over some situations, you can find the discernment to understand what is up and coming,. Mars will be well aspected to Pluto, if that can be said of Pluto, all week long. The hard part will be letting go of bad habits and replace them with something more life affirming. The Moon is in Pisces today and tying in with some powerful players. Expect some intense situations.

Saturday, April 18th today’s energies would be best suited to asking big questions, and then researching potential solutions. While there is a fire to move into something that feels better, getting some insights first will be well rewarded for tomorrow’s events. I would suggest that many of you take some time this evening for meditation concerning discoveries and desires. The moon moves into sidereal Aries today bringing some self confidence and make the flow of moving forward easier.

Sunday, April 19th if this is your day to decide what new venue to take, be aware that there will be distractions from your plans. If you want to give up drinking, expect some friends to call you out for a barbeque featuring your favorite cocktail. If you are serious, ask for a virgin and observe how silly people can get. You may not miss it at all. The idea is not to avoid, but to learn how to sidestep trouble and still be connected with the action. For some, this may mean getting a new set of friends… that being said, do try to enjoy the day. For those seeking romance, there is a window of time (April 19th through 24th) to find a connection. In your meditation this evening, consider what would work for you. On the 21st will be the day to send that vibe out.  

Monday, April 20th  for the next few days expect missed communications. If important things are happening, stay on top of messages that are left. You may need to follow up as mischief is in the delivery system. Important changes for the future are in play, but be aware that internal work is just as important as the physical action. And action will also be questionable for those who are just barely functioning otherwise. Continue your meditation for romance and relationships and give it some form. Be extra careful about self delusion. What you need and want may not come in the package you expect. Look at core qualities that warm the heart and ease the mind. The moon will move into sidereal Taurus today so expect a bit of lethargy or stubbornness to pervade the flowing ethers.

Tuesday, April 21st for those who want to launch their carefully crafted desire to meet that someone special, this is the day to send it out. Take some time this evening, just after the sun sets and like an archer cast your image and desire on that growing moon. With any luck, things will start happening soon. Do be aware that illusion is everywhere. Be careful you are not deluding yourself, and also there could be some misrepresentation out there also. Tread lightly and carefully. In the regular part of your world, consider the small actions that can allow your personal improvement course. Big overtures may be a signal of too much flash.

Wednesday, April 22nd there may be some deflation in your expectations today. This is processing time, so review your core beliefs and personal commitments and tomorrow will be a new day.

Thursday, April 23rd brings the pieces to your efforts into formation. Still present is the element of illusion and deceit, but other forces are in play creating a quick resolution to any uncertainty. No hasty decisions right now, and things will work out just fine. Most of the problems relate to communications. Make sure someone is walking their talk and that will help you discern what is really happening. Also, keep up with communications as there are disturbances in the regular sphere of contacts. The moon will move into sidereal Gemini and will oppose Pluto most of the work day. This could make some people so scattered that they have nothing to hold onto. Give them a break and follow up the next day.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen