Thursday, May 28, 2015


Friday, May 29th brings us close to leaving our desks at work with everything done. There is, of course, an outside tendency to create illusion, but with the Moon in Virgo and the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Taurus, grounding and production are going to prevail. Just consider what is not finished, maybe was too ambitious a to do list. The Moon will also start out the day directly on the North Node or Rahu. Things will be flying past you at record speed, so no dosing through the day!

Saturday, May 30th depending on how the Mercury Retrograde is affecting you, today can find you deep in thought over your future or making actual movement towards it. The Moon shifts into Libra bringing a level of balance in your nature and what is around you. The news can bring some mixed signals causing you to be conflicted over the future. Use your intellect and ask some questions about the validity of any statement. Even the propaganda will have a tendency to take it easier on your emotional roller coaster.  Romance will be highlighted also. Expect healing when you sort through the weirdness and illusion of a person or situation. Life gets complicated and fortunately most people can see through what is distracting.

Sunday, May 31st all day you will know that something great is ready to be grasped. There is a Grand Trine in Air and Water at 2:30 Central time. This should continue the rest of the evening. The big news is Venus has just moved into Cancer today, bringing a sense of home, warmth and coziness. The next month can bring great pleasure for those ready for the experience. Enjoy the moments today. Healing, balance and what we desire the most are in the offerings of the day.

Monday, June 1st the Grand Trine of yesterday will continue through today. Just be aware that the lunar energy has shifted into Scorpio bringing a lot of intense feeling into your foundational being. Yes, people will pop the question or make some astounding commitments today. I doubt much thought towards work will occur, so expect today to have distracted co workers who have something new to talk about. Also beware on the roads, as people cruse from work to home in their own zone.

Tuesday, June 2nd  a full moon happens today in sidereal Libra. This is the second for the month or sometimes considered a Blue Moon. Like all things that are too good to be true, those who fell into romantic “illusion” yesterday will get a wake up call today. There is also a good chance that old relationships will get their final notice because yesterday was ground breaking. With a strong clash of energy between the small stellum in Taurus opposite the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio, expect things to blow up. If you can wait until another day to give the change orders, things might be better because there will be unseen awareness signaling the event anyway. This will allow for time to digest the changing tide. On the world front, could also be a big blowout day for insurgents and dissidents. The news will have some frightening or shocking installments to world unrest. There will be little you can do beside observe.

Wednesday, June 3rd another Grand Trine, this time in water, happens today. Means that lucky hunches will help guide you through your day. Expect some unforeseen or unexpected luck to come your way. Just stay on top of what is true, what is verifiable, and what is useful. The Moon will leave Scorpio before noon and usher in deeper understanding of events in the Moon’s journey through Sagittarius. Yes, sometimes our efforts yield unexpected results. But remember the Buddhist concept of attachment. You can ask for something, but the Universe will send you what is next. You may have trouble recognizing the gift because you need to expand your vision.  Keep it real! 

Thursday, June 4th Watch out for the headstrong bullies in your world. The level of frustration will be high today creating an angry voice lashing out. The overall feel is obsessive demand for change. On a milder format, protests and call for change can be heard from normally quiet sectors; all of this pointing to greater good of all. We have the Moon in Sagittarius aspect to Pluto to thank for this bubble of consciousness into our waking world. I want to say something like tie dyed old and young hippies crying for human rights and freedom. But perhaps that expression was left in the 60’s. Who knows, just check out the news this evening with a philosophic mindset.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast May 22nd through 28th 2015

Friday, May 22nd when you settle into rest mode this evening try to consider just how good it feels in that special chair with all the necessities close at hand. There will be a tendency to think of a thousand things to do or get, but resist that urge. The moon will be in sidereal Cancer this morning bringing a nice connection with Saturn. Fortunately you can allow your heart to guide and trust that things will work out fine, just don’t feed the material gain game. That will only take you further down the rabbit hole.

Saturday, May 23rd . A good day to allow stresses to ease out of mind. Allow some fun to happen. The Moon will be activating Jupiter in Cancer bringing peace and happiness at home and with your possessions.  Recognize that you have way more than you feel. If this is a new paradigm, take the changes in small doses. For me, it is cookouts, good food and family. And I will not worry about the grass needing mowing. Could also allow some people to consider where their personal relationships are going. Venus in Gemini has us looking at all angles. So are you one who sees greener grass on the other side or someone who enjoys finding new depth and dimension in your partner? Your choices make the difference between being happy or forever searching for perfection. Be careful what you wish for.

Sunday, May 24th while yesterday found wishful thinking today may find you desires coming true but not like you wish. Don’t fall into past illusions about what makes you happy. Today could find disillusion instead. If another finds you giving mixed signals you could be sitting alone tonight. Most people are sensible about expectations so today will be what you make of it. Again, a time when attitude is everything.

Monday, May 25th if you are carrying a feeling of victimization today, you may find yourself acting out of character. There is a set of T Squares today that will make things seem worse than necessary. The clue of managing this day is to double check details at work and clear even routine things with a fresh set of eyes. This is a day that you will feel Mercury as retrograde. Good thing is this lasts just for the day. I fortunately can afford to just take this day as a retreat but I bet crisis will still find a way into that sanctuary.  

Tuesday, May 26th with some relief of yesterday’s passing, the biggest news today is those in shaky situations with a relationship will find a touch of healing. The indicators are all over the map so I suspect that relationships that end will be followed by a great new beginning. Others that had disagreements yesterday will find a new solid ground of understanding and solidification. With Pluto involved, the clue is if it is meant to go forward it will.

Wednesday, May 27th Our feelings about the future will be in hearts and minds. But only those who have considered the overall health of a new relationship will do best. Many will fall back into old patterns and of course the same lesson will come about. Remember the adage about definition of insanity. Self analysis is important right now.  If you want something better, then the personal work has to be done. The moon will go into Sidereal Virgo today and highlight the draconian points of fate and destiny. This has such a practical signal to it, that the future should be really plain for those in a quandary.

Thursday, May 28th basically a repeat of yesterday, so if you missed something, there is time to rectify the situation. A T Square bringing out the future and money against the odds will make transformation a bit difficult. Not a good day for job hunting. We all know what needs to change, and the trigger point will be on that weakness. If you have not clearly defined and acted on your new choice frustration can follow. Tomorrow will be tough only if you can’t finish up things today.

Blessings and Peace,  
Connie Hansen


Thursday, May 14, 2015


Friday, May 15th brings a shift in our consciousness and dispositions. The Moon goes into sidereal Aries this afternoon which will make you want to say or do anything that will bring attention to your situation. The other shift is the Sun will move into sidereal Taurus creating a situation where you wonder where the last week has gone and why did you miss so much? What we say and do is restricted, but the demands in our lives is still great. Most will simply take some time to forget it all and then get up and do the routine all over again. This pattern will probably continue this week. Do keep an eye out for the unusual as there are several interesting things happening all at once today.

Saturday, May 16th could be a lucky day for casual meetings of people who will be important to you in the future. The trick right now is recognizing that conversation is the key to keeping the synergy happening until things can be developed into something significant. Another clue is a romantic connection is in the general public with the subject of the general needs of others, such as a political rally or special subject discussion group. You know you have a connection because you both are interested in the same thing.

Sunday, May 17th in romance try not to fall into old patterns. What will work is staying visible and focused on the future. Finish up some important negotiations today or early tomorrow. Mercury will go retrograde on Tuesday, the 19th.. Both Mercury and Mars are in Taurus so those heavily aspected with Taurus may have a harder time than most. Drawing on their ability to stay grounded will help them out. The overall effect is walking your talk and being who you say you are, is going to be a bit hard the next few weeks. Expect contradictions to occur. Take extra care in following through.

Monday, May 18th the Moon will be taking it monthly journey through Taurus with some extra baggage. If you are thinking and acting about the future, all will be well. If you snooze, you will lose. The real opportunities here are with those who have enough force of will and knowledge of their experience to persevere. Please note that anything you may hear on mass media for a while could have a serious agenda attached to it. Remember your critical thinking methods and test everything said. With that said, maybe a good day to buy a lottery ticket?

Tuesday, May 19th Mercury officially goes retrograde today. The focus of the day is challenges with unexpected difficulties. This will continue until about May 27th. With the planets in play, the feel of this will be breaking bad or dysfunctional relationship patterns that were ingrained in us from youth. Times are moving faster than ever and it is alright to consider a new paradigm as long as its roots are in doing no harm, including to yourself. If you tend to enable others bad habits, be sure that you will be faced with someone near and dear to you having a very needy time. Discernment is imperative that they learn to change their ways and you express what is not acceptable.

Wednesday, May 20th the Moon has shifted into Gemini and every side possible will be explored with relationships. Of all the days this week, today will probably be the most auspicious. If you can bear to turn off the news, opinion and propaganda, you might just have a great day. So much is moving forward in personal desires and other connections. It will be like a light has just gone off in people’s heads and they want to just be human beings for a change. Take it while it lasts.

Thursday, May 21st “take two” on yesterday is in the works including keeping out of the news loop. The trick here is to recognize that being in the moment is all we can really do. Make those moments memorable and honorable. While much will not be permanent, you are setting up a break from the fear and boredom that can turn into something marvelous like a lucid moment of contentment. Simple things like giving a hand out to a stranger, saying something nice to a sad person, or remembering your manners can go a long way. Do things that put a smile on your face and a warm glow in your heart. Even if no one else knows… you do.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast May 8th through 14th 2015

Friday, May 8th will bring focus and intensity to what is being proposed to the group in general. While it looks good on paper, there is doubt that it will keep its present form. With the Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius crossing the path of Pluto today, expect a lot to be in the open. The question will be are we living in truth or faded glory? This week will also see a continuation of some crazy luck or situations coming up. Be ready for anything! Some of this is going to be fun!

Saturday, May 9th yesterday’s shenanigans are still afoot. Be aware that the whole story is not communicated and ask questions when gaps in credibility occur. Even with this intense day, there will be some good news about home and hearth. So what is going on in the big world is not necessarily invading your personal space unless you let it.  Also on the bigger picture, if you have loose ends to a project, take this week to pull the pieces together. The Sun will move into Taurus on the 15th of next week and due to a set of squares things may be hard to get done for a few weeks after that.

Sunday, May 10th is a time to honor mothers. Where would we be without them? In general there is a synergy of masculine and feminine that must be considered in the creation of all things. Be that as it may, consider how the influence of either a natural mother or nurturing woman has played in your life. This is the time to connect with that person and give her a call. Astrologically, there will be a Grand Trine in Earth with the Moon in Sidereal Capricorn. Good food and hugs should be everywhere. Also today there is a positive connection with Venus and Neptune. Both are in ethereal signs of Gemini and Aquarius so this could be a great time to connect up with someone special and chat the day away. Probably a better time for friends than lovers, but sometimes if things are right, that flows together also. This connection with Venus and Neptune will continue until May 21st.

Monday, May 11th today will be a mixed bag of events. Most of which are positive if you are in that mind set. Yes, today attitude is important in creating your environment.  Actions in general are not favored, but communications, luck and circumstances can be on a positive roll. You can make plans, but don’t head off for unknown destinations unless you have either extra cash or extra time. By the end of the work day, you will be feeling philosophical about the situation when the moon rolls into Aquarius.

Tuesday, May 12th the Moon will connect up with Neptune and Venus creating some special understanding of both how you feel about those around us and your place in the whole. There should be an obvious feeling of brotherly love for those in your country, situation or work place. There will be a difficulty in expressing these sentiments so I suspect that there will be a problem with someone, always there is just one in the bunch, which is negative or toxic. If you need to have them in a group meeting, remember to offer or remind them of the event. It is better to include and allow them to decline than to make more hard feelings.
Wednesday, May 13th the last few days can illuminate those doing some heavy internal work to find some peace. They will be able to come out of their shell and join in with the rest. Listen to their journey and if possible empathically relate how you have had similar experiences. There is nothing new in this world and technology does not necessarily make personal progress easier. Some people will be having a better outlook into the future and they should be supported with this venture into new territory. Later in the day, the moon will be moving into sidereal Pisces highlighting deeper sensibilities. Allow the healing to continue through the night. For those who gain insights through active dream work, this will be a good time to ask those hard to understand problems and commit it to dream interpretation.

Thursday, May 14th those who are making positive progress into the future will meet with the most support energetically. Of course there will be some conflict with love interests pulling away and emotional outbursts at the thought of change, even for the best reasons. Stand firm if you have been working hard at personal improvement and let the chips fall where they may. Odds are that after some irrational conflagration, reason will prevail. Tomorrow the Sun moves into Taurus creating a new energy to how things look. Be careful that you don’t get stuck in the negative vibes of stubbornness and laziness.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen