Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast May 22nd through 28th 2015

Friday, May 22nd when you settle into rest mode this evening try to consider just how good it feels in that special chair with all the necessities close at hand. There will be a tendency to think of a thousand things to do or get, but resist that urge. The moon will be in sidereal Cancer this morning bringing a nice connection with Saturn. Fortunately you can allow your heart to guide and trust that things will work out fine, just don’t feed the material gain game. That will only take you further down the rabbit hole.

Saturday, May 23rd . A good day to allow stresses to ease out of mind. Allow some fun to happen. The Moon will be activating Jupiter in Cancer bringing peace and happiness at home and with your possessions.  Recognize that you have way more than you feel. If this is a new paradigm, take the changes in small doses. For me, it is cookouts, good food and family. And I will not worry about the grass needing mowing. Could also allow some people to consider where their personal relationships are going. Venus in Gemini has us looking at all angles. So are you one who sees greener grass on the other side or someone who enjoys finding new depth and dimension in your partner? Your choices make the difference between being happy or forever searching for perfection. Be careful what you wish for.

Sunday, May 24th while yesterday found wishful thinking today may find you desires coming true but not like you wish. Don’t fall into past illusions about what makes you happy. Today could find disillusion instead. If another finds you giving mixed signals you could be sitting alone tonight. Most people are sensible about expectations so today will be what you make of it. Again, a time when attitude is everything.

Monday, May 25th if you are carrying a feeling of victimization today, you may find yourself acting out of character. There is a set of T Squares today that will make things seem worse than necessary. The clue of managing this day is to double check details at work and clear even routine things with a fresh set of eyes. This is a day that you will feel Mercury as retrograde. Good thing is this lasts just for the day. I fortunately can afford to just take this day as a retreat but I bet crisis will still find a way into that sanctuary.  

Tuesday, May 26th with some relief of yesterday’s passing, the biggest news today is those in shaky situations with a relationship will find a touch of healing. The indicators are all over the map so I suspect that relationships that end will be followed by a great new beginning. Others that had disagreements yesterday will find a new solid ground of understanding and solidification. With Pluto involved, the clue is if it is meant to go forward it will.

Wednesday, May 27th Our feelings about the future will be in hearts and minds. But only those who have considered the overall health of a new relationship will do best. Many will fall back into old patterns and of course the same lesson will come about. Remember the adage about definition of insanity. Self analysis is important right now.  If you want something better, then the personal work has to be done. The moon will go into Sidereal Virgo today and highlight the draconian points of fate and destiny. This has such a practical signal to it, that the future should be really plain for those in a quandary.

Thursday, May 28th basically a repeat of yesterday, so if you missed something, there is time to rectify the situation. A T Square bringing out the future and money against the odds will make transformation a bit difficult. Not a good day for job hunting. We all know what needs to change, and the trigger point will be on that weakness. If you have not clearly defined and acted on your new choice frustration can follow. Tomorrow will be tough only if you can’t finish up things today.

Blessings and Peace,  
Connie Hansen