Thursday, January 26, 2017



Buckle up Buckeroos the first change I want to make note is Saturn going into Sagittarius. At best this is uncomfortable at the worst it is rebel cries and maneuvers to save face. Be thankful we are taking this in a little at a time. So, for those of you wishing for a change in the status quo, here is your window. Dare I say that varying people will start to bond and work together?  The first few weeks of this new Saturn in Sagittarius will set the tone. After that there will be some lapse as much goes mute or gagged until a connection the Sun around March 11th to March 23rd. There is even a Trine with Saturn and Uranus which is considered the Rebel! This erratic connection will go on for a while giving a touch of protection as well as emphasis to rebellion or resistance. Through the beginning of this time there are positive connections with the draconian point that shows the way to the future. That draconian point is all about leadership and organization. Remember that Jupiter, the representation of heads of state is out of harmony while under Spica the star of Brilliance. Now is the time to be heard, but do it in a way that is sustainable. That can be translated as using the laws to do the work and demand they be observed with real facts.

Today, Venus starts it journey in Pisces alongside with Mars in Pisces. With Mars weakened, actions taken in love will have more power than reactions to events. There is a lot of energetic focus on the way we are governed, so your partner needs to understand or agree with the changing landscape. This could be a difficult time for polarities in family civic interests. So, evaluate your relationships and if you are in sympatico with your partner, then it will be a time for bonding during this electric time. If not, and you want to preserve the relationship for when this re-aligns, then some distance will be required. In about three weeks there will be a test for those relationships. Be ready for alternatives. On the national front. A flash point will happen in about three weeks that will then mean an amp up when Mars moves into its element, Aries. More on that when it gets closer.

Another T square has established itself with Pluto/Mercury as the focus. That is the need for transformation and probably some trigger point communications. The other angles are Jupiter and Uranus. Remember that Jupiter is poorly aspected with Spica which could be subversion of beneficial authority. Uranus is our psyche in turmoil with itself and rebellion. Could you combine a bigger battle royal than that? I don’t think so. This will continue until April 13th when a series of fortuitous events will break the mold. (Sun , future destiny an Saturn the task master). Just in time for tax day.

Friday, January 27th, brings an uncomfortable reality into the forefront. Feelings will be holding onto dystopian beliefs but searching for stability on shifting ground. What we want and what is available can be illusive. Saturn has shifted into Sagittarius making an uncomfortable parity with hopes and expectations demanding the truth and honor! You will want to have things go your way so that life has meaning, but a clash with rebel rousing makes it hard to feel comfortable. Also, as big changes are in the works, transparency is limited making it disjointed to trust and insist on an agenda. It will also be hard to understand where to put your work or money. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, January 28th, this is more of a day to find your strategy of how to go the distance with the matters at hand. Personal decisions will have too many uncertainties to feel comfortable with big moves. Know that and keep it simple and watch for synchronicities that bring stability in your life. I mean make it really basic like the sun rises everyday and the stars are out at night. Even if it is hard to do, bring gratitude into your life so that you have some footing in this surreal world. I suspect that a more equalizing perspective is sustainable. If you are struggling, focus on what will improve your ability to do well and what that looks like. If you are well off, yes it does seem you are one or the other these days, then consider what is extraneous and what is important. Find a center that makes you feel at peace. The polarity must shift to the center and be more inclusive. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, January 29th, the only real difference between today and yesterday is the stronger feeling of connection with your fellow man. Esoterically, we do respond and resonate to each other in subtle ways. Tune in to this, as it should be easy, and see things from an evolving perspective. Your inner higher self will probably be able to listen to opposing views. Mostly because those are shifting also and understanding is starting to be a priority. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, January 30th, there is a struggle to put things into perspective and see the future. Well, surprise, it cannot be viewed right now… because we are creating. What will you accept, what is true, what is right are all on the table today. I for one want the majority of those struggling to get a real chance to take care of their needs. I also want those who have disconnected from the “new disadvantaged” to wake up and realize that it is in their best interest to give a bit more to allow that to happen. Many “get it” and are working to make it real. But more must happen. We all need to make a leap of “faith” that we can work out equality. Do note that purveyors of obstruction or guile need to be called out. We all know who they are in our lives. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, January 31st, wow, this could be a day for taking our grievances to the street. There is an intense sense of acting out. A planning day for tomorrow’s events. There will be more luck in your actions if you wait for tomorrow. The collective psyche is hurting right now. Drive carefully this evening and be polite or say nothing. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, February 1st, this is a time to make a difference and be heard. There is less emphasis on the future and more on the here and now. So, keep the focus on what is going on right now. I am sure something big is on the table which needs immediate response. Later in the day a flash point can be felt. But the energy is still muted with civility, ie peaceful marches or legal cases filed. On the mystic level, take some time to do deep meditation for answers and calm. Count to three or ten before you pop off a remark. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, February 2nd. Expect the AM to be shocking and extreme. Instead of panic, consider where the shift in direction can take us. Don’t be lazy with details or go into complacency. Things need to be heard and said. Make communication count, even if it is hard to do. We all must stay clear and concise. There will be other times that this situation or issue will come up in the next few months. Pay attention to all the details and you will start to see a pattern emerging. After today, the emotional roller coaster we have been experiencing will take a break for a few days. I suspect that there will be a satisfying event that will carry us until the next assault.  Moon in Aries by noon.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Thursday, January 19, 2017



A bit of star talk to begin this week. Jupiter is in late degree Virgo and will be bouncing around the star Spica, “potential for brilliance”. This is one of the great stars of the sky and is symbolized as the wheat shaft and the sign of the Goddess and fertility. The gift from the goddess is knowledge and the potential for brilliance. Unfortunately, Jupiter (the king maker) and Spica are also strongly opposed by Uranus in Pisces. This will be doing a tango for a while so get ready for the erratic undercurrent to meet with possible brilliant subversion. Keeping your head is going to be a major test of will. Hopefully the higher will prevails. It could also be a time when the shenanigans are plentiful as well as expose who is doing what. We all need some good luck.

 This could be more of a week to observe the outside world but connect with your inner circle. Mars is going into Pisces and is still associated with a set of mysterious occurrences. Healing might come from the energies available, but only if you are willing to scale back reaction and understand instead. This is probably going to be a lesson for most of a month. Be extra aware of things that are brewing in others and be nice. We all are learning to be more savvy about nefarious dealings that affect us.  Consider that this afflicted Mars in Pisces could mean psychic attack, psychological attack or omission of pertinent facts.

Also, Venus is going to be conflicted right now, mostly due to insecurity about the future. Go easy on romantic demands. That will only backfire. So just work on connecting now, that is all we know and can control. The more heart centered you can be, the more heart centered the future will be. We create as we go.

Friday, January 20th, for most people it will be just another full and tense day. There are only weak easements in the heavens today. Oppositions to power, placement and deeply held beliefs will come into focus. While I would like to say it will be peaceful, aspects to Mars makes that iffy. Expect obsessiveness rather than sober consideration. I suspect the inauguration will be more than a brief mention in the news today. If we are lucky, a submerged positive can be that the gravity of the situation is seen and understood by the tweeter in chief. Change is always possible, but still unlikely. The momentum is set. Our personal assimilation of this event is just as important. Even with the shock and awe of implications, how we deal with it all is just as important as what is going on. In other words, don’t drown your fears in either cocooning or intoxicants. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, January 21st, expect a subtle and perceptible shift in perceptions in the future. The Stellum in Aquarius has some various conflicts of power over what is in store. When strong planets group together, there is difficulty in going forward. Especially with Mars moving into Pisces which will weaken it greatly. I suspect that we are in for lots of posturing and games that may not really turn into anything lasting. As for feelings and more ethereal elements, there can be a sense of getting a handle on what is happening in the big world. Then you can make some short-term decisions for your everyday life. Don’t plan to far in the future right now. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, January 22nd,  some of the recent emotional volatility will wane today and then  simmer under the surface. Channel that energy by taking a breather and just enjoy life as best you can. There is still a strong separation between the overall order of things and the connections you make in your life. Cultivate those relationships that are close and know that, for now, not much is going to change. There is still some good news relating to the future that can give solace. Don’t make the mistake of failing to give each day all you have because of fear of the future. That only leads to regret of missed opportunities. Finding how you can adapt to a situation  might be the bigger picture we need to co-create. Such as knowing there has been a big illusion placed on us. Many are still sorting out right and wrong. Look for similarities and ease fears. Please stop the bashing that has been inciting separation so transformation can occur without fear. No one can think if they are perceiving being attacked. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, January 23rd, homeland, and security will be the pulse point of the day. There could be a violent event occur, but while Mars is diminished, the plot could psychic attack or mis-information. The goal is control at all costs. The question is who is being controlled or fooled. The things that are playing out right now are pushing us to not only think for ourselves, but include the greater good and community in the process. That is tough work for even the most conscious individual. Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, January 24th, while there are lots of unique synchronicities that help us find our footing, Saturn is in a last degree of Scorpio, the transform or die sign. Are you nervous yet? The moon provides a bit of philosophical shift to our daily plights. These last degrees of any sign, tend to bring a multitude of lesson reviews for us to sort out. Until Saturn shifts into Sagittarius on January 27th, it can seem particularly dark and frightening… especially with it in Scorpio. Some will re affirm their spiritual perspective, but it will seem hollow if you don’t shift into something that is a higher truth. In other words, let go of the dogma and false promises and accept co-authorship of what is good and bad in life. For some this is natural. We really are more enlightened these days, and definitely more informed. So, that shift can be brilliant today. Wait for the eureka moments to greater security. Yep, much of that resides in your head and heart.  Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, January 25th, many will find a glimmer of understanding and perspective today. The right news or conversation wakes up a different perspective to consider. This will not last long, but is an important step in your greater shift into your future. If necessary, journal and do dream work on the news, conversations, and studies you encounter today and tomorrow. Slowly we are piecing together, your evolving mystery is not only healthy, but it is a relief. Right now we can only digest small bites. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, January 26th, you could be questioned on your new perspective. Those who have missed their mark will not feel very good. Instead of falling back into the familiar, consider why there was a reaction and how it would work down the road of life. Even those who really work out something useful for them, will probably need to take second look at their perspective. Illusion is rampant, so know that you only have part of the story. I do think that we are getting closer to understanding why the larger world has taken such an uncomfortable turn. We are in that time of discovery as to just what has happened and how it is playing out. Information today will be difficult to make sense of. But just take notes and be aware that a big push to subvert is happening today. In the world of romance today, a chance encounter could be quite powerful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of staying power. This might be a time to compare romantic encounters with those during war time… amid the chaos, there is a moment of humanity.  Moon in Sagittarius.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, January 12, 2017



A T Square which has focused on agents of chaos, the wheeling and dealings of the world and transformation at all cost has started to loosen its effect. Thursday the 18th should be a gut-wrenching twist that will be etched into reality…. Codes or the law. So, the week after this we can start to take a bit of a breather on the shock values we have been presented… well for now. This has been a tough connection to live through. The 19th and 20th will be stressful but anticlimactic. The good thing is Saturn is playing nice in this game of thrones right now and the effect will probably not hit home. It is what it is.

We are also going to see a tightening of a Stellum with Neptune, Venus, Mars and Chiron for a while. All of these are in Aquarius. I would hope this could be a time of coming together for how people think and react to each other. There are going to be stresses on this Stellum, so only those making an effort to communicate (listening and hearing) will be able to make a difference. My question is will there be enough of these centered souls to do enough good.

Also, the Sun goes into Capricorn this week. Coupled with an uneasy square with Jupiter, getting our budgets in order will be tough. So I would suggest not buying something frivolous with any projected tax refunds. More pressing needs will be on this money. If the gods of chaos miss your house by after April, you can think of expenditures then. On a practical note, this could be a really good time to reuse, swap, or repurpose things. Could be a good time to re learn making labor swaps with people and getting things done without big expenditures. Frugality is never wasted, just don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish” as my grandmother would say. I am promoting a different type of self-reliance via the village.

Mars will be interacting with Chiron the next couple of weeks. Any efforts to start exercise or health routines will probably meet with failure. What seems to be the source is over load. So spend more time meditating and finding your center rather than fighting strong energy drains. Time to amp up your energetic stores for the future.

Friday, January 13th, the crisscrosses of insecurity about the future and how you feel about it will be hard to ignore. Some settling in of reality must be addressed so you know how your day to day routine will be affected with coming changes. We will feel moody and don’t be surprised if some petty fighting begins. Just double check communications if someone is reacting in an unexpected way. These times remind me of climbing a ladder to get on a flat roof. I tried to stabilize the ladder for what is a long way up. My prep just was not making me feel secure, but I had to go up anyway. The ladder shook and I caught my balance several times on the way up. Came to the precipice and held onto the roof line to climb over. Once I was up there, the footing was secure and the view was thrilling. We are in such times, but adjustments will need to be made the whole time up. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, January 14th, today is a Grand Trine with Mercury, Uranus and the Moon. By mid-day some fortuitous news could come our way. I think this will be more of clarification of an issue. This also creates a Kite formation with Jupiter in Virgo at the apex. Personally, I think more ideas of how things are going to work in the big picture are about to emerge. Hopefully everyone will have a better feel of where they need to adjust and what true nature of individuals have evolved. Moon in Leo by midday.

Sunday, January 15th, another day of clarifications and settling of the rules for the future. While I know that we have entertainment exploring what the world will be like after collapse, perhaps we should step into the here and now and realize that no one benefits when everything collapses. Even the factions we chose to demonize. Keeping your voice heard is valuable in that movement from one era to another. Moon in Leo.

Monday, January 16th, there could be some clear signs of leadership in our lives. Someone around you will take the helm… or you might be you given that task…. and order can be made from a jumble. Money, budgets, law and sometimes melancholy can need help to put into perspective. Good day for a budget to be created. Moon in Leo.

Tuesday, January 17th, this could be a good day to get together your tax forms. Lots of energy for dealing with money and getting details in order. I would even give your tax preparer a call to either set a date to meet or simply go over the forms and see what some of the numbers look like. If you have other duties, then starting a collection for charity and simplifying your home is an effort that has rewards down the way. Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, January 18th, this is the last full day of that pesky T Square with our way of life. It should have an element of resignation to reality. Communication lines are all still in good order, so at least some of the mixed messages or subversive entanglements will diminish. Now prepare for the new propaganda to get everyone to settle down. Jaded people say this sort of thing has been happening since mass communication… or the days of Mad Men who manipulated us to buy their cars and deodorant. We really can’t go that way again. Demand truth or change the channel. That way ratings will be somewhere because we are watched in every way. Moon in Virgo.

Thursday, January 19th, as the Moon passes Jupiter, take this time to find some equilibrium in your life. Assess everyday things and know that some things operate because of the momentum we all contribute on a daily basis. If you can connect with that wave, you can weather just about anything. I know I get lazy sometimes and just don’t want to fine tune aspects of my life because I am tired of the effort it takes. Weighting and counter balancing events, actions and outcomes in uncertain times is tough. Take smaller steps until more is known. Moon in Libra.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


Thursday, January 5, 2017



One thing to look for the next week and a half is increasing obsessiveness. If you have that tendency, then try to focus on productively using that energy by creating something. Even if it is just cleaning out the closets. Otherwise you could find yourself focusing on the insignificant and wasting your time. With Mercury going station and then direct on the 8th, communications will seem easier to deal with. But there are a few days this week where emotions will run afoul. I mention this so that you can avoid tendencies and direct your energy towards something worthwhile. Always best to be proactive and adjust for it.

Also, a week to deal with counter balances and opposites. The difficult job is to sort out when one opposite is more important than the other in any given situation. One of the strangest esoteric lessons I was taught is in every action there is either a right or wrong response. But there are difficult times when the right response is not the usual response. Those who have learned most of the average lessons, get to test their wisdom and determine just what to do. Good luck in choosing wisely as time will tell you how your test was graded.

Romance can have some bumps this week. These can be fatal errors or simply misunderstanding as minds fail to meet. Don’t over react and go into a self-destructive pity party. Give each other room and pick up communications later in the week when Mercury is going forward again.
Also, get details done on your projects by Thursday as there will be a Grand Square boxing in what you have done. If you are in a good place, will be a great day of enjoying your efforts. If you neglected to take care of something early, the gods of procrastination will have some uncomfortable lessons for you then. This Jupiter in Virgo time is especially tough on those who don’t organize and prioritize. Things that come to mind are updating your license, making sure a payment made it through the holiday slow down, etc.

Friday, January 6th, this will be a day when the synchronicities of events can show promise for stability in your life. Part of the puzzle is to be as self-reliant as possible. At least have an open mind as to how to do something differently. You will know rather quickly if you have gone in the right direction because it will go bad in a big way if you make an error. Romance will be taking a back seat for the next few days so be prepared to just take care of your own stuff. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, January 7th, today the Sun will be exactly on Pluto in Sagittarius. My first impression was that there will be a rock throwing contest and hopefully the good guys will have decent shields. Trying to look at this on the next level, visualize a meteor shower with some regular decent souls getting a spectacular show, and despots getting one in the noggin. There may even be some boulders land in high places. One of the key energies right now is honor, integrity and common good (Sagittarius and Aquarian qualities). Moon in Aries.

Sunday, January 8th, Mercury goes stationary and is trine with the Draconian point of the future. Some good news is on the way so keep those channels open. Even with some drama in the works, this should be a really good day for most people. Connecting with what makes life worthwhile starts us all on a path of knowing why we are here. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, January 9th, emotions, or gut feelings will be unreliable today. Most of this will be insecurity as to where things are going. If you can delay any big moves or signings, more will be revealed soon to help with decisions. There are two opposites to deal with for a while. One is an Aquarian and Leo duality. Questions to ask yourself are, am I doing this to be the best that I can, or do I really want to show off? The other one is with Pisces and Virgo which balances getting too tied up in details vs being able to see the flow and beauty of life, even with the struggles it presents. For the next week or so we will be trying to make wise decisions that are correct for the situation, not necessarily what is normally done in this situation. Tough choices are ahead. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, January 10th, brings an opposition with the Moon which has gone into Gemini. Questions and communications that create monkey mind or scheming. Take a step back and ask yourself if you are living in integrity before you say something that sounds like mixed messages. Words do matter, because like it or not, most people do not go around reading your mind trying to find a way to please you. If we don’t communicate others will just go for what they want and leave you out of the equation. At least say I need to sort this out; please give me some space. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, January 11th, take a big step away from those who refuse to see the future that is different than the past. I am talking about those who are on extremes of any theme. They will be getting such mixed messages that are damaging, that they will not play well with friends or family. This is an internal crisis that does not need to hurt you. Keep to the high road of ideas and keep to concepts rather than allowing clichés to communicate. Any mid school English teacher will remind you that clichés don’t really describe what you need. Steer towards saying I need this to happen so I can get a next level job. Moon in Gemini.

Thursday, January 12th, That Grand Square is upon us today. I hope you were able to attend to your agendas and are going to sit comfortably in place. Otherwise trying to get much done will require extra work. Also, there is yet another level of obsessiveness happening for a few days. The outside events are causing many stress and insecurity. If you’re out of that loop, then you probably are thinking of finding ways to heal a broken spirit. In that case I suggest a vacation at home or away from monotonous chores. Seek ways to heal and revive for the next level of events. Moon goes into Cancer in the late morning.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hanen