Thursday, May 14, 2015


Friday, May 15th brings a shift in our consciousness and dispositions. The Moon goes into sidereal Aries this afternoon which will make you want to say or do anything that will bring attention to your situation. The other shift is the Sun will move into sidereal Taurus creating a situation where you wonder where the last week has gone and why did you miss so much? What we say and do is restricted, but the demands in our lives is still great. Most will simply take some time to forget it all and then get up and do the routine all over again. This pattern will probably continue this week. Do keep an eye out for the unusual as there are several interesting things happening all at once today.

Saturday, May 16th could be a lucky day for casual meetings of people who will be important to you in the future. The trick right now is recognizing that conversation is the key to keeping the synergy happening until things can be developed into something significant. Another clue is a romantic connection is in the general public with the subject of the general needs of others, such as a political rally or special subject discussion group. You know you have a connection because you both are interested in the same thing.

Sunday, May 17th in romance try not to fall into old patterns. What will work is staying visible and focused on the future. Finish up some important negotiations today or early tomorrow. Mercury will go retrograde on Tuesday, the 19th.. Both Mercury and Mars are in Taurus so those heavily aspected with Taurus may have a harder time than most. Drawing on their ability to stay grounded will help them out. The overall effect is walking your talk and being who you say you are, is going to be a bit hard the next few weeks. Expect contradictions to occur. Take extra care in following through.

Monday, May 18th the Moon will be taking it monthly journey through Taurus with some extra baggage. If you are thinking and acting about the future, all will be well. If you snooze, you will lose. The real opportunities here are with those who have enough force of will and knowledge of their experience to persevere. Please note that anything you may hear on mass media for a while could have a serious agenda attached to it. Remember your critical thinking methods and test everything said. With that said, maybe a good day to buy a lottery ticket?

Tuesday, May 19th Mercury officially goes retrograde today. The focus of the day is challenges with unexpected difficulties. This will continue until about May 27th. With the planets in play, the feel of this will be breaking bad or dysfunctional relationship patterns that were ingrained in us from youth. Times are moving faster than ever and it is alright to consider a new paradigm as long as its roots are in doing no harm, including to yourself. If you tend to enable others bad habits, be sure that you will be faced with someone near and dear to you having a very needy time. Discernment is imperative that they learn to change their ways and you express what is not acceptable.

Wednesday, May 20th the Moon has shifted into Gemini and every side possible will be explored with relationships. Of all the days this week, today will probably be the most auspicious. If you can bear to turn off the news, opinion and propaganda, you might just have a great day. So much is moving forward in personal desires and other connections. It will be like a light has just gone off in people’s heads and they want to just be human beings for a change. Take it while it lasts.

Thursday, May 21st “take two” on yesterday is in the works including keeping out of the news loop. The trick here is to recognize that being in the moment is all we can really do. Make those moments memorable and honorable. While much will not be permanent, you are setting up a break from the fear and boredom that can turn into something marvelous like a lucid moment of contentment. Simple things like giving a hand out to a stranger, saying something nice to a sad person, or remembering your manners can go a long way. Do things that put a smile on your face and a warm glow in your heart. Even if no one else knows… you do.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen