Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast April 24th through 30th 2015

All this week, Mars and Mercury will be in conjunct. What does that mean to the real world, frustration, rage, words that cannot be unspoken…you get the idea. Think before you say, type, text or even read. We will have a hard time holding our emotional state in check especially Saturday and Sunday. Most people have a method of restraint, and beware you may be using it a lot this week.
By mid week, Mercury will move into Taurus bringing a mix of attitudes.  Conflict, between those who refuse to change and those who say it is their way or the highway, will make some noisy news. For those who are more delicate, toughen up your skin for the next few weeks because it is going to be like a rolling tumble weed and it is very stickery. 

Friday, April 24th brings some interesting connections for love and romance. Much of this is exciting, but there is an underlying current of this is what you want, rather than what you need. Be careful about commitments. Should you find that you having to evaluate that dichotomy, examine why you want someone or some aspect of them. A time to learn what is superficial and what is enduring and healthy. The moon will be ending its journey in Gemini and the moon’s associations in the heavens bring out the trickster.

Saturday, April 25th commitment communications should be good to go, but there is a strong element creating some unusual situations. Take the commitments and recognize that adjustments for the unknown need to be allowed. If there is no wiggle room, don’t do it. There is a lot of obsessive behavior this day which can add a huge frustration factor to many lives. Learn to take a breath, and trust the Cancer Moon for intuition and insights about what is viable in the long term.

Sunday, April 26th lots of lucky synergy today. What one person releases, another benefits. It would be a great day to go to a swap meet and find some treasures. The Moon will conjunct Jupiter today also. This can bring lots of opportunity to create more creature comfort in your life and that of others. I know people have gotten away from a family meal on Sunday, but this would be a great day to do that check in with some real home cooking. Maybe even a backyard barbecue. There could be some tensions as to who is doing what, but that is why family gatherings are important. Isolation leaves you too much of your own muse playing in your head. Family time together creates a perfect time to do reality checks or explain your perspective. Nothing is better than understanding through communication.

Monday, April 27th getting organized will be hard most of today. The Moon goes into sidereal Leo and is not communicating very well with the rest of the outside energies. What is probably happening is a little bit of power goes to a newbie’s head and they won’t compromise a vision or responsibility. What lesson needs to be learned today is to listen first, then give directions. Things can and do change with just one piece of elusive information.

Tuesday, April 28th could be a paradigm shift for some situations as a Grand Trine in fire invokes the rights of change and destiny to be heard. Unfortunately what is communicated is not very stable or good for the future. Consider the source and its reliability before doing anything significant. All communications will become one sided especially for the next couple of weeks. Mercury has moved into Taurus and bull headed statements will abound. Like in all situations, glean the truth and productive elements and negotiate the rest. Conflict of interests will be flying everywhere, so keep to the facts and insist on the truth.

Wednesday, April 29th today will look a lot like yesterday. So if you did not finish a negotiation, you will have the same rules applying today. The moon will still be in Leo today but it is causing a T Square with Venus bringing some personal dramas up to the surface. Additionally today is probable fights about money and romance today. Again, keep your mouth shut until you know what is happening. Not all the information is there and some of it is deliberately being obscured just to manipulate an outcome in favor of the most “cunning”.

Thursday, April 30th the Moon moves into Virgo today and there will be a series of apologies for yesterday’s unrestrained words. It will be hard to make up for indiscretions as there is a strong impulse to consider the viability of a relationship and how well it is really working. If you have been difficult all along, you will be left to discover another victim. If you just popped a cork over the day’s woes, you will be forgiven. The bottom line is does the relationship create stability and reliability or is it more work than it is worth?

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen