Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast April 3rd through 9th 2015

One of the planets shifting this week is Venus that guardian of love, life and acquisitions. She slips into Taurus on the 6th bringing a feeling of lust, liberty and spring. While there is an opposition with that old taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio, take heart that things will start to warm up. The key here will be to carefully section out things that are out dated… about your dating or personal relationship style… and be attentive to the possibilities. What can happen for many is they will get stubborn and finicky because they are impatient and restless. Be aware they are out there trying to deal with their drama and getting back in the saddle again. My hope is the good hearts out there will meet up and those still in their process will continue to work on that process. 

Friday, April 3rd brings a day with strong reactions to what is said and presented. Be careful that you consider what benefits the most people before you charge off changing the world. Significant losses today happen when you don’t incorporate an intuitive spiritual element to your agenda. The moon will be in Virgo interacting with the draconian points of fate and destiny. While oppositions are not necessarily bad, they do present a level of difficulty that must be considered important in personal development.

Saturday, April 4th much of the stress of yesterday will progress onto today. Part of the tension is we wake up to an eclipsed moon in Virgo that is also full. While in tarot an example would be the Strength card, there is a level of rising above the animal nature and becoming more cosmically connected. What will this mean for you? Consider there is a T square today also bringing the action of Pluto in Sagittarius into play. What can you live without and what needs to change? Find your ground and get a feel for something different.

Sunday, April 5th  brings a big shift today which is just in time for Easter. This is a time of renewal for many, and with many of the “do it now” stresses on hold, perhaps you should just consider enjoying the day. The moon has moved into Libra but is opposing Mars making actions hard to muster. So why fight it?

Monday, April 6th much of the obsession of the day will revolve around security and what your future looks like. Communications may not be helpful, but you can still work out things internally before actual commitments have to be made. Also the moon will be positively aspecting Neptune in Aquarius today so be ready for feeling some good will and creating some interesting ideas. I bet this would be a good day to brainstorm with your co conspirators on your next adventure.

Tuesday, April 7th now that Venus has shifted into Taurus, she will be struggling with a difficult aspect of Saturn. To the rest of us, this means that de je vous will be plaguing us. Time to learn how to manage your baggage and find someone to help you unload rather than add weight to your situation. Later in the afternoon, the moon will shift into Scorpio and cross Saturn bringing feeling of discontent and frustration. Rather than indulge this feeling, try looking more philosophically about what you have learned and what you actually have. This is another day to remember gratitude.

Wednesday, April 8th another day of struggle but if you are paying attention to synchronicities there could be a wonderful insight to how to handle a difficult situation. Be mindful of dream work as that is where some of your best ideas can inspire. Also be aware that there is a strong set of mixed signals today that could lead to abusive situations. Stay alert and avoid or leave bad situations.

Thursday, April 9th while there still is a strong need to deal with personal issues of your and other’s making, there is a silver lining to day. A Grand Trine in Water can bring lots of insights and opportunities to those who have opened their hearts and desires to things that feed the soul. Be sure to treat yourself good during the day and take some time to meditate this evening. Much can be opened up to you with just the smallest of gestures.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen