Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast March 27th through April 2nd 2015

This will be the last week before a series of erratic behaviors from the leaders of our world start to appear. The Sun is approaching a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces next week. This will lead to a two week flood of changing affairs. The difficult part of this conjunction is these two are in direct contact with the South Node or that harbinger of losses, broken relationships, changing tides, accidents and other wake up calls. I, for one, will be tuning into the news this week to see what affairs are being set up and start getting a psychic sense of where those changes will be. Since these events will mostly be out our everyday control, I will consider it like a political fantasy football lottery. Yes, sometimes all we can do is make light of the most serious of things that do not represent us, don’t consider us or care how we feel. I guess this is what makes satirical comedians so popular right now… well like always.

In the world of romance, there are number of consecutive days creating very important relationship breakthroughs. Yes, parting will bring sweet sorrow, but the feeling of freedom and clarity is priceless. Don’t jump into something new because that could cause claustrophobia again. Give plenty of breathing room with anyone new you meet. The old fashion rules of engagement are certainly in order for a few more weeks. You know, manners, calls for conversation, no pressure dates and a time to just get to know if the energy of that person is right for you. Also there is an interesting aspect to Pluto right now with the Star Rikubat, the element of steadiness and strength. It is in good aspect with Venus right now bringing both internal wisdom and strength but other foundational needs that can be met from those you connect with.

Friday, March 27th brings a moon well entrenched in Gemini. Staying on topic will be hard. While an expansive view of all sides can be an advantage usually, this may not be one of those days. Be prepared for lots of rhetoric. The positive areas to focus are our emotional selves connecting with thoughts that heal our mind and general social perspective. Otherwise consider everything that is presented and determine an ulterior motive, be it for positive or negative social change (yes Aquarian values are in the air again). The Moon will also be aspecting the stars Castor and Pollux the writing creative muses of old. The words will flow in a late night work session.

Saturday, March 28th the morning brings some difficulty in finding the words to fill in those pesky choppy sentences, which I know all too well. By noon, the moon will change into Cancer and start to give you more of a feeling that needs to be expressed, rather words. Getting telepathic messages could be more productive, so be sure to read between the lines with any situation. Communication is a combination of words, actions, outcomes and situations. Those in authority will be expressing themselves better bringing better outcomes to their career expectations.

Sunday, March 29th this should be a rather smooth day for getting together with those of your own tribe and celebrating aspects of spring. A cookout or backyard fire circle will be healing and beneficial. We need to take some pause right now to see how things really work, because next week things will get a bit scary for some. But if you have a good foundation, then everyone can weather it in a wiser and healthier way. There is a Grand Trine in water today bringing in the elements of getting in touch with your heart, who people see you as (even if it is a bit weird) and getting used to a new situation.  With other elements happening today, a chance to sort out what is useful and discard what is not serving your highest good.  If all is well with you, then take this day to clean out your attic or garage for hidden treasures and things to re-purpose.

Monday, March 30th, yesterdays’ internal work will show great benefit today. Getting back to work will bring out a feeling of a fresh start. Others will notice it as well. Some people may go overboard in promises, so wait a day to make sure they don’t back off on some exaggerated claims or expectations. We love to feel like starting over, but the truth is, rarely is that possible. Changes come one step at a time, and for good reason. You can throw out to much of a bad habit and find that crutch is still needed until another source is negotiated. Like don’t throw away your crutch just because the cast is off. You will be tender and need to go easy until getting back into working order.

Tuesday, March 31st the Moon moves into Leo today, bringing a tense arrangement between our illusions and what is going to give us sustainability. Don’t make any big changes today because there is hidden information on the big picture that will be needed in your personal calculations. This is a time when the headstrong aspects of Leo will be prevalent, which does not lend itself to good decisions.

Wednesday, April 1st this is a mixed day. If you find yourself getting caught up in obsessive over idealistic situations or expectations, disappointment will follow. For those who can tap into changes, that will fit the test of time without the baggage of the past, an easy flow of events will follow. You will be best off if inner wisdom and experience take lead over unrealistic ideologies. Communications may lead to bad news for you or someone close. But as with all change, there is an element of discarding material and then opening up that empty space to spiritual impressions. The key word for a few weeks now will be keep it real and stay out of the way of those who are pushing a failing prophesy. Work with ideas rather than ideologies.

Thursday, April 2nd most of this morning will have you feeling rather good about your prospects with an acquaintance. The mood will shift in the afternoon when the Moon goes into sidereal Virgo. There will be so many concerns come up that you will not be able to consider any future for a few days. This is because there is a struggle with your own baggage… and quite possibly their baggage. You need prioritize and consider if you can help each other unpack. The evening will bring up core issues with how you feel about the world in general. The weird will arrive at every corner bringing a sense of insecurity. Know that this time will pass and just allow yourself some space to decide if you can start living a life more to your design rather than one controlled by circumstance and bad luck. Attitude is everything.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen