Thursday, March 12, 2015



A few aspects going to affect our week are Mars, the generator of action, in Pisces passing Uranus, radical change, also in Pisces. Adding the square with Pluto that makes us know that times are changing. There is a smoothing action with Mars in Pisces so those strange occurrences and fights are not so much in your face, but are still very closely felt. For those shamanic type folks, your dream state will have another week of odd and strange symbols creating havoc with your sleep. This is another good week to keep a dream diary to help explain your deep sleep story.

Remember that this week is when Venus moves into Aries creating that spring fever this time of year is famous for. We want to get sun, water, grass and adventure all at once. Those who have recently been single will be out on the wild hunt for a partner in adventure. Complete this with Friday’s Moon in Sagittarius; you have roads to travel and mountains to climb. Just know that this probably will not last, so don’t set up your expectations.

Friday, March 13th finds us at another Friday the 13th. This will be the last one for a while. By mid afternoon, the Moon will be in sidereal Sagittarius and trine to Venus in Aries. There will be a strong desire to couple, and make merry. Go on an adventure instead and leave the romance behind because that will be the last thing to be established. Today could be a great time to start a club for journeys or hikes with friends. Just remember, no romance vibes right now, so even if that is what you want, others may not be there right now. Today will also be a great time to start a meditation routine. Pick a regular time, light some favorite incense and open a door or window and let spring arrive in your heart and mind.

Saturday, March 14th Friday’s romp has now turned into a conflict of interest. The Moon is crossing over Pluto in Sagittarius today creating strong questions of how to emerge from your cocoon this spring. While bigger matters are backing into strange corners, we regular folks need to take some time to find solace in our perspectives and hearts. Take some time to gauge how close the pulse of real people and your perspective may be. Reality checks in order on the esoteric level.

Sunday, March 15th there is still fallout from yesterday, so this could be a day to chill out, rest, eat and pet the dog or cat. Very little different today, and that could be a good thing for those who need a break from the fast and furious and confusing revelations of the last couple of days.

Monday, March 16th the barometer of our emotions has moved into Moon in Capricorn. Many will be on queue with work and getting stuff done. Focus on what is important will be strong. Through the day consider what your future will look like. Consider plans of action over dinner and then decide on a path. Over the night set the intention to dream up revelations as to how that plan will really work. Take notes the next day and consider the revelations.

Tuesday, March 17th top of the morning to ya! Happy St. Patty’s day.  While there is always talk of green beer or a good draught of Guinness, the chatter will be mostly blarney. With Mercury exactly conjunct with Neptune and squared to Saturn, whatever happens, perceived or said will have no permanence what so ever. Sure there may be a leprechaun spotted in the wee hours of the evening, but take it all in fun and just enjoy a crazy day without expectations. Trying to get some business done? Well it might be better to just to create better moral at work instead.

Wednesday, March 18th the Moon will move into Aquarius today bringing a clearer view of reason and hope that will prevail. Expect closer ties to those you interact with as camaraderie is sometimes all you have against the barbarians at the gate. There is something to be said for being a team at a job rather than a group of individuals with separate agendas. While this may not be a long lived experience, the next few days will engage a different feel to work and groups.

Thursday, March 19th there might be an obsessive push to gain an item or a romantic engagement. Funny how we either want money or love, and sometimes people have luck with just one and not both. While some people tend to be far more reserved than what is healthy, this could be a good time to push past your fear barriers and reach out. You will say the right thing and towards evening, there could be a real face to face meeting over coffee. Be sure to not stay up to late as work will be waiting the next day. Over all I think that the wish list will fall short of expectations. Just consider this a rehearsal for when the right one does come around you will be more fluid in your presentation. When Venus goes into Taurus by April 6th some things will solidify.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Sidereal Astrologer