Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast March 6th through 12th 2015


One of the significant changes starting today is there is more interest and concern for healing of what ails us socially. Neptune has now distanced itself from the Sun and allowed Aquarian qualities to benefit Chiron the wounded healer. Expect the next week to demonstrate some significant transformations in our mass consciousness. Then after a month long break, the Sun will start activating erratic Uranus. So enjoy what benefits we have right now, it is going to be interesting soon enough.

Later on this week, on the 12th, Venus will change signs into sidereal Aries. This will create a sense of a fresh start for some who have not done well in navigating the more sensual demonstrations. Bear in mind, since Uranus and a weaken Mars have both been creating an unstable mix as of late, this time the Venus in Aries will feel much cleaner. Like that final push away from what is not healthy, into something that has potential for something that is. Take wisdom and practical experience with you this next month. Consider a review of someone from the past but fate had made it difficult to continue.

If you have been able to see the skies at night, you will know that there is quite a show of the trine between Jupiter and at 120* Venus and Mars. In the cluster of Venus and Mars is Uranus and the South Node or Ketu. In plain speak this is a time where some unusual luck can be experienced for a few more days until about the 9th. It won’t be easy to see, but like a backdoor event. Such as you try to buy something but due to delays or problems, it doesn't happen. Only to be followed by a superior find. This is the universe just telling us to look at life as an adventure and to stay awake and aware of as much as possible. The right thing will happen.

Next week Saturn goes retrograde which will cause some slowdown of plans for many. This gives you a chance to fine tune experiences, reality and internal barometers. Don’t push too hard over the summer because true stability or closure will be elusive until August 2nd. This really could take a lot of pressure off some because over achievers need to learn to pace themselves. You may find you are more creative and thereby more productive with this summer’s lessons. To quote Martha Stewart, “it’s a good thing”.

Friday, March 6th is the aftermath of the solar eclipse yesterday. While it won’t be much of a visual in the United States, there will be a sense that a lot is at stake. Like after a long labor, birth emerges. It is a time to simply go with the flow because the undercurrents will take you where you need to be over today and tomorrow. Trust your personal process and stay aware and ready. It wouldn't hurt to add an element of celebration today as well. A moon in sidereal Virgo over the next couple of days keeps the tempo sane.

Saturday, March 7th will find many in revelations. By the end of the work day, the mists should clear and a light will lead you forward… or backwards if you so chose. (not recommended since we have been in some repressive times). Also the moon will be in opposition to Mars part of today. While that could be of concern to some, it won’t amount to much since that energy is very weakened. I see this as being a good time to intuit or logically decipher a mystery rather than try to manhandle a situation.

Sunday, March 8th this is a day to catch up with communications with those who matter the most. Get together for a meal and discuss the problems of the world. Others will be listening if you express yourself in facts and personal experience. We all learn from those around us. Sometimes that is the only knowledge that can be truly understood, because we have understanding where someone’s opinions are sourced. Times are changing, and we must change with them. Old rules don’t necessarily have a place in today’s dialogue. Later today, the moon goes into sidereal Libra keeping it polite.

Monday, March 9th there could be a glimmer behind the veil of illusion. Keep your intuition and motivations on the goal of better relations with others. The moon will peacefully trine with Neptune creating a time of illumination. I don’t want to get into good guys and bad guys, but something in that realm will open up. Overzealous ideals miss the finer points of reality. Don’t get caught disenfranchising the backbone of your group. Stay real.

Tuesday, March 10th this could be a day that an issue pertaining to a necessary change can appear. You will know the solution by the feeling of healing and relief. Much still needs to occur and will continue to develop until Spring 2017 when Pluto and Uranus’s square finally eases. But today there will be a sign as to how that big picture will look. Good luck to us all. Stability is fragile at this point, so keep aware and persevere for the benefit of those other good people of good work.

Wednesday, March 11th la Luna will move into Scorpio mid morning today. She will then cause some shake up with how we feel about things improving. Hold tight over the next couple of days because the moon will hit some potent connections with what we view as creating a better place, peace of mind and how we get to that place. Both subtle and the in your face situations will come oozing out of the strangest places. Like one of the last layers of instability seeping into the light. All part of the necessary changes of this cycle of Uranus and Pluto squared.

Thursday, March 12th this is a day when those who experience sensitivity to the unseen will be on overload, in a good way. Pay close attention to that gut feeling when entering a room or approaching a stranger. There is a grand trine in water right now bringing the weird, wild and wacky into focus. The net result will be another piece of harmony in our lives. But mostly it will be understood rather than seen. Consider this as a test of your connection with your source of the divine. Are you there yet? A good day to make that personal transformation that brings material gain into your life without sacrifice of moral and ethical conflicts. Perhaps this means less financial bottom line, but higher integrity. Work hard at this juxtaposition and you will be pleasantly surprised as to the result.

Blessings and Peace,  
Connie Hansen