Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast February 27th thru March 5th 2015


Great expansions can occur when the right amount of luck, happy coincidence and hard work create new situations. Towards the end of this week you may find yourself dealing with someone else’s failure to grow and evolve. Be ready to coach someone in a changing perspective. You are part of that journey and can learn from other’s difficulties. Even if you simply know that you have mastered that illusion and have found firmer ground to stand.

Friday, February 27th has a lot going for us as things seem to be moving along quite well. The glitch is the Moon is in Gemini and its propensity to over think, causes difficulty in understanding clearly what is actually being done or even desired. The way to get a better handle on what we should be considering is how the group feels and works for the whole. Yes that heavy influence of Neptune in Aquarius has been a long standing theme for right now. As we move away from a society that does unto others before they do unto us, there is another turn in the cogs for social connection and responsibility. I feel this even more as a basic level under the theories of entanglement. Focus on what is sustainable and your hard work will be rewarded.

Saturday, February 28th things will be locked into place today. There is no reason to struggle through it, but rather take some time off for things that give you joy. If you have a detail to finish from the week of work, get it done early. Then truly enjoy this day with the love and fun that it holds. No fair hiding in your study. Instead, if you must stay home, check out the garage or garden or where ever you feel the pull of creativity.

Sunday, March 1st the early part of the day really is rather uneventful. A lot of the stresses have been put on hold for the day. By late afternoon, a Grand Trine in water with the Moon in Sidereal Cancer brings a lovely feeling of family, love and abundance. You have been working up to this moment all weekend, so be sure to enjoy this break in the tougher cosmic situations. Be sure to take some time out with your sweetheart or loved ones. A big meal and a movie would be a wonderful bonding exercise today. It won’t be hard to keep it fun and light tonight. Also I have a favorite observation on March 1st which is what the weather does. Does your day have weather that comes in like a lion or a lamb? The end of the month will be just the opposite.

Monday, March 2nd could be a banner day at work! Lots of luck with changes and chances to work up the office hierarchy. Do be aware that some egotists will lose some footing today. Be gracious with their decline because, unless you have done their job, you have no idea what it is like in that spot. Lots of emphasis on what needs to change and how it will look next. Stay on your toes! Just a note, the moon will be accentuating the powerful luck of Jupiter right now. Your senses will help you navigate the currents today and lead you to not only some adventure but desires.

Tuesday, March 3rd some of the excitement of yesterday is still playing out. But if it is out of your sphere of influence, the best thing to do is work on your mental health routine. We know that exercise is great to maintain a well balanced body, but what are your emotional or mental routines that create stability? Whether it be joining something interactive like a cards club or night out at the coffee shop to solve the problems of the world, get into something that will make you feel like you are accepted.

Wednesday, March 4th with the afflicted moon moving into sidereal Leo today, be aware of those who are showy or bullish. None of us looks for trouble, but should you be in the path of someone who is not so well integrated or angry, there would be some friction. Remember this is coming from insecurity or instability. There are a lot of people out there who are unable to deal with changes and this is a day that they may have had enough and get noisy. Always consider your own limits and how you have benefited by flexibility and understanding. Don’t carry someone’s projections into your life.

Thursday, March 5th another day of possible harassment. This time the primary point is about needing to move with the times. So many, who hide in fear and resentment, have a hard time facing a world that moves along with or without them. This is obviously their internal struggle and it could be made into your trigger point. If you must engage, ask for explanation of reasons rather than generalizations. That may give you just enough time to escape while they try to think of why they are upset. Know that some of the other less charged encounters are lucky opportunities to understand something new or get to meet someone special. Although this meeting of someone special may not be romantic, but more of a kindred spirit. Even the best meaning people sometimes put a foot in their mouth.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen