Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast February 13th through 19th 2015


This week brings a number of celestial changes. The most palpable change is Mercury is now starting to act more like a messenger than a conundrum. All of this week it will be well aspected with Saturn bringing some clarity of the last retrograde period and some fresh focus to our lives.

The overall drift of our thoughts will reflect compassion and empathy for our fellow man and our place in the workings of this machine we call life. The Sun moves into Aquarius bringing that humanitarian aspect to our considerations. There is a deeper perception of the BS that is offered us among the tidbits of truth. Sharpen your senses both psychically and logically. Venus and Mars will be moving into Pisces this week bringing in that intuitive connection to what is truly happening. Please use this month for some game changing revelations and experiences.  By Monday all of these changes will be in motion.

Friday, February 13th what a day. Do you want to view your life from fear or from what is your reality? That is one of the bigger life reviews on this “traditionally” jinxed day. Of course, there is a certain amount of luck out there and if others don’t want it because they want to freeze in fear, then why not collect what you need to make the best of this day? Astrologically, there is a Grand Trine in Water bringing some important clues to what to do and how to navigate the uncertainties. Expect some unusual luck coming your way if you can shift away from illogical situations and into those that bring inner peace and prosperity. Good luck today, there is plenty out there for those who want to grasp it. The Moon will be in Scorpio today, so the secrets, mystery and renewal could be significant.

Saturday, February 14th on the heels of what could be a game changing day, comes a social holiday honoring love and connection to fellow human beings. Most of the conveyance of this holiday relate to Eros, which is quite juicy when it connects in a positive way. The Moon moves into sidereal Sagittarius bringing a tinge of anarchy as far as the accuracy of Cupid’s arrows. While outwards appearances seem to look fine, there is an internal struggle for making a change that can sustain you through your changing times. Expectations could be fine tuned. If you have been with someone for a long time, make sure that you are both evolving in the same direction. If not, don’t go chasing shiny objects in response to having to make internal truces. With the nullifying aspects of tomorrow, do be safe rather than sorry tonight.

Sunday, February 15th this could be a make or break day. The Moon conjuncts Pluto which is in a T Square. To us mere mortals, that means that any mistakes of yesterday’s Cupids mischief will come into full review. For some this will be a wakeup call that past methods of discernment must be modified or that drinking and dating for the sake of not being alone is a mistake. Take this as a lesson learned and for 
heaven’s sake be safe.

Monday, February 16th brings a reconciliation vibe to your life. In the mundane world, there could be some interesting bits of luck come at you from the least expected places. Stay alert and aware for the chance of illusion is still present. Remember things that went well, and what worked. Venus just starts to move into Pisces toda, which is in exaltation for the next 30 days. The Moon is actually in sidereal Capricorn right now and making a positive aspect to both Venus and Mars in Pisces. The timing for visioning the right intimate partner should be greeted with a huge chance of success. Remember that nothing is perfect, and a real list of what you can and will put up with should be somewhere in your list of expectations. The alchemy of this relates to the natural combination of fertile earth and water to bring forth plants and other life forms. Wait until the 20th before you finalize your desires. You can do this with prayers, meditation or whatever method fits your mystical perspective. I will post a meditation on the 20th on Alchemical Meditations for those who want something guided. Remember to stay in what is true for you, as anything that makes you uncomfortable, will be translated into your visioning results.

Tuesday, February 17th early morning could bring some interesting communications about money and property. If you dabble in the stock market, perhaps the foreign markets will have some positive news. For the rest of us, it is important to simply get focused on the important things in life that bring us stability and security. With the social incorporation of Mardi Gras, perhaps there will be more of a need to over indulge or splurge. For me, there will be recognition of cycles and benefits of enjoying life and all its ups and downs. For tomorrow will be Ash Wednesday a time to give up something significant in your life for a “season” with an outcome of disabling a flaw. Balance of opposites are all part of the journey.

Wednesday, February 18th the Moon will move into sidereal Aquarius bringing it along the path of the Sun. This could bring a renewed sense of what is right with the world and how we can fit together. But with no harmonious aspects to this crossing; there will be a sense of dissonance reflecting extreme idealism. Expect fits of power struggle and clashing of ideals today. I doubt that there will be much agreement other than to agree to disagree. If you can stay out of this power struggle, and focus on what is foundational, you will be ahead of the game.

Thursday, February 19th the Moon will connect with what heals us and moves us forward away from outdated, unsuccessful and detrimental policies and expectations. This involves a larger view of our lives. Yesterday’s clashes will have us wondering why it was so hard to get it together. Some secrets and disinformation will be exposed today. But the gains will be hard to hold on to as the need to be connected with positive future outcomes will be tarnished by the process. Don’t let the frustration lead you to falling back into bad habits. I know it is tempting to indulge to forget, but we must stay vigilant for our best outcome. The issues at hand today are clear pressure points that need transformation. This is shown by the almost exact square between Uranus and Pluto in its long term movement to greater functioning as a whole. We won’t be out of this cycle until in June 2015. The trick here is because of retrograde motion, this foul and difficult working point will bounce back and forth aggravating us until well into April 2017 where it will come to a close for now. What is set in motion then will be with us for some time to come. Rest assured that if we continue to stay engaged and demand our voices are audible, then there is a renewal period just after that. Just co-create something we want around for the next few decades.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen