Friday, February 20, 2015

Alchemical Meditations to Bring Love Into Your Life

The basis of this meditation comes from using simple yoga positions that stimulate particular chakras. The body can be used as a technology to create and express your special vibrations. This is designed to create as perfect a condition within you so that you attract someone without past difficulties. Also there must be a trust that the person will be there, but not necessarily have personal conditions that you have previously demanded. Such as don’t expect Jennifer Lopez to be on your door step because that is who you idealize. This works on vibrational correspondences.

The chakras used will be the 1st (crown and divine influence), 3rd (desire nature) and 4th (heart). These are really easy to do with a minimal amount of flexibility needed. If you are unable to do these positions, then this will not work well. For future reference, this should be done after the new moon but before the full moon as to allow your desires to grow. Also a day represented by Venus, like Friday is good if you can’t consult an astrologer for a auspicious day like what February 21st, 2015 will be. Also a moon in sidereal Taurus, Libra Pisces or Scorpio will be good days to choose.

Yoga positions for the 1st chakra is a lotus position or easy pose. You inhale deeply filling abdomen then roll your shoulders forward as the air flows out of your abdomen and you draw in your stomach.
Yoga position for the 3rd chakra is  to  sit on your knees, place hands on knees or upper thigh, inhale and fill abdomen. Then roll shoulders forward as you empty the abdomen and drawn in your stomach (recommended). The Cobra position is also useful for the 3rd chakra but more advanced.
Yoga position for the 4th chakra doing the simple Camel position is recommended. This is sitting on your knees, reaching backwards and touching your heals with your hands. This expands the chest and opens the heart chakra. Inhale nasally as you reach back and feel your heart opening.

·         Incense for cleansing can be a lighted sage bundle or dragon’s blood resin on a lighted charcoal (recommended).
·         Incense for the meditation should be one of these: benzoin, jasmine, gardenia or myrrh. The charcoal will work well for the dragon’s blood and the myrrh (recommended)
·         Fire proof dish with thick layer of sand in it for the charcoal.
·         Clean rug or lamb skin rug to sit on
·         Comfortable clothes that allow for yoga positions
·         Be freshly bathed and prepared as if you are meeting someone for a good first impression
·         Visuals of one of these: chili peppers, peony, rose or lily.
·         Wear one of these colors, red, green, white, rose, orange, violet (for gay individuals) or if you are calling an equally spiritual person into your life.
·         Jewelry can be of garnets, rhondonite, ruby, pearl or emerald.

·         Read descriptions of the yoga positions
·         Be comfortably fed but no libations
·         Before beginning, cleanse house or area with incense: a lighted sage bundle or dragon’s blood resin on a charcoal (recommended because it is sweet smelling)
·         Keep the incense close at hand because you will be adding it as you go along.
·         sound a bell, chime, gong or singing bowl
·         sit on a lamb skin rug if you have one
·         allow the light of a window to shine warmth on your face and body.
·         Crack a window if the room is closed up so that the incense is not overwhelming.

Here is the audio file for going through the meditation: Alchemical Meditation for Love
Beginning of meditation:

·         After the room is cleared sit down on your rug with flowers in view. Place some myrrh on the charcoal. Then activate your sound vibrations of bell, etc. Create a sense of being centered in sacred space.
·         Clear all ambitions, distractions or ill feelings from your heart.
·         Put more myrrh on charcoal
·         Sit in the easy pose or lotus position. This is yoga position #1.  Sit up straight with your shoulders back. Inhale nasally and fill your abdomen completely. Hold.
·         Then roll your shoulders forward and exhale nasally completely until your stomach is drawn inward. With each cycle of breaths, breathe in calm, peace and joy and exhale any misgivings, lingering hurt feelings or self doubt. Continue this until you feel complete peace.
·         Visualize a globe of light above your head. Now bring in the divine gifts of above into your crown chakra or the lotus just above your head. Connect completely with all collective consciousness. Feel the power.

·         Yoga position #4 which is the simple Camel. Visualize the lighted globe over your heart. Sit on your knees and slightly lean back allowing your hands to touch your heels. Return to sitting upright. Inhale nasally as you lean back and feel the heart chakra open in your chest. Hold this position for a few moments and allow your feelings of joy to project out. Exhale nasally and return to sitting comfortably on your knees. This step is creating a beacon for the right one to find you.

·         Yoga position #3 move so that you are sitting on your knees. Visualize the globe of light over your solar plexus or belly area. Place hands on knees or upper thighs. With your shoulders back, and sitting straight, inhale nasally until your abdomen is filled. Then roll shoulders forward and exhale nasally until the abdomen is emptied and drawn in. sit up straight and inhale nasally and  completely hold your breath and feel the desire nature in your belly to create a warm feeling of completeness and contentment. Release by rolling shoulders forward and exhale all air out of abdomen. Rest. Again inhale nasally, sitting straight and this time hold your breath and visualize the qualities you want, but not necessarily an image. This is feeling only. Exhale nasally.

·         Take a moment and put more myrrh on the charcoal.

·         Now, last is to return to Yoga position #4 which is the Camel. Comfortably sit on your knees, hands on your thighs and sitting up straight. Visualize yourself sitting in nature, with the greatest harmony around you. The cycle of life is everywhere with flora and fauna. You are part of that system.
·         Inhale nasally and slightly lean back allowing your hands to touch your heels. Visualize the glove of light at your heart area. Feel the heart chakra open in your chest. Hold this position for a few moments and allow your feelings of attraction to expand out like a cone of light. Also feel the freedom to love fully again. Hold this as long as you can. Exhale nasally and return to sitting comfortably on your knees.

·         Now return to easy pose. Say yes!

·         Sound the bell or whatever sound vibration you chose.

·         Return to the present.

·         Open up more air flow into your space to let the incense dissipate out.

·         Return to your daily routine and stay engaged and aware of future synchronicities.