Thursday, February 19, 2015

Over the next three weeks, a slow and steady chance to redefine and explore love and desires will have some steady ground in which to work. You will be given a chance to sort through what past karma has presented and where you can grow. This growth should be in more like a spiritual awakening. Even though a sense of losing funds or things looms in the minds of those who have just loved and lost, the key will be to understand that you probably are still able to do what is necessary. We all are benefited from scaling down our lives so that simplicity will allow for future developments to grow.

Here is the last pod cast for this forecast:Cosmic Waves Forecast Feb 20th thru 26th 2015

Friday, February 20th brings your intuition into focus. The Moon moves into sidereal Pisces and linking up with Venus, Mars and Uranus with a trine to Saturn. You can feel what the future will look like, but have to double check your reality meter for how the pieces will actually fall into place. There could be more compromise than satisfaction. Wait for another time to do your visioning of future goals when there is more information available. On the wider world, the continuing ideological battle is still being waged. In this time while the Sun is approaching a negatively aspected Neptune and Saturn, some hard lessons of recognizing personal agendas that rely on hiding the whole truth.

Saturday, February 21st this is a time that the wild and perhaps wicked aspects of love will be front and foremost. Most of the necessary pieces for a chance encounter or directed visioning of that special person in your life will be available. This is a brief window bringing luck into your court, so take advantage of it with meditation or active energy work to let your light shine. I will post a meditation on the 20th so it can be used today.

Sunday, February 22nd another great day to balance out what is a workable new plan. Many of the glitches of the past will start to work themselves out. You will still have to put in a lot of personal work, but it should be rewarded. With the use of the North Node in sidereal Virgo, being mostly well aspected, those sudden changes and windfalls will give you some cause to celebrate results of your hard work. Just monitor the libations since a steady sober hand is what will take you to the next step. There is a configuration that will maintain this wave of change until March 3rd.  So know that you have a little time to develop your enterprise. Also the Moon will be entering sidereal Aries bringing all the energy you need to get the ball rolling.

Monday, February 23rd using the momentum of yesterday, work closely to the facts and future indicators. The variations will be minimal, but the outcomes significantly different depending on your choices. Pressures of forcing an issue could cause some dicey results. The best strategy is to consider what your personal integrity will be when it is all said and done.

Tuesday, February 24th you will start to see some clearer lines of situations. Some of the fog has lifted to start sorting out the details. Communications will cause complications rather than solutions. Instead steer conversations towards what is sustainable in the future. Forward movement is well received by the energies right now. Later in this day, the Moon will move into sidereal Taurus bringing both a calming effect, but depending on how you relate to earthy influences, it could cause a case of immobile attitudes.

Wednesday, February 25th for those who are waiting for good news about a job or acquisition, this is the day to hear about it. There is a Grand Trine in earth today that will move some desires into your personal space. Also this is a great day regarding connecting up with romance and new business partners. If you aren't in the mood for love, then you could find a great friend to while away the spring and summer.  Actually, today just about anything can happen, even if you have to compromise in the process. Assurances that there is a safety clause, should someone be hiding some important information, will create the best environments.

Thursday, February 26th another great day to preserver in your special projects. Just know that nothing permanent should be agreed, because there are lots of hidden agendas which stay out of view. While you probably can surmise what that agenda maybe, you still will not know the whole story. Still things will be clearer today as to how go move forward. This is another day of unusual luck bringing opportunities to add significantly to your life. Tomorrow will provide a better vantage point to what is not seen today.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen