Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast February 6th - 12th 2015

For those who are afflicted with the Mercury retrograde, it is waning this week and will be direct by Wednesday, February 11th. It ends its journey at 7 degrees Capricorn, meaning that when it passes into positive territory, we will be considering money, possessions and the meaning of life with a clearer vision. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems this time. But then, I live a reclusive life and it is hard for too much to affect me.

I hope you have come to some revelations with the Alchemical Meditation for Venus in Aquarius. I suspect many of you have a warmer feeling about the richness of relationships around you. Along with the expansion of technology, we are finding that life is far more diverse. Satisfaction can be easily gained by broadening our expectations to love and its many facets. Next week will be another good week to review the meditation and see how things have adjusted. The lessons of the next couple of weeks will be easier if you have a better understanding of your expectations and experiences.

Here is the audio blog part of the report: Cosmic Waves Pod Cast

Friday, February 6th brings a conundrum to many who have a hard time matching up what they want to do and what they should be doing. Good time to double check yourself. When in doubt, don’t do it. The consequences could get out of hand. Change for change’s sake is not a good idea today. With the moon in sidereal Leo, posturing, grandstanding and poor leadership could land you on a ship of fools. Don’t sail with an unproven captain.

Saturday, February 7th today on the other hand is much different. If you waited, you will find that when you balance out what is the highest good, the pieces will move in a smoother manner today. There could be a crazy wild chase when it comes to love today. If you are interested in a light and non committal relationship, it could be ok, but beware that you don’t mislead a well meaning partner as a passing of ship in the night. With the moon in sidereal Virgo today, let only the most practical of all actions and emotions into our sphere of reality.

Sunday, February 8th there is a strong drive for money, possessions and satisfaction right now. The trick will be to negotiate the difference between boring vs. extravagant. Give it the reality test by asking yourself if you can afford it, do you need it or simply do you want to impress someone with it. Don’t go for the tricks of the ego right now. There is an intense need to heal your broken heart, so don’t do it shopping. Find something healthier.

Monday, February 9th today is less conflicted. The moon has moved into Libra creating a positive angle with the Sun for most of the work day. Things that pertain to work and getting things in order will be right on target. You might even see a love interest pay you back for a long standing debt. Take it graciously, even if it is late or grudgingly. It is time to let any temporal debts to be squared away so that the future can be clear.

Tuesday, February 10th with the Moon beneficially aspecting Neptune today, consider those mystical gifts that nature has provided. This could also be a good day to get your fortune read. The links will be wide open, but know that the truth will be heard. So if you still insist on denial and self deceit, something different will come your way. But the edges will be smoothed over so that the news is acceptable. Do be careful who you trust with any communications.

Wednesday, February 11th things related to love, healing and your actions will be well met today. Do know that consequences are exaggerated. If you are being honest and present, then the best things will happen. On the other side, consider that shenanigans will be met with being revealed as a toad.  If there is information from the mass media upsetting you, know that it is not the whole picture and to wait for more verification.  Today Mercury goes direct bringing some hidden news to the surface. There is a fair chance that it will not be wholly truthful, so get your facts checked.

Thursday, February 12th could be a very tricky time to get caught doing naughty things. The Moon moves into Scorpio and will conjunct with Saturn today. If you have been waiting for someone to be exposed as a cheat or reprobate, this could be your chance to enjoy vindication or justice. This is another day where the intent of your actions will be greeted with unexpected expansion. Big lies will be seriously exposed. Honesty and keeping your facts correct will bring a big relief. There are no halfway results today.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen