Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast January 30 through February 5


Not much will come easy this week, but then this will pass. This will be contrary to our need to get in and fix stuff. For me, I  plan on doing some resting activities outside of the few commitments that I already have.  There will be just a chosen few who will be able to make headway in this coming week, but it will be more mystical rather than physical. Plan accordingly.

Also the self revelations from our struggle with personal desires and reality will be very much in your face. All is good as long as you have a clear mirror to examine what blemishes need treatment and what needs surgery. Insistence on being in the right oscillating to deep despair can be challenging also. Stay close to your friends and moral supports. In the end, there will be greater clarity at the next step. Take lots of time to treat yourself well, keep on your health resolutions and face each situation with light and love. There are some strong triggers for anger this week, so don’t indulge them.

Friday, January 30th this would be a great day to take care of your taxes, especially if you are using an internet filer. With the uncertainty of the Moon in Sidereal Taurus the bottom line could keep you up at night. Consider that if the “deed” is done, then you can move onto the next year’s experiences and financial opportunities. Also a good time to check tax code for future adventures in business. This could give you some real insights to what could be an advantage if you want to set up a home office for that next generation of work possibilities. For those gardeners out there, today and tomorrow will be great days to start some seedlings.

Saturday, January 31st is a really a good day to get your head straight about a recent romantic change. Don’t expect any agreements to be long term as there is a fair chance of delusion. Remember that this is a time for cleaning the slate, gaining perspective in your personal lessons and centering from the ensuing chaos. It is cleaner this time because of the influence of Aquarius in these matters. Be thankful that is supporting what could be a really painful experience.  There is a beneficial connection with the Moon in sidereal Gemini working with Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius bringing a higher perspective. Remember to value yourself as well as other’s progress in life.

Sunday, February 1st in short, what has been said is done. Between a Grand Square, Grand Cross and a lingering opposition for the next couple of weeks, consider this time to do a good smudging of your house, car and possessions. Get all the last remnants of a difficult situation out of the house. Then take some time to treat yourself to loving and caring relationships. It is time to recharge for the next week.

Monday, February 2nd the Moon moves into sidereal Cancer today bringing possible water works and general ill temper. Gather strength in looking at your true stability and how that has improved. Only personal time gaining perspective can benefit you. Expect some hard feelings and hard words, but know that venting is just another way of communicating. Consider what the unsaid script actually is. Get to bed early so that you don’t lose your personal momentum.

Tuesday, February 3rd this is one of the luckier days this week, especially for those who make their own luck. If you have successfully faced the challenges of late; then you can see some foundational changes in your perspective. There will also be a chance to face off against authority. Know your stuff before you do this meeting and all will be well. Perhaps the key is to know that something is up right now, emotions are flying and a boss is looking for someone’s head to roll. Be prepared and he will know you are up to speed with the process.

Wednesday, February 4th  this is probably going to be a quiet day.  Use your critical thinking to determine what is real and what is illusion. There is a chance that someone is covering up a big mistake and they are willing to let another take the heat. Don’t get caught in the cross fire. This might turn out to be a day when you see justice served by an interesting set of events. There are powers for good out there and we need to see them at work occasionally, so keep the faith in justice.

Thursday, February 5th back to mixed messages and uncertainty of what is right. Delay any decisions for a while as the truth is having trouble coming into the light. You will just have to trust that what transpires is for the best. Actually there could be some relief when it all collapses down into a single point. The Moon is in Leo and expect false leaders to make a lot of noise for the next couple of days. If you are lucky it will only be posturing on the news with various candidates.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen