Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast Jan 2 thru 8 2015

Get ready for a couple of noisy face offs in this next week. All the players that are fighting for their brand of righteousness will be swinging high and low. The only thing mere mortals can do is observe the clash of faith, honesty, truth, and transforming battles of wills. Each day will have pieces of the puzzle to navigate.
A celestial event, after the full moon has started to wane, is a view of Comet Lovejoy cruising the course along Sirius through Orion’s belt. It will have a greenish cast to it due to the chemical makeup. This will be seen for a few weeks in early January, so when the Moon rises later in the evening, you should be able to see it somewhere on that path.

So let’s get started with the daily’s

Here is the audio blog for those who want to access Spreaker and listen. BTW my secret Santa did get a late package to me of a new microphone and head phones. I hope the sound quality is much better. Wish me luck on getting it all in sync for the next broadcast:

Friday, January 2nd among the struggles all around us, there is a small glimmer of healing that can happen. Our New Year’s resolutions will have a boost into the next year and should you find the time there are ample ways to deal with the inside and outside struggles. This is not a time to back off of fussy children…er… adults with an agenda. Question their authority, experience and facts; but if the conversation reverts to insults, back away holding the high ground. When someone is reacting to a situation, they have an emotional overload and stop thinking. Only hurt feelings and no resolution will come of this. The Moon is in Sidereal Taurus and also in a very favorable decan… that of Rohini.  A lot of joy and frivolity can be had today.

Saturday, January 3rd about all you can do is enjoy the company of your loved ones. The outside world is like an overly tightened spring… ready to decompress into a violent burst. The general feeling will represent by the Moon in Gemini creating big swings to diametrically opposed ideas. Hang on, this goes for the next couple of days. Stay close to home, count your blessings and know that outside things are happening because of a necessary lesson that has been subverted for too long.   Also do something that brings creativity into your life. This is a great time to pick up that languishing project and give it another whirl.

Sunday, January 4th the Sun and Pluto conjunct today with the Moon in opposition. If you can stay at home, do so. If there is a foot ball game on, the hitting will be extra hard. This analogy goes to whatever else is out there when it comes to dealing with frustrated, un evolved sorts of people and events. What will be good to do is cleaning files and desks. Get your financial forms or insurance policies out and give them a quick review. There is a big positive connection with ideas and feelings about our humanity. Is your view inclusive or exclusive?

Monday, January 5th it will be back to work as usual today. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Cancer creating some very touchy emotions for the next few days. Connecting up with Jupiter, that bigger than life energy, will only make it more intense. On a microcosmic view the weekend extremes have abated a bit, leaving room for a few good messages about money, health and those things that make the physical world worth enduring. A lid covers the overall pressure of the last few days, but only because things would break if there was not a bit of release of pressure. It would not surprise me if there weren't some outcries from pure exasperation. Do your thing and head home after your work is done.

Tuesday, January 6th Things that you can control and deal with in a conscious manner will be met with success. It may hurt along the way, but when you want closure with something that is dead, you have to feel the pain. Reminds me of the phrase from Dune, where young Atrade’s is tested and he tells himself that fear is a mind killer… and how to deal with it so there is only a passing of the event without damage to the soul.
Wednesday, January 7th as the Moon in Cancer approaches Jupiter, an uneasy state of affairs becomes obsessive. We are not given all the information, so if you can just deal with your situation, then leave the rest of it to those involved. I know usually I say we have to stay engaged with the flow of things. About all a person can do is press for answers, thoughtful action and accountability of those who have been commissioned with leadership for the best of all.

Thursday, January 8th forget a walk in a rose garden today. So much is meeting with challenges with lots of resistance from those who want it their way. The Moon will move into Leo today, but we won’t be able to see the comforting, caring leadership qualities that the Leo moon can usually provide. The news should be interesting either at the water cooler or on the TV. Just stay away from the tabloids unless you understand that is opinion and entertainment. Although I wonder how many of us can afford to entertain fear mongering and hatred. Listen to facts only and go easy on jumping to conclusions as the disinformation is rampant. The only positive connection today is if the news makes you feel good, and you are working in a conscious mode, then it is a small glimmer in an otherwise embattled arena. Something is coming to a peak… keep your wits about you. Tomorrow is a new day.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen