Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alchemist Meditations for Venus in Aquarius Love Designs

Alchemist Meditations Venus in Aquarius January 26th 2015

Here is the pod cast link:  Meditation for Venus in Aquarius Love Designs

One of the biggest questions that comes up in readings and other inquiries is what is going on with  personal romance. This is not a tangent to the meaning of life. It is the root of why we have relationships and have incarnated. In the process of various types of relationships we understand more about how we operate and what our impact is around us.

Right now we are in a challenging period for those juicier things in life.  Although we want to dwell on that elixir of life, set it aside for a few minutes while you take a wider view. We are faced with personal questions of “if this is so unfulfilling, why am I continuing with the relationship?” Venus in Aquarius forces us to review our ideals, expectations and experiences in our daily relationships. If we take some time to dive into what those look like, we can understand more about what to expect and where we need to adjust. If you are to focused on ideals, you can cause just the opposite. Also this is a good time to take a close look at why there may be a disconnection to those expectations. This will be the work of this meditation.

Also, this meditation is mostly written for those who are alone and looking at finding someone special. You can adjust to make this meditation a way to improve an existing relationship by discovering something hidden.  If you can open up to what follows, you will be in a better place to draw in a satisfying intimate love. When Venus moves into Pisces later in February I will post a meditation for helping to draw in that love. So let’s get started.

Tools needed are:
·         Pencil and paper (a pen is OK also)
·         Pink candle, white candle, yellow candle and purple candle. Very small ones for just this purpose are great.
·         Lighter or matches… I prefer matches as the smell of sulpher is typically used for clearing out negative forces.
·         Dragon’s blood incense, either the stick or in resin form with a lighted charcoal.
·         Soft music without words but brings happy thoughts.
·         If possible sit next to or in a sunny window.  

·         Start the charcoal or incense
·         Start the music
·         Comfortably sit in the sunlight.
·         Release tensions of the day and pressings needs from your consciousness, do this by taking in a deep breath, holding it, then letting out any anxiousness held in your body and heart. When clear, light the candles.
·         Light your candles with these intentions:
·         White for protection through this energetic journey
·         Yellow for peace of mind and clarity
·         Blue for calm and understanding
·         Purple for connecting with your highest good or divine source.

Take in several more inhalations and exhalations to find that meditative peaceful state of being. It is important to do this centering work.

On the paper, create three columns. At the heading of each put Agape, Platonic and Eros.
Now I want you to focus on all the people in your life. First sort the relationships into which ones are people you love for their contribution to others. How they have helped others and you. Create a short sentence or phrase to describe them. Write them down under the Agape column.  This can be spiritual leaders, mentors, relatives etc. Remember their gift. These are the people who fulfill agape love. This is unconditional love that it is impossible to take or to be taken. It is also brotherly love.

Second, gather people in your life that provide platonic love. This is the type of love that gives a spiritual connection between people. This is someone who inspires you to your best work. It is also unconditional as there is an understanding of “growing as you go”. This is where there is a meeting of minds. Consider what they are best known for. Create a short sentence of phrase to describe them and write it down under the Plutonic column.

Third, gather those who have inspired Eros, that sexual attraction that brings people together. It also provides the glue to hold people together while they develop the other forms of love which will sustain the relationship over a lifetime. Is there someone who has connected like this? Create a short sentence of phrase to describe them and write it down under the Eros column. Are any of these people in your everyday life or are some in mass media?

Now comes the tough part. Find those who have intersected between Eros and the other vision of love. Are there any overlaps? This is an important question if your intimate relationships have a habit of not working out.  What are your triggers for Eros? Spend some time thinking on this. Note those virtues at the bottom of the page.

What ideals are shared with those who are in the Agape and Platonic love group? Do any of them connect up with Eros?

At this time, consider what you do when you find Eros awakening? Where are the successful overlaps with Agape and Platonic as well as arousal? Here is your personal work, to sort out how you are aroused and what is around you that satisfies your emotional needs. Is there a disconnection?

The hard part of this is to decide what you are attached or attracted to, and what is being presented to you as intimate relationships. Consider this over several nights of dream work and meditation. Keep a journal.  Even just watching for synchronicity in your everyday, will allow moments for you to understand what you are doing vs. what you are getting. The trick here is to discover hidden agendas that sabotage your relationships. When we get to the next phase, you will be able to answer what attachments to let go of because they may not relate to what is sustainable.

Here is the final key to be prepared for next month, how does my vision and emotional connection look now? Form it carefully in your mind, then feel it in your heart. Let there be a new emergence of your vision that has fine tuned qualities. Repeat this three times then write it down.

Start to become aware of your surroundings again. Slowly open your eyes and move about so that you are back in the here and now. Take notes of your experiences and revelations. Revisit this meditation if necessary to dig deeper into unanswered questions. Keep this in mind for the next three weeks so that you can start to change your attraction energy. If it is helpful, gather up photos of all the people on your list and compare them.

Blessings and Peace,