Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast Jan 23 thru 29 2015

The currents for romance have us feeling frustrated with the classical desires of Eros. What is my challenge to you is to determine how many types of relationships you have. How many friends, special plutonic relationships and how you feel about people in general. Venus has moved into Sidereal Aquarius and our perceptions of ideals and our fellow human beings will be tested and evaluated. Pick up the missing pieces and see how much fuller your life will begin to feel. I will be offering another installment of Alchemist Meditations for preparation of next month’s journey of Venus in Pisces.

Mercury is in retrograde right now and last week I mentioned that there will be beneficial aspects during this phase. For this week, consider personal changes that create a better future. Face at least one of your personal demons and square off. Frequently that which we fear the most turns out to be less of a concern when we gather courage and deal with it. Over time we all have that choice to choose which path we take. If you use the test question, “how will this change or action impact my future?”. If you weigh the cause and effect, you have just taken a step to mastering your faults and ventured into a stronger personal attitude.

All this week there is a high probability for special surprises. Some will be good and some will be more challenging. These could include material things, but mostly will relate to the intersection of home and heart. Uranus is part of this mix and is still challenged by our need to personally change into something greater than we are now, a continuing theme for some time yet to come. Face this personal question so that you can then ask the importance of what to bring into the future and what to leave in the past as lesson learned. Cause and effect evaluation is essential right now. There is a strong tendency for self delusion so consider chatting with a trusted confidant for a reality check. For my personal struggle it is how to maintain momentum with my enterprises with impediments flaring up with each step. Usually our biggest struggles are those small pesky things, especially if we have been on a conscious path for a long time. Be glad if your challenges are seemingly small rather than life changing.

Here is the audio pod cast for this report for those who wish to listen to the forecast:  Cosmic Waves Forecast Jan 23 -29

Friday, January 23rd among the flurry of self discovery, we may simply focus on our personal health regimes. We have many ailments both physical and psychical that need attention in these dark dreary winter months. This is a time where we are tired of the cold, and yet forced to stay home bound. In some areas, spring feels like it is just a month away, but our biological rhythms say focus on your cocoon and later the unfolding will occur. When your health is at its best, so will your next seasonal experience. With the Moon in sidereal Aquarius for the next couple of days, our ideals and humanitarian side will be worth reviewing again.

Saturday, January 24th today will be a great day for emotional and psychic epiphanies. Consider what will bring you the most wealth, return on investment or stability. You may not be able to put words to your discovery, but you will know the right connection when it comes up. Do some journaling while the inspiration is fresh. This could also be a great day to take note of last night’s and tonight’s dreams. Your dream time is where you play out astral, psychological and fun possibilities. These dreams could be very influential in navigating your next new enterprise.

Sunday, January 25th with the Moon conjuncting Uranus in Pisces today expect synchronicities and surprising messages from within and unusual sources. For those who meditate or have a similar spiritual practice, stay very open to divine suggestions and guidance. From an early Zen Buddhist practice, I found a connection with nature that would give me insights to very profound revelations. Allow yourself some time outside to gather special messages from nature. Like the flight of crows that bring your attention to newly awakened branches in a field of snow. Change is around us right now, stay tuned in.

Monday, January 26th Activity and healing are keys to today’s discovery. Create a focal point on work and what makes your day significant. Is it working for you? Those who can openly discuss and exchange ideas with peers or experts will benefit greatly. Personal attitude is shifting right now to a new paradigm. So don’t get too attached to your personal insistence of what has worked in the past, and find something sane to embrace for a better future. This could be as simple as adding some activity to your routine if you are sedentary all day. What is your sleep like? Are you mentally tired but not physically active? The Moon will ease into Sidereal Aries today creating angst to start something new.

Tuesday, January 27th today favors starting some activity that involves other people. Joining a Tai Chi or yoga class gets you into connecting mind and body. Do be aware that not everyone in the group is there for self improvement; there could well be an ulterior motive that is not so evident.

Wednesday, January 28th personal revelations will start to focus into something impressive. This could well be a day where new territory is laid out to provide a that next step. Embrace what you and your higher divine influence have crafted and implement your next phase. Not a good day for romance so if someone is pushing that on you, know there is a game being played. Learning opportunities are everywhere so if someone is less than honest, give them reason to know that is not where you are and let them go. Don’ let the Moon in Taurus give you a case of pushy and stubborn tantrums.

Thursday, January 29th just a series of bland days have passed, a set of wonderful alignments with the Moon in sidereal Taurus create a situation where you can find your confidence and articulate just why someone should hire you or give you credit for a project. For those who need a sip of “liquid luck” lots of good luck and special situations can be optimized-. There is a Grand Trine in earth today with a focus on intuitive special occurrences.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen