Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cosmic Waves Forecast January 16 thru 22nd 2015

This week the moon’s placement will be particularly important. As it crosses some very powerful planets and a “stellum” we are bound to see a mix of unexpected surprises and significant challenges. Times like this, what is needed to be acknowledged so we can take responsible action. You may feel you are going to lose something important but the change will allow something rather satisfying to fill the emptiness. This could be a new direction for many people. Also the feel of this week will be waves cresting and receding. How hard you have to maintain the outdated willfulness exponentially creates extra havoc. Be smart. It is easier to make changes along the way rather than something that creates a big tsunami. Resistance is futile!

Another week with Venus and Mercury will be humming along with the future as we are creating it. Great news and affirmations from loved ones will keep flowing. Keep the conversation going, because times are changing daily. Jupiter is still in opposition to these two planets, but it is in retrograde. This means that the big changes are within us and our perspective. I don’t know who coined this phrase but “attitude is everything”. If you work hard to keep a clear head and in reality, you will surprise yourself with how this is amplified. Conversely, we are dealing with an opposition that creates an opportunity to come to a balance with ourselves, if you focus on tired, discredited concepts, that will look much worse than it should.

Here is the audio blog for those who wish to listen to the forecast: Audio version of Cosmic Waves

Friday, January 16th brings a day where the Moon in sidereal Scorpio is passing the old task master, Saturn. The highlight of today will be what have you left behind and where is your energy going to be focused. There is a heavy square to our ability to function as a society. Every action should be reviewed as how it affects those around you. ideals could be shattered, but look for the next phase. Our best is expected.
Saturday, January 17th today will be much easier. Especially for those who will allow intuitive insights to help you on your way. This could be a big day for major revelations at home or what you call home. Mostly good vibes this day. Many who have to make sense of some recent changes will find healing. Just focus on the healing aspects because there could be a strong tendency to just be angry. In your outer affairs, give someone some space if they are acting out. There is a reason. There could also be some good news about a future event. That event will relate to your work effort and best laid plans. Also health rewards could be reaped today.

Sunday, January 18th today we will want to just ditch the difficult. The keen point here will be if you are ditching something that has been dysfunctional? Don’t let a bad habit suck you back down with it. Rise above the norm and surprise yourself with your smart choices. Ideas, ideals, and maybe a bit of flaky behavior will dominate your to do list.

Monday, January 19th most of this day will be quiet for you to process the weekend and get your work done also. Definitely a day to let things fall into place after the shake ups over the weekend.

Tuesday, January 20th brings the Moon is now in Capricorn swinging past the Sun. Things that have to do with money, markets, authority, property and legal briefings will be highlighted. Could also be a good day for job offers that did not make it last night. Notices to better security will be brought into the picture as well. Work and money are both highlighted. So stay connected for anything to happen.

Wednesday, January 21st the moon will make its way through the stellum the 21st, 22nd and the 23rd. this means that emotional containment will be necessary to deal with any potential bad news. Couple this with Mercury going retrograde will mean it is time to double check details. This could relate to business problems, money losses or general difficulty in getting work to perform . This will feel like a bottom as fallen out of the floor. But know that if it did not happen this time it was not meant for our future.

Thursday, January 22nd brings a chance to be retrospective to how the whole world works. The Moon moves into sidereal Aquarius and we start to see a pattern. Questioning our world view will take a bit out of us. There will be some nefarious activities that cloud your judgment, so be careful of getting to far from the facts. Tomorrow we will have a much better perspective on our situation. Another noteworthy bit of information is Venus will move into Aquarius. This gives us a chance to consider higher ideals when it comes to love and life. Remember the Greeks three forms of love? Gravitate towards agape love of your fellow man and friends. It is not all just sex and stuff.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen