Monday, January 12, 2015

Alchemist Meditations

Alchemist Meditation January 13th 2015

The purpose of this offering of meditation is to allow people to listen, transform and elevate. Working with the divine elements around and within you adds the creative element to a better place and better person.
Each meditation offered will have correspondences with the astrology of the time. This meditation can be done several times until desired result. You cannot rush personal development, so if you come to a block, rest from repeating the meditation. In the future new insights and information will surface for further work.
This meditation will go through several layers of personal work. To set up the meditation it is best to prevent all annoyances and interruptions. This particular meditation will be beneficial for self discovery. Go through the layers of meditation until you have come to a point of clarity. Then you will center and hold that new perspective. Unnecessary elements are systematically removed or refined until a next level is created, centered and clarified.
·         Incense (frankincense, myrrh, amber) any of these is good.  
·         White candles, your choice of one, two or three. (consider if the candles will represent just a point of focus, balancing out polarities or duality in your work, or considering the trinity of creation which is will, love and the perfection).
·         Comfortable seating, darkened room.
·         Small garden pot
·         Container of soil
·         Seed of something fast growing like a sunflower seed
·         Scarves (2 or 3) Place these over your shoulders, arms or head.
·         Bowl of water (place in front of you) with a small wash cloth and towel

Begin your voyage:
Position bowl of water in front of you. Place candles in fireproof container at a safe distance, but easily visible. Place the soil, pot and seed to your right. Drape the scarves on our head, arms, shoulders or appropriate area needing work.
Light your incense.
Visualize you are seated in an open circle outside on a summer’s eve. Comfortable breezes caress your face as the fire pit in front of you gently crackles and sparks. You visualize yourself as comfortably sitting under the stars inside an ancient temple. As if looking above your body, view the scene. This will invite your higher guardian or divine self into the meditation. Your divine self sees interference and discord around your aura. Now come into yourself and visualize looking into a fire. You state your purpose relating to harmony of philosophies and good will to others.
Consider your conflicts.
Now as you connect with the fire, the interference in your aura will start to melt away. This is also considered negativity. It will start slowly and then become a flow into the earth around you. When it touches the earth, it will recombine with dirt and become grounded and sanitized. You will feel this as the body is warmer and warmer until the bulk of the distraction is melted off of you. What is left is your shinning spirit and soul newly cleansed.
Now look into the water bowl and consider a hindrance to yourself improvement. Recognize the problem and cleanse. Just do one at a time. Take your time in washing the final particles of this set of resistance.
There is yet another layer to be removed. This one is of deeper conflict or duality. Dig deep, was it caused by outside conditioning, poor planning, bad luck, or a traumatic event stifling you? See this difference as separate from your true self. When ready, quickly pull off the scarves, one by one as you rid yourself of the confusion of conflicting concepts. This should leave you with a centered perspective.
Now imagine you are gazing into the night sky. Connect with the stars and recognize a higher truth which is illuminated now. What is that truth? Has this created a shift in your being?
Now look down to your right and see the soil in front of you. Consider the soil where earlier your negativity and interference flowed into. Now it is cleansed and grounded from your negativity.  Now take the small pot and put soil into it. Take your right finger and poke a hole in the dirt. In this hole place the seed. Take a bit of water from the bowl and water the planting.
Wash away the material issue and dirt from your hands, wash them in the bowl of water in front of you. Then wash your face with this water to cleanse. You have now completely separated yourself from the hindering elements you were carrying and now transformed into something with fresh potential.
Return your focus to yourself. Separate yourself from the outside influences by centering your breathing and composure. Balance the opposites within you that are scattered, like defragging a hard drive. Fill in the blanks and re sort the pieces until you feel a wholeness of spirit and soul.
Focus on your chakras. See the red of the root chakra and feel the foundation of your being in the improved personal space. Activate.
See your sacral chakra, and the orange glow it projects. Gather up intensity in that orange glow so that you feel the ability to create and design. Activate.
Raise you vision to your solar plexus. See the yellow light start to pulsate as you have a new, clear vision of what you can do. Activate that chakra.
Now center in the heart area, this is the most intelligent part of your being. Honor it with allowing the green glow to grow and pulsate in love with the other activated centers. Activate the Heart.
Come to the throat area and see the blue glow of your ability to communicate. Let the spot glow for a few moments. Take in a deep breath through the nose and then breath out a quick breath. Know that your words will reflect your transformed state. Activate the throat.
The indigo flame of the ajna center or forehead begins to glow. Allow this to connect with your other activated centers. This is where you gain insights from your divine source so you will act in accordance with the higher plan. Activate.
The crown of your head is the violet blue lotus flower to opening up. This will connect you with the higher consciousness. Let all the petals expand. See the column of light enter into your being and connect all your centers. Activate.
You now have re-booted yourself in the newly conditioned form able to have better human relations.
Slowly return to awareness of your surroundings. Open your eyes and continue to adjust to this recent change to higher consciousness.