Thursday, July 16, 2015


Friday, July 17th This week will have a few shifts in the heavens. One of them is today the Sun will move into sidereal Cancer which will have a tendency to debilitate our ability to handle decisions. Instead of fighting the lack of leadership or gusto in life, embrace feminine activities. If you looked at it from a Kabalistic view, instead of action being the first response, try reception. Until the 25th, take a side step to aggression or new starts; rely on invitation and graciousness instead. Next week, after the 25th , Venus will go retrograde and you will probably need to add the element of asking yourself  what part of a decision was your responsibility. This internal look will continue all summer, but until August 17th, it will still be best to delay action until you are invited. What this is showing is starting today, we all must learn a special lesson of balance of power between God and Goddess. When the God form is indisposed, like in Cancer, it needs to rely on an able counterpart the Goddess power. You may find this is a month of gracious nurturing, if you can accept maternal guidance.

Saturday, July 18th Don’t let a exaggerated influence of the Moon in Leo highlight behaviors and engagements that neither brings security or transformation into a better you. Some will be dragged into ideological conflicts that just can’t continue. There will be something in the larger venue that will set off frustration and anger. The important point to consider today is if you don’t come to grips with what is no longer viable, you will miss an interesting and exciting opportunity. Think out of the box and you will be happier on your quest today. The sign posts are everywhere if you are willing to listen to the gentle instruction towards compassion and joy.

Sunday, July 19th take some time out today to consider what will heal your soul or over active mind. So much has been flowing out of every news orifice and we need to digest all this information. Are we being played as puppets? Today will be the last day that Mercury is in Sidereal Gemini. Write down concepts and pro and con lists of what is happening in your life and the bigger scene around you. Tomorrow will put Mercury into a less than logical frame for information.

Monday, July 20th fortunately with Mercury shifting between the Sun and Mars there has been a logical moment before rash action has occurred. Today, and for a lot of this month, you will need to use an intuition for guidance instead. The pieces may not add up, but if a solution leads to healing and can be continued in the future, that is the way to lean. Much of the planetary influence over the course of the summer will have us turning inward for our personal transformations. Don’t fight it. Consider asking for higher feminine guidance in your journey.

Tuesday, July 21st much of the conflict of yesterday has lessened. What will start to emerge is our loss of relationship or intimate connections. The moon is in sidereal Virgo today. The message for today is best fit by the Tarot card Strength. We have learned much about what demonstrates strength. In the 1500’s strength was measured in clubbing to death the beast of our weaknesses. That card demonstrated a man with a club bludgeoning a lion which was the representation of our animal nature. By the late 1900’s this image was changed to a virgin or evolved conscious woman (divine feminine) taming the lion with reason, compassion and understanding. This was to demonstrate that we can become aware of our animal nature, do what is called shadow work to understand why we behaved in a less than conscious way, and then understand and tame the animal within us. This creates a master level of development. The lesson of this card should help you through your day. How are you addressing behaviors both yours and others? What is your approach, Medieval or modern thinking response?

Wednesday, July 22nd it will be hard to get going today. Seems like your emotions want to deal with the details, but the insight and opportunity is just not there. Spend some time meditating and co create what you need. Be aware that you need to go through the challenges of cause and effect to any enterprise. If you are honest with yourself, meditation can bring forth some amazing answers. Just remember that this is a time for qualities of the feminine to guide us. Some of those answers will come from those who care about us the most.

Thursday, July 23rd the Moon is in Sidereal Libra today creating a magic moment where you can finally sense relationships moving into positive territory. The last week has had us preoccupied with bigger questions and situations. But today, remember to connect up with that someone special and do something that heals you both. Most of our answers this week were not from direct facts. Through the year we need to remember that something’s that are true are not necessarily spelled out. What pulled together is a connection with the future and home, what is healing and what is stable. If you are entertaining something other than that, there will be disappointment. This could also be a good day to do some online match making. Good luck!

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen