Thursday, July 2, 2015


Friday, July 3rd has some struggles and surprises. Where the struggle will be how you truly connect up with what you love. Falling back into bad habits can overpower some people. Watch out for this tendency if you have just met someone. Perhaps the last person you were interested in may try to make a replay. Just hold on to your principles because Venus will be moving into Leo soon and you will have a more gregarious attitude towards being seen and heard. Otherwise the communications will be flowing and sometimes in the unexpected places. Like a sunset, a set of squawking blue jays to affirm a new venture or even answers in bill boards. Keep an eye out for interesting synchronicities. Let’s not leave out the Moon will be in Capricorn for the next couple of days creating logical thinking and acuity towards finances.

Saturday, July 4th you will be able to get your act together and tell another just what they did wrong and where they can go. The words could be harsh, but they will be heard. Try to take the high road and say what is for their highest good so that improvement can be considered. Fortunately the cards will all be on the table, so if real change is going to occur, there is a chance for advancement. Same ideas can be translated at work, if you have to go into the office or shop. Everyone is going to have an opinion. You may be a bystander to others touchy topics. I do think the real situation will be visible. Just be sure you stay out of harms way with the Sun and Mars so close together right now, especially with this heat. The bottom line is even with a country with so many divergent opinions; we still are allowed to voice them. Just say their opinion is duly noted.

Sunday, July 5th  subliminal fireworks spark for another day.The Aquarian moon will be bringing some good vibes about what our society does have. Perhaps those who have felt left out of the decision process will feel a release of fear. Of course most of the morning there is an opposition to Venus and Jupiter which could spark more disappointments towards how the tides are turning. Perhaps you and a friend will find conflict in opinions. If the relationship is valuable, keep any disagreements in perspective to what is your responsibility and what lies outside of your control. Also Venus has moved into Leo today. While it will take a few days to get rolling, those who need that extra courage to get back into the “game” will find some extra fire for a month or so.

Monday, July 6th there is a significant set of trines occurring concerning the public trust. These are plans and actions creating a better life for all of us. What is tricky is not all the information will be known and some are going to fall off their “rockers” in agitation. It will be around the 10th when all the pieces are visible. So no rash decisions for the next few days. Some of the stresses to romance will subside today. Communications will flow so take advantage of the time and try your luck again or make some extra special gestures of adoration to those in your life. They will go over exceptionally well.

Tuesday, July 7th to get through this day, your intuition will need to guide you to stability. Pose a question to yourself and trust your gut feeling as an answer. Other communications will not be forthcoming at this time. This could also be a time when logic will fail to give you all the answers. Maybe give yourself until the 10th to make a final decision. The Moon  is in sidereal Pisces will highlight  personal battles with where hard work and frugality have seemed to fail to produce a desired outcome. This is an internal situation that all of us have to learn to navigate. Today will be another lesson about when to trust verses doing the normal thing. By afternoon, you could totally close down to solutions, so defer to another day.

Wednesday, July 8th there will be a morning of stress which will probably end about the time you get settled into work. What happens after that is taking a chance on love or an acquisition. This will be short term, so jump on the opportunity now. There may look like a promising person on a date sight or a special buy (Venus relates to romance, money and material things). The energy right now, otherwise the opportunity will be snatched up very quickly if you procrastinate. Things are happening fast right now, keep up with the pace.

Thursday, July 9th even with the stresses of stepping outside your comfort zone, with the Moon going into Aries, there is a strong internal push to make something happen. Who knows if the outcome will be as desired, just know it is time to make a move…so get with it. Sometimes you just have to start the journey and then follow the road signs. In a few days you may ask too many questions and talk yourself out of what might be a good deal. A lot of positive aspects will bring real excitement. Of course, stay true to your values, as those are more of who you are. Try not to fall back on past faults or disappointments. Life is good!

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen