Thursday, June 25, 2015


Friday, June 26th I know that the news has been anything but fun. Depending on how you have adjusted to the present level of “extreme” will determine how you handle this summer. This summer, the conjunction of the Sun and Mars in Gemini, has a lot to do with what we see and hear. There is a struggle between these two powerhouses, so at any time, public arenas and cruel action will oscillate the value of the shock. For some it will be the first time they realize how the majority feels about what was hidden. The extremes are getting so far out there that it is almost beyond belief that they really mean what is said. I take this as a test of everyone’s BS meter. Couple this with many planetary retrogrades this summer, the outer world will be interesting; but the inner world will be more of your focus. Ask yourself why this is acceptable and what should be done to rectify the perversions? Through July 18th Jupiter and Venus will still be finding the craziest ways to find love, romance and that perfect accessory. There is also a connection with internet dating. Just be aware that weird is the code word right now, the effects of today show a bit of trouble in paradise. This stress will continue until July 2nd. The problem is trying to sort out what is going to last into the future vs. the feel good in the moment syndrome. Remember, there will be a tomorrow, and co-create proactively. Communications will be quite dicey today also. There is just as much chance of hearing a total fabrication as there is finding out the facts. This means you need to do your own research and not rely on the standby search engines. The Moon is in Sidereal Libra right now, and later this day things will find that comfy spot of understanding. 

Saturday, June 27th the day starts out with a Grand Trine in Air signs. So those who are the thinkers of the world will have a good run of brainstorming this morning. But by after lunch, the notes need to be finalized and get on with the routine. There will be a challenge with communications all day, so be patient with late comers and remember that information may not have been accurate anyway. This will be yet another day where communications or information will be hard to access. But the veil of deceit or obscurity will pass after today.

Sunday, June 28th a good part of the day will feel like an uphill struggle to get anything done. If you don’t have to rush around today, then don’t. You could be wasting your time. This evening will open up to some powerful inner or transpersonal revelations. In general, there will be congeniality with those around you. For those who meet others for the first time, what you see is not necessarily what you get. So if someone is overly stressed, and who would blame them, they may actually be deeply sensitive and conscious people with a lot of frustration. We all want the best to happen, just some get overloaded. Of course, the opposite could be true; with someone acting like they have it all figured out and is just guessing what the game is. This is a manipulator.

Monday, June 29th it is going to be hard to trust your feelings or intuition today. There is something larger trying to veil the truth. It will be like the old marketing game of “bait and switch”. Try not to buy anything today unless you have already researched the item. Ask more questions about anything that is presented today. A hint to success is, will the outcome be good for the future or does it just keep you in neutral. Don’t waste your energy on stagnancy. The Moon in sidereal Scorpio insists on understanding the hidden agendas but without the insight of a sense of timing or truth.

Tuesday, June 30th a good part of the work day will find a synergistic flow of intuition, discovery and divine intervention. A Grand Trine in water brings lovers and those things that make life juicy really flow. Enjoy this energy, even in the heat. Passions must be expressed at the right time. Listen carefully if someone is blowing up, and consider the unspoken meanings to everything said. There is no black and white today.

Wednesday, June 31st communications will improve today, but they may not be what you want to hear. We can only shelter ourselves so much and then there is a time of reckoning. If you have been off base lately, you will hear about it. Take that as a positive, because you could just be abandoned without recourse. Also the Moon is moving into sidereal Sagittarius and aspecting Pluto for the next couple of days. There will be an accent of conflict between what is seen and done vs. what is wanted. The bottom line is if you fall into bad habits to cope, you will meet with major disapproval. If you keep the perspective of the observer, you might just learn something about yourself.

Thursday, July 1st another great day for communications with those you want to hear from. Although it may be in an unusual form, such as poetry, an act of endearment or anything that is special or interesting. This is definitely a day to live for the moment. Of course, don’t do anything that will be regretted tomorrow, but keep in to scale and just relax and enjoy a day for once. I suspect one of the big lessons of this summer will be enjoying the moment when you can. It is those close to the heart events that really help with the outer chaos that surrounds us.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen