Thursday, June 11, 2015


Friday, June 12th will be a time for those who suffer confusion or misconnections to rejoice. Mercury Retrograde ends today. This is usually a time considered “Mercury Station” because there is little movement, but things will turn around as the week progresses. So today, just know that Monday’s drive home will probably have less angst than today.  The conjunction between the Sun and Mars in sidereal Taurus will be exact today also. With connections with Jupiter and Uranus in a triad, expect actions to be swift and potent. The Moon is in Aries today, bringing some ill feelings about handling relationships this evening. Really it is OK to miss a date night if you need time to center or reflect. Just be sure that you are not taking an unannounced “break” so you can wave the ole flag of freedom on a Friday night. You are likely to be caught and fur will fly.

Saturday, June 13th in the first half of the day, the Moon and Pluto have a harmonious junction. Today, re- evaluate a change you have been considering; basically a sign of our times to be growing with everyone else. This is related to perspective, leadership or a new game in your future. There is a good chance for synchronistic connections of your deeper inner self and feelings. With so much conflict right now, make sure you are not in this new projection forward because you messed up recently. Repeating past failed agendas will not serve you well.

Sunday, June 14th there has been an epochal square influencing our nation and the world relating to major changes in the human condition. The first of a series of breaks will occur today. By the end of July the retrograde movement of Uranus, in sidereal Pisces, will start to drift back to Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius, to cause yet another tango in September. What this means to us regular folks is there will be a clearer view in the battle of ideologies. Things will be clearer for those who are trying to piece together decisions. Remember this square was last seen influencing world affairs during the Great Depression. Then it was more about worker rights, now it has been more about sorting out wildeyed values and down home values. And yes, worker rights are back in focus since an out of balance demand for power creating a sub class of people. This time we are battling for our dignity and human rights. While laws were put on the books in the 30’s, those revisions due to over compensation against industry, are trying to turn back the clock and society.  Presently industry and money have overstepped boundaries that kept things beneficial to everyone. Give this concept some thought in your daily meditation. Better yet, go sit outside and view a public place where all economic groups converge. What do you really see? Is everyone represented? The Moon and a direct Mercury create a challenge for those who do not want to really see the future.

Monday, June 15th the Sun Moves into Sidereal Gemini today. Some people will find it easy to fight with themselves on core concepts that don’t want to heal. Ask yourself if you are all you can be? Consider a favorite role model. How did they handle a situation you are dealing with? Was it a reaction or an action for the higher good? While role models are wonderful, they are still captive to the times they existed. Time waits for no one and focusing on how things are now is very important for forward movement of our society. The past is mostly a memory, keep it real today. I do think that your head games will be a bit more focused on your ride home this evening so be careful in traffic. Keep that train of thought and evaluate the future.

Tuesday, June 16th. Today reverberation could be the code word. The Moon moves into Gemini today bringing lots of debate and exploration of angles to the subject. Mars also enters Gemini today bringing a likelihood of hearing about someone’s opinion. Fortunately even if the energy is combative, it is not in our face with brutality. Depending on the person, the words could be just as stinging. This will be a time where keeping your cool will be a challenge. Be grateful that it is just words and not someone’s fist. If you can keep your cool and be articulate, a great deal of understanding can occur.

Wednesday, June 17th rehashing words of yesterday will be the theme today. The good note is a positive connection with Neptune bringing deeper understanding of human nature and the human condition. Even if the lessons are hard to take, put yourself in that other person’s shoes and play the observer to their experience. Yes, they may be total “works in progress”, but you can gain insight to why that happened and be wiser for the experience.

Thursday, June 18th balancing out the desire to venture to other realms verses dealing with the reality of a complicated situation will be taunting many. Again, healing can occur by understanding human nature without judgment, just knowledge. For many even considering being wise is a struggle. But with each experience we can be one step closer to higher consciousness. I know this week has been more of an existential exercise, but sometimes other routine things give us a break and allow us to grow a bit like this week. Cheer up, this weekend will have some nice connections with love and romance. Not to mention the Summer Solstice.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen